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Nephilim and Morningstar

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I was waiting in the shadows of the Ferris wheel, waiting for Dante to show up. Don’t ask me why, but I feel like he’s the missing piece of something important in my life. Something about him makes my blood burn with lust and desire, although my crush on him from the original games does nothing except make it hotter. If Clint and Nat were here, they would be busting my ass! Dad would lecture me, but I would counter with his own history while his girlfriend slaps him. Also, soldier boy owes me an explanation on how I got trapped into this game… If I ever get out… Or if I want to at all? I heard some giggling drunk women and looked to see Dante with two of the angel sluts…Oh, he wants to play that game?

I waited until they were about to enter the ride for my plan to work. I put on my voice modulator, then activated the ringtone that sounds like police sirens and have the screen flashing red and blue like a cop car. The girls freaked and Dante cursed, but I didn’t stop there.

“Halt, you are trespassing on private property!” I yelled with my warped voice. “You are under arrest! I will give you five seconds to turn yourself over!” The sluts panicked and made a break for it. Once they were out of sight and ear shot, I turned my effects off. “Got ya!” I laughed in my warp voice as I came into view.

“Fuck, Luc!” Dante growled and he was drunk enough to have a terrible hangover in the morning. “Why did you do that?”

I went up to him, grabbed his coat, and yanked his lips down to mine. I don’t know what is wrong with me, but for some reason I feel like a totally different person ever since I had arrived and gotten close to Dante. Is it his demon blood giving off pheromones or something? Dante caught off my thought process by pulling me closer and deepening the kiss. I let him guide me onto the Ferris wheel, where we only broke apart so I can get a seat for us and for him to set a timer for when the wheel should start and end. I was already seated and gestured to Dante to join me. He pounced on me, causing our seat to rock and close the restraint itself, and we were having a heated make out session involving lips, tongue, and teeth.  The ride began, but by then  I had already found Dante’s pistols and showing off some tricks with them which impressed Dante to cause him to pull me forward by the belt to continue our make out session.  I felt my belt unbuckle and was pulled off by the man beneath me, but when it was tossed off the pistols got latched onto the magnetic buckles of the belt and disappeared into the dark. What came next is our coats, which floated off into the dark as well. Dante grabbed my hips and grinded his pant covered erection against my pant covered core. A moan escaped my lips as a wave of pleasure rippled through my body causing me to arch back, leaving Dante to attack my neck  and whatever skin my tank top reveals. One of my hands gripped his hair to keep him in place while the other was holding his shirt while my hips moved with his trying to gain some friction.

The ride stopped and we got off with Dante leading us to his trailer. Once we were inside, I pulled him into another heated kiss as his hands went underneath my top up to my breasts. He broke the kiss and gave me a drunk smirk.

“No bra?” he asked with a slight slur.

“Nope, I customized my clothes so there would be no need for that.” I told him before leaning in to whisper in his ear. “I also go commando, if you know what I mean.”

That got him probably hornier. Next thing I knew we were both topless and I was on top of Dante in his bed. Dante managed to slide a hand into my pants and began fingering my core.  I gave a small squeal of surprise which soon turned into gasping breaths as I rode his hand, but I want more. Whatever was happening to me, I didn’t want to end! Dante withdrew his hand and leaned up enough to engage me in a heated make-out session. I quickly removed our pants, as of how I have no idea. One of my hands was grasping Dante’s shoulder while the other was stroking his dick. Let me tell you, it felt large and huge that I highly doubt I would take it! Dante let out a growl, I mean he actually growled, before flipping me over and placing my hands over my head. He spread  my legs and I made my body relax before he entered me.

“Aaaagggghhhhh!” I screamed with pain after  he thrusted hard and fast into me. Thank God that he stilled.

“Fuck, Luc!” Dante growled under his breath before pulling out thrusting back in. I gasped in pain at the movement, but barely felt it this time. “You are so tight!” He thrusted again.

I let out another gasp, but more in pleasure than pain. “I did say I was a virgin…ahh… earlier today… fuck!” I barely got that sentence out before I became a moaning mess under this sexy ass man. To be honest his ass is sexy!

Dante began to pick up pace and I dug my nails into his back as he thrusted harder into me while I tried to move with him. Soon the whole trailer was rocking with our movements, filled with various moans and growls, and smell of sex and sweat.  Dante hit a spot deep with in me that it caused me to shout his name.


He smirked, then hit the spot again. “Call my name again.” He demanded.






With that, I came hard. Blinding bright light clouded my vision as pleasure coursed through my body. Something warm and wet filled me, which led me to believe that Dante came too. He collapsed on me , but kept most of his weight up  on his upper body. I slowly blinked and was soon looking into blue eyes that were still dark with desire.

“You’re still horny?” I asked with an arched brow.

Dante gave me that smirk of his before pulling me into a heated kiss for a few moments. “The night isn’t over yet. “ he told me and I felt his cock twitched inside me. “Are you too tired?”

I scowled at him and flipped us over so he was now beneath me. “Is that a challenge?” I gave him a nip on his chin. “You should never challenge a girl like me.” I began to kiss and nip down his chest before starting to ride him.

For the rest of the night, we made the trailer rock and I was sure that Dante was going to have a massive hangover in the morning.