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Here Be Monsters

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“I have almost never been so glad to see anyone in my entire life,” Cassie spoke as she walked towards Klaus. She threw her arms around his shoulders and hugged him tightly. She became vaguely aware of screeching tires and footsteps and realized that Adam and Diana had arrived, but she didn’t let go, “I love you,” she whispered into Klaus’ chest.

“Almost never been so glad?” Klaus pulled away smirking, “I’m offended.”

A small smile crossed Cassie’s lips, “Well, maybe if you had arrived two minutes earlier, you would have taken the top spot. As it is, Nick wins.”

Stefan and a blonde girl appeared by their side. Seeing the chaos and the distraught man freaking out by the car, Stefan walked over to the stranger, “What happened?” He compelled Wade.

“That man. He murdered my sister!” Wade yelled drawing everyone’s attention.

“Your sister was not murdered. You and all of these people are witnesses. Your sister was in an accident-” before Stefan could finish his compulsion, they heard a squeal of tires as a car ran over Heather’s dead body. A large man got out of the car and began freaking out, screaming that he didn’t see her and that she had just been lying there. Sighing, Stefan returned to the brother, “a car accident. She ran into the middle of the street. No one could stop her. Call the police.” Stefan then sped over to the driver and compelled him to believe the same story.

“What would I do without you?” Klaus asked as Stefan rejoined the group.

“Compel your own victims?” Rebekah offered.

Cassie detached herself from Klaus’ arm long enough to hug Stefan, “You guys aren’t allowed to leave me ever again,” She whispered into his shoulder, “I can’t handle this shit.”

Stefan pulled away enough to look down into Cassie’s eyes, “What happened?” He asked.

“Yes, what was a demon doing attacking you?” Klaus asked from behind them, “Start from the beginning.”

Cassie nodded and quietly began explaining everything that had happened, starting with finding Heather Barnes’ brother on the internet, to the entire group. Some, like Faye, didn’t know the beginning, some like Adam and Diana didn’t know the end and some, like Melissa, Nick, Klaus, Rebekah and Stefan didn’t know what the hell was going on at all.

By the time Cassie was finishing up her explanation, the police had already arrived and the EMS team had declared Heather dead. They all gave their statements saying that Heather had broken into Cassie’s home and attacked the two girls. When Nick and Melissa arrived, she fled into the streets where she was run over by an oncoming car.

As the police officers asked everyone their questions, Stefan pulled Cassie to the side, “How are you doing?” He asked.

“Okay,” Cassie nodded, only slightly shaky now, “No one’s ever attacked me like that. She scared me more than she hurt me.”

Stefan nodded and pulled her into a hug. After several moments, Cassie separated and looked up at him with a smile, feeling the last of the fear fade. Seeing this, Stefan returned her smile, “So, I don’t suppose now would be a good time to ask about that better advice you promised me.”

Cassie threw her head back and laughed, catching the attention of everyone. She quickly stifled her laugh, not wanting to seem callous at the site of a woman’s death, “I have actually come up with some better advice. Well, really, it’s more like a stating of the obvious.”

“Oh, good. I like obvious choices,” He nodded obligingly, “Do tell.”

“Well, Elena’s dead,” Cassie started off with, knowing that Klaus and Rebekah were probably listening, “And even if she weren’t, she wanted to have a human life which is not something you could have given to her. If you had stayed, you would have broken up anyway. And then, knowing you, would have tortured yourself by stalking her from a distance and watching her fall in love with somebody else, have kids, get old, wither and die.”

Stefan looked at her oddly at her tactless words, but never the less nodded in agreement. That did seem like something he would have done.

“On the other hand, there’s Rebekah, who is not dead and is not human. The good news is that you will never have to watch her live her life without you, grow old and die. The bad news is, when you two break up – which you will because no one lasts for eternity – since she’s not going to die, you will inevitably run into each other again. So, don’t have a bad break up.”

“So the obvious choice is to fall out of love with both of them?” Stefan asked, unsure of her point.

Cassie tilted her head to the side, “No, the obvious choice is Rebekah. If you don’t date a vampire, who else is there? Everyone else will die on you. Well, I mean, unless you find a human that wants to turn, but Elena didn’t so forget about her.”

He nodded slowly, “Mmhmm. And how do you suggest I go about forgetting about her?”

Blinking, she looked up at him in thought, “Well, originally, I believe the plan was for you to use me as a way to forget about her, but now you have Rebekah…”

Stefan shook his head, “I’m not going to use Rebekah as an Elena replacement.”

“I didn’t say to,” the blonde witch pursed her lips in annoyance at the idea that Stefan genuinely thought that was her plan, “You love both of them, right?” She waited for the vampire to reluctantly nod, “So, focus all your love and attention on Rebekah and hopefully your love for Elena will fade.”

He raised a skeptical eyebrow, “And you think this will work?”

Cassie made a face in response, “Eh. I give it a fifty/fifty shot, but at least you’ll be getting laid. A sex-less Stefan is a grumpy Stefan.” Stefan let out a chuckle in response and Cassie turned around when she heard Klaus and Rebekah laughing as well. She knew they were listening in. “Now, I believe the police are done so I’m going back inside.”

She and Stefan walked back to the group in time to hear Faye ask Melissa if she wanted a ride home. When Melissa indicated she was going to stay with Nick, Cassie looked up to meet Nick’s eyes. She raised an eyebrow in a mix of ‘I told you so’ and ‘what are you going to do?’ He just shrugged in return, but led Melissa over to his house anyway. Cassie smiled slightly; she knew he was going to get back with the girl.

“Stefan and I are going to head to the hotel,” Rebekah announced grabbing said man’s arm and dragging him away unceremoniously. She apparently took her job of sexing Stefan until he got over his ex very seriously.

Diana and Adam left soon leaving Klaus and Cassie alone as they walked to her house. She led him into her room and sat him down on her bed. Without speaking, she stripped him of his shirt. He raised an interested eyebrow, but his lecherous look became curious when she merely pushed him back and had him roll over onto his stomach. He felt her straddle his lower back and let out a groan of pleasure when she began massaging his back. She started up at his shoulders and made her way all the way to his lower back before working back up again.

“God, I love you,” He slurred heavily as he relaxed into her touch, “You have no idea how much I’ve needed this.” Cassie hummed lightly in acknowledgement and continued working on his tense muscles. After a few minutes of work, Klaus began to speak, “I don’t understand what’s wrong. I did everything right. I got the werewolf, the vampire and the doppelganger. I had my witch, I did the spell and the sacrifice. Why isn’t it working?” He muttered.

Cassie sat silently for a moment as she continued to soothe his muscles, “Why is it so important to you to make these hybrids?”

“Every king needs an army,” he answered easily.

The blonde paused in her ministrations for a moment, “Liar,” She smirked before leaning down, pressing her chest against his back and laying her head against his shoulder, “…You’re lonely,” She whispered softly into his ears, clutching him closer to herself, “You grew up with so many brothers and sisters. Throughout the years, they left you. You felt angry and betrayed so you killed them. In the end, everything you do is because you feel alone. Stefan, me, the hybrids… You’re trying to build a new family,” She nuzzled his hair, “I love you. You are not alone. But what I don’t understand is why you’re trying to build a new family when you still have your old one.”

Klaus lay completely still under her body as he internally processed her words. Then, suddenly, he flipped his body over. He moved so fast that he did little more than jostle Cassie with his movement. Blinking in surprise, she looked down at his serious face as he leaned up to kiss her passionately. He grabbed the hem of her shirt and slipped it over her head and then began making a trail of kisses from her lips, down her throat to her bra clad chest, but at no point did he bite her. Tonight was not about feeding.

Cassie woke up the next morning with a groan. She reached out and answered her phone only to realize that it was the alarm, not a phone call. She looked behind her to see Klaus still slumbering beside her. She threw herself out of bed and got dressed for school. She checked on the sleeping hybrid one last time before heading out.

She had just put her bag inside her locker when she was suddenly surrounded. “Hey,” Faye greeted, “So what exactly happened last night?”

Cassie shrugged with faux casualness, “You were there.”

“And we saw your boyfriend kill a woman,” Faye answered back. The entire group quickly shushed the girl and looked around to see if anyone had heard her.

“He’s not my boyfriend,” Cassie replied first. At the group’s incredulous looks, she half shrugged, “He’s not. He’s just a really good friend.”

“That you sleep with,” Nick smirked. Once again, Cassie shrugged in response, not answering verbally.

“Look,” Adam scowled, “Can we just focus?”

The blonde girl sighed and finally gave the group her full attention, “He, Stefan and Rebekah came to see me. They heard our screams. Klaus just got there first.”

“And killed Heather,” Diana pointed out seriously.

Nick turned to look at the girl, “He’s a vampire. What did you expect him to do to when he finds someone attacking his friend,” he looked over at Cassie pointedly.

Ignoring the remark, Cassie nodded, “Vampires aren’t nice people,” she paused in thought, “…mostly. Their first response to any problem tends to be killing… or compelling,” she frowned.

“Compelling,” Melissa finally spoke, “That’s the mind control thing, right?”

“Right,” Cassie nodded, happy that they had been paying at least a moderate amount of attention to her little magic lessons, “Stefan compelled Wade and the driver to believe that Heather ran into the street and got run over.”

“So no one knows that Klaus did?” Diana asked in disbelief, “That’s sick. He killed someone.”

“Because he’s a vampire,” Faye spoke up, “We just went over this. Try and keep up, Diana,” She turned to face Cassie, “Now, I know you’re whatever with Klaus, but what about Stefan?”

“With Rebekah… the blonde girl,” Cassie clarified at their shared blank looks.

The brunette pouted, “Oh. Well, how serious is it? Because I was thinking-“

“Nothing,” Cassie interrupted, “You were thinking nothing because if you were thinking something, Rebekah would rip you to tiny shreds.”

“Okay,” Faye replied, eyes wide, “I wasn’t thinking anything.”

Diana butted in again, “Can we please go back to the murder part of this conversation? How can we just let him get away with that?”

The blonde looked at the girl like she was stupid, “He’s been getting away with murder for thousands of years. Trying to stop him will only have him getting away with your murder.”

“We’re witches. I mean, surely we can stop him,” Melissa piped up.

Nick and Cassie looked at the girl as though she were an idiot, “Uhm, no. We can’t,” Nick replied. He didn’t know Klaus well, but he did know the man better than the others and to say Klaus was dangerous was putting it mildly.

“So you’re okay working for a murderer?” Diana asked incredulously.

Cassie shrugged, “I’m used to it. I’ve been around vampires for years.”

Nick nodded, “He’s actually a pretty cool guy and considering that freaky demon chick was trying to kill us, I’m pretty okay with him killing her.”

Melissa shook her head, “We never should have agreed to work for him.” Diana nodded in agreement. Adam looked uneasy, but didn’t say anything whereas Cassie was pretty sure Faye wasn’t even paying attention anymore.

Cassie shrugged, “You wanted to learn magic. That was the deal; loyalty for knowledge.” The bell rang and all around them, students began to hustle towards their classes. Simultaneously, Cassie’s phone vibrated. Looking down, she quickly read and replied to her text message before looking back up, “Look, I need to head to class. You guys need to get your heads on straight here. You signed up for this; there’s no backing out now. Once you agree to work for Klaus, that’s it.”

Later, Cassie had almost reached the main exit to the school when Faye cornered her, “Hey, look. About earlier, I just wanted to say I’m totally cool with you and Klaus. Vampires kill; it’s what vampires do.”

Cassie raised a skeptical eyebrow, “I’ll be sure and tell him that,” she snarked.

Faye nodded, “Good,” she said seriously, “So that means our magic lessons are still on?”

The blonde sighed. She really should have known, “Yes, Faye. Magic’s still on.”

The brunette smiled widely and opened her mouth to say something when something caught her attention, “Would you look at that?” She murmured, staring at the back of a guy leaning against a tree.

Looking at the man, Cassie smirked as the two girls continued exiting the school, thus getting closer to him, “That is a hot back.” Suddenly, the man turned around to scowl at the two girls.

“I never should have told you about that,” Stefan shook his head.

“What? Isn’t that what your lady love said the first time she and her best friend saw you?” Cassie teased.

He looked down at her with a teasing scowl, “Come on, let’s go,” he turned on his heel and left.

“Someone’s grumpy,” Cassie said to herself before turning to her companion, “See you later.” She met up with Stefan at her car and they climbed in as she headed for Chance Harbor’s limited shopping area.

“I just wanted to say thanks for agreeing to this,” Stefan spoke, “When I texted earlier, I half expected you to say no.”

“Why?” Cassie wondered.

He shook his head and shrugged a little, “I don’t know. I just didn’t know if you’d be interested in going shopping with Rebekah. She can be… kind of a handful.”

“In bed?” She smirked. When Stefan sent her an exasperated look, she let out a genuine laugh, “Oh, come on. Spill. What happened last night?” Stefan shifted uneasily in embarrassment and Cassie let out an exaggerated gasp, “Did you lose your virginity?” She asked in faux seriousness, “Do we need to have The Talk? The safest sex is no sex at all, ya know.”

“God, I’m starting to remember why I fled the state when you and Damon got together,” Stefan groaned.

Cassie let out a laugh but dropped the subject as they pulled up to the store. Klaus was waiting outside with a frantic ‘save me’ look on his face. “Oh thank god,” he muttered as the two exited the car, “She’s driving me crazy,” he turned to look at Stefan, “Go in there and calm her down.”

“Me?” Stefan asked incredulously, “She’s your sister.”

“Yes. As in I’m stuck with her. You, on the other hand, chose to be with her,” he retorted.

Cassie placed a hand on both of their chests, “Boys. Let’s both go in. Maybe I can help.” The two vampires looked at each other and then simultaneously looked at her with identical smirks on their lips. Feeling uneasy, Cassie walked into the store, the two men trailing behind her.

“No, no, no, no, no!” Rebekah could be heard screeching at the poor shop girl, “I said gold! Not glitter, just gold! As it the color?” She asked as though the shop girl didn’t know what gold was, “God, if I want something done right, I need to do it myself,” She muttered turning away from the shaking worker, effectively dismissing her.

“Hey,” Cassie smiled hesitantly as she walked up to the blonde vampire who had begun frantically searching through the racks of clothing.

Rebekah looked up in surprise, having only just noticed that she was no longer alone, “Cassie!” She smiled leaning over to give the surprised girl a light hug, “I’m so glad you agreed to go shopping with me. The boys are just so unhelpful,” she glowered over at where Klaus and Stefan were taking refuge as far away from Rebekah as they could be while still being in the same shop. Noticing the two girls staring at them, Klaus looked up and gave a sarcastic wave, a grimace on his face.

Cassie let out a laugh, “Yeah. I can see how their cowering might not be very helpful,” She turned her attention toward the clothes, “So, what are we looking for?”

“Gold,” the vampire replied, once more flipping through hangers, “I bought these amazing shoes in Chicago. They’re gold and sparkly so I need something to go with it. But it can’t have sparkles because I feel like if I wore them both at the same time they’d be too…” She trailed off as she tried to think of how to explain.

“Sparkly,” Cassie answered simply. Rebekah shrugged in agreement. After a few silent moments of searching Cassie let out a quiet sound of triumph as she retrieved a slinky gold halter shirt with a V cut to just below the sternum.

Rebekah took it with a wide eyed, but intrigued look, “I got dirty looks in the 1800s for wearing trousers,” she pouted.

Admiring a dress that had caught her eye, Cassie reached out and held it to her body, looking at her reflection in the nearby mirror, “You wore trousers then so that we could wear nothing now,” Cassie responded easily as she admired how the dress looked. Noticing the weird looks the others were giving her and Klaus’ amused smile, she turned around, “What?” She asked in confusion.

“You need to spend less time with Klaus,” Stefan told her as the two men came closer, deeming it safe now that Rebekah had what she wanted, “That’s exactly what he said when Rebekah was shopping in Chicago,” he grinned, grabbing the shirt from Rebekah’s hands while Klaus simultaneously stole the dress from Cassie’s. The two men went to the check out counter while the two girls decided to wait for them outside.

“So, I just wanted to ask about your relationship with Stefan,” Rebekah spoke the minute they’d left the store. The tone of her voice made Cassie instantly weary, “He says you’re one of his closest friends…”

The blonde witch nodded hesitantly, “We’ve known each other for a couple of years. A mutual vampire friend introduced us.”

“Tell me about it,” She smirked viciously, determined to find out the truth.

Cassie turned to face her fully, “Okay, let’s cut the crap. You want to know if I’m going to be a problem for your relationship with Stefan. Yes, Stefan and I have hooked up, but it didn’t mean anything and we both knew it. I was just helping him try and get over Elena. He’s my friend and nothing more. And in case you forgot, I was the one helping to push him towards you. I’m not trying to interfere with what the two of you have going on.”

“But he listens to you,” Rebekah pouted, taking in the witch’s words.

Cassie shrugged, “Because we’re friends. He knows he can trust me. I hope that in time, you’ll know the same,” She said, looking at the other girl earnestly. She really did want to be friends with Rebekah. It didn’t seem like the Original vampire was planning on leaving Stefan’s side and she was Klaus’ sister, so it would be good if they at least got along.

With one last suspicious look, Rebekah asked, “And you’re sure you aren’t interested in him? He’s quite the catch.”

Cassie grimaced, “Maybe to someone else,” She smiled, “But he’s like a brother,” at Rebekah’s odd look, Cassie clarified, “Okay, not exactly a brother, but the idea is the same. I know him way too well and we’d never work as anything but good friends.”

Satisfied with the answer, Rebekah linked her arm through Cassie’s, “Then we will be very good friends,” She smiled just as the two boys walked out of the store, the girls’ purchases in hand.

It was only as the foursome were entering Cassie’s house that she caught sight of a familiar reflection in the window. Frowning, she said she had to put her new dress away as she also told the other three to get comfortable. Making her way to her room, she grabbed her phone as she simultaneously scanned the area surrounding the house.

As she was looking around, the line picked up and the familiar tones of Damon Salvatore rang in her ear, “Hello, Cassie,” he spoke smoothly, a smirk no doubt playing on his lips.

“Please tell your little human girlfriend to stop stalking Stefan before Klaus notices and kills her… again,” Cassie spoke getting straight to the point as her eyes spotted a familiar figure crouching behind a tree across the street.

There was a momentary pause of confusion, “What are you talking about? Elena’s right here.”

Cassie paused as she peaked out the window again. “Oh. Please tell your little vampire girlfriend to stop stalking Stefan before Klaus notices and… oh, wait,” a cruel smirk overcame her lips as she thought her words through, “Never mind,” she said cheerfully before hanging up.

Said cheerful smirk was still on her lips as she descended the stairs. “What has you all happy?” Klaus asked suspiciously while dragging the witch to sit on his knee. Cassie giggled slightly hysterically but said nothing. The two male vampires exchanged worried looks but didn’t make any further comment. Rebekah, on the other hand, had no such qualms and opened her mouth to say something no doubt cutting when the door bell rang.

Cassie’s head tilted to the side in curiosity but she stood up to get the door. Klaus’ hand reached out to grip her wrist, “Are you expecting anybody?” He asked suspiciously, still on edge after her run in with a demon. When Cassie shook her head, he stood up and went to the front door with her.

Opening it, Cassie’s jaw dropped and she felt Klaus’ chest grumble with barely repressed anger at the sight before him. Shaking her head, she did nothing but mutter, “You’re an idiot,” at the two people standing on her doorstep.

“Sorry if I didn’t realize you’d invite a psychotic hybrid into your house,” Damon sneered back, pushing Elena behind him protectively.