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Of Stars and Songs

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It was the last night Faramir could do this. He crept down the hall to the royal bedroom thinking back to the offer Elessar… no Aragorn had given him. Both the Ki- Aragorn and th- Arwen had given him the invitation to join them for one night before he married Lady Eowyn. It had taken him days to work up the nerve to do so, but with the wedding in a couple of days Faramir knew he was running out of time. He lightly knocked on the door wondering if the invitation was still open, and he was just about to walk back down the hall when the door opened to reveal a slightly ruffled Aragorn. Aragorn smiled broadly upon seeing Faramir, and gently pulled him into the room.

“We were starting to wonder if you were going to take us up on our offer.”

“You were?” Faramir asked startled.

Aragorn nodded and Faramir felt his cheeks heating as he realized that both Aragorn and Arwen had talked that much about him. He ducked his head, and was about to stammer out an apology when Arwen’s dainty hand touched his cheek. She tilted his head back up so she could look into his eyes. Whatever she read there she must have liked because she smiled warmly at him.

“Do not worry Faramir. We made the offer because we wanted to. You were able to accept or refuse at any time. Now that you are here would you like to join us?”

Wordlessly and half afraid he was dreaming Faramir nodded. Aragorn laughed happily and started untying the laces holding Faramir’s shirt closed. Arwen pulled him into a soft kiss and guided his hands to the lacings of her dress. Faramir fumbled a little as he untied them but he was soon helping her slide it off her shoulders. As she stepped back to pull her shift off Aragorn pulled both of their shirts off and then pulled Faramir into a kiss. Arwen laughed softly as she settled on the bed, drawing their attention.

Aragorn grinned at Faramir and grabbed his hand leading him to join her on the bed. “Well it seems my Lady is impatient for us to join her.”

“It does indeed.” Faramir replied softly. He kissed her cheek lightly as he sat on the edge of the bed. She smiled and helped Aragorn finish undressing Faramir. Once he was undressed she straddled his lap and gave him a heated kiss.

“Meleth if you don’t hurry I might not share him with you.” Arwen teased Aragorn.

He laughed and joined the two of them on the bed. “I am not worried. We do have all night after all.”