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Missed SwanQueen Moments Season 4

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“Well your intentions really don’t matter,” Regina scoffed, levelling the blonde before her with a steely gaze. “Because once again I feel the brunt of heroism. Always the villain, even when I’m not.”


“My intentions?” Emma said, anger rising inside her. “You don’t know the first thing about my intentions. And if you did, I think you might change your perspective.”


“And what’s that supposed to mean?” Regina asked, running her fingers through her hair before folding her arms tightly across her chest.


Emma glanced back at the diner where she could see Robin, Hook and Marian walking towards the door. 


“Not here,” she said, turning back to Regina. “Can you take us somewhere so we can talk?”


Regina narrowed her eyes but at the pleading, almost desperate look on Emma’s face, she sighed and flicked her wrist, purple smoke enveloping the pair as the small search party spilled onto the steps outside Granny’s. 


Emma blinked as she looked around and was almost surprised when she realised Regina had magicked the pair of them into her own kitchen on Mifflin Street. Regina tugged off her scarf and walked straight to a cupboard, grabbed a wine glass and turned back to Emma with a bottle of red in her hand she had picked up from the counter.


“Do you want one?” she asked.


“Do you have any beer?” Emma asked.


“Robin probably has some in the fridge,” Regina nodded. “Help yourself. I doubt he’ll be coming back now his wife’s alive and kicking.”


Emma said nothing. Instead, she walked over to the large fridge and opened it, scanning the full shelves quickly before she located a bottle of specialty British ale and took it out. When she turned back around Regina was holding a bottle opener and Emma thanked her before popping off the cap and following the brunette wordlessly into the lounge.


“So,” Regina began as she settled herself on her favourite armchair, nursing her wine glass carefully between both hands. Emma sat on the sofa, awkwardly upright, and took a long drink from her beer.


“So,” Emma nodded.


“What did you mean?” Regina asked when it became apparently Emma wasn’t going to say more. “When you said I didn’t know what your intentions were? Did you mean to bring back Marian and ruin my happy ending?”


“No,” Emma said quietly. “I didn’t have a clue who she was, Regina. I promise you that. And my intentions towards her were nothing more than saving her life. But now I know who she is, I’d still do the same thing.”


Regina frowned. “So even knowing that saving one life of a woman who was supposed to die years ago would destroy my life I’ve worked so hard to build, you’d still bring her back? You’d consciously choose to take away my happy ending from me.”


“No!” Emma exclaimed. “That’s not … I didn’t mean … Shit.”


Emma put her beer on the table and covered her face in her hands. Regina glowered as she leaned forwards to slide a coaster under the bottle before any condensation could drip onto her table before sitting back and waiting for the blonde to find the words she was evidently struggling with.


After over a minute Emma took a deep breath and looked up at Regina. 


“Robin isn’t your happy ending, Regina.”


“What?” Regina frowned. “And what would you know about my happiness?”


“Not as much as I’d like,” Emma said, emboldened already now she had begun to speak freely. “But I know Robin didn’t make you as happy as you deserve to be. I know you still had doubts about his commitment to you, doubts which I suppose have been confirmed this evening. You deserve someone who loves you unconditionally, Regina. With all their heart.”


“Oh really?” Regina asked, draining her wine glass and placing it beside Emma’s beer. “And who might that be?”




It was one word. One tiny, whispered word. But the atmosphere in the room changed completely. Regina’s mouth opened in shock as she slowly realised what Emma had been trying to tell her. Everything began to make sense. The way Emma looked at her, their evolving friendship and how close they were becoming, the powerful magic they had achieved together. 


“You love me?” Regina breathed after a long pause.


“Yes,” the blonde replied simply, her green eyes burning with determination as she watched Regina’s reaction. “I have for a long time. I was going to tell you, in fact, just before Pan’s curse but then, well, you know what happened. And then when Hook brought me back everything was just so confusing and by the time I had my head straight you were with Robin and I’d missed my chance. But I’m here now, Regina. I know it’s bad timing and I know you’re sad about Robin but I had to tell you how I feel.”


“What about Hook?” Regina asked.


“What about him?” Emma said, a little defensive.


“I saw you, Emma,” Regina said. “I saw you two kissing outside Granny’s. Robin and I walked past on our way to collect Roland and I was about to say hello but I realised you were … busy. Do you not love Hook?”


“Love?” Emma laughed. “No, Regina, I don’t. I’m gay, for starters. And that kiss was just … a thank you. It was what he had wanted all along and I gave it to him, right before I told him I wasn’t interested in men and went inside to find you. Well, to introduce you to Marian because she was scared of you. Again, you know what happened after that.”


Regina stood up suddenly, walking over to her drinks cabinet and pouring herself a glass of apple cider. She downed it quickly and poured herself another, leaning heavily on the polished wood with her back to Emma as her brain whirred.




The gentle voice didn’t make her jump but the hands on her hips did. Emma’s fingers held tenderly against her denim and Regina felt her body being slowly turned around until she was facing the blonde. She raised her head slowly, her wary gaze meeting a reassuring smile.


“Regina,” Emma repeated, her hands still resting on top of denim-clad hips. “If you don’t want this, if you need time to think about what I’ve told you, that’s fine. I’ll wait as long as you need. I just had to tell you. I’d kept my feelings to myself for far too long and it wasn’t fair to either of us. We could be great together, you and me. We could be each other’s happy endings.”


Regina’s glass thudded dully against the cabinet as she placed it down blindly behind her. With her eyes never leaving Emma’s, she leaned forwards tentatively. Emma stayed stock still. Regina’s eyelids fluttered closed when her lips brushed over Emma’s. It was an almost nothing kiss, a whisper of contact which ended as soon as it had started. But it set Emma’s body on fire and when she opened her eyes, Regina saw how the sparkling green orbs had been almost eclipsed by black arousal. 


The second kiss was more confident. Regina pressed her lips more firmly against Emma’s, the lack of bristles a pleasant change from what she was used to. Fingertips dug into her hips as Emma fought to control herself as their mouths slowly began to move, Regina’s upper lip sliding between Emma’s as she sucked the blonde’s lower lip into her mouth. Emma whimpered, her body thrumming.


The moment Regina’s arms came to wrap around Emma, the blonde’s control broke. She pushed Regina back against the cabinet, her hips pinning the brunette to the wood as her hands began to slide up Regina’s sides, beneath the black leather and over the woollen top. She could feel Regina’s body heat radiating against her palms as her mouth opened and willingly accepted Regina’s questing tongue.


Regina shuddered as she felt Emma’s hands caressing her body. Even through clothing the touch of the other woman turned her on. Her tongue explored Emma’s mouth, battling briefly with Emma’s before the blonde acquiesced. Regina settled into her movements, running her tongue teasingly over Emma’s lip before capturing it between her teeth and nibbling lightly. Emma groaned and rocked her hips against Regina’s.


“Not here,” Regina murmured as Emma’s hands began to push at the jacket.


Emma stepped away at once, her breathing heavy.


“No, no,” Regina assured, reaching for Emma’s hands. “I didn’t mean I don’t want this. Just … not up against my drinks cabinet. I think we deserve a little more than that.”


Before Emma could ask anything, purple smoke filled her vision and seconds later she was in what she could only assume was Regina’s bedroom.


“What do you mean by we?” Emma asked as soon as the final wisps of magic disappeared.


“Me and you,” Regina replied simply as she sat down on the end of her bed, shrugging off her jacket.


“But what does that mean?” Emma asked, sitting beside Regina and reaching for her hand. 


“You think you were the one who waited too long?” Regina asked. “I knew I’d fallen for you mere weeks after you came to Storybrooke. But I was scared not only about what that might mean but at how close you and Henry were becoming. I thought you might use my love for you as a way to get Henry. My mother always taught me love was weakness. So I bottled it up. I forced my emotions back down and I pretended they didn’t exist. I succeeded too, for a long time. Until tonight.”


Emma said nothing. Instead, she cupped Regina’s cheek, pulling her in for a sweet kiss.


“No more hiding,” Emma said when they broke apart. “No more denying.”


Regina nodded her agreement before her hands moved towards Emma. She began to push at the soft brown leather and the blonde quickly got the hint. She stood, shucking the jacket to the floor before pulling Regina to her feet too. Emma’s polo neck and Regina’s sweater quickly ended up tossed aside, leaving Regina in a lacy black bra and Emma in her usual tank top. Their eyes roved over the other before Regina reached for the hem of Emma’s top and tugged it off. The white bra beneath was nothing special but Regina didn’t care. They embraced again, their almost bare torsos crushed together as their hands caressed backs and sides, scratching delicately at soft skin and eliciting moans of pleasure.


Regina wasn’t a fan of skinny jeans before Emma came to town but after noting, consciously or subconsciously, how good the blonde’s ass looked in them, she had purchased a few pairs for herself. The only problem was that they were notoriously difficult to take off. It probably would have been a funny sight, the two women sat on the edge of Regina’s bed, both wrestling with their own jeans in an effort to rid themselves of the material quickly. The more practiced Emma finished first and helped Regina tug hers over her feet soon after. 


From her position kneeling on the floor in front of the brunette, Emma looked up at Regina and smiled.


“You’re gorgeous,” she said, her eyes roving over the olive skin before her.


“So are you,” Regina replied, reaching down and pulling Emma up. 


They crawled up the bed together, Emma above Regina, until the brunette’s head hit the pillow and she flipped them. Emma landed on her back, impressed and aroused as Regina straddled her, rocking her hips slightly against Emma’s toned stomach.


“Have you -?”


“-been with a woman before? Yes,” Regina nodded. “Sexuality in the Enchanted Forest is far less structured than it is here.”


Emma grinned, pulling Regina’s mouth down to her in a passionate clash of teeth and tongue. Regina’s hands edged beneath Emma, releasing her bra and moving back to pull the material away. As soon as it was gone, Regina’s mouth quested downwards. She laid a trail of kisses over Emma’s collarbone, her teeth nibbling lightly until she reached the hardened bud of Emma’s right breast. She ran her tongue teasingly around the areola before flicking the tip. Emma arched into the touch, her hands fisting in the bedding and a cry ripped from her lips as Regina’s hot mouth finally enveloped her nipple. She threaded her fingers in Regina’s hair, pulling the older woman closer to her. It was divine. It was everything she had ever wished for. But she needed more.


“Regina,” Emma said, panting slightly.


“We’ve waited long enough?” Regina asked as she looked at Emma.


The blonde nodded, grateful Regina understood what she needed. She moved herself up the bed, propping her back against the plush pillows as she watched Regina tug her cotton underwear down her leg. She let her thighs fall apart, unabashedly looking at Regina and smirking. Regina returned her smile before lying in the gap between Emma’s legs, her hands coming to rest on the tops of her thighs as she breathed in the scent of the blonde for the first time.


Regina was just as impatient as Emma and soon her tongue was running slowly through the blonde’s folds. Emma shuddered in delight as the tip ghosted over her hardened clit, Regina’s fingernails digging into her bare skin as she lapped again, gathering Emma’s essence on her tongue. Covering Emma’s clit with her mouth, she sucked gently, causing a moan to fall from Emma’s lips. She grinned into the delectable sex before her and sucked harder, two fingers from her hand moving down to probe at Emma’s entrance.


The rocking up of Emma’s hips encouraged Regina not to hesitate, burying her fingers deep inside the wet heat of Emma’s core. She groaned herself as she felt the muscles clamp around her fingers, the slick walls like velvet as she began to thrust.


“Yes,” Emma hissed as Regina’s teeth grazed over her clit before a tongue soothed the nerves.


Regina thrust harder, her fingers pushing deeper as Emma’s hips canted to meet her, perfectly in sync. Emma’s fingers tweaked her own nipples, drawing her closer to the edge as Regina’s mouth began to work harder. She sucked and laved, nibbled and licked, coiling Emma’s arousal to its highest level before a particularly hard suck and a strong, deep thrust sent her tumbling over the edge, Regina’s name echoing off the bedroom walls.


Regina loved satisfying women. She was reminded in that moment just how much as she looked up Emma’s body, the woman’s flushed chest rising and falling as she recovered from her orgasm. Regina crawled up her body, kissing the sweaty skin as she did so until she was lying completely on top of Emma.


“You’re good,” Emma murmured as she felt Regina nuzzling her neck with soft kisses.


“And you’re delicious,” Regina replied, moving to kiss Emma’s mouth and sharing her essence.


Emma’s tongue tasted herself on Regina’s lips and she felt her arousal build again. Already, she wanted more. But not until Regina was satisfied. She could already feel the woman’s wet sex against her thigh through her lace thong. Reaching down, she pushed the scrap of material down, Regina kicking it off her foot at the end. Bracing the leg Regina was straddling, Emma shifted the hard muscle upwards slightly and was rewarded with a moan into her mouth. Regina rocked herself a little, biting Emma’s lip as she felt her clit rub slickly against Emma’s powerful leg.


“Don’t move,” Regina panted as she rocked harder. 


She was already so turned on from pleasuring Emma that she knew it wouldn’t take long to push her over the edge. Emma’s hands slid down her back to grasp her ass, helping her ride backwards and forwards on her thigh as juices from Regina’s cunt slicked the skin even more. Emma bit back a groan as she felt the wetness coating her leg. She had never been more aroused in her life.


Regina came with a short cry, her back arching away from Emma who leaned up to latched her mouth onto the still bra-clad breasts, sucking on the taut nipples beneath. Regina collapsed back onto Emma and the blonde slowly relaxed her thigh.


“You ok?” Emma asked. Regina nodded. “Ready to go again?”


“Already?” Regina asked, her eyes closed.


“I haven’t tasted you yet,” Emma reminded her. “But I can’t wait to see how wet you are after you just fucked yourself on my leg.”


Regina didn’t even blush, unashamed in how she had achieved her dirty little orgasm. Instead, she rolled off Emma and spread her legs wide. 


“Go ahead, Saviour,” she said, watching with dark eyes as Emma crawled down the bed and threw herself on her glistening sex.