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Kurt felt a little nervous answering the call from James. Still, he knew it must be important and even though he didn’t want to talk about Nicki any more, something in his gut told him that was exactly what this call was about.

Do you have time to talk? I need some more information about the situation with Nicki Galecki. I know we’ve already talked about this but now that I have the police report in my hands our lawyers tell me I’m going to need an official statement from you before I fire this kid, in case he tries to sue.

Oh, of course, I’m sorry this is such a headache.

Hey, you know I’m on your side here, but honestly, I’ve never been in this position before. It’s not really something I want to deal with again if it can be avoided.

I know. I won’t cause you any more trouble.

I know you won’t, I know you didn’t try to do this. Just tell me again how it came to this and I’ll call it official and pass it along, alright?

Alright. Well, Nicki and I slept together a few times. Mostly after parties. He’d only been to my place one time. We weren’t dating and we weren’t friends. We never hung out casually and we didn’t socialize during work either. He left me some voicemails while I was off work and some messages on facebook, and when I got back to work he was acting differently. Especially after I told him about my engagement. After that he tried even harder to reach me outside of work even though I told him I wasn’t interested. He broke into my dressing room and was very agitated that I wasn’t returning his messages or speaking to him. Then last Wednesday he showed up at my home and tried to force himself on me. He kissed me but my fiance got there and broke it up before it went even further. And that’s it.

Okay, Kurt, I’m going to take care of this. Nicki won’t be here when you get to work this afternoon.

Thanks James, I really am sorry.

I know, don’t worry about it anymore. We’ll see you later. Goodbye.



It’s Monday. So many things to get done today. I’m going in for rehearsals today because I need some extra work for my ankle. It’s much stronger now, but I need to stay on track if I want to keep ahead of it. I finished handling the restraining order against Nicki and traded several interesting phone calls with the director, James, and in the end he decided to replace Nicki in the show. He didn’t have a major role, but a part of me still felt guilty for everything. I know that’s not logical, but I’ve never been responsible for someone losing their job before.

After rehearsals, I’m overseeing the packing of my loft. I’ve finally hired movers, and not just for their logo or their lgbtq connections either. Then most of my things will go into storage. Later when there’s more time I’ll have to go through it all and see what else I can get rid of and what can come to Blaine’s with me. For now I’m just bringing the rest of my clothes, a few things for the kitchen, and other important things like my scrapbooks and memory box. Oh and some of my favorite books and my framed photographs. I decided to leave a lot of the furniture with the loft and my realtor assures me it’ll sell faster that way, so that’s good. The sooner the better.

Then, if there is any time at all left I have to finish my list of wedding questions for Blaine, It’s going to be a busy day, but hopefully productive.



Kurt: I took care of the rest of the Nicki thing. He’s not in the show any more. I won’t have to see him again. I love you.

Good, I’m glad. I’m at my follow-up today, and besides the sinus infection I’ve had some mild pain in my arm, so my doctor decided I needed a new PICC line in case my other one was developing infection. SO, needless to say what could have been a quick in and out at the clinic has turned into a day was filled with needles and annoyance. YAY!!

I am so sorry baby. *huggs*

Yea it sucks. I’m just now getting in a cab, and traffic is hellacious. Also, just so you know, I have every intention of collapsing as soon as I walk in.

Of course, hun. I’ll be right here, waiting for you.

Be up in a bit.


Blaine shut the cab door with a sigh as he pulled his beanie further down on his head and adjusted his bag on his shoulder. The whole day had been shit, and he just wanted to crawl in bed with Kurt and sleep. He rode the elevator up in silence before trudging down the hall and unlocking the apartment door and dropping his bag and keys in the entry. He reached down to pet Max and called out, “Hey babe, I’m back.”

“Back here,” Kurt called. He was standing somewhat awkwardly at the end of their bed next to the picnic he’d laid out. Kurt knew Blaine wasn’t going to be up for much tonight, he was only trying to distract him for just a little while with something that wasn’t people prodding him and making him wait around.

“What’s this?” Blaine asked as he popped his head around the door and smiled. He walked over to Kurt and kissed him softly. “Or I should ask, what’s the occasion?”

Kurt laughed softly and took Blaine’s hands. “No occasion really,” he smiled tugging Blaine along. ”I know today sucked and I wanted to take you on a picnic. I figured if we did it here it would be better for your health and,” he waved behind them at the bed, “when you’ve had all the fantastic picnicking fun you can take, we can just crash.”

“Sounds good,” Blaine said as he brushed a hand across Kurt’s cheek and smiled. “Thanks you always know how to make my shit days better.”

Kurt leaned in and kissed Blaine’s cheek one more time before pulling him gently down to the blanket on the floor. “Is this okay? We can do this on the bed if you need to,” he offered. “I didn’t really think about that until just now.”

“This is perfect,” Blaine smiled as he sat crossed legged on the blanket. “So what’s in the basket?”

Kurt clapped his hands together, fingers intertwining in his excitement. “Okay, so I made that chicken salad that you like,” he pulled the container out and passed it to Blaine. “Then I picked up the wafer crackers from the organic section.” Kurt pulled these out as well. “II added a few of your favorite cheeses and some prosciutto too, and finally there are grapes and creme brulee. Oh, and sparkling cider,” Kurt finished laying everything out and passed Blaine a plate.

Blaine smiled tiredly as he took the container of chicken salad and popped the lid off of the container before grabbing a few crackers. “So you mean to tell me that you got out the blow torch and made dessert as well?” Blaine laughed lightly as he dished the chicken salad onto the plate, “I bet Max sat on the kitchen floor and looked at you the whole time too.”

Kurt laughed, mostly at himself. ”Max might have had about half of my first attempt. I got distracted and got a little close with the torch. I managed not to burn myself but the first creme brulee went right on the floor. Max was only too eager to help me clean it. Don’t worry, I know he’s not supposed to have that, I cleaned it as fast as I could,” Kurt was still giggling. “I haven’t ruined dessert in years,” he said.

“A little vanilla won’t kill him,” Blaine laughed before looking to the dog who was silently laying in the corner of their bedroom. “So how would you feel if he stays? I didn’t know until earlier last week, but Cooper’s been looking for apartments. Turns out he wants to pursue some independent film and stay awhile, but most of the buildings with rental vacancies aren’t taking pets. I told him I would have to talk to you, but that I didn’t see an issue as long as we hired a dog walker.”

“You know a month ago I never would have thought I’d be wanting a dog to hang around, but yeah, it’s completely fine. I think I’d miss his ugly mug if he left.” Kurt raised his voice in a very soft mimic of a baby voice as he said ‘ugly mug’ and turned to the dog. Max perked his ears up at the nick name.

“He’s not that ugly,” Blaine pouted slightly as he watched the dog’s ears perk up, “how often do you call him that?” He laughed and leaned against his fiance and linked their hands, “though I think you just like having him as a bed warmer.”

Kurt was not about to admit how often he sat scratching Max’s ears and cooing to him about his ugly mug and what a good boy he was. In reality he thought he was pretty damn cute at this point. ”Not too often,” he lied, but he was grinning the whole time. Kurt knew Blaine would see right through it. He loaded his own plate with a little bit of everything and poured the sparkling cider for both of them.

Blaine smiled and took his glass of cider. “Liar,” he whispered playfully before taking a bite of the chicken salad. He sighed as the flavors mingled on his tongue before he sipped the juice and took another bite and swallowed, “I’m supposed to get with Finn in the next few days to try on tuxes.” He looked at his pants and sighed, “I have some serious weight loss going on here too, and I think it might be time for new jeans.”

“Ooh! Can I take you jean shopping?” Kurt asked. He plucked a few grapes and popped them into his mouth quickly. ”I promise it won’t be marathon shopping, we can just go to one nice place, but I’m starving for some retail therapy.”

“I don’t know, I think it can be arranged though, and speaking of retail therapy I still need to get with Rachel about her dress for the awards too. She said she bought a pink one, and I don’t even remember her trying on a pink one.” He shrugged and took some of the prosciutto on a cracker with some cheese, “I could use some more sweaters and beanie hats too.”

“She did in fact buy a pink one,” Kurt said. He loaded a cracker with some chicken salad and ate in thoughtful silence for a little bit. ”I don’t know if it would have been my first pick, only because of the season, but I have to admit, the cut of the gown, and the pink, it works.” Kurt shrugged just a little. “Pretty soon everyone’s going to know who Rachel is which means lots and lots of opportunities for us to put in our two cents about her red carpet dresses.”

Blaine frowned slightly and sighed as he took another bite of chicken salad and picked at his napkin trying to choose his words. He didn’t want to seem like a jerk and decided to just keep his mouth shut a bit longer and just go with what Kurt said as he ate some more cheese.

Kurt reached out and squeezed at Blaine’s fingers. He could guess what was behind his sudden quiet. He had even more right to feel that way than Kurt did, considering he was the one invited for shopping to begin with. Kurt didn’t say anything though. He was still embarrassed over his own outburst, even though Blaine had forgiven him. He didn’t really want to remind Blaine about what a dick he’d been last week.

Blaine sighed and looked up as Kurt squeezed his fingers. “Sorry, it’s stupid for me to be upset.” He sighed and took another sip of his drink, “I love you. How’re things with you and the show? Was James really upset about the whole Nicki situation?”

“I love you too,” he whispered. Kurt downed his glass of cider in a couple of long gulps and then he smiled a little sadly. “Things are okay, my ankle’s a lot stronger just in the past couple of days, and James is alright. He wasn’t upset with me at all, I don’t think, but he didn’t like the situation much. Having to let someone go like that.”

“That’s good,” Blaine smiled and brushed his cheek with his fingers, “in regards to that situation maybe I did overreact slightly. I just…,” he took a deep breath and sighed, “it’s was hard to watch him around you because he was young and healthy, and I guess I just sorta felt threatened.”

Kurt bit into his lower lip. ”I see,” he said softly. ”I suppose that makes some kind of sense. You know I’m right where I want to be though, right? There isn’t any competition, and there never will be.” Kurt kissed at Blaine’s fingertips. ”Though the making up wasn’t all bad,” he whispered.

“I know,” Blaine moved to where he could trail his fingers against Kurt’s shoulders and sighed. “What do you say we pack up the food?” he whispered huskily against Kurt’s ear and bit the skin there slightly. “I would really like to take a hot shower and go to bed.”

“I think we can arrange that,” Kurt winked and began putting everything back away.

Blaine: [MMS]

I just sat here reading your quote over and over again. I love you. I feel like with everything that has happened I can’t ever seem to find enough time to tell you how happy having you back in my life has made me. I love you, so very much.

I know you love me, and I know it seems like you can never find enough time to tell me how happy you are because I feel the exact same way, but I want you to know as long as I have you in bed with me at night to hold in my arms we will make it through anything. I love you, Kurt. Forever!

I believe we will, Blaine, I really do.

We’ve made it this far, and yeah we hit a huge two year cavern in the road and my health SUCKS, but we’re together again, and I couldn’t be happier so I really do believe it too. My hair is back a little bit now too. Too bad it’s going to all come back out again.

Maybe next month it’ll start coming in again :), but for now you’re the hottest bald guy I know.

Thanks babe! I love you.

xoxo I love you too!

Have I told you today how devastatingly handsome you are, and how badly I want to lock you in our room and ravish you?

No, but you really should. Do that. Whole ravishing thing. Mmhm.

Hm. Maybe I will. Where are you right now?

Sitting at the kitchen counter waiting for my tea pot to whistle at me. I don’t really need tea though… tea can wait.

Tea after sex sounds so much better. Yes tea can wait, just like I’m already waiting for you.

Turning off the stove. Right now.

Hmm. Good.

Kurt flicked the burner off and moved the tea kettle to the back of the stove to cool. That was all the time he wasted though. He walked down the hall, flicking off the living room lights as he passed. Wednesday had been a fairly lazy day at home, after his matinee show. He’d needed that; needed to slow down a little and enjoy just being quiet and still, but he was suddenly so very glad he didn’t have to be silent or still any more, he could be with Blaine, who was awake from his late nap.

An idea he suddenly had made Kurt slow down and strip off his outer and under shirts. He pulled off his socks and stripped out of his lounge pants, leaving only his turquoise vintage Tulio trunks, the ones with the bright white edging that he loved. Then he kicked his clothes to the side, promising himself to pick them up first thing in the morning, and he pushed open the bedroom door.

Kurt had an early show on Wednesday so Blaine had spent the afternoon doing some light cleaning, laundry, and pretty much crashed the moment he was done. He had been fooling around with some pictures on the computer when he sent Kurt a text. It had been a few days since they had really had time to slow down and be intimate and Blaine was craving his touch, taste, and pretty much everything Kurt. He set the computer aside and stripped off his lounge pants and t-shirt leaving himself in a new pair of tight black Calvin Klein trunks with silver banding and smiled as the door opened and Kurt stepped in wearing nothing but his turquoise trunks. “Damn babe,” he whispered as he got up on his knees and motioned for him to come over to the bed, “I think we both had the same idea.”

“God, Blaine,” Kurt breathed. They’d definitely had the same idea and Blaine looked good enough to eat. Kurt crossed to the bed and climbed up right into Blaine’s arms. He framed Blaine’s face with his hands, cradling his cheeks and leaned in for a kiss that was more whisper soft teases than actual kissing. “I missed you today,” he murmured against the corner of Blaine’s mouth. Kurt’s fingers traced down Blaine’s neck and then down his chest, around his waist and then they skimmed over the curve of his ass, cupping and squeezing, loving the way the soft cotton clung to Blaine in just the perfect way. Kurt’s head was tipped forward as he mouthed over Blaine’s shoulder and collarbone.

“I missed you too,” Blaine whispered as their lips barely brushed and he relished in the soft touch of Kurt’s hands against his skin. He sighed as Kurt traced his hands over his neck and down his chest. He’d lost so much weight in recent weeks just having that reaffirmation that he was still viewed as handsome and sexy made his heart soar. He gasped slightly as Kurt squeezed his ass and mouthed over his shoulder and collarbone as his hands wandered south. He smiled as he trailed his hands down Kurt’s spine and cupped his ass in his hands. He smelled so good, and Blaine just wanted to soak him in, “so good babe,” he whispered as he leaned in and mouthed over Kurt’s neck, “you taste good.”

“Mmm,” Kurt hummed then dipped his tongue into the hollow of Blaine’s throat. He was already hard and they’d barely touched, god he needed Blaine; he needed to touch him and taste all of him. “You do too,” he whispered. He let his tongue glide up until he was sucking and nibbling oh so gently at Blaine’s earlobe. Then he whispered, very slowly into Blaine’s ear, “I want you so fucking bad.” Kurt pressed his hips forward, letting Blaine feel exactly how bad he wanted him.

“Fuck,” Blaine growled as Kurt let his tongue glide along his ear. He was aching to be touched and god if he wasn’t more grateful for a working erection than right now. He groaned as Kurt pressed against him and he pulled him down against the mountain of pillows and comforter as he ran his hands back across his turquoise briefs and sucked at each perked nipple.

“Yes, oh fuck,” Kurt arched into Blaine’s mouth, his nipples tightening further with want. Kurt wrapped his arms around Blaine, once more cupping handfuls of Blaine’s round ass, kneading and pressing so that they began to rock together. The friction was so good, even through the double layer of cotton. The way they slid just so, catching in all the right places left Kurt whining high in the back of his throat. “Take these off,” he said suddenly, tugging at Blaine’s underwear. It wasn’t enough; he needed Blaine, all of him, hot and naked and pressed against every inch of him.

Blaine sighed as Kurt’s hands pressed into his ass and he rocked his hips. The friction of their erections through cotton was overwhelming and the pleasure was intense. His breathing hitched at the sounds Kurt was making and the heat of their bodies pressing together was enough to make Blaine shiver with need. He nodded and leaned up to allow Kurt to slide his underwear off as he slid his off in return and pressed back against him, hot, hard and leaking.

“Oh, oh, mmm,” Kurt could too easily finish just like this. Blaine’s cock slid against his own so perfectly, he knew he could just cling to Blaine as they pushed each other over the edge, and it would be fantastic, but it would also be over way too quickly. “Slow, oh, slow down,” he huffed the words out, but he wasn’t sure if he was trying to tell Blaine or himself. Instead of worrying about it he leaned up and kissed Blaine. This one was slow, deep, and full of the want and love that coursed through Kurt’s body.

Blaine sighed as he slowed the grind to a tease at Kurt’s words. They were both so hard and aching that the friction along their cocks was welcome and painfully pleasurable. He broke the slow kiss after savoring the taste of his fiance and guided him onto his stomach before sliding against his ass and rocking them both gently against the bed as he leaned down to kiss his neck, “how’s that babe?

Kurt buried his face into the pillow and moaned. Then he turned so he could answer Blaine, “I don’t know what I was thinking, I was delirious, fuck me please.” Kurt thrust up a little and wriggled his ass as best he could under Blaine’s hips. He didn’t really want that though, he wanted this. This slow tease as Blaine’s cocked dragged across the sensitive flesh between his ass cheeks. It made him rock slowly against the bed and it was all so painfully good.

“Hmm,” Blaine hummed against Kurt’s ear as they rocked together. The friction against his cock causing his whole body to tingle. He chuckled lightly as Kurt turned to answer him and he smiled. He knew what he was doing to Kurt by just grinding against him and he didn’t want to stop though he did want to make it even more sensitive. He leaned back down and latched on to Kurt’s neck sucking a dark mark just below where a collared shirt could cover, as he grabbed the bottle of lube. He poured some of the cool liquid onto his cock and between Kurt’s ass cheeks before he began to rock against him again.

“Ohhh!” Kurt gasped. Blaine’s dick slipped so perfectly now, right up close to where he wanted it. It was almost like having an itch that needed to be scratched and instead scratching very close to it. It was deeply satisfying and also horribly frustrating in an incredibly sensuous way. It made Kurt shiver all over and push himself back into Blaine’s touch.

“You like that baby?” Blaine whispered as he continued to grind and slip against Kurt, the coolness of the lube disappearing as the friction between them turned slick, slippery, and perfect. He moaned as Kurt pushed back against him and he pulled him up on his knees to wrap a hand around his cock, “You’re so fucking beautiful.”

“Ooh yess, fuck, please,” Kurt huffed, his head flipping from one side to the other. His own cock dragged against the comforter and he didn’t even care he was making a mess, that’s how far gone he was. Blaine was slipping down his ass, and against the underside of his balls, following the sensitive ridge there right onto the base of his cock. Then Blaine tugged him up into a kneeling position and Kurt squeezed his thighs together to add even more friction for Blaine and oh it all felt so good. He dropped his head back and wrapped an arm back around Blaine’s neck. “Blaine…” he whimpered. It was completely ineloquent and not at all what he meant to say but words were failing him with Blaine pumping him and sliding hard through his thighs.

Blaine slid against him hard and fast as soon as the position changed he wasn’t going to last. Between the friction and heat and the unintelligible sounds spilling out of Kurt’s mouth he felt his balls tense and he tried to stop, but his whole body tensed as he came hard between Kurt’s thighs. His breathing caught in his throat and his hand continued to pump Kurt as he came down and rocked against him even slower as he caught his breath and kissed his neck.

Kurt could feel every pulse of Blaine’s orgasm, Blaine’s hand gripping just a little tighter around Kurt as he came. “Blaine, Blaine, oh god!” Kurt felt himself tense, his hips straining forward, pumping into the tight channel of Blaine’s hand. It only took a moment longer and he was spiraling up and up and coming in great waves across the bedspread and down his thighs. “Fuck, baby,” he cursed softly as he twisted around and tugged Blaine down while he caught his breath. “That was… I love you,” he wrapped himself against Blaine, momentarily forgetting the mess that would need cleaning before they could sleep.

Blaine whimpered as he collapsed against Kurt as he continued to catch his breath. Their bodies were both sticky from lube and come, and so satisfied. He brushed their lips gently together as their limbs tangled together and he ran his hand through Kurt’s hair. “No words,” Blaine whispered as his eyes locked with Kurt’s and he breathed out silently.

Kurt smiled a little then, a purely relaxed and happy smile as he lay there just basking in Blaine’s love. That’s what made everything they did together so amazing, he thought. The way they loved each other. At the end of the day, he could snuggle up next to this man and just feel this immense love they had wrapping them up. It was exactly as Blaine had mentioned before. That was all he really needed.

Blaine felt his eyes getting heavy as he laid there just soaking up the love. He didn’t know how it was possible to feel this way without conditions and just be. He broke the silence after a few moments and smiled, “we should change the sheets and shower.”

“We should,” Kurt agreed softly. “You start one, and I’ll start the other,” Kurt offered. He leaned in and pressed a kiss to Blaine’s lips, soft and lingering.

Blaine smiled as he untangled himself from Kurt’s grasp and walked towards the shower. “I’ll start the shower.”

“I’ll get the bed then,” Kurt hauled himself up and grinned at Blaine. How was it possible to feel like he was falling even further in love with this man he’d loved for so long?

Blaine smiled and winked as he turned and walked into the bathroom. He was still falling so hard, and had no idea when he was going to hit bottom.