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Against the cold wall

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Steven sighed. It was all he could do to make his displeasure known without setting off his father. His family was attending a masquerade ball. It was taking place in a large manor just outside of Rustboro city. Being the heir Steven was expected to attend. Joseph, his father, was starting to talk about marriage and in his eyes this event was the perfect excuse for his son to seek out an eligible woman. Steven had made the dull argument that the purpose of a masquerade ball was to protect anonymity. Stevens father was having none of it.

Inside the dark black doors of the carriage, Steven felt the familiar feeling of anxiety settle in his stomach. His mask began to feel tight around the bridge of his nose. He tugged at it but to no avail, it remained as constricting as ever. Beauty always payed a price he supposed. Beautiful indeed thought Steven as he admired himself in the his mother’s hand mirror. Despite its uncomfortable material, his outfit looked stunning. The mask covered his upper face, it was a silver material with lines of gold. The gold formed various patterns and ended in leaf pattern. His suit followed the same silver and gold pattern. The pin his father gave him gleamed in the moonlight that came through the window. Steven fidgeted with the gem on the pin.

Steven tried to adjust his collar before being scolded by his mother. “Don’t mess up your collar dear. That suit was custom made.” she readjusted his collar. Before following up with “Give me my mirror back.” Steven handed the mirror and watched his mother apply a powder to her face. Steven continued to stir over the upcoming events.
The carriage finally arrived at the manor. The manor stood tall in the endless fields of green that surrounded it.  The radiant white accompanied by red accents shone brightly even in the dark gloomy night. The manor resembled a palace from a fairy tale mused Steven as he gazed out the window.

The carriage stopped in front of the manor. Stevens mother shooed him out. He exited. Servants guided the Stone family into the red roofed building. Doors were opened and the Stones were escorted into a large hall.
There was swarms of people, all clothed in the finest material and the most lustrous of jewellery. Each and every guest was wearing a mask. Each mask was different yet they all had similar features, large, bright,stiff. Though that could be said about most aspects of noble life. Some danced, some observed, the majority were in light conversation. No doubt about things that would make any average person descend into sleep. Steven he was not average . He would be forced to engage in said conversations. The idea didn’t disgust him, talking to people of influence. His father’s plans for him would be far worse. The thought having to court a woman, Steven hardly wanted to think of it, yet here it was. Right in front of him was the one thing he was not willing to do for his family.

As if on cue, Mr. Stone says “Steven”. The steel haired boy turned to his father. “I expect you to start looking for a woman.” The words were slightly warped by the loud chattering of other guests but the point still came across. “I understand you are shy but this is very important to me and to your mother, you are an adult now, you must choose a wife. do you understand?”

The heir only nodded. His father said words that sounded like “Good boy” but hearing became difficult as music bounded from a small stage on the far side of the room. His mother gave him a pat on the back and Steven set off. The heir was greeted by a waiter who offered him a glass. Champagne he guessed, judging by the colour. Steven took a large sip, he hoped it would help loosen him up. It didn’t.

The steel haired man looked around the hall. It was packed with mask wearing women all ready to be married, or so his father thought. In truth, Steven had no wish to marry but for the sake of his family, he approached one.

The woman was wearing a black and white frilled dress and a bow in her hair.The mask she was wearing looked vaguely feline. She reminded the Steven of a monochromatic Sylveon. Her eyes were sweeping the ballroom. It was obvious even under her mask. Steven greeted her. The woman jumped in shock.

“Hello, I must say you look wonderful tonight.” spoke Steven in his most charming voice and his fakest smile. “Who might you be?” He asked. The woman looked hesitant to speak with Steven but did so anyway. Probably in the same situation as he was.

“I am….Mai.” She said after a few moments of thought. The steel haired man got the feeling that she was being deceitful but he ignored it due to the fact that he could see his father’s eyes on him. The heir introduced himself and proceeded to talk to Mai. Steven did most of the talking because whenever he asked a question she would give short answers in a tone that matched her dress.

Then it was time to dance. The string quartet began to play a slow song. Steven grabbed her hand. They were coalesced and rough. Steven commented on this in surprise. “Your hands are quite worked. Do you do much manual labour?” He asked carefully.

Mai’s mouth opened. The part of her face that was visible turned white. The black haired woman broke from Stevens hand and ran out the patio door with speed not even a soldier could possess.

Steven ran out the door. He ran down a the footpath. Mai was conversing with a man in a blue hat. He attempted to hide himself but it was in vain. The mask clad woman fled. Her outstanding speed propelled her across across the path and over the hedge. This left the man in the blue hat. He was partially visible in the moonlight. He had a hair that blended with his hat and a tough yet lean figure, The man adorned a blue fedora, a blue mask with silver lining  and close fit for a rogue. Maybe that’s what this person was.

The man in blue stepped forward. Steven took a leap back. The slippery dress shoes did agree with this motion. Steven fell backwards, He landed on cold stone path. The rogue continued to walk towards Steven. He stepped between the heirs legs and bent down. Despite the fact that He was paralysed in fear, he still managed to blush at the action. The rogue examined the heir. Something caught his eye. A hand grasped his chest and pulled out the pin that was in Stevens ornate coat. Steven let out a “No.” and tried to grab the man’s hand. His efforts got him pushed against a wall.

He was let go and The man held the pin up into the moonlight. Green light glistened from it. The double helix spiral was plain to see. A grin stretched across the rogue’s face. It was face of pure joy. Steven was taken aback this. It was terrifying yet oddly beautiful.

Steven voice was hoarse and stiff as he spoke. “Return that at once.” He attempted a threatening voice but it wavered too much to appear as such. The man pocketed the pin and sprung up from in between the heirs legs.
The steel haired man called after the rogue. The hat clad man turned around and smiled before running off. He was not as fast as his monochromatic partner but still faster than Steven. The steel haired ran after him.
He had to get his pin back. It was his most precious possession, priceless. He had an idea of where the rogue may be going. Steven knew the manor well despite its size, most of the balls he had attended has been in the red roofed manor. A loud noise confirmed his suspicions.The steel haired man continued to run but the scratchy material of his attire was preventing him from sprinting.

>He eventually reaches the source of the sound. He is greeted with a large metal door. It was felt ajar. He was well acquainted with the door, it was the one he used to enter the upstairs of the manor when was hiding from his father. Steven shook his head, he had no time to be reminiscing

The heir ran through the doorway. He walked down the hallway. The sound of his shoes reverberated off the stone walls as he ran down the stairs and up the stairs. He ran through door after door. They were all ajar. Steven eventually found the man in a room that not even he had been to before.

The room was lined with wooden boxes, all with locks. The man appeared to be looking for something. He kicked through the wooden lids with power Steven didn’t know was possible. He looked in each one before moving on to the next one. The man did this for a few more until he noticed something special about a particular box. He kicks it but it refuses to open. The hat wearing man bent down to inspect the box.

Steven couldn’t help but notice the man’s ass. Tight blue material bound it in a way that made it appear more prominent than it likely was. Steven felt a tightness in his trousers. “Not the time Steven” He muttered to himself.

The man turned around. Steven expected him to be startled but the man was relaxed. Smug even. He looked at Steven. His eyes swept up and down the heirs figure as if sizing him up. “Return my pin at once.” Commanded the steel haired man, His voice shook slightly but it the point still got across. The man came close to Steven in one quick motion, a motion so fast Steven could not react to it.

The rogue pushed Steven against wall. The stone was cold on his back. The heir attempted to break free, to struggle but the man had him pegged against the wall. The rogues grip was Iron tight. The man looked straight into Steven’s eyes. Looking straight into him. Steven blushed despite the situation at hand.

A husky voice reverberates around the room.”what are you going to do about it?” The man tilted his head in a mock expression of curiosity. He brought his face closer to Steven’s. “Well?” He continues. Steven can feel the man’s warm breath on his face. He shivers and begins to feel his heart racing.

“Nothing? Good. I can’t have people knowing i’m here, Now can I?” Asked the man. Each word slipped from his tongue in a manner that had only been heard from common people. Every word was intoxicating. Like a wave, each word threatened to bring him under. Fear, that was what Steven felt, the thing boiling inside him, yet he knew that it was not alone another feeling ,less familiar yet recognisable threatened to show itself to masked man in front of him. Arousal.

Steven knew it was a completely inappropriate time, he fully acknowledged that, unfortunately weeks of restraint seemed have been undone by this tight clothed thief.

“What is your name?” Asked the man. He placed his thumb under Steven’s chin and angled the heirs head so that it faced him. He got slightly closer.

“Um,” Steven stumbled with his words before finally muttering the word. “Steven, that's my name. What is yours?” Steven asked tentatively. The man grinned and let out a bark of laughter. His grip loosened but Steven could still not get free.

“Out of all the people I have had in this position, done had ever been daring enough to ask that.” The man says with a smile, it was a smug smile of a robber but it was a smile never-the-less. “My name is Riley. Not that that matters for you too much.” The man, named Riley, finished with a threat. His face. Or the part of his face not obscured by his mask was kind but his words held so weight to them.

“What am I do to with you? Normally I would just end you but… I like you. So what should I do? You can’t be trusted so I can’t let you go. Hmm.” Riley whispered into Steven’s ear.

Steven felt the one thing he didn’t want to feel. The sense of blood running into his lower body,The heat and pressure that came along with it. Steven tried to squirm away but Riley’s grip was too strong. His erection pressed against the body beside him.

“You obviously like me too.” Grinned Riley. “What a treat, a man able and willing? That is more than I could have hoped for. Here I was thinking your Pin was the only precious thing I would be taking from you.” Riley said seductively into his ear.

The blue bound man lifted Steven’s hands against the cold stone wall. Riley slid his tongue into Steven’s mouth. He swept the cavern of Steven’s mouth, Steven moaned and deepened the kiss. Riley broke his iron grip on the heirs hands. He explored his new partner’s body until finally he reached Steven’s ass.

Steven wasted no time with his new found freedom and plunged his hands into the man’s trousers. He reached past the man’s underwear to feel a large patch of hair.  The thought of Riley’s manhood and its hair sent shivers down Steven’s spine and into his dick. It bulged against the tight fabric of his dress clothes, It was begging to be free. Riley did just that. In one quick motion, Steven’s lower half had become bare.
Steven’s cock stood proudly in the moonlight. Riley looked down and placed a hand on the heirs pride. He felt small stubble of steel coloured hair. The man wrapped his hand around the tightly cut cock and proceeded to go up and down. Each motion elicited a moan from Steven.  “Ah, ah, ah” Cried Steven as Riley made sure his partner was being pleasured.

Steven used his forgotten hand. The one in Riley's trousers to grab the man by his member. He jerked the man. It was crude, to Riley he was an obvious virgin, he still appreciated the sentiment. Riley bent down and licked the heirs dick. This brought out a moan from the heir.

Riley proceeded to engulf the man’s cock. He swallowed it to the hilt. Steven’s moans were now louder than before. He swirled his tongue around Steven's manhood. His tongue caressed the head and moved to the tip. Here he lapped up some pre-cum that had escaped.

Riley stood up. He gazed at his partners face. It was red and his lips were swollen. A tongue hung slightly out of the man’s mouth. He looked like a mess. Just the way Riley liked them.

“Ah. ugh. You haven’t revealed yourself yet.” Steven tried to say in a seductive manner but his panting voice and moans made it come off as a desperate plea. Riley was more than happy to answer that plea. He opened up the front of his trousers and jerked down his pants.

“Eager aren’t we? Don’t worry. Your needs will be satisfied soon enough.” Riley spoke with a smile. He slid his hands through the heirs hair and pulled off his mask. Riley gazed into the eyes of the steel haired man. “Your eyes are gorgeous.” Remarked Riley in admiration. Steven blushed. Riley shook his head. “I will try to make this as pleasurable as possible.” Riley said with genuine concern. He enjoyed playing with the victim of his thievery but didn’t want to see him hurt too badly.

Steven realised what he was about to do. His eyes widened with surprise but spread his legs anyway. Riley was rooting through his pockets for some lubricant. “Wrap your legs around me.” Commanded Riley. Steven did just that and wrapped around Riley’s hard frame. The heir pride stood tall in front of Riley.

The hat wearing man pulled out a bottle of lubricant. He poured some onto his hand.He massaged some into his cock. A gasp slipped from his mouth as he entered Steven. He was tight. Very tight. Steven let out a gasp of pain. Riley knew he should have loosened him with his finger but Riley couldn’t take it any more. Steven started to feel less pain and more pleasure. He relaxed his body.

“You alright?” Asked Riley. Steven was panting heavily now. He had his eyes closed and was awaiting Riley’s cock.

“Yes… please.” Begged Steven. Riley slammed into Steven.The heirs back was pushed into the cold wall. Riley let out a husky groan as Steven’s moans grew in intensity. Riley thrust into the man with a frantic rhythm.
Steven let out a particularly loud moan and Riley knew it was time. Ribbons of his essence flew from Steven's dick and splattered on Riley’s tunic. Riley caught a few drops with his finger and licked it seductively. “Delicious” whispered Riley into Steven's ear.

Steven’s head was a wreak. He pent up desire had faded and it left him with a warm feeling in him.Riley wasn’t done however. The rogue pounded into Steven. Steven only felt excess pleasure as he drown in his own thoughts. Vague feelings came to him but nothing solid arose. He closed his eyes once more and waited for Riley to finish.

In a matter of minutes, Riley released his cum into Steven. “F..Fuck” Moaned Riley. Steven gasped at the unfamiliar liquid spreading through him. He finally pulled out. Cum dripped from his manhood as he laid Steven on the ground. Steven was in a mess. His lips were swollen. His own semen dripped from his shirt and Riley’s from his ass. Despite this he seemed content.

Riley stood up and pulled up his clothes to cover his lower half. The man looked dishevelled. Steven’s juices still dripped from his tunic, some had dried to leave white stains, other drops continued to fall. He put back on his hat and set a course for a metal box on the other side of the room. The hat adorned man kicked the box in with his unnatural strength and picked up the contents.

It was a larger version of the gem on Steven's pin. Riley pocketed the gem and was about to leave but a cry stopped him. “Wait, my pin.” Cried Steven.

Riley looked around at Steven. He was trying to stand up but the pain his behind prevented him from doing so. He was tired, sore and dripping with cum. Riley acknowledged that and pulled out the pin from his pocket. The rogue pinned it on his cloak and then laid the cloak on Steven as a blanket.

“Your face.” whispered Steven. Riley was still wearing his mask. He took pity on the man on the floor, It was Riley who put him in this state in the first place. Riley took off his mask. He gave Steven a minute to admire his face before kissing him. It was not lust filled yet it was not just a peak.

With that Riley leap out the window, the last he saw of Steven was the heir clutching on to his pin.

The man climbed up onto the rooftop and navigated his way to a low ledge. He jumped and hit the ground safely. A black and white Blur rushed towards him.

“Did you get it?” asked the woman in a familiar monotone.
“Of course Marley, who do you think I am?” Riley proclaimed proudly as he pulled out the stone t admire it.

“Why are you covered in...? Ew” Asked Marley as she bent down to examine the liquid. She quickly pulled back as she realised what it was.
“Really? On a heist? You could have waited until we got home.” said Marley in her signature monotone.

Riley laughed quietly. “This isn’t mine, it is that rich kids. The one who tried to court you?” Replied Riley as he admired Steven’s stains.

“Did you….?” Marley’s eyes widened for the first time in the conversation, her voice laced with disgust, The question was unfinished yet still hung strong in the heir.

Riley looked at her in disbelief. “Oh course not! He was begging for it.” Replied Riley. He thought back to Steven’s hazy blushed face. The fondness was evident on his face.

“I don’t need the details, let’s get home. I am tired.” stated Marley.
“You just want to see your girlfriend Cheryl, don’t you?” asked Riley, Marley just returned a knowing smile and they set off home.

Riley couldn’t help but think of Steven and how he had left him. The boy had really left an impression on him. Maybe they could meet again? Unlikely but Riley could dream.