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TO: Nana (
FROM: Blaine (
SUBJECT: Wedding Cake

It was great talking to you the other night. I miss you. Remember how we talked about you possibly baking mine and Kurt’s wedding cake? I was wondering if you could actually make a smaller version of the attached picture with cheesecake instead of regular cake. If it is to much trouble I understand completely. Jessica and Nate said if you can though you are more than welcome to use their kitchen. I have to make the final arrangements with the boat house today as well. I’m hoping that this surprise isn’t going to cause him to freak out. Cooper just walked by with Max and says hello. Give mom a hug from me. I love you both.



TO: Blaine (
FROM: Nana (
RE: SUBJECT: Wedding Cake

It was really great getting to talk to you and Kurt the other night. Leroy and Hiram told me about the slight falling out that you had with Rachel. I only hope that doesn’t affect a long term friendship between all four of you. I’m sorry she said those things to you though. Maybe once she heals from her own loss things will be better. On a happier note, your mom says hi. She has been busy getting ready for the trip, and can’t wait to help you with this surprise. Kurt is going to be thrilled. Please let Nate and Jessica know that I will need to use their kitchen a few nights before the ceremony. That cake is beautiful, and I could easily work with that design for you and Kurt. I gotta run for now. Your mother is coming up to Dayton for the day and we’re supposed to go shopping. I love you.


There was something disturbing today inside my dressing room. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen one. They used to just say ‘Watching’. I should probably tell Blaine. On a somewhat lighter note, I ran into Sebastian Smythe at group today. It was so unexpected that for a minute I don’t even think I recognized him. We only talked a little bit, the group setting isn’t exactly conducive to catching up, though he knows why I’m there and now I know why he was there too. For his brother. We traded numbers though I’m not clear on whether or not Sebastian was completely comfortable with that. I was surprise that I was. I think time has pretty much healed whatever was leftover from high school. Besides, both of us know first hand just how important it is not to waste time with things that don’t matter.


Today starts cycle 2 of treatment. I hate treatment though it is a necessary evil. The worst thing of it though is hell week. Hell week is the week where you feel like you want to die because death would be less painful and agonizing than long hours in an infusion chair followed by even longer hours of non stop nausea, paranoia, mouth sores and pain. I guess I should be more positive though. I’m trying to stay sane, and yeah it’s difficult but so far I’m succeeding I think.

Kurt started group today I start group for patients tomorrow, and I actually ran into of all people Santana Lopez. She’s a high end drug rep, and she just happened to be at the clinic today when I was receiving treatment. It sucks when old friends see you on the downswing, but she was understanding and wants to catch up. I should text her later.


Blaine: It was great seeing you today.

Santana: The pleasure was all yours, wasn’t it? I kid. It didn’t completely suck to see you either. The location could’ve been better, though

Blaine: Not gonna lie the location sucked. I’m surprised I haven’t seen you around. This is my second month of treatment.

Santana: Today was my first trip there. One of the shithole clinics in the Bronx closed so it freed up my time and they sent me to that place for the first time. How’s the treatment going though?

Blaine: That clinic’s number one in the city and it’s full of cancer patients so you should get plenty of business from the doctors. It’s stage 3 testicular cancer so treatment’s going about as well as can be expected. Though, good news Kurt and I have reconciled our differences and we’re getting married.”

Santana: Yeah, that place is sort of a cash cow for us as far as I know. How far into treatment are you? Differences? Are you saying Joani and Chaci broke up at some point?

Blaine: This is only my second round, and considering it’s the number two cancer hospital I would think it would be a cash cow. Yeah, we split about two years ago. Things were rough, I accused him of cheating he didn’t deny it and I walked out. We were so insecure with one another so we broke up. That’s the short version. We reconciled about 2 months ago. It’s been a lot in a short amount of time, but we’re happy.

Santana: What they treat doesn’t matter. Honestly, I’m awesome enough at my job that it can be a kids’ hospital and it’s a cash cow. That sounds like quite the little telenovella. Glad you guys worked it out. At least someone in this stupid, garbage-infested hole can do it. I gave up trying years ago.

Blaine: Haha true on that, but would you really want to drug rep at a kids’ hospital? I mean I have a hard enough time seeing sick kids in and out of here and when I run into the hospital for stuff. It really was a bit dramatic to say the least, and the reconciliation has had it’s fair share of drama as well but we’ll make it. You shouldn’t give up on love and romance Santana. It’s something that’s essential to happiness at least that’s how I feel. If you are happy with who you are why not share it with someone else?

Santana: Uh, actually I already do. I don’t really see them, I deal with their doctors and their doctors love me. I have a few pediatrics offices too. Seeing them is a little depressing though.
I’m too busy right now to put some dick or taco or whatever first. Maybe later I’ll stumble on something but for now I’m good. Finishing grad school will be way better than someone who’s not good enough putting a ring on it just because.

Blaine: That’s good I guess. Yeah it is depressing. Oh yah I understand the busy. I have an album release in a few months as well as my full time job at the advertising agency. I hired a PA to help sort through all of my schedule and do PR for me. She’s amazing. Finishing grad school would be an amazing accomplishment, and I totally agree. There is no reason you should have someone put a ring on it just because.


Kurt: Hey, I just wanted to say how cool it was to run into you today, of course then I remembered where we did that and realized how horribly inappropriate that sentiment is.

Sebastian: Hey. It was. And it’s ok. Everyone needs a little support every now and then in rough times. I messaged Blaine too, I hope that’s ok. I’m not planning to blind him or try and have sex with him right away. I’m prepping for Bone Marrow donor anyway. I had forgotten how oddly big your mouth is.

Kurt: Yeah of course! Well, and you know that’s good because I’m really busy right now. I don’t think I can pencil in ass kickings or sing offs or whatever else we might have to get into over that, lol. It can wait, can’t it? Speaking of mouth, oddly enough, I forgot that you weren’t born with a filter for yours. Weird what time can do to our memories, huh?

Sebastian: Ok, so we’ll just table one that for now. Despite my reservations about you, you seem to be in exceptional shape. I was born with a silver spoon that somehow came dislodged after I agreed to help my half-brother. My Mom cheated on my dad and got pregnant while they were still married, so no Smythe will touch this situation with a ten foot pole. No one else on my mother’s side is a match. So here I am.

Kurt: Good, tabled. Age has been very kind to you too. But, on your situation…I think that’s crap… I hope it’s okay to say that, there’s no polite way to say a situation sucks like that. I know, I just tried and erased a ton of different sentiments. Crap fits.


Kurt: A promise is a promise. I started group therapy. I also saw the most unexpected person there.

Blaine: Who? You’re not going to believe who I saw today either.

Kurt: Okay are you sitting down? You should sit down. I ran into Sebastian Smythe. Who’d you see?

Blaine: Yours is definitely more surprising. I ran into Santana at the clinic. She’s a drug rep.

Kurt: Oh wow! How is she? God we haven’t talked in years, and I don’t even know why! You could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw him, seriously.

Blaine: She fell off the radar that’s for sure. She’s going to grad school, not dating anyone that I know of. I bet. How did that go? I mean I’m assuming that he knows we’re “still” together and about why you are at group. I would like to put the past behind us especially considering.

Kurt: It went pretty good, actually. Except, I didn’t clue him in about our history at all. I just let him think we’d been together this whole time. I know, that’s petty, but there he was sitting in the last place I’d expect. Anyway, yes he does know why I was there. And I agree. I think the past should stay in the past.

Blaine: Good deal. I’m almost done here. I feel like hell, but it could be a lot worse. I made sure to tell Santana how to keep in touch with us and not be a stranger, and well as weird as it sounds maybe we should have Sebastian over one night.

Kurt: I’m all set to make tonight as easy as possible. I’m glad you did, I did the same with Sebastian. I was sort of counting on that being alright with you, so I think we’re on the same wavelength, here, thankfully. I might be you home, I’m almost there.

Blaine: Yeah, you are. I just got unhooked from the line, and was really dizzy so they’re making me stay a little longer. Jess is here with me, and making sure I get home in one piece. See you soon. I love you.

Kurt: I’m so thankful for Jess. I’ll see you soon, love you too hon.


Sebastian: Blaine Anderson. I was at group for my very first cry me a river session and I saw Kurt Hummel.

Blaine: I’m sure you heard why he was there then. How are you doing Sebastian?

Sebastian: I’m not bad. I’m here for a while. My half-brother needs bone marrow and I’m a match. He has Leukemia. I’m staying with Santana. Do you see her very often?

Blaine: It sucks to hear that about your half brother. Unfortunately I can relate to what he’s going through. Actually I just saw her today for the first time in a long time. Since when did you two strike up some kind of friendship? I mean I know HS was a long time ago, and we can’t “hate” one another forever, and we all pretty much “hated” you after the rock salt slushy incident, but the two of you are a friendship I never saw coming. Speaking of friends, what do you say we put the past behind us and start over? I wouldn’t mind talking to your face on occasion, and if you’re going to be at group with my soon to be husband I need to get used to the idea of having “a snarky meerkat” around.

Sebastian: He’s in good spirits, they are making sure his liver is up for the punishment of treatment. I go in next week. Pretty nervous. My Dad’s still ignoring my calls. But.. Whatever, sorry for dumping on you.

Blaine: Good to hear he is in good spirits. I’ve been there with the whole liver thing, and it sucks. If you ever need to talk about your dad I can listen. Mine has never been overly supportive you know this. It’s okay to dump on friends. That’s what we are here for. Also, if you need someone to go with you next week I can. I have a few days where I will be up and around the hospital for blood draws and a few scans so I can come sit with you before and after those tests are done.

Sebastian: Thanks. I’ll remember that when want to bore you to death. Are.. you sure? You are a patient. Shouldn’t you be laying around or something?

Blaine: Actually that’s the worst thing you can do or you’ll go crazy. I’ve had a few days where I’ve slept almost 24 hours straight, but since they got my nausea meds straightened out and started me on the medicinal marijuana trial things are better. Gotta love that I can get high for science.

Sebastian: You do pot.. legally? Tell me more. Ok. If you’re sure. Just know that hanging out with me is an exercise in patience because I am really cute and guys will check me out instead of you. Don’t hate. Just saying.

Blaine: Yes I do pot legally. It’s actually quite an interesting situation. Last cycle of chemo was so bad I lost like 20 lbs in 3 weeks so the doctor was like here and wrote me a script for a marijuana trial. I have to log how often and when I smoke, but I’m actually eating and managing to not feel as much like shit this time. Really? I’ve been there and done that everyone stares at Kurt, not to mention my friend Nate’s quite the looker as well. Kurt just got home. Talk to you later.


Blaine had been miserable most of the evening. Chemo was kicking his ass, and he was in desperate need of something to make him more comfortable. He had made some ginger tea, and it was helping the nausea but only slightly. He had even tried texting with Sebastian, but his stomach was still lurching, and he ached all over. He sighed when he noticed Kurt walk in to the bedroom and sit down next to him. He rubbed a gentle hand over his forehead and whispered soothing words. Kurt’s presence helped, and right now he would take anything at this point to feel better.

“I’ll be right back.” Kurt hurried to the kitchen where he knew he’d seen the prescription bottle with the joints. Blaine had them for a reason, and he needed them right now. It was crazy not to use something that could help him, but Kurt knew why he wasn’t. They’d not ever had that talk Kurt had wanted, the one where they discussed Kurt’s philosophy on marijuana, but if ever there was a time, it was now. He snagged a lighter out of the kitchen drawer and padded back into the bedroom. “Here,” he said softly, patted at Blaine’s leg gently. ”We need to get you high.”

Blaine groaned and shook his head as he tried to sit up against the pillows. The nausea wasn’t letting up and although he had the means to get some relief he didn’t really want to go that route, not after the fight, and the drama. He curled in on himself and sighed as Kurt stepped back into the bedroom and patted him on the leg. “No. I can’t, not after what happened.”

Kurt sat carefully on the bed, so as not to jostle Blaine too much. ”Yes you can. You and I haven’t really talked about it, and now isn’t the time, but I’m going to sum it all up for you. I’ve smoked. I don’t have any moral qualms about this, and neither should you. Anyone who thinks otherwise is can, well.. stuff it where the sun doesn’t shine. Look,” Kurt reached into the side drawer and pulled out a little gold compact. He flicked it open and pulled out a joint to show Blaine. ”I even picked up some for myself so we can smoke together.”

Blaine looked up at him and nodded. Week one was the worst, and there was no denying that he needed some sort of additional relief. “You could get in trouble for that,” he whispered as he took one of the prescription joints between his lips and shivered slightly. “Where’s the lighter?”

“That’s me, just a bad boy looking for some trouble,” he teased but his voice was soft as a whisper. He passed the lighter to Blaine. “Right here,” he said. Then he crawled up further on the bed and settled next to Blaine.

Blaine lit the joint between his lips and took in a deep breath before managing to exhale slowly. He sighed and closed his eyes as his stomach flip flopped and he curled back in on himself for a moment before taking another drag. “So when did you smoke?”

Kurt reached for the lighter, but wound up stroking his hand down Blaine’s arm for just a moment. Then he put his joint to his lips and lit it, sucking in carefully as it had been a while since he’d last smoked. He held it for a moment and let it out in a steady stream, only swallowing convulsively on instinct. ”I smoked a lot more than I probably should have right after I moved out of Finn and Rachel’s place. I had this roommate and well, anyway, after a few months of that it was just a once and awhile thing,” he said. “Did you ever smoke?” he asked, curious now that they were on the topic.

“A few times with Nate. That’s really it,” Blaine said after letting the smoke he had been holding in out slowly. He was already beginning to relax, and maybe Kurt had been right. This wasn’t something he was just doing to get high and be irresponsible. He scooted over closer to Kurt and put his hand on his thigh, “So you smoked with the roomy huh? Tell me that story.”

With Nate, of course. Kurt decided not to let his thoughts linger on that too much. Especially if he was about to have to admit certain truths about his past to Blaine. Thank god for the weed, he thought. ”Well,” Kurt chuckled darkly. He took another hit, this one a little longer, and held it in his lungs a moment. Then he blew it out slowly and turned his head toward Blaine. ”I met Michael in the chorus and he needed a roommate and I needed a room. He was a party boy. Big time. His place was a dump and I was depressed so I was pretty much drunk during my down time. One night he grabbed the tequila out of my hand and told me he had something better, something that wouldn’t leave me curled over the toilet. I was scared,” Kurt pursed his lips to hide the more genuine grin that tugged his lips at the memory. “You know me, I hardly even drank before that. But his bong was pretty and purple and he got me high as a kite. It turns out it was a lot nicer than getting drunk.”

Blaine could feel the effects of the weed as he listened to Kurt’s story. “Why do I see this huge hairy guy pulling you off the bathroom floor?” He chuckled lightly as the story continued, “maybe I can buy you a purple bong, or it can be blue and shiny.” Blaine coughed again before taking another hit and holding the smoke in his mouth as he leaned into kiss Kurt.

Kurt shook his head at Blaine’s imagery. He couldn’t be further off. He grinned at the idea that he would have a bong that Blaine bought him because his younger self would have been horrified, but then Blaine was leaning in, pressing his lips in a kiss that took Kurt by surprise.

Blaine exhaled slowly as he pressed his lips to Kurt’s he hoped he got the idea of what he was trying to do. If they were going to smoke together they might as well make it fun. He shifted his body and leaned back pulling Kurt down with him.

Kurt realized what was happening only a second before Blaine exhaled. He was able to part his lips and breathe in, and wow, this is what he’d been missing out on. Kurt’s experiences with getting high had included other guys but none had ever tried this with him. He breathed in, smoke and Blaine’s breath, nothing could be more intimate, he thought. He let it out against Blaine’s mouth as Blaine tugged him lower, closer. The high was setting in and suddenly being closer was the very best idea Blaine had ever had.

“Thanks,” Blaine mumbled as he closed his eyes and curled against Kurt, “I actually feel better.” He took another hit and exhaled slowly watching the wisps of smoke curl towards the ceiling before sighing,

“Mm, I’m glad. I don’t want you suffering so much when you don’t have to,” Kurt closed his eyes, his nose turning into Blaine’s shirt. He breathed in the smell of Blaine, the hint of spice that always clung to his clothes. He traced the curve of Blaine’s arm with one finger, losing himself in that touch for a moment, narrowed down to just that point of contact.

Blaine laughed after a moment, “You know that this is a drug trial right? I think it would be hilarious if I am in fact smoking oregano and just getting a contact high.” He took another hit, “I doubt I would be feeling this good though if it wasn’t the real deal.”

Kurt giggled, then slapped a hand over his mouth to stop the sound. “Oh my god, I’m high. Mine is definitely the real thing,” he slipped his fingers across Blaine’s middle hugging him and nuzzling in as close as he could without laying on Blaine. “Yours is real too, I’m sure,” he nodded as if he were an authority on the matter.

Blaine laughed at Kurt’s reaction and smiled as he nuzzled as close to him as he could. His joint was still smoking in his fingers and he turned to look at Kurt with a goofy smile, “so where was this knowledge a month ago Mr Weed Expert?” He trailed a hand to Kurt’s hip and rested it there before inhaling again.

“A month ago I was shy,” he said, taking another hit. “Everything was all new, how was I supposed to say that. Hey Blaine, I think you need pot and I know how to get you some?” he laughed and then stopped laughing and thoguht about it. “I probably should have said that exact thing,” he admitted. “I’ll hop in with a supplier if you ever need more, how about that?” he said softly.

“nah I’m good, and for future reference I would much rather you get high with my stash since we know it’s safe.” Blaine snuggled closer to him, “I know it’s just weed, but still.”

“Okay, I just didn’t… want to take away from what you had, but then I probably won’t do this as often as you anyway.” Kurt’s eyes slipped closed, his fingers still playing across Blaine, slowly.

Blaine took the joint from Kurt’s hand and stubbed it out before he slipped his own back to his lips inhaled and smiled before leaning in and exhaling against his lips again before whispering, “who says we can’t share.”

Kurt inhaled again, lips brushing against Blaine’s softly. “I like that idea,” he whispered.

Blaine sighed as he deepened the kiss. His whole body felt relaxed and he closed his eyes taking in Kurt’s taste and scent. The sweetness that was just Kurt, “no more shyness. I like this feeling.”

Kurt wrapped his legs around Blaine’s, tangling them together as they kissed. It was so unhurried, that Kurt wished they could always be like that. “I like it too,” he breathed.

“I love you,” Blaine whispered as he closed his eyes again, “I’m feeling tired. Is that normal?”

“I love you,” Kurt answered softly. “That’s pretty normal. Sometimes it’s different, you’ve had a rough couple of days though baby. You should sleep if you can.”

“Yeah, first the fight now back to chemo all week,” Blaine sighed as he shivered again slightly, “stay with me until I fall asleep?”

“I’m in for the night too, I’m not going anywhere, hon.” Kurt squeezed at Blaine gently.

“Kay,” Blaine said as he took a final hit and handed the joint to Kurt before exhaling slowly and dozing off.

Kurt reached over and dabbed out the joint before curling back into Blaine and kissing his temple before slipping off into his own much needed rest.