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Break Your Plans Tonight

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“And where do you think you’re going?” Yoongi’s deep voice startles Hoseok a little as he tugs his thin, grey cotton shirt down his stomach, straightening it out, before turning to glance at the locker room door, damp hair flinging a few water droplets around. The older man walks towards him, and Hoseok snorts when he stops a few feet away, raising an eyebrow when Hoseok continues to get dressed.

“I asked you a question, Jung.”

“Home, where else?” Hoseok’s response is clipped as he gathers his stuff from his locker, pocketing his phone and wallet, checking his jacket pocket to make sure the keys to his small apartment are in there.

“You really have a skewed view of me, don’t you, Jung?” Yoongi chuckles darkly, leaning back against a locker. “Do you think I’m going to let you leave on time after you showed up an hour late three days in a row?”

Hoseok frowns, halting in his movements to shrug on his jackets, “What do you mean?”

“I mean exactly what it sounds like. Change back in your work clothes, it’s not time for home yet.”

“Yoongi,” Hoseok’s grits the name out roughly, “you know why I was late. I ended my shift fifteen minutes ago, and I’m not going back out on the floor.”

“Good for you, then, ‘cause you don’t have to,” Yoongi smiles, wide and fake. “You’ve got a private for the next two hours.”

Hoseok’s temper flares as he slams his locker shuts, using their meager height differ and the heels on his boots to tower over the older man, “I don’t fucking do privates, Yoongi. I told you this two weeks ago, I’m not taking anymore privates.”

“Tough luck, because I’m giving you a private, got it, Jung? Now, get back in those leather pants and make your way to room 304, it’s a two-hour time slot.”

Yoongi turns, ready to walk away, before twisting his upper body to glance back at Hoseok, standing there seething with his fists clenched, “Don’t worry, I’ve picked out a pretty one for you.”

When Hoseok’s eyebrows furrow, Yoongi laughs, “One of Joon’s new recruits. Kid’s turned 19 today, and the gang thought it’d be great to christen him by bringing him here before taking him to get drunk. Get dressed and meet him in the room; don’t make him wait too long.”

Hoseok’s glare deepens at that, “A fucking kid, Min? You’re telling me to stay late to please a fucking kid?”

Yoongi’s smirk is mocking, “Take care of him, well, hm? You’ll be his first.”

“I’m not doing it,” Hoseok shakes his head. “You can take care of him if you want to or get Jimin to, I don’t fucking care. I’m not doing it.”

“Think it over again, Hoseok,” Yoongi crosses his arms. “You’ve been paid for already, and you know how handsomely Joon pays for his kids to be serviced. You need the money don’t you?”

Hoseok rubs his face, sighing deeply, before turning around to open his locker and slipping off his jacket, “Fine, but I’m not bottoming for a 19-year old.”

“Good choice,” Yoongi says with a laugh. “Room’s been stocked with toys too. All your favourites. Go wild!”


The kid’s not what he’s expecting, Hoseok thinks after he locks the room door just in case, and turns to lean against the door, watching the boy sitting on the large canopy bed, twiddling his thumbs. He looks up when Hoseok doesn’t say anything, appearing a little nervous and ducking his head once he realizes Hoseok’s staring at him.

The kid is actually just that…a kid, is Hoseok’s new thought as he straightens up, watching the younger glance at him once more when he starts to walk towards the bed.

“Turned 19 today?” Hoseok asks in a clipped voice, stopping a few steps away from the wooden bed, taking in the boy’s ink black, silky hair and his clothes – a plain black shirt that stretches across his frame nicely and dark jeans. There’s a red and black varsity jacket that rests across his lap, and Hoseok catches a glimpse of a name at the back of it.

The boy looks up, with a slightly hesitant expression, murmuring out a soft, “Yeah, I did.”

He’s got large black eyes, a slightly wide nose, and front teeth that jut out a little, and Hoseok realizes Yoongi was right when he was praising the boy’s looks.

“Did you know they were going to bring you here?” Hoseok asks, stepping away from the bed and opening the drawers of the side table beside the bed, pulling out a bottle of lube and several condoms.

“Yeah,” the boy’s reply is quiet, and Hoseok can sense him watching as he closes the drawer, standing up straight again. He turns to toss the items over onto the bed beside the kid, before bending down to pull out a box from under the bed, pulling out a few items and placing them on the bed as well.

“Did you ask them to?”

The boy’s gaze drifts from the items back up to him, and Hoseok raises an eyebrow when the boy continues to stare.


Hoseok sighs, shaking his head, “Never mind. Name?”




Hoseok stares down at the younger boy sitting in bed staring down at the items placed in front of him, before clearing his throat, “Since formalities might make this a little awkward, just Hoseok or hyung will be fine.”

The boy nods, a little eagerly, and Hoseok takes a deep breath, picking up the anal plug and tossing it at him along with a condom and a lube bottle, “Alright, then, why don’t you strip down, get yourself prepped and show me what I’m working with?”

The boy’s cheeks flush a little, and he reaches forward to take the items in his hand, depositing the condom in his lap before lifting up the plug, “What should I do with this?”

 Hoseok blinks a few times, before asking, “Excuse me?”

Jungkook stutters, “I, u-uh, I’ve n-never used this.”

“Oh god,” Hoseok brings up a hand to run through his hair, “Are you serious?”

Jungkook looks back at him, nodding before looking away.

“You don’t know what this is?” Hoseok holds up the plug, waving it around in front of him, an incredulous eyebrow raised. “And so I’m just guessing you haven’t ever fingered yourself, either?”

“No.” Jungkook’s response is meek, staring down at the faded white and blue bedsheet of the bed he sits on.

“Wow,” Hoseok murmurs, letting out a puff of air, before looking Jungkook up and down, “what kind of 19-year-olds haven’t been fingered even once?”

The boy’s eyes flash darkly as he looks up at Hoseok with a glare, “Maybe the kind that aren’t whores?”

Hoseok lets out a laugh, “Fair enough. Have you ever touched yourself, then?”

He watches Jungkook’s ear turns a little red, before he nods a little too vigorously, “I have.”

“To porn?”

“Um, no. I’m not really allowed on that computer.”

“Right, okay. Ever been touched by someone else, then?”

Jungkook nods once again, electing to not speak, and Hoseok smirks, putting a knee on the mattress before settling himself down on it.

“Blowjob or handjob?”

The boy looks up, murmuring soft enough for Hoseok to have to strain to hear, “Um, a blowjob.”

“Nice,” Hoseok laughs, nodding his head, gathering the things on the bed and depositing them on the table. “I can work with that, I guess.”

“Okay,” Jungkook replies, unsure of what to say exactly.

“Got good stamina?” Hoseok asks, and Jungkook frowns, wondering why it feels more like an interview than what it was supposed to be.

“I’m 19,” he answers cheekily.

He watches the elder roll his eyes, “Yeah, I got that bit. Have you ever jacked off more than once in a row?”

“Yeah, sometimes,” Jungkook twists his body to glance at Hoseok standing by the side table, rotating something in his hand.

“You want to try a cock ring?” The elder turns around suddenly, holding up a circular object between his index finger and his thumb.

“Erm, sure?”

“Your first orgasm will be dry, which can either feel intense or painful” Hoseok informs him, placing the ring back on the table, before sliding the box from under the bed back out and putting a few things back inside, “but your second will be much stronger. I don’t know if you’ll be able to hold yourself back an entire round, especially because I need to properly stretch you before we try anything. The plug will have to stay for that, and it can be quite stimulating if you ask me.”

“How systematic,” the younger boy mutters, making Hoseok chuckle. “Are you normally like this with everyone?”

“Not everyone,” Hoseok grins. “But your hyung’s paying me better than most to take care of you. Just giving you your money’s worth of service.”

Jungkook snorts, “I see.”


“So, now what?” Jungkook asks as Hoseok stands there, staring down at him, and looking deep in thought.

“Let’s just start with step one to avoid things being awkward,” Hoseok mutters, settling himself onto the bed, behind Jungkook, sitting up against the headboard. “We’ve got enough time, don’t we?”

Jungkook turns around, scooting a little further away from him, looking a little confused, “What do you mean?”

“Come here,” Hoseok says simply, patting his thighs before crooking a finger in Jungkook’s direction in a ‘come hither’ gesture.

“Um, you want me to come sit in your lap?” The boy looks downright confused. “I’m not really here to sit in someone’s lap. That’s not what you’re getting paid for.”

“I know perfectly well what I’m getting paid for,” Hoseok glares. “Now come here, before I have to make you.”

Jungkook huffs, making him way forward before straddling the elder, and letting out a small squeak when large hands come to curve around his ass, squeezing roughly. Hoseok tilts his head up, mouth by Jungkook’s ear, “Just so you know kid, I don’t do soft sex – first time or not, got it?”

“I know,” Jungkook replies quietly, voice lowering when he realizes how close their faces are, close enough for him to see a few acne scars on the older boy’s face. “I asked for it.”

“You asked for it?” Hoseok raises an eyebrow, pulling his face away to get a good look at the younger’s face.

“I told that man, the short one? Mint hair with a permanently resting bitch face? I told him I didn’t want to be babied.”

Hoseok takes a deep breath, eyes closing as he wonders if he’s miscalculated everything, before replying, “Good, then. I hope you’re used to a bit of pain.”

Jungkook grins in response, hands moving off Hoseok’s shoulders to lift up the left edge of his shirt, and then points at a rather large scar several inches long on the side of his stomach, “That’s a stab wound. Some fucker tried to steal from me, but I didn’t get away in time. I know pain inside and out.”

Hoseok chuckles, tracing the faded mark with the tips of his fingers, “I guess I didn’t really expect any less from one of Joon’s kids.”

Jungkook shifts his face lower, trembling lips centimeters away from Hoseok’s, feeling the way the room feels a little charged.

“Ready?” Hoseok murmurs, moving a little to get himself better settled against the headboard, before resting his hands against Jungkook’s hips. The younger boy whispers a ‘yes’ in response, and Hoseok pulls him down by the hips until he’s resting completely in Hoseok’s lap, butt against Hoseok’s crotch and legs bent at the knee.

He looks straight ahead into the boy’s eyes, before taking a hint as Jungkook lets his flutter close, and pressed his lips forward against strawberry red ones. He pulls back a second later, without letting Jungkook respond, and watches the way the younger boy’s eyes snap open in disappointment, “Why did you stop?”

“Hush,” Hoseok responds. “Happy birthday.”

Jungkook laughs, eyes crinkling, and at that moment Hoseok dives back in for real, smiling into the kiss when he catches Jungkook by surprise, the younger’s mouth open without any coaxing necessary.

He slides his tongue into the younger boy’s mouth gently, not wanting to startle him, and it surprises him when Jungkook responds with his own tongue, hands coming out to steady himself on Hoseok’s shoulder’s. Hoseok lets his tongue roam around, exploring slowly the younger boy’s warm mouth that tastes sweet, a hint of chocolate cake on his tongue.

He licks his way around, coaxing a small moan out of Jungkook when he tangles their tongues together and then breaks away to lick the roof of his mouth. Hoseok pulls apart first, marvelling at the boy’s lungs, enjoying the sound of the younger panting into his ear. He kisses his way down Jungkook’s throat, pressing a firm kiss when he feels the younger’s Adam’s apple bob under the lips, and continues his trek across the younger’s neck, suckling at the junction between his shoulder and his neck.

He pulls away, watching Jungkook look at him with darkened eyes, before the younger mimics his movement, and trails his mouth down his throat as well, but instead of kissing his way across Hoseok’s neck, he traces his way back up using his tongue, leaving a damp trail, before pressing a kiss to the underside of Hoseok’s chin.

Their lips collide once again, naturally, and Hoseok slows the kiss down a little, sucking on the younger’s bottom lip as his hands starts to roam, tracing the curve of the younger’s back softly, before making their way under Jungkook’s shirt. He enjoys the way Jungkook lets out a shuddering breath against his lips, the hands on his shoulders tightening when he slips cold hands underneath the younger’s shirt and traces his way up Jungkook’s back. He switches directions, bringing his hands up to the front, and dragging blunt nails up Jungkook’s stomach, stopping at his nipples and pulling the buds in between his index finger and thumb.

Jungkook breaks away, at that, moaning with his face buried into Hoseok’s shoulder as he plays with the younger’s nipples, the movements of his hands and the cold air making its way up his shirt making the little buds perk up. Hoseok pulls his hands away, letting the front of the shirt settle back against Jungkook’s body, and stares down at the way his nipples become visible past the material of the shirt.

“Sensitive?” he whispers when Jungkook pulls his head away from Hoseok’s neck, and grins when the boy nods.

“Just a little.”

Jungkook feels something flare inside him when Hoseok chuckles deeply in his ear, voice sounds husky, and he presses his lips against the elder’s neck, kissing his way across Hoseok’s shoulder and letting his hands find their way underneath his shirt.

He trails his fingers across Hoseok’s stomach like the elder had been doing to him, before suckling onto to the skin over Hoseok’s collarbones, biting softly, before letting his tongue lap at it. When the elder hums appreciatively, he repeats his movements, nosing at the neck of the Hoseok’s shirt while calloused hands rub at his back, slipping lower towards his butt, squeezing softly.

He lets out a moan at the action, warm breath tickling the elder’s skin, and watching the way small goosebumps break out over the small area. Smiling, he grinds down against the material of Hoseok’s jeans, chuckling slightly when the elder lets out a small groan before repeating the movements.

Hoseok’s hips rut up against his too, and Jungkook holds himself steady using the other’s shoulder, to create a rhythm, letting out a soft groan.

“O-oh,” a moan falls from his lips when a particular twist of Hoseok’s hips create friction against a sweet spot and his hands slip from the elder’s shoulders to his biceps. Hands on his hips come out to steady him, momentarily pausing their grinding against each other, and Hoseok’s voice whispers in his ear, “Gonna come like this sweetheart?”

“N-no,” Jungkook stammers out, grinding back against the elder’s readily forming hard-on to prove a point, but when he lets out a particularly high pitched moan, Hoseok stills him. He whines unabashedly at the loss of contact, letting out a small groan when Hoseok growls “stop” in his ear.

“Take off your shirt,” the elder’s voice is commanding, and Jungkook rushes with trembling fingers to pull the material off himself. The cold breeze that hits him makes him shudder, until Hoseok pulls him closer and into his chest, joining their lips once again. He lets the elder kiss him long enough to have them both moaning in sync, small pants escaping their lips as they break apart for a few seconds before resuming again.

He moves his hips a little, Hoseok curling a hand around his waist tightly as a warning sign when he tries to rut against his crotch again. Jungkook groans, trying to create some friction, but when the elder stops him again, he settles for nestling himself in Hoseok’s lap, their front pressed together tight enough for him to feel the little tent in Hoseok’s jeans.

Hoseok breaks away from his lips to suck at his nipples, left hand giving attention to the one not in his mouth, while the right stays around Jungkook’s hips. He reduces the younger into a moaning mess, his breaths coming out in shudders, particularly when Hoseok grazes his front teeth against he little nub, tongue peeking out of his mouth to lick at it after.

Jungkook tugs at the edge of his shirt, adjusting his position a little, knees no doubt hurting a little from the constant straddling position. Hoseok tugs his cotton tee off, watching the way the younger’s eyes swoop over his chest, fingers tracing the visible lines of his abs. He takes the moment to admire the younger’s upper body as well, leaning forward to press small kisses against the younger’s slightly visible six-pack, before biting at it.

Jungkook giggles at the action funnily enough, and Hoseok smiles to himself, looking up at Jungkook with surprised eyes, “Wanna switch positions? Your knees must hurt,”

The younger boy nods eagerly, letting Hoseok roll them around and then slipping down a little until his head rests against the pillow. Leaning up, he captures the elder’s lips once again, fingers carding through Hoseok’s hair before moving down to graze across his back and then chest. He plays with Hoseok’s nipples just as the elder had done to him, a little disappointed when Hoseok doesn’t respond as enthusiastically.

He brings up a hand to palm at Hoseok crotch, grinning when Hoseok groans into his mouth and pulls away to curse, “Fuck.”

Hoseok pins his hands down beside his body after, and Jungkook complains, body twisting around to escape that hold, as he whines “Hyung!”

“Shush,” Hoseok tells him with a grin before moving down on his body, “you’re not getting paid to pleasure me, got it?”

Jungkook opens his mouth to protest once Hoseok lets his hands go, leaning up on his elbows, but stops short when Hoseok throws a grin his way and pressed a kiss to the front of his jeans. He bites his lips, watching the elder mouth at the front of his jeans, putting slight pressure on it.

Hoseok looks up just in time to see Jungkook throw his head back, eyes closing as he lets out a moan, elbows giving out. His eyes darken, and he crawls back up to press a dizzying kiss against the younger’s lips, claiming his mouth and coaxing out groans and litanies of his name.

“Hyung,” Jungkook whines, voice going higher at the end, before he presses a hand against Hoseok’s chest. “Breathe. I need to breathe.”

Hoseok chuckles, pulling away, before whispering in his ear, “Breathe through your nose.”

Jungkook laughs, even as Hoseok’s lips descend down to his neck, and he moves his head to give him more access. His hands move to circle around Hoseok’s hips, and when the elder stalls for too long, he grinds up, grinning when Hoseok’s jumps a little, surprised.

“You were taking too long and we don’t have all day,” he says simply, watching the way Hoseok huffs, before moving back down, hands working quickly to unbuckle his belt and unzip his jeans.

He watches carefully, the way the elder pulls his jeans off in a few tugs, the tight material clinging to his legs before it gets tossed in the corner of the room. Glancing up at him, Hoseok’s eyes meet his, looking for something.

“Ready?” The elder asks instead, and Jungkook nods, eagerly.

“Yes, please.”

Hoseok spreads his legs apart, settling between them on his stomach comfortably, looking up to check whether Jungkook’s watching them. He smiles satisfied when the younger’s eyes don’t drift away from him, and he smirks, pressing lips against Jungkook’s boxers. His hips stutter, and he lets out a soft moan, when Hoseok’s tongue darts out.

“Hurry up,” Jungkook frowns when Hoseok moves up again, before feeling the elder’s hand make harsh contact with his ass as his boxers are removed.

“Patience, kid, patience.”

“Don’t call me kid with your face between my legs and your mouth on my dick,” Jungkook growls out, pressing his thighs tightly around Hoseok’s face.

“Fine, got it, got it,” Hoseok rolls his eyes, spreading his legs apart again, before he sits up. “Actually, let’s get that plug in you first.”

Jungkook wails a little, when Hoseok reaches across him, and grabs it along with a bottle of lube and a pillow. Settling the pillow underneath his hips, he grins up at the younger boy, smiling widely, “Ready, Jungkookie?”

“I fucking hate you so much,” comes the response, extracting a chuckle out of him.

“This might feel weird,” Hoseok chirps back. “But suck it up. Both literally and figuratively, got it?”


“Oh fuck,” Jungkook curses when a cold finger presses against his entrance, and he squirms uncomfortably when Hoseok tries to push through. He presses his lips together as the elder pushes in and out with a single finger, slowly adjusting to the unpleasant feeling.

“Good?” Hoseok asks after a while, and Jungkook hears the sound of the cap being popped off, before he nods, humming a little, moving his hips down onto Hoseok’s finger.

“’Kay, the second one goes in now,” Hoseok’s voice sounds closer than it did earlier, and simultaneously multiple things happens.

Jungkook opens his eyes right as Hoseok presses a second finger into his hole and captures his mouth into a kiss. He lets out a noise of discomfort when Hoseok tries push through his second finger, but the elder swallows up all his sounds, his free hand carding through Jungkook’s hair gently, and the younger realizes that he’s trying to distract him.

He lets go a little, loosening up as Hoseok’s finger presses in deeper, and allows himself to be distracted, focusing on the feeling of the elder’s lips on him, roaming his fingers across his chest. It stings and burns a little when Hoseok starts to move his fingers apart, scissoring him, but he loses himself to the sensation of the elder sucking on his tongue, moving his unoccupied hand from Jungkook hair to his nipples, pinching and twisting, drawing out a soft moan from the younger’s lips.

Feeling Jungkook become sufficiently looser, Hoseok breaks away the kiss, hands coming up to wipe at his spit slick lips as he watches Jungkook’s slowly open his eyes. He raises an eyebrow as he glances at the red tint on the back of his hand, “Are you wearing lipstick?”

“No,” Jungkook protests vehemently, shaking his head. “It’s just lip balm, I swear.”

When Hoseok’s eyebrow doesn’t go down, Jungkook scowls, “It’s really just lip balm, I swear. Strawberry. I can show you.”

Hoseok bends down then, presses their lips together and swiping his tongue across Jungkook’s lips, before making a soft noise, “So, that’s what the fruity taste was all about.”

Jungkook’s mouth drops opens at his nonchalant attitude, especially when he moves back down, grabbing the lube once more, “Ready for a third finger?”

“You’ve got to be kidding me. It’s not over?”

“Not in the slightest,” comes the response, before Hoseok pushes down at his chest, and presses two fingers into him slowly, the third resting at the rim. “You think I’ll fit inside you when you can barely take in two fingers?”

Jungkook groans, “Just go at it.”

“Hey, at least your first time’s with someone who’s taking time to prep you, you know,” Hoseok doesn’t glance up at him as he presses in a third finger, creases lining his forehead.

Jungkook stares at him, slowly feeling the pain slide away, become more used to the third finger, especially with the elder peppering his thighs with kisses. He leans up to watch Hoseok, hearing the obscene sound of wet fingers, squelching in and out of him, while Hoseok nuzzles the inside of his right leg.

“Was your first time bad?” Jungkook asks quietly.

“Oh, it was plenty bad,” Hoseok responds, warm breath tickling the skin of his inner thighs, not meeting his gaze before pushing against his hips a little. “Slide back up for me a little, sweetheart?”

Jungkook shifts up, wondering if he should ask, “Why?”

“Huh?” Hoseok glances up at him, before shrugging, “just the way things are sometimes. I was way too young with no clue how any of this worked.”

“If I ask you how young you were, will it make things awkward or weird?”

“It might,” Hoseok smiles up at him. “So, let’s not. Gonna try something now.”

“Okay,” Jungkook nods, liking his new position, being able to see Hoseok without having to lean up on his elbows.

Hoseok pushes into him with three fingers slowly, watching his face for signs of discomfort, and when pleased, he starts to move them in and out uniformly. After a few seconds, he twists the fingers around, curling them, the tips pressing inside him.

Jungkooks eyebrows furrow despite enjoying the feeling of fullness, “What are you doing?”

He squirms a little, stopping when a pleasurable sensation courses through him, and he lets out a shuddering moan, “Oh, that felt good.”

“Do that again,” Hoseok instructs, a gentle hand resting on his hips, and he squirms, stopping when he feels it again. “’Atta boy.”

Hoseok’s fingers stroke that spot a few times, the elder smiling widely as he watches Jungkook’s toes curl and body arch, particularly when he lets out a breathy moan, sounding a little wrecked, “Hyung, don’t stop. Don’t stop don’tstop. I’m so close. Hyung, I’m so close.”

Jungkook’s fingers tug at his reddened cock, now lying against his stomach, fully erect, but a few strokes later, Hoseok stops, pulling his wet fingers out, wiping them against the younger’s skin, laughing when Jungkook whines and spreads his legs wider, hand moving faster over his cock, “Do that again, please!”

“Don’t be impatient,” Hoseok reaches up to tangle their tongues together, one hand hastily wiping at the small tear that slips, while the other stills Jungkook’s other hand, gently prying his finger away even as he moans. “Let’s get you used to the feeling to being stretched out first, hm?”

Jungkook complains, “I was so close.”

“You’ll thank me later,” Hoseok rolls his eyes, grabbing the butt plug and a condom, slipping it onto the toy, before reaching for the lube. “Loosen up your muscles, okay?”

Jungkook nods, watching Hoseok lather it up, before insert two fingers inside of him, hand going through the motions of scissoring and then insert the plug inside of him.

Hoseok grabs the remote then, throwing a devilish grin towards Jungkook, before turning it on.

“Oh shit,” Jungkook’s hips jump at when the thing starts to vibrate inside of him. “Oh god that feels good.”

Hoseok hums in response, turning the setting lower, grinning when Jungkook whines a little.

“Can you turn it up?”



Jungkook unbuckles Hoseok’s belt as the elder starts to trace his scar, unzipping his jeans as well. Hoseok lets out a soft sigh of relief, but doesn’t move to tug them off, instead, leaning down to press his lips against the scar, trailing down the length of it. He doesn’t stop at the edge of it however, moving further down before pressing a kiss to Jungkook’s erection, trailing a tongue from the base of it to the top.

Hyung,” the younger’s voice is strained, hips jumping up when Hoseok presses another kiss to the tip of his cock. “Hoseok hyung, please.”

Hoseok shifts up a little, the younger’s whimpering spurring him on, and he pulls Jungkook’s cock in his hand, giving it a few firm stroke, watching the drops of pre-cum leak from the tip, using them to make the slide a little smoother.

He watches Jungkook let out breathless pants, eyes firmly closed as his head turns to the side, pressing into the pillow. His pace increases a little, watching how Jungkook’s hips thrusts up into his hand, before he lets go. Before Jungkook can complain about the loss of contact, he engulfs him in his mouth, looking up at the younger through his lashes, enjoying the way the boy’s eyes snap open and he looks down at Hoseok with slightly teary eyes.

Pressing his hands down against Jungkook’s hips to prevent them from snapping up and gagging him, Hoseok starts to bob his head, looking back up to make eye contact with Jungkook again.

Jungkook sucks in a deep breath, when Hoseok licks the underside of his erection, making him moan loudly. The elder hollows out his lips, moving his head up and down faster along the younger boy’s cock, a bit of spit leaking down the side, smoothening the slide a little. He sucks lightly at the tip, before lapping at the tip with his tongue. Pre-cum leaks from it the more Hoseok tongues at the slit, and when he pulls off, Jungkook groans a little.

He slides his hand up and down a few times, smiling when Jungkook’s voice breaks a little as he moans out Hoseok’s name, and descends back down when the younger presses his arm into his eyes, looking wrecked.

He lets himself go all the down this time, slapping Jungkook’s ass when the boy starts to thrusts up, gagging him a little. His hands hold the younger boy down, as he hollows his mouth and moves up and down, nose touching Jungkook’s pelvis. He starts to hum around the younger’s cock, causing vibrations, and when Jungkook cries out his name once again, he knows the younger is extremely close.

Hoseok starts to move up and down faster, listening to the way Jungkook’s moans come out faster, before reaching for the remote nearby and turning it up several degrees. Jungkook explodes in his mouth with a scream, and he swallows what he can, still moving up and down as the younger boy’s body goes through the aftershocks, and he milks his dry.

When Jungkook makes a noise of discomfort, seemingly trying to pull away from him, Hoseok picks up on the hint, pulling off with a pop, wiping at the corners of his mouth and licking his hand clean like a kitten. He looks down to find Jungkook staring at him with darkened eyes, and he raises an eyebrow, “Wanna taste yourself?”

Jungkook looks a little surprised at the question, before he stretches out a hand, not trusting himself to speak, and Hoseok leans down to press their lips together. The younger licks his lips and mouth clean, and Hoseok lets him explore independently, only moving his lips in response.

“Good?” Hoseok asks, moving off to grab a few tissues and tossing some at Jungkook.

The younger nods, blinking up at Hoseok, taking the tissues offered and wiping himself off. Hoseok picks up the waste basket and offers it to him as he sits up and deposits the tissues inside.

“Now what?” Jungkook asks, voice a little hoarse, sitting up, rocking back on the plug a little as it continues to vibrate inside of him.

“I’ll be back,” Hoseok replies, tossing the remote at Jungkook, who catches it with a bit of fumbling. “You have fun with that, but try not to cum.”

“Where are you going?” Jungkook asks, frowning when Hoseok chucks of his pants, heading to what he assumes is the bathroom.

“Gotta take care of my problem, too,” Hoseok says, turning around, and Jungkook gaze drops to his front, blushing before looking away. “I won’t be long. Five minute tops.”

“I can help you,” Jungkook replies, making Hoseok pause. “You don’t have to do it yourself.”

“It’ll be faster if I do it myself,” Hoseok reasons. “It’s fine.”

“Are you calling me unattractive?”

The elder laughs, “I’m calling you unexperienced. Have you touched anyone apart from yourself?”

Jungkook nods, “I have. Really, I’m good.”

Hoseok stares him down for a few seconds, “Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, huh?”

Jungkook laughs, beckoning him forward, “Can you, uh…”

The elder tilts his head at his hand gestures, “Why don’t you try using your words, love?”

Jungkook glares up, before standing up, and Hoseok realizes with a start that the kid’s a little taller than him in real life. He lets himself be shoved on the bed, sliding up the bed, when Jungkook crawls forward, letting out a small moan, before grabbing the remote and lowering the setting.

Jungkook tugs at his underwear, pulling them off, frowning a little when it gets tangled in Hoseok’s feet, “Don’t rush me, got it?”

“Sir, yes sir,” Hoseok mock salutes, before smiling at Jungkook tauntingly.

Jungkook’s hand are soft as they trail across his stomach, reaching for but not quite touching his erection and Hoseok groans at the feeling of the most fleeting of touches. He growls, “What are you doing, kid?”

Jungkook’s smirk is wicked, and Hoseok’s lets out a guttural moan, when the younger boy’s expression changing into an innocent smile, and he presses a small kiss to the tip of Hoseok’s cock, “What do you mean, hyung?”

“Get on it with it, before I pin you down and fuck your mouth,” Hoseok holds back a groan when hands wrap around him, but don’t move.

“I might like that,” Jungkook responds, tilting his head contemplatively at Hoseok as he starts to move his hand up and down slowly, thumb pressing into the slit. “But you won’t actually do that.”

Hoseok curses, grabbing Jungkook’s shoulders and flipping them over, before leaning down to kiss him fiercely, fire on his tongue which Jungkook eagerly responds to. When he grinds down against Jungkook, their cocks touching, Jungkook moves to wrap his legs around Hoseok’s waist, rutting up into him.

“I would actually,” Hoseok responds, biting at Jungkook’s lower lip and tugging harshly. “Don’t think you know me ‘cause I’m being nice to you, right now. I’m getting paid to do that, got it?”

Jungkook looks the slightest bit afraid at the statement, eyes widening when the intensity of Hoseok’s glare and the seriousness of his expression reach across to him. He schools his features, nevertheless, “Then, do it. I wasn’t kidding when I said I might like it.”

Hoseok curses, eyes darkening, pupils blown wide with lust, “You’d like that, huh?”

Jungkook hums, rolling them over, and straddling Hoseok, leaning down to press his lips against the elder’s before moving down, and taking Hoseok’s swollen erection in his mouth, bobbing his head up and down as far as he can go without choking. He pulls off, using his hands to spread around the pre-cum that leaks from the tip, and giving is a few good strokes from the base to the tip. He glances up to see Hoseok watching him, and makes a show of licking the tip, swirling his tongue around.

He grins arounds Hoseok when the elder moans, cursing after, and descends until the tip of Hoseok’s dick touches the back of his mouth. He pulls off sharply, coughing a little, eyes stinging, and the elder chuckles a little at his reaction.

“Not so easy, is it?” Hoseok’s voice sounds strained, and that spurs Jungkook to wrap his lips around his dick again, hollowing his mouth like he’d seen Hoseok do before humming and he moves up and down, not going too far. A trail of spit leaks and he uses his hand to stroke what he can’t fit in his mouth, listening to the way Hoseok moans out his name.

“Fuck, Jungkook, fuck, I’m close,” the elder announces in a hoarse voice. “Pull off before this gets messy.”

Hoseok groans when Jungkook doesn’t listen, taking him deeper each time. He puts a hand on Jungkook’s shoulder, the boy stilling, looking up at him curiously, before he starts to thrust up. Jungkook seems surprised, before quickly catching on, and hollowing out his mouth. Hoseok moves his hand to the younger boy’s hair, stilling his head where it is, before he starts to fuck his mouth, trying to not be too rough, particularly when the younger boy groans and his hands come out to push against the elder’s hips.

“Hands, Jungkook, hands,” Hoseok cries out, as his hips snap up, “Gonna cum down your throat otherwise.”

Jungkook’s quick on the uptake, pulling away, before wrapping a hand around Hoseok’s erection and stroking it firmly. Hoseok’s hand joins him seconds later, the sensation from their combined efforts making the elder arch up before he releases, letting out a shuddering moan that sounds like a strange mix of Jungkook’s name and curses.

Jungkook continues to milk him through his orgasm, even as Hoseok’s own hand stops, losing its rhythm, and only when the elder lets out a soft “stop” does Jungkook pull his hand off.

He moves back up, noticing the fact that he’s already half-hard again, smiling when Hoseok opens his eyes to stare up at him, body turning to the side a little.

“Good?” He asks with a wide grin, repeating the elder’s earlier words, and he feels relief bubble through him when Hoseok chuckles, pulling him down for a mouthy kiss.

Reaching for the remote, Hoseok turns it up a little, grinning when Jungkook jumps a little, knees giving out on him as he falls onto Hoseok, letting out a soft curse.

“Give me a second,” Hoseok mutters, wrapping a hand around Jungkook’s waist before shifting him to his right. He reaches across for more tissues wiping himself down, and catching the few bits that seem to have landed on Jungkook as well.

He moves to sit upright, breathing out a little heavily before standing up and depositing them into the waste basket.

Jungkook watches him come back, turning to point at the circular object on the side table, eyes closing and hips starting to rock back down on the anal plug. Hoseok turns the speed up, before Jungkook can say anything, and he watches the way the younger boy stutters as his thrusts into mid air become a bit faster, “Th-that thing…I thought w-we, oh fuck. Shit. There. Right there.”

Turning it down, Hoseok grins down, “What were you saying?”

Jungkook groans loudly at the loss of feeling, glaring at Hoseok, and reaches forward to try to take the remote out of his hands.

“Give it to me!” He cries out, before slumping back in bed when Hoseok holds it away from him.

“What were you saying?” Hoseok repeats again, edging closer to Jungkook on his knees after the younger settles down.

“That thing,” Jungkook points to the table with his eyes closed. “I thought we were gonna use that?”

“Yeah, but it’s your birthday, I figured you get to cum twice today.”

Jungkook raises an eyebrow at the response, “I think you’re going soft of me.”

“You wish, sweetheart, you fucking wish,” Hoseok smirks, settling himself between Jungkook’s legs again. “Let me actually show you the kind of service your hyung paid for.”

Jungkook scoots backwards a little, legs automatically stretching to accommodate Hoseok as he watches as the elder turns off the plug before pulling it out gently. He makes a show of licking the dripping wet toy, and Jungkook lets moans at the visual, before tugging him closer, and tangling their tongues, tasting a flavour he doesn’t quite recognize on Hoseok’s tongue.

Hoseok press his lips against Jungkook’s firmly for the last time, before pulling away and settling back in his old position. His fingers start to make quick work of Jungkook’s entrance, stretching him past three fingers. He starts to mouth at Jungkook’s thighs, biting at the unmarked flesh, leaving red spots in his wake as he traces his way down to the younger’s knee. The fourth finger is a much smoother slider than all the previous three, and Jungkook moans when Hoseok finds that spot once again.

Right there,” Jungkook cries out, wiggling until Hoseok finds his prostate, letting out a high-pitched moan when Hoseok’s fingers start to stimulate it, rubbing against it quickly. ”I’m gonna cum, hyung, I’m gonna cum.”

Hoseok stops, looking at him with a worried expression, “Can you do a third?”

Jungkook shakes his head, “I don’t know. I don’t think so.”

“I’m gonna ease off then,” Hoseok pulls away. “Sorry, but just a few minutes, okay?”

Despite wanting to protest, Jungkook nods, “Okay.”

“Well, this is awkward,” Hoseok says after an entire minute of silence, glancing at Jungkook to find him half-sitting and half-lying in bed.

“Yeah,” Jungkook mutters, avoiding his gaze, before turning to glance at him a little hesitantly, “should we kiss?”

Hoseok lets out a bark of laughter, equal parts surprised and amused at the suggestions, stopping only when Jungkook starts to frown at him, “What?”

The elder grins mischievously, sitting up straight, “You like kisses?”

Jungkook smiles shyly before he nods, “Yeah. They feel good.”

Hoseok straddles the younger, lifting himself up a little when the younger squirms to sit up better, “Have you kissed a lot of people before?”

Jungkook shakes his head, “A couple of my hyungs, and a few kids from school.”

Hoseok hums, closing his eyes, and capturing the younger’s lips. They continue like that for a little while, kissing slowly and softly, exploring new places and angles. He’s surprised when Jungkook’s hand comes out to stroke him a little, continuing until he’s half hard.

When they break apart, Jungkook looks breathless, “Should we continue?”

Hoseok nods, wiping at his mouth, before slipping down, mouth hovering right by Jungkook’s entrance.

“What are you –” Jungkook’s voice gets cut off when Hoseok slips a tongue inside, pulling apart his cheeks for better access. He smiles when the younger’s back arches and he lets out a string of curses and Hoseok’s name.

Plunging his tongue in and out of Jungkook, Hoseok feels his own dick twitch in interest at the sound of Jungkook’s moans and the way the younger writhes under him. He feels his way around, hands grabbing and steadying Jungkook’s quivering thighs, before he pulls out with a vulgar sound, licking his lips at Jungkook stares up at him in part horror and part pleasure.

Hoseok glances at the clock, frowning when he notices that there’s still forty-five minutes left. It’s too much time, he realizes, knowing how close the younger is, and he turns to Jungkook with a smile, “So, you want to kiss again?”


“Hands and knees,” Hoseok instructs with a slap to his ass, grinning when Jungkook flips over, turning to glance at him.

“Why not the other way?”

“It’ll feel better,” Hoseok answers. “Angle’s deeper.”

“O-oh, okay,” Jungkook’s cheeks colour before he turns away, bracing himself with his hands tightly clutching the headboard.

“Let go,” Hoseok says softly, bending forward to loosen his hold on the wooden material, and then tugging at his ankle to pull him down surprisingly easily. “Enjoy yourself okay. Don’t worry about holding on or anything.”

Jungkook nods, feeling a hand caress his back softly, before he feels the tip of Hoseok’s cock press against his entrance. The elder presses in a little gently, letting out a hissing sound when Jungkook’s heat envelops him and squeezes his tightly.


Jungkook nods, pressing himself back towards Hoseok to ask the elder to move.

Hoseok puts a steadying hand on his hips, clutching a little tightly, before pushing the rest of the way in one go. Jungkook makes a noise, biting down on a nearby pillow to muffle it even as Hoseok’s hands soothe his back a little. They stay like that, attached, for an entire minute, and Hoseok leans down to press kisses against his spin, caressing his skin softly.

When Jungkook starts to push back, Hoseok takes the hint and starts to move, pulling out and then pushing back in, starting off a slow and gently rhythm that Jungkook starts to follow, moving back when Hoseok moves forward, making both of them groan in pleasure simultaneously.

Hoseok starts to quicken his pace as he starts to feel the telltale signs of being close in the pit of his stomach, and he almost freezes when Jungkook cries out.

“Don’t fucking stop!” The younger yells out at him, pushing back, working his hips.

Hoseok chuckles, resuming their old rhythm, leaning down to whisper, “Sorry, thought I hurt you.”

Their pace starts to increase, and Hoseok starts to pound faster into Jungkook, forehead breaking out into a sweat when the younger collapses, face pressing into the side of the mattress and the tip of his cock rubbing against the bedsheet.

Faster!” Jungkook cries out, moving back on Hoseok’s cock. “Go faster, hyung!”

Hoseok groans as well, feeling to the tip of his bones the way Jungkook’s tight heat engulfs him, squeezing him softly. When he pulls out, Jungkook cries out, turning to glance at him accusingly before Hoseok flips him over, and pushes back in, watching the way his face contorts with pleasure.

He leans down, working his hips, and kisses the tears gathered at the side of the younger boy’s eyes, “Easy there, sweetheart, I’ll make you feel good, huh?”

Jungkook wraps his legs around him in response, and Hoseok barely catches himself on his hands, almost falling onto the younger. The angle’s deeper, and the way Jungkook’s moaning in his ear, unabashed and wanton, begging for him to go harder makes Hoseok grabs the younger boy’s cock, stroking him to the pace of their rhythm.

“Oh fuck,” Jungkook curses loudly, when Hoseok starts to thumb at his legs, while snapping his hips forward, fast. He curses again, before flipping them over, still joined and starts to rock himself down on Hoseok’s cock as the elder continues to pound up into him.

Settling his feet firmly against the bed, Hoseok thrusts, groaning when Jungkook meets him thrusts halfway, riding him.

Shit,” Hoseok groans when he starts to feel himself become incredibly close, “Just like that babe. Ride me, just like that.”

Jungkook moans at that, bracing himself on Hoseok’s chest, before rocking down faster as Hoseok’s hand’s increases the pace of its strokes. A particularly well-timed thrust later, where Hoseok’s hip snap up right as Jungkook impales himself down on the elder’s cock, combined with Hoseok’s thumb digging into his slit, spreading around his pre-cum, makes Jungkook release with a shout, cum landed on him and Hoseok, a few drops landing on both of their chins.

He loses his rhythm, but the continuing motion of him rocking down on Hoseok, while moaning has the elder releasing into him, shooting into load into the condom, continue to thrust his way through both of their aftershocks. Jungkook collapses onto Hoseok’s chest seconds later, panting hard, as the elder continues to snap his hips up in an irregular motion, before stopping, pulling out and rolling them over until they’re both on their sides. Their breaths intermingle as they both breathe hard, and Jungkook can hear Hoseok’s heart thudding in his chest from where his head rests, inches away from the location of Hoseok’s heart.

“That was…” Jungkook opens his mouth to speak, before settling for leaning up and giving Hoseok a long kiss.

“I can sense your gratefulness,” Hoseok breathes out once their breaths are a little more in control.

“Good,” Jungkook replies, unsure of what else to say. “Because that felt really good.”

“I’m glad,” Hoseok says quietly, after a while, pressing a kiss to his forehead. “I’m glad.”

Jungkook opens his eyes when he feels Hoseok shift, the elder leaning up to glance at the clock, “We’ve got 15 minutes still.”

“Do you think I can take a 10-minute power nap?” Jungkook asks softly, smiling when Hoseok snorts turning to lie back down.

“We can try anyway.”


Hoseok places the lube and unused condoms back into the drawer, sliding it closed only to find Jungkook holding and staring at the butt plug oddly.


“Um, what do I do with this?” Jungkook asks, looking up confused.

“Still?” Hoseok’s voice is teasing. “You used it less than an hour ago and you still don’t know?”

Jungkook glares at him, before gesturing at it, “Hyung, it’s dirty.”

“Take the condom off, throw it out, and then clean it up is what we do,” Hoseok responds, bending down to reach from the box under the bed, before pausing and standing back up when Jungkook stares at it with a scrunched up nose.

“What are you doing, Jungkook?” Hoseok blinks, a small smile on his face when Jungkook seems a little started at the use of his name.

“It’s dirty,” the younger repeats again.

“This was inside of you, babe,” Hoseok huffs, pulling off the condom, and tossing it in the waste basket.

“How can you just touch it like that?” Jungkook gives him an odd long, before picking up the cock ring.

“Sweetheart, my tongue was inside of your ass at some point in the last two hours,” Hoseok calls out from the bathroom, the sound of water running.

“Where does this go?” Jungkook asks when the elder returns, holding up the cock ring and Hoseok gestures to the bed.

“Black box under the bed.”

Jungkook waits until Hoseok makes his way towards him, the elder handing him the anal plug to return back as well.

“That’s everything, I think,” Hoseok says looking around, grabbed Jungkook’s varsity jacket off the couch and handing it to him. He sits down on the stripped bare bed, reaching for his boots, and slides his feet in, zipping them back up.

Glancing up when he feels Jungkook’s stare on him, he finds the younger boy fidgeting a little, twiddling his thumbs when he catches Hoseok looking at him.

“What is it?” Hoseok asks gently, wondering how the boy could be nervous of his gaze after everything.

“Um, I just wanted to say thank you,” Jungkook starts off, pausing before taking a deep breath and continuing. “I know you got paid for this, but really, I’m grateful. Especially since you said your first time wasn’t that good, but you took the effort to make mine good. And just, I wanted to say thank you. I know I complained a lot, and at some point, I probably also told you I hated you. Not that I love you or anything, but I also don’t like hate you. It was just –”

“Wow,” Hoseok breathes out, letting loose a small laugh, breaking Jungkook’s tirade, before standing up, smiling when he realizes that his boots put him at eye level with the younger boy. “Are you done?”

Jungkook scowls a little at the mocking tone, before he nods, “Yeah, kinda.”

“You’re welcome,” Hoseok says with a smile, leaning forward to give him one last kiss. “It wasn’t a problem.”

Jungkook’s scowl turns into a bright grin, eyes crinkling and cheeks pushing out a little, before he says with a laugh, “I’m glad, hyung-nim. I’m glad.”

Hoseok stands there, nodding, staring at Jungkook for a few seconds, before leaning forward to kiss his cheek, “Happy birthday, again, enjoy the rest of your day, hm?”

“Thank you,” Jungkook says with a nod, turning to open the door, holding it for Hoseok to cross through. “Are you done for today?”

Hoseok nods, locking the door behind him, “Yeah, you were my last.”

“Will you be going home, then?”

“Yup,” Hoseok pops the ‘p’, “are your hyungs taking you out for a drink now?”

“That’s what they said,” Jungkook responds, kicking his foot forward as they walk.

“Oh, do you know the way out?”

“No, I don’t remember too well.”

“Let me lead you out then,” Hoseok offers, placing his hand against the small of the younger’s back, guiding him down the turns of the hallway, before opening the door to the stair case.

They reach the ground floor within minutes, and from their place a few feet away from the main floor, they can hear the loud music vibrating through the walls.

Jungkook stands there a little awkwardly, holding onto his jacket, before he brings his hand up in a way, “Goodnight.”

Hoseok nods, with a smile, before stepping forward and embracing the younger, pressing his lips to the lobe of Jungkook’s ear, “I was thirteen…when it happened, I was thirteen. Mum’s customer.”

Jungkook stands there, in shock, long after Hoseok’s turned and walked away, whistling as he makes his way back into the maze they’d just navigated their way through.

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Chapter Text

Hoseok looks around the crowded room, strobe lights flashing to the beat of the music playing throughout the floor. He glances at the strippers dancing to his left, one of them leaning down towards a client to allow them to tuck bills into the waistband of his unbuttoned jeans. A small pat on the back surprises him, but he doesn’t jump, only turning back to glance at the mint-haired man standing behind him.

“Break over?” Yoongi asks, looking around the place instead of at Hoseok’s face as he talks, eyes keeping track of everything happening in the place.

Hoseok nods at the shorter man, “Yeah. Need me anywhere specific?”

The statement makes Yoongi smirk, and he cocks his head at Hoseok, “I do, actually. Why don’t you go over to the lap dance section? There’s a nice surprise waiting for you.”

“Who is it?” Hoseok’s eyebrows furrow at the cryptic smile on Yoongi’s face.

Yoongi lets out a laugh, “Why don’t you go and find out? Kid keeps looking around for who I can only assume is you.”

Hoseok blinks at Yoongi as the older man leaves, lips tugging downwards at the elder’s mocking tone of voice. He walks over the circular ring of low leather couches, with two feet of space between adjacent seats, all set up near the entrance of the club. Nearly all of the seats are occupied, Hoseok can see that as he walks towards the area, eyeing the customers that are facing him. The small nicks between adjoining couches allows Hoseok to easily slip into the circle, and he finally sees who Yoongi had been referring to earlier once he'd looked at each customer.

He’s not quite sure why his lips curve up into a smile upon the sight of the younger boy, but he wipes the grin off his face, strutting over to where Jungkook’s sitting with a girl in his lap. The younger boy is looking unsurely at the person sitting astride his thighs, not entirely uncomfortable, but Hoseok also sees the way his face lights up once he spots Hoseok and their eyes meet. Jungkook almost raises a hand to wave at him, but a subtly directed gaze from the older man has him pulling his arm back down hesitantly.

“Hey,” Hoseok turns to the girl, hand resting on her back. “I’ll take him.”

“What?” She turns to give him a strange look.

“Ah, hyung,” Jungkook grins up at him, making the girl frown even further.

She narrows her eyes at Hoseok, but he’s entirely unfazed at the gaze directed at him, gesturing for her to move off, “It’s fine, I’ll take it from here. Yoongi sent me.”

“Min Yoongi?” The girl asks for confirmation, before hesitantly slipping off Jungkook’s lap.

Hoseok hums, giving her a smile and a pat on the back, “The one and only. Now shoo.”

Shaking his head at Jungkook who dissolves into laughter once the girl’s out of sight, Hoseok leans forward, face inches away from the younger as he asks, “What are you doing here, brat?”

“What do you think, hyung?” Jungkook tilts his head, still smiling. “What do people normally come to do here?”

Rolling his eyes, Hoseok scoffs at the younger boy’s response, “You here with one of your hyungs?”

Jungkook nods his head in response, “I can’t exactly come here on my own. Entry fee’s a little too high for me to afford.”

“You shouldn’t bite off more than you can chew. Such expensive tastes at such a young age?” Hoseok grins, thumb stroking Jungkook’s jaw, a touch the younger leans into.

“Are you going to stand there and talk all night, hyung?” Jungkook sing songs, glancing around the room. “If you’re not planning on doing anything, maybe I need to find myself someone else to play.”

“Are you threatening me?” Hoseok grips the younger’s jaw gently, tilting Jungkook’s face back towards him.

“If that’s what it’ll take you to move,” Jungkook’s smile is cheeky as he meets Hoseok’s gaze. The elder chuckles lightly at his words, and then takes a few steps away from the younger boy, making Jungkook’s eyebrows furrow at the distance.

“Alright, then,” Hoseok nods his head, eyeing the younger up and down, taking him in. He’s dressed in all dark colours, skinny jeans and a fitted, striped shirt that showcases his arms. Hoseok hums appreciatively, eyes rising to glance at Jungkook’s face, and he smirks at the younger boy, “So, a lap dance? I can give you that.”

Hoseok’s not sure why Jungkook beams at him, before shifting further back in his seat, arms coming up from his side to rest against the armrest of the couch. He laughs at the younger when Jungkook starts to fidget, puffing his chest out a little, and Hoseok walks forward sultrily on pointed toes, glancing down at the boy with a hooded gaze.

He stops right in front of the younger, reaching forward and resting his hands against Jungkook’s shoulder, before gyrating slowly his hips which are at eye-level with Jungkook's face. Leaning down until his face is a few inches away from the other boy’s, he trails his hand from Jungkook’s shoulder down to his chest before pushing him further back into his seat, “Lean back, darling, because despite what you might think, right now, I’m in charge.”

Jungkook’s breath hitches visibly at the words, and Hoseok smirks at the way the younger boy’s eyes go round. He stands up straight after taking a few steps back, throwing his hands up in the air, and lets his body roll to the music playing in the back, doing a slow, full turn to let Jungkook's eyes rake over every part of him. Trailing his hands slowly down his own thighs once he's facing the younger boy again, Hoseok gives Jungkook’s a smirk, enjoying the way Jungkook gulps, eyes following Hoseok’s hands.

Walking forward as the song changes to something a little faster, Hoseok lifts his foot up and rests it between Jungkook's parted thighs. He trails the inside of the younger's thighs with his toes, before commanding Jungkook who's sitting there rigid, "You can touch."

Nodding his head, Jungkook moves a hesitant hand from Hoseok's ankles all the way to his knees. He stops when he feels a shift in the elder's body and is surprised when Hoseok places the second foot between his legs and stands up on the sofa.

Turning around on the leather couch while swaying to the beat of the song is difficult, but Hoseok still manages to do it and then bends forward slowly to give Jungkook a good view of his ass that's hovering near the younger's forehead. Smiling when Jungkook reaches forward to touch the back of his thighs, Hoseok slowly swirls his hips and shifts downwards into a crouch, allowing the younger boy’s stilled hand to shift along his thighs, past his ass, and up his spine.

Hoseok hops off the couch when Jungkook starts to caress his back, hand slipping under his mesh shirt, and he glances back at the younger boy over his shoulder, throwing him a knowing smirk before shifting to face Jungkook again. He leans down to grip Jungkook’s thighs and pulls him forward to the edge of his seat, face right by front of Hoseok’s jeans. Rotating his hips slowly, his thrusts his hips up into Jungkook’s hands when the younger boy reaches forward to touch him.

He removes Jungkook’s hand slowly, putting it back down to the side, and whispers, “Enjoying yourself?”

Jungkook nods his head, looking up to meet Hoseok’s gaze, and it makes the older man smile. He pushes Jungkook backwards, making him lean back into his seat, before running his hands up and down the younger boy’s thighs. He teases him with his right hand, palming at the small bulge at the front of his jeans, “Excited already?”

Jungkook brings up his hand to trace the front of Hoseok’s jeans, asking, “Aren’t you?”

Hoseok snorts, letting Jungkook feel him up, and he puts slight pressure on Jungkook’s clothed erection when the younger makes a disappointed noise, “Oh, you’re not.”

Humming affirmatively, Hoseok nods, before he trails his hands high from Jungkook’s crotch and slips them under the younger boy’s shirt. He’s surprised when Jungkook pulls him forward by the belt loops and he falls forward ungracefully into the younger’s lap. Jungkook stares up at him with round eyes, seemingly surprised by his own boldness, before a smirk takes over, “Can you give someone a lap dance without sitting in their lap?”

Hoseok laughs, before he shifts himself and ruts his ass down against the tent in Jungkook’s jeans. He adds his hands for a few seconds grinning at the way Jungkook bites his lips and holds back a moan. Hoseok moves to sit in Jungkook’s lap properly, hips not stopping their motion as he trails his fingers down the younger’s neck. He can feel Jungkook shifting under him, trying to put pressure in all the right places, and it makes him smile, especially when the younger’s hand come out to grip his hips and guide him.

Jungkook’s hands move lower to cup Hoseok’s ass, before he starts to rut up against the elder, the motion making Hoseok pause his own grinding, “Nuh uh, baby boy. This is a lap dance, not an invitation for you to hump me.”

Jungkook frowns, but he listens and stopping the canting on his hips altogether.

“Good boy,” Hoseok smiles widely, reaching down to nip at Jungkook’s jaw and turning to whisper in his ear. “Goodness, you’re so hard for me already. I think I can make you cum just like this, love.”

Jungkook shudders when Hoseok slides his behind to and fro Jungkook’s thighs, the previous pressure against his groin all gone. Shifting around until he’s sitting with his back to the younger’s chest, Hoseok starts to rub himself back against Jungkook, coaxing a small moan out of the younger into his ear. He leans backwards, one hand on the arm rest to stabilize him as he rolls himself along Jungkook’s right thigh while the other clutches the back of Jungkook’s head.

Hoseok turns his head until he’s facing Jungkook, “Just like that, darling. Come on, moan for me.”

When he moves a little to the left to grind back against Jungkook’s front, the younger boy doesn’t hold back on his sounds, face dropping into Hoseok’s shoulder as he lets out a whimper. When Jungkook’s entire body shudders, going through a wave, Hoseok turns back around to seat himself astride the younger’s thighs.

Jungkook’s hands come up to steady his hips, and he grins at the younger, “Almost there?”

Nodding, Jungkook trails his hands up Hoseok’s body, only for them to be slapped away. His hands hovers by the elder’s chest, and he looks up in permission, “C-can I touch?”

Hoseok smirks, before he leans down and takes Jungkook’s index finger in his mouth. He swirls his tongue around it, hips rutting down against the younger’s erection, before he releases the long digit with a pop, “Absolutely not.”

Jungkook’s eyes fall shut when Hoseok’s hands inches lower towards his navel, brushing lightly against the tent in his jeans. He misses the way Hoseok looks around the room, watching for onlookers, and then tugs the zipper down, leaving the jeans buttoned. He slips two fingers inside, massaging Jungkook’s erection, and enjoys the way the younger writhes under him, Jungkook’s hips pushing up into his touch as his face twists in pleasure.

He grins when he feels the front of Jungkook’s boxers become damp, and leans his ear right by Jungkook’s mouth to hear him pant. The younger boy clutches at his hips when Hoseok starts to play with his member, alternating between using his hand and his ass to rub against it, and liquid heat pools in Jungkook's belly.

“Hyung, can we go somewhere else…?” Jungkook opens his eyes, and the serious tone of voice makes Hoseok pause completely. The younger boy whimpers at the lose, pushing up into the touch, wondering if he said something wrong.

“Sit back, Jungkook,” Hoseok says carefully, and the way his name rolls around the other boy’s tongue makes Jungkook shiver. “I’ll get you off, alright.”

“I know,” Jungkook breathes out. “But can we…?”


“Oh, okay,” Jungkook nods his head, ducking away from Hoseok’s gaze. He looks back up when Hoseok scrambles off his lap, and he almost automatically moves forward to grab the elder’s wrist.

Hoseok leans down to zip him back up, before giving his tent an affectionate pat. He leans forward, “Song’s over.”

“What? Wait,” Jungkook pulls Hoseok back, but the elder doesn’t fall forward into his lap like last time, seemingly expecting the touch. “I thought you said you were gonna...”

Hoseok gives him a smile, before leaning forward to give him a kiss. The move surprises Jungkook and before he can respond, the elder pulls away, “See that section behind my back? The one that’s covered by dividers?”

Jungkook glances over Hoseok’s shoulder and then flicks his gaze back to the elder’s face before nodding.

“I’ll meet you there in five minutes.”

Hoseok gone with a smile even before Jungkook has the time to blink or process the statement. He nods his head belatedly, Hoseok already out of sight, and then looks around to see if anyone’s watching him. He shifts in his seat hesitantly, almost rutting up into thin air as the material of his jeans presses against his erection and makes him moan.

Clearing his throat, Jungkook tries to adjust his shirt to try to disguise the bulge in his pants, but gives up halfway. He moves to palm himself lightly, but a voice in the back of his mind that sounds surprisingly like Hoseok tells him to knock it off. It makes him grin lightly, before he opts for rubbing his hands up and down his thighs, remembering the way Hoseok had been grinding against them earlier.

He wishes it hadn’t been over so soon, but his mind and body are both thrilled to see what Hoseok has planned. Glancing towards the area Hoseok had pointed out to him earlier, Jungkook stares at the wooden dividers that make a semi circle, trapping a part of the room between the panels and the wall. He wonders what he’s going to see beyond them, dick twitching in excitement at the thoughts that invade his mind.

Jungkook glances down at his watch, realizing there’s only a minute left, and so he stands up, readjusting his jeans and shirt. Slowly, he heads over to the closed off space, walking around to look for an entrance that will let him inside. Once he does find a small parting between two adjacent panels, he allows himself to slip inside and his eyes widen at what he sees.

He averts his gaze to the floor at the sight of various men and women in different states of undress, all of them involved in some sort of sexual activity. Only a few are fully clothed, electing to watch the other occupants in the room succumb to passion, who seem to not care about the eyes upon them. A blush rises to Jungkook’s cheeks as he spots a rather familiar figure, and he looks away after he catches the face of the prostitute currently eagerly bouncing up and down Seokjin’s dick.

“Are you blushing, love?” Hoseok’s voice and breath tingle the nape of his neck, and Jungkook turns quickly to glance at the man who’s now standing beside him. Hoseok gives him a wide grin, taking in the flush of Jungkook’s cheeks, and the way the younger’s eyes remain fixed on his face, not drifting anywhere.

“Hyung –” Jungkook speaks up, before the elder shushes him, pressing a finger to his lips.

“See somewhere you’d like to sit?” Hoseok raises an eyebrow curiously, smiling when Jungkook averts his gaze quickly after taking a quick look around.

“This place is for the exhibitionists and the voyeuristic,” Hoseok explains, leaning closer. “Ever heard the terms?”

Jungkook shakes his head, but he can guess what the words means as he chances another look at the room occupants. He turns back to Hoseok, “Are we going to…here?”

Hoseok nods in response, watching the younger’s face clearly, “It’s the closest you can get to having a private room without having a private room here. Are you alright with this?”

Jungkook presses his lips together, twiddling his thumbs as he thinks about the implications. Hoseok mistakes his contemplative look for one of hesitance, and it surprises the younger boy when the other man grabs his wrist and starts pulling him out of the area.

Jungkook digs his heels into the ground, stopping Hoseok where he is, before saying, “It’s fine. This…is fine. I’m okay.”

“Positive?” Hoseok asks for confirmation, and when Jungkook nods, he switches direction. He pushes Jungkook down onto a single seater somewhere near the corner of the closed off area with a small semblance of privacy. “How about here, then?”

Jungkook sits down first, shifting backwards until his back hits the plush couch, and he grins up at Hoseok as the elder climbs forward into his lap. Hands drift down to the front of his jeans, the tent considerably smaller, and Hoseok tilts his head at him in question.

“Did you touch yourself during those five minutes at all?”

Jungkook shakes his head, giving the elder a small smile, “No.”

“Good,” Hoseok looks extremely pleased at the information, as he starts to roll his body, ass brushing against Jungkook’s front every now and then.

“Did you?” Jungkook asks, looking up at the man straddling him, grinning when Hoseok raises an eyebrow at the question. He shifts him hands to feel up the elder’s front, and trails his fingernails down the tight leather material, “You did, didn’t you, hyung?”

Hoseok doesn’t respond to the statement, but when Jungkook starts to palm his slowly, he’s quick to pull the younger’s hand off. The hasty action makes the younger boy laugh, and he locks his arms around Hoseok’s waist, pulling him closer into his lap. His voice is sweet and mocking as he tilts his head up to whisper in the elder’s ear, “Did you jerk off earlier to the thoughts of me, hyung?”

Hoseok’s body goes still in his hold, and when Jungkook pulls away, the elder’s eyes meet his own. Jungkook watches the way Hoseok’s tongue darts out to lick his lips, before he says, “Not to the thoughts of you.”

“No?” Jungkook tilts his head, rubbing at the inside of Hoseok’s thighs.

Hoseok snorts, “I’ve seen far more enticing things than a kid moaning under me while I rub myself against him to give him a shoddy excuse of a lap dance.”

Jungkook’s mouth opens to respond to the statement, but the only thing that comes out is a moan as Hoseok puts pressure against his clothed erection, rubbing swift circles into the material of his pants. Jungkook throws his head back in pleasure, and Hoseok leans forward to mouth against his neck, before licking a trail up the column of his throat.

Jungkook looks back down when hands start to unbutton and unzip his jeans, and he grabs onto Hoseok’s wrist when the elder parts the flaps before looking around the room hesitantly. Hoseok glances down at his hand before looking up to his face and sighing, “Let’s go back to lap dancing.”

“No,” Jungkook shakes his head vehemently. “No, this is…this is fine.”

Hoseok lets out another sigh, before he leans down to kiss Jungkook’s mouth, “Relax, baby.”

Jungkook nods into the kiss, opening his mouth under the elder’s insistence, and starts to feel at ease at Hoseok’s hands come up to cup at his face, stroking his jaw. He pulls away for air, looking up at Hoseok with glazed eyes, and watches the elder lean down to start suckling onto the skin of his neck, red blooming across his unmarked skin.

“Stop look at them,” Hoseok chides him when he feels him stiffen, slipping his hands underneath Jungkook’s shirt, and trailing his hands up to the younger boy’s nipples. He pinches the perked up buds, twisting them to draw out a throaty moan from Jungkook, and smirks down. “Stop looking at them, Jungkook.”

“Okay,” Jungkook says, eyes boring into Hoseok’s. “Okay.”

“Good boy,” Hoseok pats his cheek affectionately, leaning down to give him another mouthy kiss.

“Do you allow your customers to kiss you?” Jungkook asks when he pulls away, looking genuinely curious. “I thought most, uh, sex workers didn’t let their customers kiss them.”

Hoseok laughs, giving him another peck to prove his point, “That’s all rubbish, kid. You’ve watched way too many romantic movies.”

“Oh,” Jungkook’s voice is small, the younger boy looking even more embarrassed when Hoseok chuckles louder at the response.

“People pay a lot for even the most basic level of access to this place,” Hoseok explains, fingering the black wristband that’s made its way halfway up Jungkook’s arm. “I wouldn’t deny anyone who’s willing to fork up that much money a kiss.”

“Oh,” Jungkook says again, gaze falling down to where Hoseok’s index finger meets his skin. “I see.”

Hoseok hums, nodding his head mindlessly, and then moves his hands back to the opening of Jungkook’s jeans, “Shift forward a little, love.”

Jungkook does as asked, holding onto Hoseok’s hips as he does, stopping only when the elder makes a noise of approval. Hoseok grabs the sides of Jungkook’s jeans, fingers slipping underneath the waistband of his boxers, “Now lift your hips up for me.”

Following the instructions again, Jungkook makes a soft noise as Hoseok slips off his jeans and underwear together, pushing them down almost all the way to his knees. Cold air hits his skin, making it break out into goosebumps, and Hoseok starts to rub his warm hands up and down the younger boy’s cold thighs. He slips his thumbs into the space between Jungkook’s legs, parting them slowly, before caressing the unblemished skin that’s now exposed to him.

Looking up, he finds Jungkook still looking around consciously, before the younger's head snaps sway suddenly, forehead against Hoseok’s shoulder and mouth against his chest, “They’re watching us, hyung.”

“Ignore them, Jungkook,” Hoseok’s voice is stern. “They can probably barely even see you past my body, alright?”

“Yeah, but,” Jungkook’s finger clutch the hem of Hoseok's shirt before fisting his hands in them and tugging lightly.

Hoseok sighs, not stopping his hands from massaging Jungkook’s thighs, but he asks, “Do you actually want this or not?”

“I do,” Jungkook bites his lips, looking up at Hoseok.

“Then, just look at me, and forget about the wandering eyes, alright?”

“Hyung, isn’t there somewhere else…?” Jungkook looks up hopefully.

Hoseok lets out a deep breath, pulling his hands off Jungkook’s legs and sits back a little, “You’re a general customer, darling. I can’t take you up to a room.”


“Sorry,” Hoseok reaches forward to pat the younger boy’s cheek lightly. “If you don’t like this, I can get you out of here. But I can’t jerk you off openly outside of this area, alright?”

Jungkook thinks about the situation, before he nods his head, “Okay.”

Hoseok shifts off the younger’s lap, offering him a hand, and is surprised when Jungkook takes it and pulls him back down, “I meant this is okay here.”

Rolling his eyes, the elder raises an eyebrow, “You sure about that?”

“Yes,” Jungkook says slowly. “I think so. It’s just a new thing.”

Hoseok hums, reaching down to drag a finger down Jungkook’s hardened length, smiling at the way the younger boy shudders, letting out a small whimper, “Teenagers are so easy.”

Jungkook glares at the taunt, but the words on the tip of his tongue, disappear as soon as Hoseok takes his member in his hand, pumping him a few times. He strokes the younger boy slowly, smirking at the moan that falls from Jungkook’s lips, the younger’s mouth falling open as he pants at the wonderful sensation coursing through him.

Blood rushes further south for Jungkook as Hoseok’s hand increases its pace, thumb digging into the slit as fingers circle the head of his dick. Hoseok smiles down at him once Jungkook’s girth widens even further, and he asks, “Hand or mouth?”

“Mouth,” Jungkook replies without missing a beat.

Hoseok nods his head, slipping off the couch and sinks onto the ground right in front of Jungkook. He pulls the boy closer to him, circling his hand around his ankles and tugging forward. Jungkook gets the message and shifts closer, eyes automatically darting around the room as he does, his proudly standing cock exposed for the world to see. Hoseok’s fingers tug his chin down as soon as he does, though, and the elder’s glare is harsh, “Don’t look in that direction, kid. Pay attention to me.”

Jungkook licks his lips, mouth parting to let in a shaky breath at the commanding tone of voice, and he nods slowly to show his understanding.

“Good,” Hoseok’s furious expression eases up considerably. “Eyes on me the entire time, got it? As soon as you even lift your head to look at someone else, I’m going to leave you right here and you can go find someone else to finish you off.”

Jungkook nods quickly, “Can I…can I close my eyes as well?”

Hoseok thinks about the request, “Yeah.”  


Jungkook brings both hands to lock behind Hoseok’s head, the other man sitting down on his knees in front of the younger’s parted legs. He runs his fingers through the short, black hair, noticing only now that Hoseok must have gotten it trimmed, locks not as long as they were the last time he saw him.

“Do you want a cushion?” Jungkook asks, breath stuttering as Hoseok circles his hand around the head of cock, looking down at his length in concentration.

“Probably not,” Hoseok shakes his head. “You’re not going to last long.”

Jungkook presses his lips together, before he does something that surprises both Hoseok and him equally. Fisting his hand in the hair at the back of the elder’s head, he tugs roughly, “Is that a challenge, hyung?”

Hoseok tilts his head, one hand coming behind to loosen Jungkook’s grip on his hair, while the other starts to slowly stroke Jungkook’s hardened length. He’s pleased to note the lack of shame or embarrassment on the younger’s face and he smirks, before leaning down to lick his way up Jungkook’s dick teasingly, “Maybe.”

Jungkook swallows back his moan, but his breath still stutters as Hoseok moves off, and grabs the cushion behind Jungkook’s back. Placing it under his knees, the elder shifts around until he’s comfortable and gives the younger an enticing look.

Hoseok pumps Jungkook agonizingly slow, head tilted up to hold down Jungkook’s gaze as the younger watches him, chest stuttering when Hoseok squeezes his erection lightly. Smirking, Hoseok reaches up with his free hand to tangle it into the hair at the nape of Jungkook’s neck, bringing the younger’s face down to lock their lips.

Jungkook moans into their kiss, mouth falling open as Hoseok increases his pace and rubs his thumb against the slit of the younger’s cock. Hoseok doesn’t hesitate in the slightest in slipping his tongue inside the younger’s mouth, licking his way around the hot cavern as Jungkook shudders under his touch.

The younger’s lips are swollen, spit slick when Jungkook pulls away and breathes out, “I thought I told you to use your mouth.”

Hoseok smirks, pushing against Jungkook’s chest to make the younger lean back instead of hunching forward against the elder. He stares at Jungkook up through his lashes before descending down on the younger’s rock hard, red member. Bobbing his head up and down slowly, Hoseok takes enjoyment in the way Jungkook groans, throwing his head back in pleasure, fingers coming to clutch the edges of the seat.

Hoseok works his way up and down the younger’s erection slowly, only increasing his pace when Jungkook whines brokenly and pants, “Fa-faster, hyung!

Shifting his hands to grip Jungkook’s hips, Hoseok does exactly that, moving up and down Jungkook’s cock, taking more of him in each time. Little moans and pants fall from the younger boy’s lips, spurring Hoseok to pick up his speed. By the time his nose hits the younger boy’s navel and Jungkook’s erection touches the back of his throat, the younger boy collapses, falling backwards in his seat, hips arching off the seat in pleasure.

A-ah!” Jungkook tries to muffle his shriek behind a fist, hips canting upwards into Hoseok’s awaiting mouth. He feels a sharp sting on his backside as he thrusts upwards, and it makes him cry out in pleasure, hand reaching down to grip Hoseok’s hair. The elder pulls of him with a pop, and when Jungkook protests against the loss, the elder’s tongue licks up the underside vein of his dick, making him shudder, feeling the pleasure all the way to his curled toes.

Jungkook moans loudly, thighs twitching involuntarily from desire, as Hoseok wraps his lips around just the head of his cock. The elder swirls his tongue, licking him like a lollipop, before the wet muscle digs into his slit, making his eyes fall shut as he let loose another loud cry of Hoseok’s name followed by a series of pants.

Hyung,” Jungkook pleads with wet eyes, lifting his head up to look down at Hoseok, when the other man doesn’t descend back down on his members. A broken moan falls from his lips as Hoseok smirks, fondling his balls before taking one into his hot mouth, “Please, hyung, please.”

Directing his right hand to the back of Hoseok’s head, Jungkook tugs at the short hair, trying to guide the elder back to where he wants him. Another loud moan falls from his lips followed by a whimper once Hoseok finally does as he asks, bobbing him head up and down until the tip of Jungkook’s swollen member touches the back of his throat. He deep-throats the younger repeatedly, swallowing around his length hungrily after, and inwardly grins at the way it makes the younger boy cry out wantonly, all previous cares about people watching forgotten.

Litanies of Hoseok’s name mixed with whimpers and moans falls from Jungkook’s lips at the intense feeling of pleasure that Hoseok’s mouth grants him, and when Hoseok hums around his erection, Jungkook feels the vibrations all the way to his core, “More, hyung – more.”

Hoseok pulls off with a pop, making Jungkook groan, before he swirls his tongue around the head of Jungkook’s member, licking at the pre-come the oozes from the tip. He sucks lightly on the pink head using his lips next, digging his tongue into the slit, and feels the way Jungkook’s hips stutter, the younger boy looking close to climaxing.

Giving one last lick to the vein running on the underside of Jungkook’s dick as the younger boy above him pleads with him to take him back into his mouth, Hoseok lets go of Jungkook’s hips that had arched off the seat. He watches them fall back onto the synthetic leather couch, the swell of Jungkook’s ass meeting the semi-soft material.

Purely out of instinct, he watches Jungkook’s face as he traces his fingers down to the underside of the younger’s thighs, enjoying the way Jungkook shivers at the touch and lets loose a small whimper. Jungkook glances down at him after the feather light touches, but looks just in time to see Hoseok pull his swollen member, lying erect against his stomach back into his mouth. He moans at the sight of the older man working his way up and down, and can’t help the way his hips rut up.

Hoseok doesn’t stop Jungkook from thrusting upwards this time around, and the fingers settled around his thighs instead of on his hips are all the permission he needs. Throwing his head further back, Jungkook squeezes his eyes shut as the crown of his head meets the back of his couch. He feels Hoseok’s jaw go slack as he continues penetrating it repeatedly at a fast, unrelenting pace, hitting the back of the elder’s throat with each thrust.

Hoseok’s tongue flattens itself against the underside of his dick, and when the elder hums before swallowing around him, Jungkook cries out.

Loosening his lips even further, Hoseok lets the boy do as he pleases as saliva drips from the corner of his mouth, used to far rougher treatment from other clients. It takes Jungkook a few more thrusts into his awaiting hot mouth and a series of staccato moans before he succumbs to his orgasm, hips canting wildly with no apparent rhythm.

Hoseok takes over right at the moment, swallowing everything as Jungkook bursts into mouth, shooting hot, bitter cum down him throat. He starts to bob his head up and down, sucking the head of Jungkook’s waning erection and digging his tongue into the slit. He continues to lap up every ounce of fluid that shoots out of Jungkook until he’s sucked the boy dry, making Jungkook cry out at the overstimulation.

Hoseok takes Jungkook’s softening member into his mouth one last time, before slowly moving back up and pulling off completely. Placing a hand on his thighs, he stands up, knees aching a little, but it all disappears at the sight below him. Jungkook looks absolutely wrecked, face still twisted in pleasure and panting heavily, as if every breath is a struggle to draw in. His hair is all over the place, and it makes Hoseok wonders if he was tugging at his own hair as well apart from just the elder’s.

The hand lying across Jungkook’s eyes slowly moves away, the younger’s eyes opening even more slowly as glances up at Hoseok with a blissful expression. His breathing's a little more regular now, Hoseok notices, still not back to normal, but he’s not heaving like he was before. Hoseok smiles down, wiggling his eyebrows, “Good?”

Jungkook smiles, eyes closing as he nods, head lolling to the side as if he has no energy left to lift it up. 

“Maybe it’s because we had a private room, before, but I seem to have forgotten exactly how loud you are,” Hoseok speaks up again as Jungkook hands come out to rest against the arm rest before the younger boy shifts backwards. There’s an insecure expression across his face again as he glances at his flaccid member, before taking a looking around. Hoseok’s eyes roam across the room as well this time, and he sees two guys sitting in the corner watching Jungkook intently.

Hoseok vaguely registers the sound of Jungkook fumbling, before he locks gazes with the two men who shift to look at him, smirking. A swirl of emotion Hoseok’s afraid to categorize rises in his chest, and he turns back to push Jungkook further back in his seat. The burst of energy takes the younger boy by surprise, hands dropping to the side, eyes wide when Hoseok crawls into his lap.

Shielding the younger with his body as best as he can, Hoseok reaches to tug Jungkook’s boxers back up, smiling at the way the younger shudders as his fingers touch his thighs. He pulls up Jungkook’s jeans back up next, struggling a little with the denim before he asks the boy under him to lift himself up. Jungkook does as asked without a complaint, letting Hoseok tuck him back into his underwear and pull up his pants.

He lifts his head up to find Hoseok watching him as the elder starts to zip up his jeans and button it, and his eyes automatically flutter shut as Hoseok leans down to press their lips together. He barely gets to taste himself on the other’s tongue before the elder’s pulling away, adjusting his shirt over the front of his skinny jeans. Hoseok smiles down at him for a brief second, giving his stomach an affectionate pat before slipping off him.

The smile makes Jungkook beam back, sitting up properly and scooting forward to grab Hoseok by the belt loops as he makes a move to turn around, “Are you going to leave me here, hyung?”

Hoseok laughs at his tone, hesitantly reaching to ruffle his hair, before giving him a nod, “You got what you wanted from me, darling. What else do you want?”

Jungkook smirks, trailing his head down from Hoseok’s chest all the way to the waistband of his tight leather pants, “Do you want me to help you like I did last time, hyung?”

Hoseok frowns heavily at his question, making Jungkook pull his hand back, “This club isn’t some sort of mutual invitation to get each other off or have sex, sweetheart. You’re paying me for this, so stop trying to give back.”

“But I thought sex had to be mutual in order for it to work,” Jungkook’s grin is cheeky as he tilts his head at Hoseok innocently.

The elder rolls his eyes at his nit picking, “Not always.”

Jungkook swallows thickly, remember Hoseok’s admission from last time, “Oh.”

“Yeah,” Hoseok shrugs.


The apology makes the elder raise a curious eyebrow, “For?”

Jungkook shrugs, before he settles for the easiest option, “I guess for always trying to touch you back.”

The statement makes Hoseok laugh, and Jungkook’s smile brightens at the sound, especially when the elder leans down to give him a kiss. He wonders if Hoseok’s like this with everyone when he pulls away or if he’s special in that regard.

“You’re really not…” Jungkook trails off, looking for the right words, “aroused, hyung?”

Hoseok’s eyes drift to one of the security workers that hovers by the entrance between the dividers and looks around the place carefully. He gives the burly man a smile, when he eyes them having a conversation curiously, and reaches down to trace the column of the younger’s throat with a fingernail, hoping it looks fairly seductive.

Jungkook’s eyes drift to the extreme left, trying to look at the finger trailing down his neck, but he doesn’t say anything else.

“Hyung’s jerked off more than a few hundred people in his lifetime, darling. It takes more than just a moaning mess of a 19-year old to get me hard anymore.”

Jungkook’s eyes snap to him, lips tugging down, “Are you looking down on me?”

“Right now?” Hoseok’s hand gestures to the fact that he’s standing between Jungkook’s legs who’s still seated. “Yes.”

Jungkook ignores the reference to their position and instead announces, “I’m very competitive, did you know?

“Are you now?”

Jungkook smirks at the raised eyebrow, “You shouldn’t challenge me, hyung.”

“That wasn't a challenge, my love. It was a fact,” Hoseok tenses as he feels a few stares on them from the people around them, especially when they continue conversing in their fully dressed states. He pushes Jungkook back into his seat, the younger letting him as if sensing the looks as well, and for the umpteenth time in the day, Hoseok crawls back in the younger’s lap.

Jungkook’s hands automatically start to caress the swell of his ass as soon as he settles down, and he glares down at the younger. The glower has no effect on the boy, not even when Hoseok ruts his behind down against Jungkook’s crotch.

Grabbing on the hem of his own shirt, Hoseok pulls it over his head, smirking when Jungkook’s eyes widen and drop down to his chest. He reaches back for one of Jungkook’s hand, both of them still resting on his behind, and pulls one forward, placing it flat against his abdomen, whispering lowly, “Touch me and play along.”

Jungkook does as asked, trailing blunt fingernails up and down Hoseok’s chest as the older man grinds down against him. He pinches one of Hoseok’s nipples between his fingers, “Hyung, what if I can get you hard?”

The question makes Hoseok cease all movement, and right when he does, the hand tracing his back moves further down to grip at his thighs. Jungkook grins up at him, rubbing the back of Hoseok's thighs and knees through his skin-tight, leather pants. The elder turns his glare up a notch, whispers harshly, “Excuse me?”

“You heard me,” Jungkook’s smile widens, hand now moving to the front to rub up and down the top of Hoseok’s thighs, before palming his groin.

Hoseok clenches his teeth, grabbing the younger boy’s hand and pulling it away from his crotch, “Don’t touch me like that, and you definitely can’t get me hard without touching me.”

Jungkook’s hand continues drifting up and down, brushing close to his front, while the other starts to rub with his thumb Hoseok’s hardened bud, “What if I can, though? Let’s go again, hyung, and if I can get you even a little bit excited without touching, then will you let me suck you off?”

Hoseok’s dick twitches in his pants at the thought of the younger getting down on his knees for him, but the rational part of his mind interferes before he can let that fantasy play out any further, “Absolutely not!”

“Why not?” Jungkook frowns at his adamant tone.

Gritting his teeth, Hoseok leans down until his mouth is inches away from Jungkook’s face, “Understand your boundaries, kid. I’m here to give you a blowjob, not the other way around.”

“What if you have a customer who prefers to give rather than receive?”

“No one takes more pleasure in giving over receiving, Jungkook.”

Rolling his eyes, Jungkook leans back in his seat, hand dropping to the side, “I’m pretty sure that’s a lie. Why don’t you admit that you have no confidence, hyung? Admit that I can get you all hot and bothered, and then I won’t insist on wanting to touch you.”

Hoseok rolls his eyes, grabbing Jungkook’s right hand and bringing it back to his chest, “But you don’t.”

Jungkook’s eyes brighten as if that’s the response he’s expecting, “Then let’s do this once more! If I don’t get you all hot and bothered, then you’ve got nothing to lose right?”

Hoseok presses his lips together, glaring down at the grinning boy, “You’re infuriating, you know that?”

“Yes, I’ve been told that many times,” Jungkook nods his head eagerly.

“I’m not falling into your trap,” Hoseok tells him with a scowl. “No matter how clever you think you’re being.”

Pulling himself off the younger’s lap as gracefully as he can, Hoseok throws a glare in Jungkook’s direction, making Jungkook’s face fall. He grabs his shirt lying across the arm of the single seater, and turns to walk away when a hand wraps around his forearm and pulls him back. Hoseok tries his best to give Jungkook a sugary grin to avoid any suspicion, “What?”

Jungkook smirks, no trace of the shy and inexperienced boy he’d met two months ago visible on his face, “Are you denying a customer something he paid for?”

“You’re just a general member,” Hoseok tries his best not to be loud or exclaim. “You’re not even supposed to be here. This area is for silver and gold members only. So, I’m not denying you anything that you paid for.”

“But you asked me to meet you here.”

“Look, that’s not the point,” Hoseok says slowly, running a hand through his hair, looking down at the younger in frustration. He leans down to capture Jungkook’s lips in a hasty kiss, whispering, “Stop okay, before we attract attention.”

“Come on, hyung,” Jungkook pleads with wide eyes, his hold on Hoseok not loosening. “Once more?”


“Why not?” Jungkook tries his best not to whine, but his voice is a pitch higher than earlier.

“Because I said so!” Hoseok’s voice is rough as he grits out the words through clenched teeth. “Go find someone else.”

“I thought you had nothing to lose, though,” Jungkook insists, standing up to stare down the elder.

“I don’t have anything to lose,” Hoseok tries to control his hands from making exaggerated gestures. Sighing, Hoseok reaches to slip a hand under Jungkook’s shirt, unbuttoning his jeans discreetly, “Look, I can jerk you off again if you want, but it’s a definite no to the other rule.”

“Why, are you scared?” Jungkook taunts, breath stuttering when Hoseok rubs the heel of his hand against his boxers, putting light pressure on his member.

Taking a deep breath, Hoseok watches the younger boy’s breath quicken the more he presses against his steadily-forming erection, “I know what you’re trying to do, kid.”

Jungkook pulls Hoseok’s hands away, wrapping his fingers around the elder’s thin wrists, “What am I trying to do?”

Hoseok remains silent, staring up at him with an indescribable expression.

“Come on, haven’t you heard that the customer is always right?”

Hoseok still doesn’t say anything, not even when Jungkook tightens his hold around his wrists and moves back to sit back down on he couch. Moments later, he’s being pulled forward to sit astride Jungkook’s thighs by the younger, and Hoseok can feel his resolve cracking.

“Your job is to please your customers, hyung,” Jungkook says in a soft voice, pulling Hoseok’s shirt out of his hand and draping it over the side of the couch. “But you’re not making me very happy.

Hoseok stares down at him for an entire minute, eyes roaming over the younger’s keen expression, wondering why Jungkook’s always so hell-bent on returning the favour, “How did your parents stand you?”

“They didn’t,” Jungkook’s voice is light.

Hoseok’s eyes fall shut as he takes a deep breath, forehead dropping against the younger’s shoulder. He turns his head to trail kisses up Jungkook’s neck and tells himself it’s to not arouse any suspicion. Lips against the younger’s right earlobe, he whispers, “I’ve already done a lot for you today.”

Jungkook nods against him in acknowledgement, “Then do a little for yourself.”

Hoseok pulls back like he’s been burnt, eyes furiously glaring at Jungkook, and making the younger boy wonder why what he said was so wrong. Gripping Jungkook’s jaw roughly between him thumb and index finger, Hoseok grits out, “That’s not how this works. Do you even understand where the fuck you are? You’re sitting in a modern day brothel with a whore in your lap. Do you know what that means?”

Jungkook remains calm during the storm, “Yes.”

Hoseok opens his mouth and closes it at Jungkook’s soft reply, repeating the action a few times before dropping his hand down to his side and leaning back. He sighs quietly, running another hand through his hair, “I’ve already made a lot of exceptions for you.”

Jungkook smiles as he sees Hoseok’s unwavering form crash and burn, “So, what’s one more, hyung?”


“Hand or mouth?” Hoseok asks with a sigh, eyeing Jungkook impassively when the younger throws him a grin.

“Let’s do hand this time, but I want to switch. Let me sit in your lap.”

Hoseok’s eyebrows furrow in confusion, but he moves off either way, taking the seat that Jungkook had been occupying once the younger stands up. He settles himself back against the back of the couch, and gestures for the younger boy to come forward once he’s comfortable. Jungkook smiles warmly, before clambering up into his lap, and in the back of his mind, Hoseok thinks about how his bright expression seems to not belong in or be appropriate for the situation they’re in.

Jungkook seats himself fully, bending his legs at the knee, and then places his hands against Hoseok’s naked chest. He shrugs Hoseok’s hands away once they move towards him, and instead shifts around to get comfortable, ass rubbing against the elder’s crotch, making Hoseok’s breath hitch at the sensation.

“That’s not you playing fair,” Hoseok mutters, but his hands don’t come out to grip the younger’s hips or stop him from doing any more.

Jungkook shrugs at his statement, taking a deep breath, and then reaches down to grips the flap of his unbuttoned jeans, “Do you think you can do this if I keep my jeans and boxers on?”

Hoseok shakes his head, “You’re going to have to at least take your boxers off. We can probably make do if your jeans were on. There’s a bathroom close to here if you want to go do that.”

Looking contemplative, the younger boy bites his lip in thought, before shaking his head, “It’s fine. Let’s do this.”

“You know,” Hoseok brings his elbow up to rest against the side of the semi-circular seat, “I don’t really understand why you’re doing this if it makes you uncomfortable.”

“It’s not uncomfortable necessarily,” Jungkook pauses in his actions. “I just…don’t like to be stared at. But they’re almost all strangers, so I have nothing to lose I guess.”

“Almost all?”

Jungkook gives Hoseok a mischievous smile, “I saw one of my hyungs here.”

“Who is it?” Hoseok looks around curiously, but Jungkook ignores his question completely, lifting his shirt and pulling down his jeans until they rest around his thigh.

Hoseok’s hand comes out to grip his hips when Jungkook giggles and leans forward, eyes twinkling with laughter. Raising an eyebrow at the younger’s odd behaviour, a shudder goes through Hoseok’s body when Jungkook’s mouth meets his ear, admitting quietly, “I’ve never mooned somebody before, hyung.”

Despite himself, Hoseok laughs, pulling the younger closer by the hips, fingers slipping into the waistband to tug his underwear down. Jungkook’s eyes are closed as he leans back, face drifting back into Hoseok’s view as he murmurs, “When you were a kid, hyung, did you ever think that if you closed your eyes, people wouldn’t be able to see you because you couldn’t see them?”

Hoseok chuckles, making Jungkook peek at him, eyelids rising, “Is that the logic you’re trying to go by, right now, baby?”

Jungkook grins down at him, lips stretching even further when Hoseok lifts his legs up and rests the heels of his feet against the edge of the couch. It’s an awkward position, Hoseok barely able to fit across the seat as he folds himself, but at the realization that the elder’s trying to cover his exposed behind, it makes a genuine smile curl across Jungkook’s lips.

“Thank you,” the younger’s voice is grateful, and Hoseok nods in acknowledgment.

“I don’t even know why I’m doing all this for you,” Hoseok murmurs under his breath, scoffing when Jungkook responds.

“It’s cause I’m your favourite customer and you like me very, very much.”

“You do realize that this is only our second time meeting right?” Hoseok’s eyes drop down to Jungkook’s hands as the long fingers start to play with the hem of his shirt, lifting it up slightly before dropping it back down as if unsure.

“I know,” Jungkook nods, “but the first time was so amazing for you that I automatically jumped up to number one.”

Hoseok snorts at the explanation, “Hold on to my shoulders if you’d like to.”

Reaching forward with his right hand, he lifts the edge of Jungkook’s black tee, slipping him hand under and caresses the skin across his stomach. Fingernails drag down the younger’s abs, and Jungkook shudders at cold air hits his thighs and stomach. He leans further back against the Hoseok’s legs, but when the elder makes a noise of disapproval and nudges the younger boy forward with his knee against Jungkook’s shoulder blade, he presumes his old position again.

“Don’t lean back, but forward, okay? You’re going to go sprawling backwards if you do,” Hoseok explains, fingers trailing down the younger’s navel, before finally drifting down to grip Jungkook’s member.

“Slow or fast?”

“Something moderate?” Jungkook leans forward as asked before, settling more of his weight against Hoseok’s chest, rubbing his heels into the elder’s shoulder. He shifts back a little to allow the elder to grip him easier and to avoid crushing his cock between their chests. Pressing his lips against Hoseok’s ear, he breathes out, “Watch me, hyung.”

Jungkook’s pleased when Hoseok’s head snaps up to his face, hands not stopping their motion of slowly stroking him up and down, feeling the way Jungkook’s girth and length expand under his touch. Smiling at the slightly surprised expression on the younger’s face, Jungkook reaches down for the first time the entire night and initiates a kiss.

Hoseok looks at him curiously when the younger boy pulls away, Jungkook meeting his gaze, before swooping down for a second time, locking their lips together. Their mouths move in sync, head tilted to opposite sides for a deeper angle, and Hoseok nudges the younger’s lips apart with a swipe of his tongue. Jungkook’s mouth drops open, small pants falling from his lips as he scrunches his eyes shut and lets himself feel Hoseok’s touch, fingers ghosting up and down the skin of his steadily hardening cock.

Hoseok doesn’t nudge him for another kiss, electing to follow the younger’s earlier instructions and watches pleasure dance across the younger’s face as he swirls his hand around the head of Jungkook’s dick. Observing the expressions on the face of the boy sitting in his lap makes Hoseok’s own mouth dry, especially when Jungkook lets out a soft whimper when Hoseok grips his dick a little tighter, hand moving up and down faster. The younger’s head falls backward with a moan at a particularly good tug, exposing the column of his neck, and Hoseok itches to mark his neck up.

Jungkook’s grip across his shoulder tightens, and it’s only then that Hoseok starts to realize that he’s breathing a little harder as well. The rise and fall of his chest quickens even more when Jungkook tilts his head forward for Hoseok to see, eyes shut tightly as he moans out Hoseok’s name brokenly.

“A-ah,” Jungkook’s voice is an octave higher as he struggles to draw in a breath, eyes scrunched shut, as the elder’s hand automatically works up and down, thumb digging into the slit. The younger boy cries out softly, hips rutting upwards into Hoseok’s hold, before he pushes down and the curve of his ass brushes against Hoseok’s front and repeats the motions a few times.

Hoseok wonder if the boy is doing so on purpose, and he tries to not let himself shudder when Jungkook presses down against the crotch with just the right amount of pressure. The younger boy’s completely aware of the effect he’s having on Hoseok, the elder realizes right as Jungkook tilts his head down, mouth right by Hoseok’s ear.

“O-oh,” Jungkook moans softly, the sound turning into a broken whimper. “A-ah, hy-ung!

Panting heavily and mewling right into Hoseok’s ear, Jungkook’s hand clamber to find purchase in the elder’s shoulder as he feels his knees become weak. The hand stroking and pumping him increases it’s pace but Jungkook’s too far gone with pleasure to wonder if Hoseok is trying to distract him and stop him from continuing what he’s been doing.

Hoseok reach down to play with Jungkook’s balls, letting go of his erection for a few seconds, and is surprised when Jungkook throws his head back, letting out a rather loud cry of desire. It attracts attention from a few people nearby, but Hoseok’s too focused on the ecstasy painted across the younger’s face as he fondles his sacs to pay them any attention.

“Hyung,” Jungkook breathes out softly again, staring down at Hoseok with hooded eyes, and the elder lifts his hand up to the younger’s lips. They maintain eye contact as Jungkook sucks on his index and middle finger, lapping at the digits eagerly, tongue swirling around them seconds later. Jungkook smiles inwardly at the darkened gaze Hoseok is now sporting, wide, lust-blown pupils watching him intently.

Hoseok’s voice is husky, deeper than before, “Do you think that you sitting in my lap, moaning in my ear, and throwing lusty glances my way will do the work?

Jungkook pops his mouth off the now spit-slick and shiny fingers, watching them descend back down and tease his entrance. He gasps when one of them slips inside slowly, and even though he knows it’s not part of what he asked Hoseok to do, he doesn’t stop the older man. He doesn’t comment on the way the elder looks turned on currently, knowing that pointing it out will only make Hoseok try to will himself to stop enjoying the view, something Jungkook doesn’t quite want, “Well, it doesn’t hurt to try.”

Hoseok scoffs at the statement, thrusting his middle finger in and out of Jungkook rhythmically, “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”

Jungkook mewls when Hoseok’s other moves forward to grip his erection, tugging at it roughly. He breath hitches, and he tries to form a coherent sentence as Hoseok’s dark gaze watches him slowly fall apart, “W-what’s not to…­a-ah…not to…enjoy?”

Groaning as a second finger slips inside, stretching him until it burns, Jungkook closes his eyes tightly but doesn’t stop speaking.

“It co-could be…oh,” Jungkook trails off, closing his eyes and gripping Hoseok’s shoulders tighter at the pain, head tilting down as his bangs fall across his forehead. When Hoseok’s hand still where it is to let him get used to the stretch, Jungkook bites down on his lips and then starts to work his hips down onto the long digits slowly, “It could be a nice job.”

Hoseok waits and watches as the younger boy slowly picks up speed, until he’s bouncing up and down on the elder’s long fingers, no hint of pain on his face. He pulls his fingers out completely then, smirking when Jungkook protests against the loss, “You don’t want this as your job, darling.”

Jungkook opens his eyes, glancing at the elder, lips pressed together as the pace of Hoseok’s strokes becomes excruciating slow, “Why not? Faster! This seems like a – o-oh, like that, like that – good establishment.”

“It might, but the clients won’t always be; things change when the tables turn, kid. I’ve been indulgent with you, because you’re paying me. If it was the other way around, I might not have been the same way.”

Jungkook grins at the statement, even though he knows he shouldn’t, “Really? What do you really want to do to me then, hyung?”

He reaches down to wrap one hand around Hoseok’s own, guiding the elder up and down his length, throwing his head back in pleasure with how much better it feels. Feeling Hoseok’s gaze on him, Jungkook swallows thickly, leaning down to press his mouth right against the opening of the elder’s ear. He smirks against the skin, before his lips fall slack, each moan and pant from every stroke heavily pronounced and falling right into Hoseok’s ear.

Hoseok licks his unusually dry lips, tongue running across them slowly, as he feels his pants tighten around his member at Jungkook’s antics. He doesn’t stop the younger, letting him thrust upwards into his tight fist as broken whimpers, moans, and Hoseok’s name fall from the younger’s lip, entering his bloodstream through his ear and igniting a fire. Jungkook starts to roll his hips, making sure to purposely brush up against Hoseok’s crotch when he does, until Hoseok pulls his hand off his members, murmuring darkly, “Behave.”

Jungkook reaches down to touch himself instead, gripping his erection as it proudly stands resting against his stomach, and pumps it to a rough and fast pace. He keens when Hoseok wraps his fingers around the head of his cock, stimulating it by rubbing his thumb across to spread the oozing pre-come. Moving his hand away once Hoseok takes over once again, Jungkook can’t help from rutting upwards shamelessly, mewling and whimpering at each stroke and every time Hoseok presses him thumb into his slit.

Hoseok feels the blood rush further south, the tent in his leather pants prominent when Jungkook falls against him chest bonelessly, as if his hands don’t have the energy to hold himself up anymore. Pumping the dripping cock trapped between their bodies, Hoseok curses, not at all prepared for when Jungkook grips the hair at the back of his head tightly, tugging at them roughly as he breathes harshly against the elder’s neck.

Jungkook’s entire body quakes involuntarily under Hoseok’s touch, and the way his breath come out as shudders makes the elder close his eyes, biting his lips. He can feel his erection swell even more as Jungkook’s cock pulses in his hands while the younger continues his mewling, lying against Hoseok’s chest. Fingernails dig into his back, before Jungkook speaks up, “Ah, make me cum, hyung.”

The younger boy’s voice is soft, but it sends a heat rushing through Hoseok especially when Jungkook continues, noticing the effect his words are having on the elder.

“I want to cum so bad, hyung,” Jungkook moans dirtily right into Hoseok’s ear, tongue coming out to lap at the elder’s earlobe. Hoseok grits his teeth, tightening his hold and stroking the younger fast enough to make his wrist ache. It has the desired effect he wants, and Jungkook quietens for a few seconds, before he speaks again, voice raw, “I-I, oh, I want to paint your chest white.”

Fuck,” Hoseok curses, gritting his teeth.

“Touch me however you want,” Jungkook croons lustily, crying out in pleasure at a particularly good tug. His hips stutter and Hoseok knows the younger is extremely close, wondering if Jungkook’s holding himself back, “I want you to jerk me good, hyung. So good that I faint.”

Hoseok’s other hand drifts between the younger’s legs, fondling his balls and making him mewl.

Jungkook bites at Hoseok’s earlobe, whispering between moans, “I’ve always wanted – o-oh – to be fucked hard, ah, enough to black out, hyung.”

Unable to handle Jungkook’s words, Hoseok inserts his fingers back inside the younger boy and digs around for that one spot. When Jungkook moans loudly, fingernails scratching his back to find some sort of support, Hoseok rubs his prostate harder and watches the younger boy falls apart in his hand.

Hoseok manages to catch most of the cum that spurts out of Jungkook with his hand, continuing to massage the younger’s prostate until Jungkook makes a small noise of discomfort and wiggles around his fingers. When he pulls out and removes his hand from between their bodies, Jungkook falls against his chest wordlessly, a blissful expression on his face.

Hoseok snorts grabbing his shirt to wipe his hand, but then Jungkook’s reaching out for his wrist, pulling his hand back. Gulping when the younger boy brings Hoseok’s hand to his own mouth, Hoseok watches Jungkook’s tongue peek out to wipe his hand clean. Dirty thoughts run through his mind at the action, making Jungkook grin when he slips a hand down to press it against the bulge in Hoseok’s pants.

“I win,” Jungkook says softly head resting against Hoseok’s shoulder.

Hoseok can’t find it in himself to do anything but nod, reach down to wipe his damp hand against his leather pants. He pulls Jungkook’s briefs back up first, before tugging up his jeans shortly after, and smiles when Jungkook releases a soft, content hum, still in his post-orgasm high.

An unfamiliar hand sifts Jungkook’s hair carefully, running through the sweaty locks, and makes Jungkook turns back when Hoseok stares back unsurely at the man standing in front of him. Jungkook smiles, using his hands against Hoseok’s chest as leverage to sit up properly, accidentally brushing their fronts together.

“What’re you doing here, Kook?” Seokjin’s smile is kind as he strokes the younger boy’s hair, eyes drifting briefly to the man who’s lap he’s sitting in. “You’re not allowed in this section.”

“I know,” Jungkook’s eyes twinkle mischievously. He gestures towards Hoseok, “Hyung, this is Hoseok hyung. Hoseok hyung, this is Seokjin hyung.”

Hoseok tries to hide his smile behind a hand, wondering if the kid realizes how inappropriate the current situation is for introductions.

“He was with me on the day brought my here for my birthday, too,” Jungkook explains, giving Hoseok a big smile.

“Ah,” Seokjin nods his head carefully, keeping his expression blank as he stares down Hoseok. “And you picked him today, too, huh? He must take good care of you.”

Jungkook giggles happily, looking at Hoseok before admitting, “He’s really good.”

 “Is that so?” Seokjin raises an eyebrow, eyeing Hoseok up and down.

Hoseok smirks back at the older man, “Well, you can always find out for yourself.”

Hoseok doesn’t miss the curious gleam in the other man’s eyes, eyeing the way his hands come to run through Jungkook’s hair again. He moves the younger boy off his lap, and them makes a move to stand up, not bothering to adjust his pants. Seokjin’s a fair bit taller than him, but he eyes him up all the same as Hoseok moves to slip his tee over his head.

“Wait,” Jungkook grabs Hoseok’s wrist. “Where’re you going?”

“You should take him home,” Hoseok tells Seokjin extracting himself out of the younger boy’s hold without even a glance in Jungkook’s direction, and gives the other man a small smile. “Unless you’d like to stay back for a little more fun.”

“Oh,” Seokjin looks pleased at the response, grinning and missing the way Jungkook’s lips turn down. He runs his hand down Hoseok’s chest, pressing his thumb and rubbing the hardened, visible nipples “Should I?”

“If you’d like to,” Hoseok smirks, eyeing the gold tier wristband dangling loosely around Seokjin’s arm. “Our top priority is to make sure all our customers walk out satisfied and thoroughly sated.”

“Wait,” Jungkook rushes to sit up straight. “Wait, hyung!”

Seokjin doesn’t miss the way Hoseok’s eyes close and shudders at the contact when he pinches his nipples through his mesh shirt. He turns to give Jungkook a glance, “What is it, Kook?”

Jungkook glares at Seokjin’s hand that’s slowly drifting lower, until its comes to rest right against Hoseok’s navel. He gives Hoseok a look of betrayal and turns to Seokjin, “Hyung, you can’t touch him, he’s mine!”

Seokjin laughs good-naturedly at the statement, turning back to Hoseok and palming the tent in his pants, “Is that so? I wasn’t aware.”

Jungkook protests again, rising from his seat on unsteady legs, and he tugs at Hoseok’s wrist, “Hyung, you promised me!”

Seokjin’s eyebrows draw together at the statement, “Promised what?”

“Nothing,” Hoseok grits out, glaring at Jungkook. “Jungkook’s still a kid, and doesn’t like to share his toys when he’s playing with them.”

“Ah,” Seokjin’s grin is amused as he eyes Hoseok, grips him through his pants, making Hoseok hiss and throw his head back trying to swallow a moan when Seokjin starts to massage the head of his erection. He continues his ministrations, eyeing the sex worker as Hoseok bites his lips and lets loose a small moan. “How long have you been working here? I’ve never seen you around, but that might be because I don’t come here often.”

“Hyung, stop!” Jungkook exclaims again, reaching for Seokjin’s hand. “I told you he’s mine. You can’t have him.”

Hoseok knows how much their ignoring Jungkook’s protests is annoying the younger boy, but he still continues, “Officially, I’ve been working for seven years.”

“Officially?” Seokjin raises an eyebrow. “And unofficially?”

“Ten,” Hoseok grins, turning to glance at Jungkook who’s stilled beside him, looking at Hoseok with wide eyes.

Nodding his head, Seokjin gives Hoseok’s bulge one last squeeze, making him groan softly, and then pulls off, “As tempting as the offer is, I think it’s time we head back.”

“Fair enough,” Hoseok shrugs. “I’ll be out on the floor if you change your mind. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding me.”

Jungkook glares at the words, speaking finally as he tugs at Hoseok’s arm, “Hyung, this isn’t fair.”

“Go home, Jungkook,” is the only reply he receives before Hoseok turns around and walks away.

Jungkook glares at Hoseok’s retreating form, before he turns to find Seokjin looking at him unamused, arms crossed, “Mind telling me what that was all about, Kook?”

“Why did you keep going when I told you to stop, hyung?”

“Because the person I was touching didn’t tell me to stop. He let me touch him,” Seokjin’s eyes are hard, staring down the slightly shorter boy who’s scowling.

“Well, of course, he wasn’t going to stop you from touching him,” Jungkook scoffs, looking away. “You’re paying him.”

“Exactly,” Seokjin gives Jungkook a pointed look. “We’re paying these people. Remember that. They get paid to act like that.”

“Don’t you think I’m aware, hyung?” Jungkook glowers, Hoseok’s earlier words ringing in his head. “I’m tried of all of you treating me like some kid who doesn’t know left from right. I know what I’m doing. I know what I want, okay?”

“And what is it exactly that you want?”

Jungkook stays silent, looking away. He swallows and then turns back to Seokjin, “Hyung, I know what I’m doing. I know it doesn’t mean anything, okay?”

“Good. Since it’s all just play, I’m sure you don’t mind going home,” Seokjin turns on his heels. “We’re leaving.”


Hoseok’s smirk drops as he catches the glare Jungkook directs his way, the younger boy’s eyes drifting to the significantly older man sitting beside him. Jungkook and Seokjin are paused by entrance, the older of the two leaning against the wall and texting somebody with quick fingers. He turns away from Jungkook as soon as the middle aged man beside him runs a hand along the side of his thighs, saying something in his ear that he musters up a smile for.

Jungkook’s mouth parts in surprise when Hoseok grins up at the grey-haired man, and pulls his face down for a kiss. He can’t take his eyes off the scene, especially not when Hoseok climbs into the other man’s lap and lifts his head up to give Jungkook a pointed look. There’s no smirk nor any sort of a mocking or teasing expression on Hoseok’s face, just brutal honestly, and it makes bile rise at the back of his throat.

He turns his head away, unsure of why the sight suddenly disgusts him. Seokjin eyes him carefully, before scoffing, pulling out a cigarette and lighting it, “Told you.”

Jungkook chances another look at Hoseok, and grits his teeth at the sight.

Seokjin interrupts his thoughts, “We gotta wait, by the way, it seems like Namjoon extended his time with the whore.”

“So, can I go find someone else in the meanwhile?” Jungkook asks, anger and the desire for revenge burning through his veins.

“No,” Seokjin shakes his head, voice firm. “You stay with me.”

Jungkook protests, “Why not?”

“Because I said so.”

“You can’t stop me.”

“One more step into the building, and you’re never going to set foot into this club again, Jungkook,” Seokjin warns, but his voice is light as he blows smoke out of his mouth.

“You wouldn’t,” Jungkook gapes at the elder.

“Watch me,” Seokjin looms over his shorter form, hardened eyes daring Jungkook to a challenge. He leans away and snorts when Jungkook doesn’t say anything back, only stares back hesitantly, “I might seem harmless, but don’t ever make the mistake of crossing me, kiddo. One word of mine to Namjoon’s and you’ll be back on the streets, returning to your old ways.”

Jungkook gulps, feeling fear for the very first time in a long while, and then nods his head. He’s greeted with a tender ruffle of his hair seconds later, and he looks up at Seokjin’s face carefully.

“Hyung’s doing this for your own good,” Seokjin tells him, pulling him close and holding him there until Jungkook’s body relaxes against his.


“Namjoon said he’ll be here in ten minutes,” Seokjin announces, standing up from his crouched position and stretching his legs. “Fucking finally.”

Jungkook hums in agreement, leaning against the wall behind him, hands shoved into his jeans. His gaze roams across the room, following Hoseok who seems to have finally left the older man he’d been with earlier. His eyes remain fixated on the black haired man, and then his eyebrows furrow when the older man pauses where he is, turning to glance at Jungkook.

Hoseok stares back at the younger boy’s whose gaze he’d felt burning against the side of his head for the last 20 minutes. He takes a deep breath, and despite his mind screaming at him not to, he gives Jungkook a pointed look, and then shifts his head to the left just the smallest fraction, hoping Jungkook catches the gestures.

He maintains eye contact with Jungkook for several seconds, jerking his head again a little less subtly this time before turning and disappearing down the narrow hallway to his left. Hoseok can only hope the younger caught onto the little hint as he strides down the corridor and then slips into the men’s bathroom. He waits an entire minute, washes his hands, and even smiles at the other man in there.

His head snaps towards the door as it swings inwards after the man has left, and Hoseok feels a strange surge of relief and giddiness when Jungkook enters a little hastily and whispers, “I only have ten minutes.”

Hoseok nods his head, and drags the younger closer, before he makes a split second decision and turns to lead them into the stall. It’s a tight fit, the place not exactly mean to hold two people in at once, but they somehow still manage to lock the door. Jungkook stands there hesitantly, unsure of what to do, until Hoseok’s hands guide him to his groin, “What are you waiting for?”

Jungkook gulps, eyes fluttering close when Hoseok presses him against the door and gives him an open-mouthed kiss. Something snaps inside of him when the elder pushes up against his hand, rutting upwards and tugging at Jungkook’s earlobe with teeth, “Think you can get me hard again?”

He nods his head eagerly, pushing Hoseok back who grins at his enthusiasm, and hurries to unbutton and unzip the other man’s pants. Pulling the skin-tight leather down is a little harder, but Jungkook manages, grinning at the lack of underwear. Smirking, he turns to Hoseok, “Hand or mouth?”

Hoseok laughs at his playfulness, “I thought you were gonna blow me?”

“Mouth it is,” Jungkook announces, swapping their positions and pushing Hoseok against the stall door. He drops to his knees quickly, his feet hitting the toilet when he tries to fit fitter, and then looks at the elder for permission before gripping him. It only takes a few well-meaning tugs to get Hoseok to come to life once more, and Jungkook smirks, “I thought it took a lot to get you hard.”

“Nine minutes,” Hoseok reminds him, eyes closed and head leaning against the door, breathing a little faster than normal.

Jungkook nods his head even though Hoseok isn’t looking, and then envelopes the older, bobbing his head up and down systematically, taking a little more of the elder’s cock in each time. Hoseok’s hands come to settle in his hair, carding through the locks encouragingly as he eggs Jungkook to go faster.

The lack of time displeases Jungkook greatly, feeling a need within him to go as slowly as possible, extracting each whimper from the elder with care. However, he disregards the notion and ideas playing in his head, and focuses his attention on the man groaning above him.

“Oh, shit,” Hoseok curses softly, fingers tightening in Jungkook’s hair when the head of his dick touches the back of the younger boy mouth, his nose touching the elder’s navel. He purrs encouragingly, stroking Jungkook’s hair, “Yes, just like that, baby, just like that.”

Hoseok’s head bangs against the stall door as Jungkook continues deep-throating him with each bob, tears pooling at the corner of the younger’s eyes, and he can’t help the way a loud moan slips pasts his lips when Jungkook swallows around him. The younger boy pulls off for a second, before descending back down and starts to suck lightly at the tip, tongue digging into the slit.

Pre-come beads at the head of Hoseok’s member, and when Jungkook’s tongue swirls around his length, before licking at the underside vein, Hoseok’s thighs quake. The younger boy’s hands come out grip the quivering flesh, lapping again at the tip of the elder’s erection, before taking Hoseok in his mouth again.

Hoseok tries his best to be quiet, only letting Jungkook’s name slip past his lips softly a few times, also trying to curb down or swallow back his moans. He bites down on his lips hard enough to draw blood, but when Jungkook moans around his throbbing dick, the vibrations cause bursts of pleasure to shoot through his veins.

The pace Jungkook has set is faster than Hoseok had expected from him, but it’s still not quite enough for him. When the younger boy takes him in again, Hoseok’s the one to pull out first before thrusting back into the hot, wet heat. The younger boy picks up on the technique surprisingly quickly, staying still exactly where he is, and Hoseok thanks him in his mind before letting his hips move and starts fucking the younger boy’s mouth.

“Loosen your jaw,” he advises between soft moans, fingers tightening in Jungkook’s strands, and is pleased when Jungkook listens and does as asked immediately. He starts pushing in and out of Jungkook’s awaiting mouth once more, pre-come dripping from the tip and hips canting forward in quick succession. Somewhere in the back of his mind, Hoseok wonders if the pace set is too brutal for Jungkook, but at the lack of protests from Jungkook, he tries not to worry about it and opts to make use of their few minutes well.

Hoseok’s hip stutter as liquid heat pools in his abdomen, and he can tell-tale signs of his orgasm about to hit soon. He groans, thrusting faster, and when the younger boy moans around his dicks, Hoseok shouts, “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

He pulls out of Jungkook’s mouth just in time, the head of his cock making contact with the younger boy’s lips, before he climaxes, spurting ropes of white, hot cum. Hoseok jerks himself off to completion, and only once he’s pumped out every ounce of fluid does he remember to glance down at Jungkook. Hoseok curses again at the sight of Jungkook on his knees, the boy’s eyes tightly shut and face painted with.

“Shit, shit, shit, I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!” Hoseok exclaims, tucking himself back into his pants quickly, shuddering at the sensitivity. He reaches forward and yanks at the toilet paper rolls, hastily ripping a long strip off before he bends as much as he can in the space, and starts dabbing at Jungkook’s eyes. “Keep your eyes closed or they’re going to burn if anything gets in!”

Hoseok wipes the younger’s eyes quickly but gently, pressing the tissue against his eyelashes, all the while mumbling out apologies. He’s taken by surprise then when Jungkook starts to giggle as he lifts his hand away to grab more tissue, “Can I open my eyes now, hyung?”

“God,” Hoseok breathes out, and grasps Jungkook’s jaw in his hold, before kiss the boy roughly. Jungkook moans into his mouth, swirling his tongue around with Hoseok’s, until the older man pulls off and starts lapping at Jungkook’s face instead.

Something tugs in Hoseok’s heartstrings when the younger boy laughs again as he licks a stripe across his cheek, and he swoops down for another mouthy kiss. The combination of Hoseok’s tongue and the tissue paper get the job done a little faster, and when he tells Jungkook he can open his eyes again, the younger looks at him mischievously, “That was fun, hyung.”

Hoseok shakes his head in disbelief, but there’s a smile curled onto his lips as he helps Jungkook up and pushes his out of the still hastily, “Go wash your face and hurry! It’s been way past ten minutes!”

Jungkook rushes and does as asked, Hoseok leaning against the closed stall door, watching him. He shakes his head when Jungkook meets his eyes through the mirror and gives him a smirk. Jungkook gives him an unexpected kiss and a thank you on the way out, even though Hoseok’s not quite sure why. He lets out a breath he didn’t realize he’d been holding once the younger’s out of sight, and then walks up to the sink, opening the tap to wash his hands.

“You can come out now,” he calls out loudly, reaching for the soap. “I know you’re there.”

An adjacent stall unlocks and opens up as soon as he does, and he raises his eyes to meet Taehyung’s, the younger boy giving him a sheepish glance, “Sorry.”

Hoseok looks away. “I should apologize instead.”

“I covered my ears, I promise!” The younger boy chirps, crossing his fingers and holding it by his heart. “I really did.”

The words make Hoseok laugh, and he shakes his hands to get the excess water out before moving to the dryer, “It’s fine, Tae. I’m sorry you had to hear that.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” Taehyung shakes his hand. “It’s fine. Last customer, huh?”

Hoseok leans against the wall watching the younger boy step up to the sink after him, and then smiles, picturing Jungkook’s face, “Yeah, last customer. Of the night and hopefully forever.”

Taehyung turns to look at him at that, face crumpled, “Don’t go.”

“Sorry,” Hoseok reaches forward and ruffles his brown hair, eyeing the marks littering the younger’s neck. “But you’re always welcome to visit me when you want, you know.”

“But you’re leaving the city,” Taehyung frowns.

“Not yet I’m not,” Hoseok informs the other boy. “Hyung’s still here for a couple more months. You can drop by any time. Bring Jimin along, and I might even let Yoongi hyung stay over.”

“But what about after, huh? What happens after that? Do I never get to see you again?”

“Taehyung,” Hoseok’s voice is chiding but soft. “You know hyung’s been planning to leave for almost an year now. Plus, if you ever feel like getting away from here for a few days, you can visit me in Seoul, alright? I’ll leave you guys my address and phone number. And hey, if maybe one day, you decide you want to do something else in life and these four walls aren’t where you want to remain, then hyung’s door will always be open for you. Okay?”

Taehyung snorts, stepping around Hoseok to dry his hands, “I’m happy with what I do here, hyung. I’m satisfied with this work. And if I ever do decide to leave, then what I going to do by heading up to Seoul? You think they’ll want to hire a high school dropout? I’ll probably resort back to all of this, and if I’m going to, isn’t it better I stay here where I know I’m safe?”

Hoseok shrugs, “Your choice, kiddo. How about I take you and Jimin out for dinner tonight after you’re done? In celebration or in mourning, you can decide.”

A smile finally graces Taehyung’s features, “You think a dinner is going to make up for the fact that I might not see you ever again?”

Hoseok sighs, “How about a meal once a week every week until I leave?”

“Twice a week.”

The elder grumbles but smiles, “Fine, twice.”

Taehyung grins at him, before he turns around to exit the room. Hoseok calls out to him as he opens the door and it makes the younger boy turn, “Hey Taehyung? About what happened just now…”

“I won’t tell,” Taehyung gives a small smile. “It’s your last day, so it shouldn’t matter, but I won’t tell.”

“Thanks,” Hoseok gives the younger a grateful look. “I’ll wait for you and Jimin outside? Don’t want to stay here any longer than I have to, now.”

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