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Of Stars and Songs

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Feanor loved watching his father. Any chance he got he would walk behind him and admire everything about him, the way he moved, the way the light made his hair shine with a thousand different colors, just everything about his father. Because of how much he watched him Feanor noticed when Finwë started acting strangely towards him. It took him a week to corner Finwë, but he finally managed to do so in one of the private gardens. He stood blocking the door for a moment observing his father for a few minutes before Finwë noticed him.

“Was there something you needed Fëanáro?”

“I would like to know why you have been avoiding me.”

“It isn’t anything for you to worry about.”

Feanor shook his head walking to his father. Finwë gave him a startled look when he tugged at one of his wrists, but allowed him to do as he wished. He twined their fingers together and sat in Finwë’s lap.

“Please tell me.”

“I have been developing feelings towards you that I shouldn’t.” Finwë murmured softly ashamed. Feanor felt something in his chest loosen at those words and he smiled. Before Finwë could say anything more Feanor pushed him onto his back. He leaned over him catching Finwë’s other wrist when he moved to push him away. After taking a moment to admire how Finwë looked sprawled on his back under him Feanor leaned forward and kissed him.

Finwë’s cheeks reddened a little but he tilted his head slightly to give Feanor a better angle to kiss him. Feanor licked playfully at his lips until Finwë allowed him access. Then he spent several minutes languidly kissing his father savoring his taste and the little sounds he made as Feanor sucked teasingly on his tongue.

At last Feanor pulled back so he could see Finwë. He felt his leggings get tighter as he hardened because Finwë made an enchanting sight lying there; his lips red and wet from the kisses, his cheeks tinged red from mixed passion and embarrassment, and his eyes darkened with lust. Feanor shifted slightly only to feel Finwë’s cock pressing against his ass. Smirking he leaned down to kiss his father again and murmured softly, teasingly against his mouth, “Well atya I think we should move somewhere more comfortable don’t you~”

Finwë laughed delighted that his interest was shared. “Yes, Naro. We probably should. After all I will not let you have your first time out here on the ground.”

Feanor grinned unrepentantly as he got up. Once he was standing he offered Finwë a hand, pulling him to his feet. Then before Finwë could change his mind Feanor lead him to his bedroom where the two of them took a great deal of time exploring each other and sharing their love and lust.