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The Southern Prince and Northern Lady

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“What happened Jon?” He looked at the son that looked so much like himself. Grey eyes on grey, the two men stared at each other, before his son finally gave in and looked away.


“Nothing happened. The Prince just doesn’t know how to control that temper of his.” Ned could see the lie written plain on Jon’s face. He was never good at lying, just like him.


“You’ve never lied to me before son, so don’t make this a time to start. Now tell me why your brother to be would punch you?”


“I…I don’t know.” He could see Jon was warring with himself. He could never look Ned in the eyes when he was trying to hide something from him. Unlike Robb, Jon always tried that little bit harder to follow in his footsteps. He could see he wanted to prove to the world that just because he was a bastard, didn’t mean he was any less a Stark than his other siblings. It hurt him to see his son pay for his mistakes. It hurt him even more to see the hate that filled his wife’s eyes when they were directed at Jon. He was a good man and Ned couldn’t have been more proud, but he knew Gendry as well, and Gendry didn’t strike him as the type to hit someone without reason.


“Nothing will happen to you Jon, you have my word.”


Jon looked at him and finally resigned, taking a seat and burying his face in his hands. “I may have provoked the Prince into hitting me,” he began. “But it’s not my fault father, I was just looking out for Arya. Out of everyone she and I have been the closest and to see her so taken by another had me concerned for her.”


“Concerned? Why would you be concerned?”


“Because I’ve heard things about him…about the Prince and what he gets up to. I see how unhappy the Queen looks and I don’t want that for her. Arya doesn’t deserve to have her fire stomped out like that.”


“What have you heard?” as Hand of the King, Ned made it his business to know the comings and goings of the Prince, especially after his attack. He may have also done it to make sure that the man who was about to marry his daughter didn’t have the same interests as his father.


“He takes whores and drinks until he cannot stand.” Ned noticed how Jon’s jaw clenched as he let the words fall out of his mouth. “He also strikes women. How can someone who is supposed to be the future King behave like a bloody bandit? How could you allow this betrothal and how could Arya fall for it?”


“You know as well as I do that your sister isn’t easily fooled and if I thought Gendry was unworthy of her I would have refused Robert’s offer. But Gendry isn’t the man you are describing. That man is his father and from the time I’ve known Gendry I have never seen him do any of the things you have accused him of.”


“You are so blinded father! I have heard what people say about him.”


“And who are these people that you put your faith in instead of listening to your sister? Instead of listening to me?”


“It was the bloody Queen! She told me of his indiscretions. Of how she had hoped he would change and how she wished a different fate for Arya. Of how he and Robert would share whores and drink their fill of wine until the dark turned to light again. What was I supposed to think? She’s his mother!”


Ned felt himself stiffen at Jon’s announcement. Could Cersei be so cruel? He knew the woman was never truly fond of the heir to the iron throne, but he never thought she would seek to cause him pain. He was still her son. How could a mother feel such hate for their own blood? “Damn that woman,” he seethed.


“What are you talking about?” Jon asked puzzled.


“We’ve all been played. The Queen has filled your head with false ideas of the Prince. I believe she means to end this match between your sister and Gendry and you were the means by which she hoped to achieve it.”


“But…but why would she want that? Does she not think Arya good enough?”


“No, she simply wants to afflict pain on the son that reminds her so much of the man who took everything away from her. You have to understand Jon that what the King and Queen feel for each other is nothing but complete and utter hatred. I fear that her mind has wandered and that she may be going mad.”


“I’m such a fool father…I’m sorry…I’ve brought shame to your good name and understand if you-“


“No Jon, don’t apologise. You weren’t to know. I’ll speak to Gendry and to your sister to explain there was a misunderstanding. What you told me must never leave this room understand? Jon nodded in response. “Gendry is a better man than his father and he would never do anything to hurt your sister. You must trust Arya’s feelings on this Jon, as hard as it is to believe, she is not a child anymore.”





She still couldn’t comprehend what had just happened. She was sitting with Cersei talking about something or a rather but kept her eyes glued on her prince. Her Gendry. It looked like he and Jon were getting along and it filled her heart with warmth to see her two favourite people talking happily to one another. That feeling was soon shattered when she saw Gendry’s expression turn sour at something Jon said. He stalked after her brother and in a blur he had managed to knock her brother to the ground. She had always thought herself fast but the speed in which she moved to get to her brother even surprised her. How could he do that to Jon? Why would he do that? She had so many questions running through her head but couldn’t bring herself to face Gendry.


The feast had been put on hold and her parents thought it would be best if she was sent straight to her chambers. She was absolutely ropable and felt like she was being treated like a child again. She didn’t even get a chance to speak to Jon to see why he thought Gendry punched him. “Stupid” punch “bloody” punch ”bull-headed” punch “boy!” She looked down at the poor pillow she had taken her anger out on and buried her face in it to muffle her screams. She heard a knock on the door and lifted herself up off the bed. “Who is it?” she called out a little too hoarsely than she should have.


“It’s me little wolf. May I come in?” It was Cersei. No doubt she wanted to talk her into forgiving Gendry. She straightened herself up before calling out again.


“Of course you can your Grace.” The door creaked open and the blonde haired beauty stepped in. She closed the door softly behind her before moving to stand in front of her.


“How are you feeling my sweet?” she asked as she stroked Arya’s cheek.


“Not as good as I could be,” she sighed. The Queen looked at her queerly. She could see sympathy in her eyes but there was something else. Something she couldn’t really place.


“I was hoping that you never had to see that side of him.” Arya looked at Cersei startled. “He has more of his father in him than most people would believe. I had hoped that being with you would change him, but it seems it’s only paused the inevitable.”


“What do you mean?” She had no idea what Cersei was talking about.


“Sometimes I forget how young and naive you really are little wolf,” she breathed deeply. “Gendry is going to end up exactly like his father no matter how hard he or you try to fight it. Unlike my Joffrey, Gendry is his fathers’ son and todays debacle only proves it.”


“Why would you say such a thing?”


“Because I have grown quiet fond of you and I’d hate for you to follow in my footsteps. There is no love between the King and me and there has never been. Mayhaps when I was as young as you I had hoped that something could grow between the two of us, but as you can see the only thing that has grown is our disdain for one another.”


“What are you saying?...I still…still don’t understand.”


“Oh my poor sweet girl, of course you wouldn’t. Gendry is not the man you wish him to be. I am giving you a chance to change your fate. Joffrey seems a much better match for you and with Gendry’s outburst the King would not be slighted if you wished to call of your betrothal to my oldest son.”


Arya felt her head spin and bile begin to rise from her throat. “I have to sit,” she said edging her way closer to her four post feather bed.


“I know this must come as a shock but Joffrey has no intentions of wedding that Tyrell girl. Since your arrival my dear boy has only sought to make you his wife.” Cersei reached out to touch Arya’s face but she pulled away.


“I’m not feeling well your Grace. I think it would be best if you leave, thank you for your…comforting words.” She needed Cersei out of her room and sight before she said something that would most likely end up with her head on a spike.




Seven Hells! Why was he so stupid? How could he fall for his mothers’ treachery so easily? He should have questioned her sudden change in behaviour, but no, he was too hopeful that it was real. What did the wench say to Jon to make him snap at him like that? He ran his hands over his face in defeat. Arya was never going to forgive him for this and their union would most likely be called off. He had to find Arya and explain. He was ordered to remain in his chambers which were heavily guarded with both Stark and Baratheon men. He felt a cold chill enter the room and strolled to the window in which it came from. He looked out helplessly but then an idea formed in his mind. He peered down to see how high he was off the ground. If he fell he would definitely crack a few bones, but it was worth it. Arya was worth it.


Taking a deep breath he took off his cloak and stepped out onto the ledge, carefully placing his left foot out then his right. His legs were shakey and the harsh cold wind of the North didn’t help to steady his steps. He gripped onto the crevices in the stone wall and gradually made his way towards Arya’s window. He prayed to the Old Gods and New that she was alone and that she wouldn’t be so angry as to push him onto the cold hard surface below. He almost reached it when he saw them fly open causing him to lose his footing momentarily and yelp with panic.


“Gendry!” she hissed. “Get in here you stupid idiot before you kill yourself!” She grabbed at his arm and helped him into her chamber. “You’re freezing,” she said worriedly and pulled a fur from her bed to hug around his shoulders. This is a good sign, he thought. “What are you doing here? Do you know how dangerous that was? You could have slipped and broken your neck! Why are you so stu-“


He slanted his open mouth over hers to silence her rant. He needed to show her how much he missed her and how much he loved her. She responded by slipping her tongue in and out and wrapping her small hands around his neck. He pulled away and leaned his forehead on hers. “I’m so…so sorry for what I did to Jon…but I can’t lose you Arya…I’ll go mad if I don’t have you in my life.”


“Why did you do it?”


“Because I was stupid…please don’t hate me…I love you Arya Stark.”


“He’s my brother Gendry…how could you hurt him?” she pushed away from him.


“It was a mistake and it won’t happen again I promise…It was my mother, she must have said something to him and well one thing led to another.”


“Your mother?”


“I don’t know what game she is trying to play Arya but she is no friend of ours. I know she had a hand in this.” She paused before progressing.


“I think you’re right,” she slumped down next to him. “She came in here before. I think she wants me to call off the wedding and marry Joffrey.”


“What?” he scream shouted.


“I thought she was actually being nice Gendry, but it’s as if she really hates you. She sees you as her father and me her. She thinks you’ll hurt me and that you’ll end up turning into him.”


“And what do you think? Do you think I’ll turn into him too?” there was a bitterness in his tone that he hadn’t intended to display.


“No, of course not. I know you Gendry and I know you and your father are nothing alike. I just don’t understand why she would want to hurt you so much?”


“I don’t know Arya but I’m sick of it. All I’ve ever done was prove to her that I’m not him but she throws it back in my face. But this…this was too far. She knows how much I love you and to try to tear us apart like this is…unforgivable.” He buried his face in his hands again and let the tears flow freely. He didn’t care if Arya thought him weak, this was something he needed to do. Years of neglect and hate from his mother poured out of him. He felt Arya’s small frame try to engulf him as best she could into her arms.


She shifted so she was now straddling his lap and crashed her mouth on his. Their tongues collided and she bowed out letting him take the lead. He gripped onto her hips for purchase and explored her hot little mouth, relishing in her taste and warmth. He felt her centre rub against his arousal and canted his hips upwards to meet her frantic movements. One of his hands moved under the skirts of her dress to the thin lining of her small clothes. He heard her gasp as he stroked the sensitive skin. She repositioned herself and hastily untied the laces to her dress to expose her firm breasts. He lapped at the two globes before him, paying particular attention to the pink peaks. They were both panting into each other, the cold bite of the Northern chill replaced with a burning fire of desperate want and need for one another. One of her small hands weaved into his breeches finding his stiff staff. Running it up and down he felt his climax approach as they moved against each other. When they both found their relief she rolled off him.


“You’re the only man I ever want to marry Gendry,” she said softly as she snuggled into his body.


“And you’re the only woman I ever want to give my heart too Arya.”


“I love you Gendry.”


“I love you too Arya.”


“So what do we do about your mother? About Jon?”


“I’ll apologise to your brother and beg him for his forgiveness. I’ll let him punch me if that makes him feel better. As for my mother, I’ll leave her be. She can continue to play her games but I won’t fall for them any longer.”


“You’re too good for her you know. You are the best person I know.”


“Thank you,” he replied before capturing her mouth with his again and repeating their actions from before.




Her mother was a mess. She was sitting in the corner of the room bawling her eyes out and mumbling incoherent words about them all growing up so fast. She loved her mother with all her heart but when she babbled on like a babe it really tested her patience. Sansa had to step in and help Arya get ready for her big day. They had gone out to the open fields beyond the castle walls to pick the blue flowers that would be weaved into her hair. She remembered how she wore her hair the day she first met Gendry and wanted to keep the same style for him, hoping it would take his breath away like it did the first time.


“How are you feeling?” Sansa asked as she brushed out the knots that had formed in Arya’s hair.


“Nervous…but excited,” she smiled.


“Do you remember when Old Nan would tell us stories before we went to bed?” Arya nodded her head. “I always loved hearing about the handsome knights who rescued the beautiful maidens and you loved hearing about the beasts that lurked beyond the wall. I dreamed that I would be a princess one day but here we are years later and my wild little sister, the one who always wanted to be a knight is going to be the Princess of the Seven Kingdoms.”


Arya rolled her eyes at her sister. “I’d still rather be a knight than a princess any day,” she replied.


“I don’t doubt that,” she giggled back. “I’ve noticed you haven’t spent much time with the Queen of late. Is everything between the two of you ok?”


Her sister was completely unaware of the contempt she now held for the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. She still couldn’t shake the chill she felt when the woman tried to comfort her after Jon and Gendry’s ordeal. She had thought of her as a friend, but soon found that there was nothing but treachery in her kind words. What angered her the most though was how Cersei seemed to take pleasure in causing Gendry pain. What kind of monster was she? And to use her brother like he was some kind of pawn in her sick game made the feeling worse. Although she still acted pleasant towards her, she would never forgive her for what she did and would never again fall for her tricks. “I’ve just been busy.”


“Yes I suppose you have. There, your hair is all done, now turn around and let me start work on your face.”


“Do you really have to put that stuff on me? The powder always gets up my nose and makes my face itch a little,” she frowned.


Sansa just shook her head at her. “Honestly Arya, who would have thought that a little bit of powder could scare you so,” she teased.


“It doesn’t scare me!” she retorted. “I was just saying that it’s itchy, that’s all.”


“That’s because of the powder you use. I promise that this one won’t make you itch or go up your nose.”


“Fine, but please try not to make me look stupid.”


Sansa raised her eyebrows at her and sighed deeply. “I won’t make you look stupid, I swear. Now close your eyes and try not to talk for a few moments until I’m done.” Arya sat silently and patiently, something she was definitely not comfortable with, as her sister proceeded to dust the light substance on her face. “Now part your lips slightly so I can put some colour on them.” Arya obeyed and felt the cold liquid brush over the skin. “I need you to smack your lips together now to even out the colour.” Arya rubbed her lips together as her sister requested. “Almost done, just the kohl on your eyes to go and we can get you in your dress.”


After she donned on her dress she looked in the mirror and couldn’t help but smile at her reflection. Sansa had done a good job and she felt the knots in her stomach turn as she thought of what Gendry would think of her. He always told her she was beautiful but she always doubted it. But looking at herself now, she believed that mayhaps, she was prettier than she thought.


“You look beautiful,” both her mother and sister said simultaneously. Arya blushed at their words and nodded in thanks.


“I guess it’s time.” She followed her mother and sister out as they made their way to the Godswood, where she and Gendry would say their vows to one another.




His heart was thumping in his chest. They had finally made it and he couldn’t wait to wrap the Baratheon cloak around Arya’s shoulders and to officially claim her as his, like she did him so long ago. He never thought Arya could look more beautiful, but once again his little wolf proved him wrong. She had her usual side braid but there were blue flowers weaved carefully in and out of the loops. It was like the first time he saw her and he couldn’t help the toothy grin he revealed at the sight of her. Her face had been painted, her lips a bright red that contrasted perfectly against her dark hair and pale skin. The dress she wore made her look even more out of this world. The long train that followed made her look like something out of a story.  She was so graceful and elegant as she walked towards him and Gendry felt his breath hitch again at the thought of her being his and only his.


The two stared at each other, smiling as they said their vows. When they wrapped their cloaks around the other the crowd cheered and the two shared a short but sweet kiss before being presented to the people of Winterfell and their family and friends as Princess Arya and Prince Gendry of the Seven Kingdoms. The feast was a jovial affair. He danced with his sister Myrcella and even managed to twirl Lady Catelyn around the dance floor. He desperately wanted to dance with his ‘wife’ but she was constantly busy entertaining her family. She danced with all her brothers and her lord father and even managed to get his father moving on his feet. Gendry noticed how his fathers’ hand had slipped lower than it was supposed to on more than one occasion, but Arya would quickly correct him and move it where it was supposed to be.


He contemplated asking his mother for a dance but decided against it. He could never forgive her for what she had done. He looked over to her and saw her with that dull look on her face. Her golden hair didn’t have the shine that it used to and her face looked gaunt like she hadn’t eaten anything in days. He noticed that she was watching Arya intently. Her obsession with his pretty little wife had him concerned. “I’ve noticed too,” said a voice from behind.


Gendry turned to see Jon standing behind him. The two had made amends and had actually begun to form a friendship. “Noticed what?”


“How her eyes always follow my sister. It’s strange.”


“I know. She has been doing it for some time now.”


“What does she want with her?”


“Only the Gods know the answer to that. I stopped trying to understand how my mothers’ mind works a long time ago.”


“I don’t like it. Promise me you’ll watch out for her when you take her back to Kings Landing.”


“Of course I will. I’ll never let anything bad happen to Arya, you have my word.”






The night had gone by in a whirlwind. She danced the whole time and felt as if her feet would cave in beneath her. When she heard someone call out for the bedding she froze. She looked around to see the hungry eyes of the men surrounding her. Someone made a move to grab her but little Rickon popped up from nowhere and pushed the man away giving her the perfect opportunity to escape. She ran out of the hall and made her way up to the chambers that her and Gendry were sleeping in. She could hear the roar of laughter behind her and smiled at her triumph. No dirty old man is going to undress me.


She rounded a corner and bumped into someone, sending both bodies sprawled on the floor. “Seven hells,” she hissed in pain. She looked at the palm of her hands and saw that she had scraped it against the hard surface of the floor and noticed a small amount of blood escape the wound.


“You should watch where you’re going good sister,” she heard the other person say. She looked up to see emerald green eyes glaring at her. “You never know what’s lurking in the dark,” he finished before giving her a cruel smile. He reached down to grab a hold of her but she was too quick for him and rolled out of his grasp, springing to her feet. “I’m not going to hurt you Arya,” he sighed. “I was just going to help you up.”


She looked at him curiously. She could never truly understand Joffrey and although some thought him handsome, she didn’t find any of his features endearing in any way. “Thank you for the offer but I can manage on my own.”


“Why do you hate me? What does Gendry have that I can’t give you?” he pleaded. For the first time Arya saw a sadness exposed in his eyes.


“You shouldn’t be asking me these questions Joffrey...It’s not proper.”


“Since when have you followed what’s proper?” he snorted.


“Since I became the Princess of the Seven Kingdoms,” she replied coolly.


“Yes of course, you are a Princess now. I could have made you happy Arya, if you had given me a chance.” He moved to close the distance between them but she pulled away.


“No you wouldn’t have. We would be miserable like your mother and father.” She left him alone to think on her words as she continued to make her way to the bed chamber. She pushed against the heavy wooden doors and entered the room. Gendry still hadn’t arrived so she made her way over to the dresser. She unlaced the front of her dress and let the soft fabric fall to a heap on the floor. Left in nothing but her small clothes she began cleaning the wounds on her hands with the pot of water placed in the corner. It was cold and instantly caused her skin to break out in goose flesh. It didn’t help that one of the windows was open, allowing the cold Northern wind to fill the room. She had forgotten how cold the North was compared to Kings Landing and closed her eyes welcoming the feeling.


She could hear the sound of giggling women coming from the other side of the door and saw it swing open letting an embarrassed Gendry run through. He slammed it behind him and took in a deep breath. “Seven hells those women are crazy!” he all but shouted once he composed himself. “Honestly it’s as if they’ve never seen a man nude before!”


She couldn’t help the giggle that escaped her lips.”Mayhaps they wanted to see if you were big all over,” she teased. The look he gave her in return made her burst out with laughter. He hadn’t expected her to be so bold, and even though she had said many vulgar things around him in the past, she still had the ability to shock him.


“Well wife it appears the only way they will know is if you tell them,” he replied sinfully. He locked the door to their chambers to make sure they wouldn’t be interrupted and strode towards her. His long legs didn’t have to travel far and in an instant he lifted her up claiming her mouth with his. He settled her on the dresser as their tongues continued to dance with one another. She could feel the bristle of his whiskers brush along the skin around her mouth. His hands trekked down her sides sending jolts of electricity through her and rested firmly on her hips. He pulled her closer so his arousal and her sex were in direct contact. The only thing that separated their bodies from moulding into one was the fabric of their small clothes. She moved to run her hands through his coal black hair but hissed in pain at the contact.


“What’s wrong?” his voice laced with worry.


“Nothing,” she replied too quickly, trying to hide the scratches on her hands. She went to kiss him again but he pulled away and grabbed her hands, turning her palms face up to expose the tender abrasions.


“Your hands…what happened? Who did this?” his voice now serious.        


“I fell is all. I was in too much of a hurry to get up here that I slipped and fell.” She didn’t want to lie to Gendry but she knew if she told the truth about her encounter with Joffrey he would show that Baratheon fury of his. “I’m fine Gendry, or should I say husband?” she smiled.


He lifted her hands up to his lips and kissed them tenderly as if it would heal them and make the pain go away. “I don’t like to see you hurt Arya.” His bright blue eyes were staring into her grey and he moved one of his hands to cup the side of her face. She sighed heavily and leaned into his touch, her eyes never leaving his.


“I know, but I’m not some fragile princess who needs constant protection, or have you forgotten that already?” she mused.


“How could I ever forget? But you are still my wife and no matter how well you wield a blade or how good a shot you are with a bow and arrow, I’ll always want to be the one protecting you.”


“Fine, if anybody was to be my protector then I suppose you aren’t such a horrible choice.” He chuckled at her response.


“I think it’s time we see how soft this featherbed is wife.” Gendry leaned in and resumed their kissing from before. He placed his hands on her hips again and she wrapped her legs around him so he could pick her up easily. Arya carefully wrapped her arms around the back of his neck for purchase, careful not to irritate her cuts further. Slowly but surely, Gendry lifted her up from her position on the dresser and stumbled to the large four post featherbed waiting for them. It was finally going to happen. Tonight was going to be the night she lost her maidenhood. The thought sent a needy sensation to her centre and she felt herself rub against Gendry’s already stiff staff.


He gently lay her down on her back and crawled over her, only breaking their kiss for a brief moment. When he kissed her again it was more desperate and needy than before. It was a kiss full of passion, lust and love that sent a burning heat to course through her body. “I’ve wanted this for so long Arya,” he whispered as he began to nibble on her ear and kiss his way down her neck. He found the spot that made her melt and she found herself moaning and whimpering at the feel of his mouth sucking on that sensitive skin. His hands were greedily roaming over her body and she felt one of them make its way under the thin fabric of her small clothes to grab hold of one of her breasts.


She gasped at the feeling and arched her back upward as his thumb began to stroke her nipple causing it to harden. He continued to tweak and pull at it, teasing it until it was fully erect before removing his hand completely and pulling her whole body up with him. “Wha-“


“Raise your arms,” he ordered silencing Arya’s protest. She followed without question and felt the top half of her small clothes leave her pale skin, leaving her pert breasts bare before him. “Perfect,” he breathed before seizing one of them with his mouth.


“Seven hells!” she wailed. Gendry lapped at her breasts, rolling his tongue and scraping his teeth over the soft flesh. Her sex was basking in her wetness now and she was sure it was seeping through her clothing. As he sucked harder she tangled her fingers into his thick dark hair, ignoring the pain in her hands. He moved his mouth off her fully erect nipples and began peppering kisses down her torso. Each kiss sent a new shot of electricity to her clit, eliciting more screams of pleasure from her.


She felt him tug at the last piece of clothing on her small frame and canted her hips upwards so he could slide it down her legs. She felt a flush creep on her face as Gendry sat upright, his eyes ogling her naked form. “You’re so beautiful Arya…I don’t think you realise just how beautiful you really are,” he announced. He knelt down and kissed her while stroking the side of her face. It was soft and slow, both savouring the taste of the other. One of his hands travelled down to rest on the nest of curls on her mound. He slid one finger into her moist cunt wiggling it around and curling it. She cried out as he began pushing it in and out of her at a slow and torturous pace. He quickened the speed as he inserted a second finger then a third, stretching her opening wider for him. “You’re so wet Arya,” he murmured in between his groans.


“It’s your fault,” she replied breathlessly. He continued to pump his fingers in and out of her and Arya followed his movements, grinding her sex onto his hand. Their kisses were getting sloppy as Arya felt herself ride out the first wave of her orgasm. It was becoming harder and harder to keep her eyes open and focused on Gendry’s blue. Her words became disjointed ramblings as she tried to tell him how good he was making her feel. How his touch set her whole body aflame with desire and how the feel of his tongue on hers made her feel a hunger she never knew existed. Sensing that she was close, Gendry moved his mouth from hers and found the pink peaks of her stiff nipples waiting for him. He proceeded to suck and nip at them and brought his thumb to her nub, rubbing it gently until he felt her come undone. She convulsed around his fingers and called out his name as her juices trickled down his hand, leaving a damp spot on the sheets of the bed.


She was out of breath but still felt like she needed more. She knew that it would hurt at first but she wasn’t afraid because it was Gendry. Even though her arms felt weak she managed to weave her hands into his small clothes, grabbing a firm hold of his pulsating cock. Moving up and down his length she noticed how his blue eyes rolled into the back of his head and proceeded to pull down the rest of the clothing with her feet. With his member free from its restraint she began to move her hand faster, making sure to rub the beads of liquid on the head of his staff with her thumb. “Arya, Arya, Arya,” he muttered into her hair. She loved the sound of it. She was so lost in the moment that when he pulled away from her a growl escaped her lips.


“Calm down little wolf,” he chuckled. “If you keep going like that I won’t be able to last much longer,” he whispered. “And I’ve waited for too long to see what it feels like to come inside you.” She bit down on her lip and watched as he positioned himself in between her legs. “Are you ready?” he asked her. She nodded, the words caught in her throat. The tip of his cock was now at the entrance of her mound. He drove it in slowly and she could tell it was taking all of his strength to stop himself from plunging into her. The feeling was strange and uncomfortable at first but when Gendry muttered sweet nothings into her ear and kissed her softly she could only feel fullness. There was a sharp sting when he burst through the wall of her maidenhood causing her to gasp. “I’m sorry, do you want me to stop?”


She still couldn’t find her voice and shook her head violently. He smiled sweetly at her then started to pull out and push back in until she was able to match his rhythm. They moved in unison, their bodies slapping and grinding against the other and their sounds of pleasure mingling into a mixture of moans and grunts. Their eyes were fixed on the other, unblinking and unwavering, both getting lost at the sight. “I love you, I love you, I love you,” they both said. A declaration they wanted the Old Gods and New to hear. Gendry was pounding into her now as he was on the verge of reaching his climax. She was close too and as her tight walls closed in on his enormous member, she screamed out his name and he groaned hers in return. He stayed inside her, not wanting to lose the feel of her warmth around him. “Thank you,” he said in a whisper.


“For what?” she asked puzzled.


“For choosing me,” he finished.


She smiled at him and nudged her nose into his. “You silly Prince, how could I choose another?”


Arya looked out the window of their chambers and rubbed her swollen belly. She thought back on their wedding night and about all the times since. She had never imagined her life could be as joyful as it was. The idea of being a mother never appealed to her, but now as she felt the child within move and kick inside her she couldn’t help but feel that the next chapter of her life would be the biggest adventure of all.