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A a Girl Has No Name

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What is your name?


What is my name? Say it, say it you bastard I am Arya Stark you will not forget me--- A girl has no name.


Where are you from?


I am Arya Stark, second daughter of Eddard Stark, the Lord of Winterfell. I am Arya Stark, slayer of Ser Meryn. I am Arya Stark, I am---  A girl has no origin.


What is your purpose?


I am Arya Stark and I have crossed off four names but I will continue down the list I swear by the Old Gods and the New. I am Arya Stark and I will avenge my family. I am Arya Stark and I--- A girl has no purpose, other than the purpose the Many Faced God has for her. 


What is your name?


I am Arya Stark. A girl has no name.