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Veela!Draco (art)

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Title: Veela!Draco
Prompt: "Anything (art in particular) with actual (transformed) veelas as they are described in canon. I don't care about gender, but none of the usual angel imagery, please."
Rating: G
Pairing(s): none
Word Count/ Art Medium: Photoshop
Warnings (if any): none
Disclaimer: JK Rowling retains the ownership of all characters and settings borrowed from the Harry Potter series of books.
Hair: White-Gold, Silvery-Blond
Skin: Moon-Bright Glow
Eyes: Various Colors (usually Blue)
Transformation: Cruel-beaked Bird-like Head, Scaly Wings bursting from shoulders
Author's notes: I've always wanted to draw a Veela!Draco that was more birdlike rather than the normal winged-human. However, I also wanted to capture the unearthly beauty that veela are supposed to have, which is why he is more of a half-transformed looking veela.

Hope you enjoy!