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Nephilim and Morningstar

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I was standing in front of the mirror and checked my style out: my raven hair was cut shoulder length with some of it held back with angel wing barrettes, my green eyes shone brightly as it matched my green amulet that mom gave me for my 7th birthday, my tank top was red and black that went well with my black jeans which had a utility belt filled with gadgets and equipment, black combat boots with red laces, and the bright red coat that my uncle, who inspired the outfit, gave me since it was an exact replica of Dante’s coat. I don’t know how, but never ask a crazy mercenary of an uncle where he gets things.  The final piece is a utility belt that I have created with the help of my father, one of my brother figures, and of course my dad’s technology. It’s stocked with necessary items and weapons just in case something like last year happens again. This was the outfit I chose to wear for beta testing DMC and I like to go all out for these things. I plopped onto my futon and had my PS3 activated. Once everything was set and loaded, I picked up my controller and pressed start.

Nothing happened!

I tried again, but same result. Then I remembered who had it last and was pissed! I told my ‘brother’ not to mess with the console when I wasn’t looking. Now, it is broken! I go to turn it off, but when I touched it a purple light came out of it and grabbed my hand. I tried to break free, but it was too strong and I was pulled into the console… somehow.



I blinked several times, trying to keep myself calm. I was at the pier near Dante’s trailer and I know this from the demo at E3 when I went. I looked at my person and noticed that I still had my gear. Then I remembered that in this game a demon named Mundus is in control and has eyes everywhere. So I had to stay low, but if I have to protect Dante I will. A door banged open and I ducked behind a nearby crate. Out of the trailer is Dante, but looked different. His hair was short and dark brown as well as the same age as me… I think.  Also his coat was gray with red lining and a Union Jack on one of the sleeves.  I thought Dante was sexy before, but damn! This version is practically calling for women to devour him! I saw that he was about to leave so I decided to walk around the crate and sneak a few yards away before going up to him while acting like a normal person. Yeah, sounds easy, but I would be lucky to keep my inner nerd quiet.

I did as planned and was thankfully not seen by Dante. Dude probably has a massive hangover! I began to walk up to him, but I felt a slight chill crawl up my spine. I looked around to see what caused it… then saw that someone had activated Limbo! Shit, better reach Dante before Limbo pulls us in completely! I ran up to him and managed to reach his side.

“Hey!” I greeted slightly out of breath. “You okay, dude? You look like you have a massive hangover.” I added nonchalantly. Hey, my father has a slight reputation of getting drunk with massive hangovers in the morning.

“Fuck off!” Okay, that is totally Dante’s voice, but the attitude… I’m guessing this before he became the DMC character we know and love.

“Sorry, but I know how it feels.” I told him, easily keeping pace with him. “My old man drinks nearly on a daily basis, yet he can still have a heart of gold.” I looked at Dante to see him getting annoyed. “I learned to heal hangovers with some food and some herbal remedies. I can whip something up for you if you want.”

Dante stopped and stood in front of me. He was just a few inches taller than I, but I dealt with people both bigger and taller than myself.  “I don’t know who you are, but leave me the fuck alone!” he told me before walking off.

He didn’t get far before we were in Limbo. Well, Dante was, but I could see him. Next thing I saw were demons popping up and going for the kill. As I watched the fight, I wanted to help and be able to ease off some enemies so he can take the bigger one. A slight shiver went through me and I was suddenly in Limbo! How did I- Never mind! I have to help Dante! I pulled out a voice modulator that I had made for prank calling from a utility belt pouch and put it on. Luckily, it covered my mouth and nose so no one would be able to recognize me. I then pulled out a retractable blade and energy blaster of my own creation before turning towards the fight and ran into the fray.

Once I was near the edge of the fray, I saw some demons about to sneak attack Dante from behind. I aimed my blaster and vaporized those assholes. Unfortunately, Dante noticed and turned to see what was happening, which gave the demons an opening to attack.

“Look out!” I called out with my warped voice. Dante managed to dodge in time and blasted a few more demons before placing my blaster in its holster to use my blade. “Hope you guys like mincemeat!” I sneered and began slicing through them with practiced speed, accuracy, and strength.

Dante was fighting again, but focusing on the stronger ones while I took out the weaklings. We were done within a few minutes and were brought back into the real world. I looked around and didn’t see anything to give my appearance away. So when Dante looked at me I removed the modulator and put back in its pouch on my belt. When I looked back at him, Dante had one of his pistols aimed at me. Are you fucking kidding me?!

“Whoa, dude! I’m not your enemy!” I said and retracted my blade, then putting it on my belt to show I am not going to attack. “Although, I don’t blame you for being cautious.”

“Who the fuck are you?” Dante asked, but he looked at me with suspicion and curiosity. Probably expected me to keep my weapons out.

“My name is Lucille Samriel Stark. I’m new to this city and, before you even asked, I don’t have a fucking clue how I was in Limbo.” I answered, then pressed on when he arched a brow. “I have a crazy uncle who brings me to visit Limbo to help take care a rogue spirit or two for one of his many lovers. “ I looked into his eyes and noticed they were the perfect balance of blue-gray. “Can I have your name and explanation? Just to be fair since I saved your ass.”

Dante lowered his weapon and gave a laugh before looking at me with a smirk. “Babe, I had it under control. You just made it more difficult by showing up.” He said as he put his pistol away.

I rolled my eyes and smirked myself. “Yeah, I’m sure you would still be saying that after those demons would’ve knocked you out from behind.” I told him sarcastically and ran to his side when he started walking away. “Hey, you still haven’t given me a name!”

“It’s Dante.” He said and looked at me. “I would have had those demons gone and I would still be standing.”

I shook my head. “No, you would be surrounded and turned to demon shit if I didn’t interfere.” I looked at the time to see it was a quarter until noon. “You still have that hangover?” I asked and his silence was my answer. “Come and have lunch with me. I can get you something to relieve it and you can tell me how the fuck are you able to get into Limbo.” He looked like he was going to say no, but I countered. “I’m buying and we could have some sweets as well of your choice.”

Dante’s eyes widen. “Are you serious?” I nodded, knowing he would probably get pizza if I didn’t talk him into eating with me. “Deal.”