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Tired and Tarnished

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Tired and Tarnished

You cling to your individuality like a shield

Relishing in the ideal tedium of being different

You scream out against the mundane to proclaim

“I’m not like the rest!”

But the cliché finds you predictable

And a bore


You seek so desperately to rebel

But your rhetoric lacks


Creativity and Originality


What exactly are you fighting against?


The curtains have closed on this melodrama

And the audience clatters for something more,

Something more than this two-bit side-show

Masquerading as a Tragedy


Shall we strip away the stained façade?

So we can see just how raw

The Pain you project truly is


You are a Victim,


But this cataclysm is of your own making


The Tears you cried

Have all dried

Quite some time ago


Your melancholic state is chronic

And by now it’s become dull

At best


The yawning hole inside your chest

Seems to be

As invisible as the scars of your torment


Tell me,

Where is the horror of which you speak?


There is nothing to save you from

And no one to save you

You’ve burnt all those bridges


The world doesn’t owe you

You owe yourself


Do something about it