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Of Stars and Songs

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Maglor watched nervously as Maedhros lightly touched the purple leather collar that he had left on his desk moments before he entered the room. He had noticed that most shades of red upset his brother. So when he decided to give Maedhros something to make him feel that what happened to him didn’t make Maglor want him any less he had decided to use purple dye to color the leather and had the star that their father used embossed on it in gold. Judging by the look on Maedhros’ face he liked it.

He grinned seeing the awe in his brother’s eyes and waited to see what he would do. Maedhros picked it up and must have seen the small gold harp embossed on the inside of the collar. Maglor had it placed there so that Maedhros would have no doubt who cared enough to give him the gentle reminder that he belonged no matter what his fears and doubts said. Maedhros chuckled and turned to his hiding place.

“Are you going to come help me put this on? It is rather difficult to do so with only one hand you know.” Maedhros asked holding up the collar. He sulked a little realizing that his brother had known he had been there the whole time, but quickly crossed the room to do as requested. As he thought the shade of purple looked beautiful against Maedhros lightly tanned skin.

“You look beautiful.” He kissed him.

Maedhros grinned happily, and grabbed his hand. If Maedhros thanked him very ardently, and at great length that night well it really wasn’t anyone’s business but theirs. Also if he found a slim dark grey collar with the star studded with bright rubies and a note from his brother a few weeks later that wasn’t for them to know either.