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Crypt Scene

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Waiting for the inevitable,

Evading it with words.

Realising that your love will

Easily fall short. He is


Furious but he is an

Alien. He is a robot once

More; reset to a factory state.

Invasive and cruel, the

Liar’s mask stays put and does not

Yield. Nor does it falter nor


Waver as you search his

Eyes for some small familiar


Notion. He is gone. Your

Ending will not be caused by this

Ethereal apparition that is not your

Darling, not your love.


You accept his blows as

Only you could but give out more,

Urging him to come back to you.


It is futile and hurts and falls for


Nought. He is gone.

Everything turns to ash.

Ever and always blows away.

Down and pleading you beg.


You say what you have to, the

Only thing that will get through.

Undeniably he hears the truth