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Blaine walked into the reunion and swallowed nervously. The last 48 hours had been insanity. Between flying into Dayton, spending time with his grandmother, and dealing with arrangements for the following week, he was already exhausted, on the verge of having a migraine, and stressing out about seeing Kurt again. He stepped into the bathroom for a moment, looked down at his jeans and messenger bag before smoothing his shirt out then heading back into the hallway head down.

Kurt was a mess, but he was as ready as he would ever be. He refrained from texting Rachel and in a bold grown up moment walked into the school alone. He waited outside the door of the gym a moment, trying to pull himself together when someone paying obviously less attention slammed into him. He looked up startled and found himself staring right at Blaine. He took a hasty step back and tried to smile and failed. ‘Blaine,” he says softly.

“Kurt,” Blaine said hastily as his gut clenched. The soft smile and Kurt’s saying his name made him nervous and he felt a need to run away, go think, but all he could do was smile softly at him, “hey sorry. I’ll see you inside.” He continued to walk down the hall and took in a few breaths before sliding into a table that was big enough for him, Kurt, Rachel, and Finn.

Kurt watched Blaine’s retreat, still stunned. Finally he was able to pull himself together and walk into the reunion. He saw Rachel and hurried to her, needing the comfort of her presence. ”I just saw him,” he breathed as she pulled him into a tight hug, and put her hands on either side of his face and smiled, “go talk to him, this is just as nerve racking for him is at is you. You forget I still talk to you both.” He nodded and headed over sliding into the table across from Blaine, “Hi,” Kurt says, trying to make it sound casual.

Blaine smiled weakly at Kurt before reaching into the messenger bag and taking out two gallon bags of chocolate chip cookies, “Nana Dot sent me with these.” Kurt took one look at the cookies and needed to leave. He hated being such a drama queen, but he can’t have one of those cookies, he can’t. He’ll actually cry and then the whole night will be ruined. Instead he pushes his chair back and flashes Rachel a quick smile. “I need a drink,” he tells her. Then he’s gone.

Finn walked in shortly after, and slid into the seat next to Blaine. He twirled the straw in his drink with a sigh. If life could be a series of awkward this would most likely be that moment. “Hey,” he said softly as he turned a breathed a soft sigh of relief when he saw Rachel come towards him. She bent down whispered something in his ear about needing help with things in the car, and he made a lousy excuse to protest, however she drug him out anyway leaving an even more awkward silence in their wake.

Blaine took another few moments before he pulled his phone out of his pocket and rolled his fingers over the contact list. He clicked at the screen that held Kurt’s name. He had never been able to delete his number, and if this would maybe break some tension he was up for anything. He swallowed hard before sending Kurt a message ‘look I know this is weird, but you should know that I want to talk to you.’ He slid the phone back in his pockets as his stomach turned in knots. Whether its a side effect of the alcohol, lack of food, or nerves he’s not sure so he stands up to stretch. He feels bad for upsetting Kurt and weighs the options for leaving against the options for staying.

Kurt’s phone beeped. Thinking it might be Rachel he looked down, but it’s Blaine. His eyes flit over to the table as he takes his drink. Blaine looks… terrible. But he wants to talk, and that’s… that’s more than Kurt was expecting. He decided it’s time to stop being such a coward. Who knew when he’d have a chance like this again? He slipped back into his seat, and sipped his drink. He noticed Finn and Rachel’s absence but thinks that it’s probably the best, and turned to Blaine, “I want to talk to you too,” he admits softly.

Blaine smiled as he heard Kurt’s words. He looked up to Kurt’s gaze and sighed as 2 years of regret and missed opportunity push on his chest. He feels’ like he’s drowning in the ache, but just as the ache is almost to much, he looked up, “I’ve missed you.”

It’s that moment that Kurt’s throat clenched for a moment before he can speak. Oh god, he thought, but speaks the opposite because as much as it hurt’s it’s still so good just to talk to Blaine after so long, “I’ve missed you too.”

Blaine let out a sigh of relief. His lungs burned and he let out a soft cough, before whispering, ”I’m sorry for everything that happened. I should have at least talked to you,” he looked at the door hoping they wouldn’t get an interruption as he sipped at his drink, “I didn’t want to come, and now that I’m here all I can keep thinking is what if, and that Finn and Rachel are going to end up like us.”

Kurt sighed as he looked at Blaine, “I’m sorry too! I was… I was awful, Blaine.” Kurt’s eyes followed Blaine’s to the door and his heart aches just that much more. “They’re breaking their own hearts and there’s nothing I can do except be there for them and hope they can figure things out,” he sighs. “I guess we’re in the same position when it comes to them.”

Blaine nodded and frowned as he sipped his beer. Kurt looked good, thinner more muscular. His skin glowed, and he looked happy. He didn’t want to know if he was seeing anyone, and he knew about the show so he turned to small talk., “you look good like the show is treating you well.”

Kurt hid the little rush of pleasure he gets from the compliment in his drink, which he took a long swig of. He could lie and say Blaine looks good too, and for the heart sore eyes that have missed him everyday, he does look good, but healthwise? Not so much. “You look… tired, which sounds terrible, but…” he bites his lip. He’s not going to betray Finn’s trust, he’s not. But he wants to ask.

Blaine sighs deeply, “Yes I am.” He doesn’t really want to tell Kurt what’s going on though he knows it’s obvious he isn’t well. He swallows, “Yeah it’s been an interesting trip this time, and the last few weeks have been insanity.” It wasn’t a lie, most of the tired was a combination of stress and worry for this trip but also for his health and dealing with the lectures from his family that he shouldn’t have traveled, “I’ve been working overtime, trying to finish up a few things in studio, and you know how coming back to Lima gives me the usual family crap.”

Kurt nodded. He understood family crap and friend crap and work stress. He hated for Blaine to be under any extra pressure right now, since his health was… well whatever it was. “I’m sorry, I hope you get a chance to rest while you’re here,” Kurt said sincerely.

Blaine nodded, “Yeah. I’m staying with mom tonight or getting hotel. I haven’t really decided.” Blaine sighed and took another sip of his beer, “I wouldn’t mind getting out of here. Maybe we could go catch up. Somewhere away from the high school gym.”

Kurt felt his pulse speed up at the idea of leaving with Blaine. Maybe this could work, maybe they could be friends. Yeah, he really would like to get away from the gym and the crowd before anyone else could find him. “I think I’d like that,” he said, a small smile tugging at his lips.

Blaine smiles and nods as he finishes his beer, “any ideas?”

Kurt says, “Well, it’s sort of nice out, how do you feel about a stroll down to the field? for old time’s sake?”

Blaine smiled at Kurt, “that sounds good.” He stood up to go, and is suddenly dizzy from a combination of alcohol, pain, and stress. He holds the table to steady himself for a brief moment and tries to laugh it off, “I must have had too much to drink.”

Kurt felt his smile slip as he watched Blaine stumble. could he really have had too much to drink? How long has he been here? “We don’t have to go to the field,” Kurt offered slowly. “We can be inside somewhere, with chairs and air conditioning.”

Blaine closed his eyes a moment longer before nodding, “Sounds good why don’t I get a room at the the Holiday Inn. I can tell mom it was late and I didn’t feel like driving out to Westerville. We can visit awhile and you can go back to your dad’s.”

Kurt swallowed his nerves. They would talk it would be fine, and also he thought it might be good to let Blaine rest. “Sure, we can do that. I’ll text Rachel and Finn.” He pulled out his phone and shot them both the message in case they weren’t actually together. He really hoped they were though. “I’ll follow you,” Kurt said, standing. He was nervous but only because he wasn’t exactly sure how to be alone with Blaine after all this time. He shot Blaine a small smile, probably the first one he’d had all night. Then he headed out to the parking, got in his car and watched as Blaine did the same. He turned the radio up really loud and sang along to drown out all the thoughts whirring around in his mind.
I’ll meet you there,” Blaine called as he got into his rental. The drive to the Holiday Inn was quiet and comfortable. He was tired, his chest hurt, and he probably should just sleep. The reunion wasn’t all that great with Finn and Rachel disappearing but on the plus side he was about to sit down and talk with Kurt. He didn’t know what to say, but he knew he had to tell him the truth. He pulled into the parking lot and got out and shut the door and smiled as he saw him pull up, “Ready to go in?”

Kurt hopped out of his car, nerves twisting. “Yep,” he said. Alone with Blaine. The idea was just so far out there, yet here they were, walking in together like it was just another night. “Was your trip okay?” he asked as they walked through the lobby.

He nodded, “it was okay. Things have been interesting.” Blaine placed his credit card on the counter and checked in. He adjusted his suitcase and sighed, “I’ll have to tell you more upstairs though.” He looked to Kurt and thought about it as he pressed the button on the elevator. Kurt nodded. He hoped Blaine would talk to him about it, whatever it was. He’d been so worried thinking about Blaine ever since Finn let it slip about the surgery. Once up to the bedroom Blaine dropped the bag on the luggage rack and sighed before sliding off his shoes and collapsing onto the closest bed. He was really just worn out, tired, and in desperate need of decent sleep something he hadn’t had in awhile. He leaned back against the pillows, “so what have you been up to besides the show.”

Kurt sank down into one of the plush chairs across from the bed. He felt just a little bit bad for keeping Blaine up when he looked like he might pass out at any second. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t really late. Blaine was tired, obviously so, and Kurt couldn’t help but worry about what was going on with him. It was sort of frightening, really, so Kurt concentrated on the strange pattern of the bedspreads and Blaine’s voice and he let himself just be present right now. Blaine wanted to talk and Kurt wasn’t about to say no to that. It felt like the chance of a lifetime and Kurt was hanging on to it with everything he had.

“I’ve really not been up to anything besides the show,” he began. “Well, okay I got a new place finally. I’ve only been there about six months now.” Just six months. Somedays that six months seemed like a lifetime, other days it seemed like no time at all. Kurt leaned back and crossed his legs. “What about you?” he tried not to sound nervous when he asked it. He wanted so desperately to get to the part where Blaine told him whatever it was that was going on with him, but he couldn’t be sure that’s what they were going to talk about and he couldn’t push Blaine into it either. Just being here was too important. So he tried to keep his questions vague enough to sound plausible. “ I know about your EP, should we be expecting anything new any time soon?”

Blaine shook his head and sighed, “Not for awhile no.” He didn’t really know how to tell him about the cancer without treating it like ripping the bandaid off an open wound. It was serious that much was certain, but as far as staging, prognosis, he wouldn’t know any of that until after the surgery. He coughed and sucked in more air in a nervous moment, “Things are about to get really weird with me,” he said honestly.

Kurt’s heart sank at Blaine’s words. Weird didn’t sound good at all, especially not in the tone of voice Blaine used. The worry that had been sitting just under the surface of Kurt’s skin tightened all through him making it difficult to stay seated calmly across from Blaine. Were they there already? Was Blaine about to tell him about this surgery that was about to happen? “Do you want to talk about it?” Kurt asked. He wasn’t aware of moving, but he was leaning forward just a little bit, somehow still fighting the urge to reach out for Blaine. “We don’t have to, it’s just... you know, we could…” Kurt was amazed that his voice didn’t reveal any more than a normal amount of concern. He could feel a tremor starting in his hands and he clasped them together tightly to control it while he waited for Blaine to answer.

Blaine sat up and sighed as he looked at his feet. He didn’t know how to do this. He didn’t know how to tell the one person he had always loved that he could be dying especially not now when things between them were fresh, possibly on the verge of reconciliation, but if he wanted a chance of gaining back Kurt’s trust and fixing their friendship he needed to. He wrung his hands against his knees, “Nana’s coming to New York for a bit because I have surgery next week.” This was it, this was what Finn had mentioned. Kurt’s hands closed even more tightly together, wringing against his knee. He still kept his voice somewhat calm as he asked, “What do you need the surgery for?” He didn’t ask this time if it was alright to ask, he assumed that’s where the conversation was going. If Blaine didn’t want to talk about it then he would say so.

Blaine felt his chest clench again. How could he do this without just ripping off the bandaid. There wasn’t any real way to do it so he turned to look at Kurt and sighed, “testicular cancer.”

Kurt’s eyes burned. He wouldn’t cry dammit, but cancer? What the hell could he say to that? Why, why did it have to be cancer? It was the worst of his secret fears made reality. Kurt’s hands were literally shaking and he knew his face must register his shock and concern. He needed to say something, anything. He needed to stop staring at Blaine, and now the floor, and just speak up already. “I don’t know what to say,” he admitted weakly. Alright so he was going to be really honest apparently. “I’m so sorry, is it wrong to say I’m sorry? God Blaine,” his voice trembled there at the end and he bit back the tears that were welling in his eyes. Shit, he didn’t want to cry. He wasn’t the one with the fucking cancer! Kurt’s hands finally unclasped and he went to cover his face with them.

Blaine watched Kurt’s face as he noticed the unshed tears. He was so full of emotion for him, and Blaine knew where he belonged. He kicked off his shoes, giving him just a few more moments, then motioned for him to join him on the bed, “C'mere. It’s okay to cry. I’ve been doing it enough for two weeks.”

That was all it took. The floodgates opened and Kurt was crying openly before he reached the bed. He sat a little clumsily next to Blaine in his haste, but he didn’t care. Kurt tugged Blaine against him, squeezing him close and burying his face in Blaine’s hair. “Blaine,” he sobbed. He was terrified and he couldn’t think. The world needed Blaine, he needed Blaine. And cancer... Kurt didn’t know much about this specific type of cancer, but he knew it was something to be afraid of. It killed people. Young healthy people who caught it early and fought it hard, and now it was inside Blaine.

Blaine pulled Kurt close as his own eyes filled with tears. It was just so much relief and yet still so painful. He couldn’t think straight. His rational thoughts were gone, and before he realized it his body was reacting to Kurt’s touch feeling completely whole again. In a lot of ways he could feel his spirits lift, and before he could even think his lips were brushing gently against Kurt’s, “I’m so sorry for everything I should have fought harder for us.”

Kurt was clinging to Blaine now, as though holding on to him now could keep him safe and could make up for the fact he’d ever let him go. His hands framed Blaine’s face as Blaine brushed a kiss against his mouth. “Blaine, no, that’s the past, and you, you couldn’t have known, because… it was me. I should have fought. I … god all this time I let you think I cheated on you, but Blaine, I never did. I was just too angry to tell you. And later I let my pride stop me, and Blaine -” he kissed Blaine again, softly, tears still streaming down his cheeks.
Blaine listened to Kurt talk as he pressed another soft kiss against his lips. His whole body ached to be held and he just pulled him closer as his fingers framed his face pressing them tighter together, “I know. I know you never cheated. Why do you think I’m so guilty too.” He kissed him again, and pulled him closer breathing him in. “I need you in my life,” he whispered, “so much.” He felt like his whole chest was on fire and love was just spilling out, “I know. I’ve known.” He pulled him a little closer and sighed, “will you stay tonight.”

For Kurt, kissing Blaine again was like breathing after being underwater for a long time. He didn’t even know how much he’d been missing it because he’d worked so hard to stuff those feelings away. He ignored the ache until it was a dull roar in the back of his mind and now he felt like his chest was breaking open. Now his tears were slowing and at least half of them were happy. God how could he possibly feel happy right now? “It’s okay, it is, I’m just glad you know.” He stopped when he heard Blaine’s words. He didn’t know how to handle everything he was feeling but he knew he didn't want to leave Blaine. He couldn’t right now. “Yes,” he said softly into Blaine’s hair. “If that’s what you want,” he added, because he would leave if Blaine asked. he would do anything Blaine asked right now. I still love you, he thought.

Blaine nodded as he took in a harsh breath and curled against Kurt, “I don’t want you to leave again. Not right now, not ever. I still love you and need you, especially now. It’s always been you.”

Kurt felt his body shudder at Blaine’s words. “I love you Blaine, it’s always been you too. I’ll stay, I’m staying.” Kurt’s arms tugged Blaine closer still, hands rubbing softly at his arms and back, just needing the feel of him in his arms. “I need you too,” his voice a rough whisper.

The roughness of Kurt’s whispered words caused Blaine to tremble slightly and wrap his arms around him. He leaned in for another gentle kiss that quickly turned heated as he pressed his tongue into Kurt’s mouth and shifted to where they were lying completely side by side, “I love you so much.”

This was home, Blaine’s kisses, the feel of him and the taste of him. Kurt slid down on the bed with him, never letting him move back very far, and kissed him, opening up to his tongue, a soft needy sound escaping his throat. “Love you, Blaine, I love you,” he pressed little kisses around Blaine’s mouth.

Blaine whimpered slightly as Kurt moaned low in his throat and let out his own needy whine. He needed him in this moment, but he couldn’t do this and just walk away, and there was so much to discuss. He slid his hand down Kurt’s chest and stopped at his jeans, “where do you want this to go?”

Kurt pulled back far enough that he could see Blaine’s expression. Suddenly he was afraid. He wanted Blaine, he needed him, and god he’d never stopped loving him, but what if Blaine wasn’t interested in getting back together? He’d said everything Kurt had, but there was that little nugget of fear in the bad of Kurt’s mind. Now wasn’t really the best time, was it? “I love you, I’d like… I’d like whatever chance you’re willing to give me.” Kurt pulled back just a little further, his mind whirring and chaotic. “Where do you want it to go, Blaine?” he asked carefully.

Blaine felt tears threaten, “I want you. I want to make love to you, show you how much I have missed you, because Kurt what if in a week I can’t feel those things anymore?” He slipped his hand up Kurt’s shirt, “I’m crazy I know that.”

“You aren’t crazy. You’re not. Blaine, I want you, I want everything, god, I …” his voice choked off and refused to work free. “Make love to me,” he finally managed, his voice rough with emotion.

Blaine nodded and began to run his fingers against Kurt’s skin. He kissed him gently at first and then more heated as his thoughts went directly from everything and to how much he needed all of this.

Kurt deepened the kiss after only a moment, and threw himself into this kiss. The others had been soft and careful, but this one is full of all his longing and passion everything he’s kept such tight control of for the past couple of years. It’s not rough by any means, but it’s deep, his tongue dancing around Blaine’s. His arms wrapped Blaine back up tight as he moans softly into Blaine’s mouth.


Blaine hadn’t expected to speak to Kurt much less bring him back to the hotel he was staying at in Lima, but here he was clinging to his ex boyfriend as he clung to him. It had been almost instantaneous the melt down. The words testicular cancer followed by lips pressing together amongst salty tears. Kurt still loved him, and he still loved Kurt. They needed one another, and Blaine wasn’t going to lose this now or ever again. He couldn’t afford too. Kurt was his soulmate. Make love to me. The words were soft and whispered against Blaine’s lips. He had never wanted that more than he did right now. He wanted to feel and he wanted to heal this relationship. He smiled and nodded as he slowly began unbuttoning the buttons on Kurt’s dress shirt as he kissed him again softly. “I love you, and I want you,” Blaine whispered as he began to kiss and suck each inch of Kurt’s skin as he slowly peeled his shirt aside and worked his way down to his jeans.

Yes. Oh god, yes. Kurt didn’t give Blaine much room to work with as he pushed aside button after button until his shirt fell open. He couldn’t. he didn’t want to ever stop touching Blaine again. How he’d survived this long without the man he loved was a mystery, but Kurt was sure it had to do with how meticulous he’d been about locking away his heart and his needs and desires. Even his very soul. Now they were here and despite everything going on with Blaine, they were in each others arms again. Kurt could barely move back two inches. He did decide that clothes were in the way, and began helping Blaine by rolling back and peeling off his jeans. When that was done he rolled back and began working on Blaine’s clothes, kissing each bit of skin as it was revealed much the same way Blaine had. Blaine was so familiar under his hands and lips that it made Kurt feel as though he might cry all over again, but he managed not to, swooping in and claiming Blaine’s mouth in another slow, deep kiss.

“Mmm,” Blaine hummed under Kurt’s touch. He had missed this, and not just the sex but Kurt. His skin felt on fire as Kurt rolled away long enough to pull off his jeans and roll back towards him. His whole body trembled at the press of his naked body against his as nimble fingers slowly began to undress him. Blaine felt the tears collecting in his eyes. He needed this night. He needed to love, be loved, and feel anything but hurt and pain. He gently moved away from Kurt and peeled his own jeans off before pressing back against him. “I love you so much Kurt,” he whispered against his ear as he slipped his tongue against the skin there, “I need you and I want you to let me love you.” He trembled again as he noticed Kurt’s unshed tears. He claimed his mouth in another slow deep kiss and pressed his hands against him, “roll over on your stomach.”

“Yes,” he sighed. Kurt rolled onto his stomach, settling there, a heady mix of familiar comfort, fear for Blaine’s health, and pure desire hummed under his skin. It made him want to stay here in this bed with Blaine for the rest of their lives. To stretch out this one moment where Blaine was here and alive and touching him and loving him, forever. He knew that was crazy, Blaine would have to face whatever he had to face, but it was too frightening to think about just then. right now he was giving his body to Blaine, Blaine had always had his heart and soul.

Blaine sighed as he ran his hands down Kurt’s skin. God he had missed this so much. He just wanted all of him. He leaned down and pressed soft gentle kisses to his neck and back before kneading the knots out of tense muscles and kissing him again softly on the lips. He slowly made his way down Kurt’s body as he felt him tremble. He could sense his fears, see them in his eyes, and he wanted nothing but to comfort him. He gently continued to kiss down his body before brushing his hand gently along his hips, “raise up on your knees,” he whispered, “I want to lick you.”

Kurt climbed slowly to his knees. He let his shoulders remain on the mattress, his head on the pillow. He remembered all those years ago, when they’d first begin exploring each others bodies. When another boy’s hand on his cock was a novelty and Blaine had shown him sweetness at each new step. He cherished those memories, relished in the thought that he’d met his soulmate when he was so young and they’d learned almost everything together. Now, Blaine was older, so much more experienced, they both were, but nothing could take his gentility away. Even when they’d fucked like rabbits before, he’d always managed to sneak in little kisses to reassure Kurt that he was loved, that he was cherish, and that he was needed. He was the same now, soothing Kurt’s skin with his lips and hands. Giving himself to Kurt in greater depth than any other lover had ever managed. Kurt wanted to give him everything.

Blaine watched as Kurt shifted to his knees and kept his head and shoulders on the bed and pillow. It was almost as if he was presenting himself, and leaving himself wide open to him. Blaine couldn’t help but think he looked slightly nervous, almost like the way he had when they were learning together, but that could have just been memories. Blaine moaned low in his throat at the thought of touching him again, tasting him, making love to him. Kurt had aged well. He was still a picture of grace and eloquence. Though the recent stress was showing on his features he was still just as beautiful if not more so than when they met. Blaine wanted to be his partner and his lover. He wanted to show him that he was the only one for him. That the last two years had been a split over miscommunication, lack of maturity, and just plain stupidity, but he smiled as he positioned himself between Kurt’s legs and kissed softly down his ass. He shifted his hands and stroked his cock gently before sucking at his balls, “tell me how it feels babe.”

Kurt made a strangled noise in his throat. Blaine still knew exactly how he liked it, how he needed to be touched. His fist was hot, loosely gripped around Kurt’s dick and his mouth was hotter still on his balls. ”Ooh, fuck, Blaine,” Kurt stuck his ass up higher, his head rolling on the pillow. “It feels-” he sucked in another breath, trying to find the words. ”So good, fuck, yes!” It was impossible not to think about how Blaine’s mouth felt on his cock considering he knew the feeling so intimately. He ached for that now, but he wanted everything, anything. As long as Blaine didn’t stop touching him.

Blaine smiled at the sounds Kurt made. He always knew how to touch him to please him, and the small whimpers went straight to his cock. He shifted up slightly as Kurt raised his ass giving him more room to touch him and lick him. Blaine smiled at Kurt’s words he knew what he was doing by taking Kurt like this. He guided him over onto his back and removed his hand from his cock before taking it in his mouth and humming gently around it.

Kurt rolled over, guided By gentle caresses. Then Blaine’s mouth was on him and Kurt felt tears prick at his eyes again. He wiped them away before Blaine could notice and then he let his hands move to smooth over Blaine’s hair, to run through, brushing slowly even as his hips began to twitch. He couldn’t look away now, he didn’t even try. Blaine was so fucking beautiful. His lips stretching over Kurt’s length and Kurt had to caress his cheeks, running his thumbs over his stretched jaws.

As Blaine ran his hands along Kurt’s hips and sucked his cock he felt overwhelmed. Part of him was screaming to run that this was fake and all a dream, but the other part of him wanted to stay close, make love and never let go. He smiled as Kurt caressed his cheeks. Kurt always knew how to love him, touch him, and make him feel whole. Blaine pulled off his cock for a few moments and sighed. He reached in the side table and grabbed some lube, and grabbed his wallet for the condom. He handed the foil packet to Kurt and smiled as he slipped a lubed finger into him, “put it on me.”

His cock throbbed and Kurt was seconds away from begging Blaine to stop. They’d not been at this long but the pleasure mixed with their reconciliation meant that Kurt had no stamina whatsoever. Thankfully Blaine was of the same mind and pulled off. Kurt took the condom from him, ripping into the foil. It had been a long time since they’d made love, but even longer since they’d used a condom. he didn’t let that bother him though, all that meant right now was that Blaine loved him and wanted him safe. Kurt felt the same way so he rolled the condom over Blaine’s cock and squeezed gently, slipping his hand up and down slowly as Blaine pressed another finger into him. ”I need you inside me,” he whispered.

Blaine nodded as he pressed a third finger into Kurt as he rolled the condom on. It was weird to be using a condom with Kurt. They hadn’t used them for at least 2 years before they split up, but Blaine wanted Kurt safe. He wanted both of them safe. Once the condom was securely on, and he had opened Kurt up he lubed his erection and slowly pushed into him. He filled him all the way and waited as he adjusted against the intrusion. Blaine smiled after a few moments and whispered, “I love you,” as he began slowly rocking his hips against Kurt.

Kurt’s hands traveled slowly up Blaine’s arms and over his shoulder blades as he sank into him. He moaned softly, looking up into Blaine’s eyes. ”I love you, too” he whispered. Then he wrapped his arms around Blaine tighter and pulled him into a kiss, legs twining around Blaine’s, hips rocking up. It was everything he remembered it as, but there was an added layer of depth. As he they both understood that this was more than just a reconciliation, it was life affirming too. Kurt clung to Blaine, kissing over his shoulder, sucking at whatever part of his neck he could reach. He felt full, and the pleasure bubbled up inside him, curling his toes and making him whimper.

Blaine hummed as Kurt pulled him down into a kiss and his legs and arms wrapped around him. He felt so whole, so complete in this moment. This was definitely more than a reconciliation this was affirming their love and lives together. Blaine sped the pace a bit and changed the angle to graze and tease Kurt’s prostate. He whimpered as Kurt rocked up into his strokes and bit into his neck gently. He needed all of Kurt.
There was no way for Kurt to keep kissing Blaine as he moved faster and faster still. His head fell back onto his pillow, eyes threatening to close or to roll back. He fought that. He was determined to watch as Blaine came apart at the seams. It had been too long and he wanted the look on Blaine’s face branded in his mind. He felt like he needed that, would need it in the weeks and months to come. Blaine was sliding against his prostate, causing him to cry out, and Kurt wasn’t even trying to be quiet now. With his cock trapped between their stomachs, Kurt was getting all the stimulation he could handle and then some. Kurt wrapped his legs higher up, around Blaine’s waist, and the new angle nearly undid him. He was close, warmth was pooling in his belly, tingling out into his limbs. ”I’m so close,” he whispered.

“You’re perfect,” Blaine moaned out as Kurt wrapped his legs higher around his waist and pulled him in. He was falling apart slowly and watched as Kurt did the same. He looked down as Kurt fought to keep his eyes open. The blue was clouded in lust though still beautiful and loving as they darted over his features and took him in. His moans and cries of pleasure pulled at Blaine to speed up. He could feel the warmth pooling in his own belly as he rocked against Kurt and cried out, “Come with me.”

Kurt came an instant later, his lips seeking Blaine’s though it was impossible to do more than press open mouth kisses as he fell right over the edge. He clung tight to Blaine, his fingers raking a tiny bit at Blaine’s shoulder, urging him along with him. ”Blaine,” he whimpered.

A moment was all it took for Blaine to fall right over the edge clinging to Kurt. His hips jerked and his body relaxed completely against Kurt’s as their tongues tangled together loosely, but a sudden fear gripped at his heart and he clung to Kurt like his life depended on himm, “Don’t leave,” he whispered as he pulled at Kurt and clung to him even tighter, “I need you now more than ever. I love you.”

“I’m not leaving, I’m not going anywhere,” Kurt said between kisses. ”I love you so much Blaine.” He ran his hands up and down Blaine’s back, swiping at the dampness gathered in the dip of his lower back and across his neck. ”I wouldn’t say no to a shower, though,” he teased softly. He let his fingers rake through Blaine’s damp curls, swiping them back from where they were plastered against his forehead. ”But maybe that can wait too,” he said. Then he kissed Blaine’s forehead and pulled him down so that his head was pillowed on Kurt’s chest.

Blaine chuckled lightly at the shower comment and sighed, “Later. I just want to hold you close.” Blaine curled against Kurt as he kissed his forehead and closed his eyes. This had turned out to be a pretty amazing reunion.