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Of Stars and Songs

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Maedhros looked around the room. He felt horrible about how relieved he was when he failed to see Maglor among the crowd. Maglor had been so patient with him, and his reluctance to touch anyone since he had been rescued. Yet he could see the hurt in those silver eyes he loved each time he flinched away from the younger ellon’s touch. He momentarily forgot that this event, party really, had been done in his honor because of it being his begetting day.

Unless he had Macalaure playing he had always found it tedious to be present at these events. So very soon after he realized that his little brother had already left the room Maedhros slipped from it. None of the guests noticed too caught up in their celebrations. Maedhros didn’t come across anyone on his way to his rooms. The sight that met his eyes upon him opening the door made him pause and all the blood in his body rush to his cheeks then south to his groin. There was the slim body of his brother, the one he had been just thinking about, spread out and naked on his bed.

“Cana...” He breathed unconsciously walking closer to the bed. He didn’t register that he closed the door behind him. All his attention was on the sight laid out before him silently enticing him to touch. Maglor smiled sensually, and held out one hand.

Maedhros hesitated for a second before realizing that Maglor was letting him have complete control. They had tried many times to have Maglor in control, all at his request, but this time that option had been removed. He shyly clasped Maglor’s hand with his own and stepped closer. Maglor gave him a brilliant smile instantly wiping away all of his worries. Maedhros released the hand and quickly stripped off his clothes. His eyes stayed locked on Maglor’s so that he could read his brother’s emotions. Yet to his surprise all he saw was love and want.

Maedhros smiled seeing that Maglor had prepared everything for him even setting out a vial of oil. He climbed on the bed and settled between Maglor’s legs. Maglor’s fingers curled into the sheets, clearly his brother wanted to touch him, but he didn’t. He arched and moaned as Maedhros slowly explored his body, and carefully stretched him for his cock. After a little while of enjoying the chance to play the musician he pulled his fingers out and thrust his cock in.

Maglor’s back arched and he cried out sharply as he was filled, but Maedhros kept going until he was completely sheathed inside his brother. He waited fighting the urge to thrust into the pliant body below him until after Maglor indicated it was all right for him to. Maedhros set a slow steady pace that would draw things out. Even as impatient as he as for release he kept his pace slow savoring the soft hitches in Maglor’s breathing, the fine trembling of slender limbs, and the want no need that filled those eyes that were now dark with pleasure. Even through all of this Maglor kept himself still, and didn’t touch him unless he moved his brother’s body first.

Unable to take it anymore he grabbed a handful of his brother’s hair and used it to tilt his head back. “Touch me.” He whispered before licking up the edge of Maglor’s ear. Maglor whined and shook his head. “Enough Cana, I want you to touch me.”

Those words broke through Maglor’s resistance and he buried one hand in Maedhros’ hair and the other he set on his shoulder to pull him into a kiss. Maedhros smiled into the kiss, happy that he got what he wanted. He increased his pace and soon after Maglor came with a soft cry. Maedhros kept thrusting until the soft cries and the way Maglor’s body tightened around him finally caused him to release inside him.

After a few minutes he pulled out and got a damp cloth which he used to clean them both up. After tossing it towards the basket he put his dirty clothes in he got back in bed pulling Maglor against him. Maedhros was almost asleep when Maglor lightly kissed him and curled up tucking his head under his chin with a sleepy. “Happy begetting day, Nelyo.”