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First home made shaved ice recipe… banana.  I know it might not taste like much but I froze the banana first so it made a sort of creamy consistency and I added a little honey to help sweeten it, but not too much.  Honey has really good antibacterial and healing properties which I thought would help.  Then I blended it with a lot of ice.  Hopefully it will be as effective as the crushed otter pops with the added benefit of having something nutritious in it.  It’s going to be difficult finding other alternatives because it has to be something very mild.


Blaine: Kurt and I seem to have a small problem. Turns out my famous fiance has a stalker that has also been stalking me.

Santana: Wait, excuse me?  That’s a small problem?  I’d really hate to see what you consider large.  Let me guess, this |——-| is six inches, too.  Fuck.  What are you going to do?

Blaine: I don’t know. Hire a PI for one, secondly make sure my PA isn’t coming in and out of the building alone. He’s been at this for months Kurt just told me today. Something tells me he thought they would just go away.

Santana: I’d swap number one and number two.  Go for a bodyguard instead of a P.I.  The next thing you need is to know who would be interested in stalking babyface.  Is anyone pissed off at him?  Or has someone made moves on him in recent memory? Maybe ask him and let him figure it out in case he hasn’t told you since apparently he can handle the whole world on his own.  Fucking hell.

Blaine: We have a restraining order already set for this one guy, he was trying to hit on him, and was pretty nasty.  You don’t think it could be that jackass do you?

Santana: How is this a real question?  That sounds like a perfect recipe for it to be that asshole.  Guys that don’t take no for an answer well… don’t take no for an answer.

Blaine: Yeah right now my whole brain is just garbled, and on top of that I literally look and feel like I got hit by a truck so there is not much I can do.  I told Kurt to tell Sebastian since everyone we’re associated with needs to know.  I just need to find out who the hell it is so some ass can be kicked and jail time served.


Kurt: If you have some time today, there’s something I sort of needed to talk about.

Sebastian: Is it how hot and amazing I am? Because that is my favorite subject.

Kurt: Sorry no, though, somehow that’s almost as scary a thought.

Sebastian: What is it then? You know now that I think about it, you can help me too.

Kurt: I have a stalker, and, now that I’m telling you, I’m not sure what I’m hoping will happen, but I promised Blaine I was going to reach out and all of that… anyway, the point is, my stalker is now stalking Blaine, and I think maybe this is so much more serious than I wanted to admit. I need advice maybe. I need help. And I’ll be happy to help you too.

Sebastian: This offends me. No one stalks Blaine but me. Why don’t set a little trap for him? Confront him. It’s what I’d do.

Kurt: Nice. But, I mean if it is a him even, who knows? How would we do that though, isn’t that sort of dangerous?

Sebastian: Who even knows. Danger’s my middle name baby. ;) Sebastian Danger Smythe. What have you got to lose?

Kurt: I guess… Is this you offering your services?

Sebastian: Does that mean I get to charge? Because I get paid in home cooked meals.

Kurt: I think we can do business, Mr. Smythe. You want to tell me about that thing I can help you with?

Sebastian: beef bourguignon. It’s my favorite and makes me cry for home like teenage girl. And yes. I’ll be your watchdog.  It’s about Santana. I want to do something really nice for her, but I can’t be obvious about it. She’s being really good about letting me stay with her and I’ve never been in a cash crunch before. My Dad closed all my accounts even though I was making my own money before I took a leave to help my brother.  Just keep your ears open for something she might need that would be a nice surprise for her? And Hummel? Don’t spread it around that I’m nice or generous? Nice guys don’t get laid.

Kurt: Beef Bourguignon, check. Consider it a done deal. As for the other, I’ll be keeping my ears open, but right off the top of my head I would say, it’s the smaller things that matter. You don’t have to go to great lengths to know that Santana could be impressed with something humble or helpful. Cook dinner, take out the trash, ask her what needs picking up at the grocery store. Little things to make her life easier. You might be surprised how much that would mean to her. I’m sure she’s really busy, there ought to be tons of things that would make her smile. Thanks for helping, I guess you’ll understand that I’m up to my ears around here.


Blaine: There is something you should know. I know Kurt probably already told you but he and I seem to have a stalker. He’s been following both of us and I guess took pictures of me at treatment and out with my PA. I told Santana too that way if you guys are in and out of our apartment for any reason you can watch your backs.

Sebastian: Holy shit.  I’ll watch more than your back.  I’ll look for the stalker.  That is nine kinds of creepy and that is coming from ME.  Does Santana know?  The last thing I want is more competition latching onto her.

Blaine: Santana does know. As it turns out this has been going on for months with Kurt. He didn’t tell me because he didn’t want to worry me, but now that I know I’m freaked. I have a feeling of who it might be too.

Sebastian: Shit.  I can’t believe she didn’t come to me for a little mutual ass kicking.  You don’t worry about this anymore.  It’s being handled.

Blaine: well considering I just told her she probably hasn’t had a chance to pass the message. I really appreciate it I have no physical strength right now to fight off anyone that could try to hurt Kurt.


Jess: Hey Kurt.  Blaine’s still asleep if you were planning on coming in between shows.

Kurt: Yeah I’m still coming.  Is everything okay?  With, well you know, about the stalker?

Jess: Yes Blaine’s fine just really tired.  The doctor said this could happen though especially after a bad week like he just had.  I’m here with Nate and we’re locked in the apartment.  No one comes in unless we know them.

Kurt: Thanks.  I’ll be home in a while.

Jess: Okay :)


Kurt changed as quickly as he possibly could, scrubbed his face clean, and hurried home between shows.  He was going to be cutting it close, but he needed to see Blaine, check in, make him a smoothie, even just watch him breathe in his sleep for a little bit.  This had been hell week for Blaine and Kurt hated every minute they were apart.  It turned out that he was still sleeping when Kurt got home, and watching him sleep made it too tempting to wake him up.  Kurt did so gently, stroking his fingers across his cheek.  ”Hey, baby?”

Blaine stirred slightly at the touch of Kurt’s hand and his eyes fluttered slightly.  He didn’t even know what time it was.  He had been in such a daze only waking a few times to take a few bites of the banana and honey shaved ice and go to the bathroom.  ”Hey,” he whispered his voice still thick with sleep and mouth still swollen from the sores, “what time is it how were both shows?”

“Its still early, I can’t stay long I just wanted to check in before the second show.” Kurt settled in the bed and gathered Blaine’s hand in his.  ”The first one was good though.  Have you been sleeping well?”

“Yeah, for the most part,” he squeezed Kurt’s hand gently and closed his eyes again, “I’m just so tired.  This week has been awful.”  He swallowed painfully, “I’m guessing Jessica is still here?  I vaguely remember her coming in here to see if I needed anything.”

“She is,” Kurt smiled and brushed their lips together softly, “she’s been guarding the door with her life.  Nate’s with her.”

Blaine couldn’t help but let out a pained chuckle.  Jessica and Nate were his two closest friends from his time apart from Kurt, and they would do anything for him, “yeah I remember now mumbling something about how she should text Santana too and see if she could find me some kick ass lidocaine slurpee.  I’m mostly sleeping because of the pain.”  He sighed and closed his eyes again, “thanks for the banana puree though.  It’s really good.”

“You’re welcome,” Kurt said and kissed his cheek snuggling in against him as there was a knock on the door.

Santana frowned a little and shook the cup.  She probably should’ve been more annoyed when she got the text from “hey this is Jess” but she knew Blaine was suffering and even if she wanted to rag on the guy, it wasn’t like she actually wanted him to hurt.  Plus sore mouth was never any good and she’d only ever had wisdom teeth out.  She knocked on the door, knowing hey-this-is-Jess would be on the other side, but she was still shocked by the adorable girl who answered.  ”Hey, one Lidocaine Slurpee as requested.”

Jess opened the door and smiled, “so you must be Santana Lopez.  I’m Jess.  Blaine’s with Kurt in the bedroom, and I’ll be surprised if he wakes up.  He’s literally slept all day and half the night.”  She ran a hand through a lock of hair and smiled again, “thanks for bringing the meds.”

Santana smiled at the cute girl.  As in chubby-cheeked, angel-faced, want-to-steal-all-that-innocence cute.  Fuck.  She was turning into Sebastian without a dick.  ”Yes, anytime.  I have incredible access to these sorts of things so it seems like the least I can do.  You definitely called the right person.”  It was hard to walk with confidence through an apartment you’d never been inside before, but she was pretty sure she pulled it off.  ”You can keep my telephone number if you’d like,” she said over her shoulder as she reached the bedroom.  Jess snorted a laugh in the distance as she rounded the corner to the bedroom where Kurt slipped another kiss against Blaine’s cheek.

“Thanks for coming over Santana,” Kurt smiled and hugged her, “I won’t be as rushed next time.”  

“Bye love,” Blaine croaked out and smiled, “By the way I heard the exchange in the living room and she’s straight, totally-in-love-with-a-boy straight.  How’re you doing?”

Santana shrugged.  ”Who hasn’t been there before?  I mean, most of the time I think the only thing separating the general population from switching teams is a suggestion.”  She handed the drink over.  ”I brought you something special.  And before you can ask, it’s way better than special brownies, okay?  My stuff is legal.  I’m just fine.”

“Nice, a swish and spit slushee, and nothing is better than special brownies.  I actually have prescription joints.  I just can’t smoke it when my mouth is on fire, and I’m sleeping all the time.”  He leaned over and took a sip of the ice water on the nightstand and motioned for Santana to come sit on the bed, “sit woman and tell me about your day?”

Santana shot Blaine a pissy look.  ”Did you just waste a word from those poor, miserable looking guppy lips to call me ‘woman’?  I really thought you’d have even better drugged-up judgment than that.  But my day was okay.  How about yours with all the sleeping?

“Sorry,” Blaine smiled as much as possible, “and guppy lips really?  I’m not Sam.  Sleeping on the other hand was sleeping which I haven’t gotten very much of in the last week so needless to say my body is screaming catch up.  How’s it going living with Sebastian?”

Santana’s look changed from pissy to something else entirely.  ”He’s…it’s….”  she pursed her lips.  ”I’m not sure yet.  He goes through my things and makes completely inappropriate, innuendo-laced comments without invitation.” She shrugged.  “It’s like cheerleading for the football team all over again.  I know someone’s eyes are always on my ass and it won’t do me any good to complain about it because I generally don’t care.  I’m sort of surprised you guys aren’t the Bobbsey Twins Deluxe Set with the happy Hudsons.  What happened there?”

Blaine laughed.  “You have such a gay boyfriend crush.”  His face fell and he sighed a bit.  “We were for awhile until Rachel walked in on Finn and I as high as a kite.  She accused me of being a druggie even though I clearly showed her the prescription bottle from the drug trial.  She’s going through a lot of shit though, and quite honestly I think it’s better she deals with her marriage and their issues before coming back into this.”

“There’s a lot to process there.  Finn… that would’ve been hilarious if he’s still at all the same and I’m sure she lost her shit.  So they’re having problems.  Who would’ve thought getting married at eighteen would be so tough.” She rolled her eyes.  ”Probably better if you guys split focus.  I was pretty sure I saw them at some random place a couple of times but I sure as hell wasn’t going to drop what I was doing to say hello.  Staying incognito has been good for me.  Well, until I blew my cover.”

“You know you blew it on purpose.  You missed my eyebrows,” Blaine chuckled, “well or in today’s case, a lack thereof.”  He closed his eyes and shifted uncomfortably before hearing the buzzer on the door, and decided to get up and stretch out.  ‘You should stay and eat.  I’m sure there will be some kind of take out or something will be ordered.”

Santana smiled, “sounds good.”  She headed out of the bedroom and into the living room to give him a moment.  She noticed Jess checking through the peephole, and couldn’t help but let her eyes wander over her ass as she opened the door.

“If I didn’t know who you were you wouldn’t be getting admittance.  Why are you ringing the doorbell,” Jess snapped as she ushered Sebastian into the apartment.

“I see…” He smirked as he walked on in.  “I heard you have my hetero exception hiding here.  She can’t hide from me forever.”  

Blaine laughed as he stepped out of the bedroom and noticed Sebastian there with Jess bickering about the door buzzer.  He couldn’t believe that he was standing there, “What’s going on?  Come for Kurt or to track down Santana?”  He slid onto the couch and reached for a the cup of ice that Jessica was holding out to him, “as you can see she’s here, but Kurt’s at work.”

“He works?” Sebastian smirked before smiling, almost sadly at Blaine and giving him a quick hug and sitting down on the opposite end of the couch.  “I thought he just rode a unicorn all day long and painted rainbows everywhere while dressing up gay men everywhere in fashion forward clothing.  Like a fairy Godmother or something. You know I’m just kidding, right?  I don’t really think Kurt paints rainbows.  How are you feeling?  Is this a bad time?”

Blaine smiled and looked at Sebastian.  He noticed the sad smile and sighed though he quickly smirked slightly, “and I see you still can’t say anything with a straight face.”  He took a bite of the shaved ice and winced slightly from the cold, “I know you’re kidding, and no it’s not a bad time.  I’m just sorry I’m not better company.”

“What?  You’re fantastic company.  I put you even with Santana, but you’re more fun, because when you compliment me, you don’t also add in extra sentences that places you two steps of hotness above everyone else.” He shook his head.  “I swear we are still competing for dominance sometimes.  Even though I am clearly the top in our non-gay friendship.”  His eyebrows drew closer together thinking over what he’d just said.  

Blaine chuckled and looked over at Santana who was busily chatting Jessica up with little success, “she definitely has a way of doing that.”  He looked down at his watch and sighed, “How’s your brother?”

“He’s…tired.”  Sebastian ran a  hand through his hair.  ”I had to leave early.  I worry… about him.”

“Yeah, I bet he is.  How old is he?” Blaine took another bite of the ice chips and sighed as he swallowed.

“He’s twenty.” Sebastian swallowed hard.  “I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with him while I was living with my dad, but… he and I got close while we were both living with my mother in Paris.”  He paused a moment, “he wants to go to NYU...I hope he makes it… to college… shit…” he shook his head fast. “Sorry.  That sounded bad.”  

“Actually I get it,” Blaine moved closer to Sebastian and put a hand on his shoulder, “He’s made it this far though, and you can’t give up on him.  Especially if you are helping him.”

“Yeah…you’re right.  You are so focused and positive.  I admire that.”  He smiled.  

After the second show, Kurt took a little more care getting his face clean and moisturized, and then he changed to head home.  He watched over his shoulder, but he never saw anyone or anything out of place.  He took a cab home, glad to be done with what felt like a ridiculously long day.  At the apartment he unlocked the door and stepped in, flashing everyone a surprised but happy grin as he stepped in.  “Hey,” he said, locking the door behind him.

“Hey,” Blaine whispered as he looked up and saw Kurt and motioned for him to come sit down, “how was the show?”

Sebastian saluted Kurt with two fingers coming off the side of his forehead and smirked.  ”Did you put the unicorn in the stable?”  

Blaine side eyed Sebastian, “asshole.”

Kurt went and hugged the girls, and swooped in to kiss Blaine’s cheek briefly.  He answered Blaine first.  “It was good, I think everyone nailed the new routine, especially in the second show.  I guess all the extra rehearsals really paid off,” Kurt sighed.  That didn’t mean he’d want to repeat the week any time soon.  Then he shot Sebastian a grin.  “I did, can you be sure to give it a thorough brushing tonight on your stable rounds?”

Sebastian smirked.  ”Stable boy huh?  That sounds like the start of a bad porno.”   

“Which is why it makes so much sense to me,” Kurt agreed.  He patted Blaine’s leg absently and and sat down next to him.

Blaine smiled and yawned as he wrapped his hand around Kurt’s.  He felt so warm and safe with him, and their friends.  The last few days had really been a lot emotionally and now that his body was in recovery from chemo mode he could feel himself dozing off again.  As Kurt ran a hand through his hair he slipped further into sleep.

Sebastian watched the two of them in awe for a moment, “Wow… he sleeps anywhere?”  

“Just this week,” Kurt said, his voice softening.  ”He had chemo every day this week.”

He nodded once.  ”How do you do it?  Sometimes I have to leave the room because it’s hard to look at my brother,” Sebastian said sadly, “He’s just so young and it’s so hard.”

He couldn’t shrug really, but he tried it with one shoulder.  “I completely lose my shit on a regular basis,” Kurt smiled sadly.  “Then I just get back to our regular routine.  Blaine’s the one that asked me to find a support group. He handles it a lot better than I do.”

Sebastian smiled, “Well.  I never thought I’d say this.  But I admire you both so much just watching you both today.  It must be..crazy at times.”  

Kurt swallowed, both pleased to hear such a compliment from Sebastian and nervous because it was time now to admit the truth.  “Did he tell you anything about our relationship?” Kurt asked, carefully.

“No” Sebastian shook his head.  ”You love each other.  That’s enough right?”  

“Yeah, of course.  But I’ve sort of just let you think it was always like that, when the truth is we were apart two years.  We didn’t even talk.  We met back up at a reunion in Lima when he also told me about the cancer.” Kurt took a deep breath.  ”That was only about six weeks ago.”

Sebastian’s mouth fell open.  ”Oh… shit.”

Kurt just nodded.  A small half frown tugging the corner of his mouth.

Recovering quickly, he looked away, processing everything and then looked back.  “So I missed my chance with both of you.  Well that sucks..” He laughed.  “Kidding.  I’m still a manchild who can’t commit.”

A little chuckle bubbled out of Kurt.  ”You know, when the world always seems to be in a state of upheaval, it’s sort of good to know that I can still count on some things to stay the same.”  Kurt smiled and sighed as the conversation continued.  It felt good to just relax in the comfort of their home with the people around them that they loved.


Kurt: Hey, I caught a minute and thought I’d check in on Blaine.  How’s he doing?

Jess: He’s asleep again.  Just got up and rinsed his mouth with his mouthwash about twenty minutes ago and drank some water.  I think he’s doing pretty well all things considered.

Kurt: I’m so grateful he has you and Nate there looking after him.  I hope you know how much it means to me that you guys have taken me in.  When I say I’m grateful to you for looking after Blaine I don’t mean that you wouldn’t have anyway I mean that you’re both amazing and Blaine has the best taste in friends, seriously.

Jess: Kurt, we love you.  Looking out for you two is something both of us want to do, we’re glad to do it.  You just get out there and get your work done, okay?  Don’t worry so much about Blaine, we’ll all still be right here when you get home.

Kurt: Thanks Jess, see you in a couple of hours.


Kurt hurried home from the theater, glad to finally be getting some down time.  When he stepped in, Nate and Jess were there and he said his hellos, and headed into the kitchen.  ”Have you guys had any dinner yet?  I know it’s a little early, but I’m starving.”

“We were actually just talking about that,” Jess smiled, “Blaine hasn’t moved at all so we were thinking we’d order in.”

“Not a chance,” Kurt said.  ”We’ve all been living off of delivery all week.  I’m cooking dinner tonight and I’m not taking no for an answer.  You’ve both earned a good home cooked meal.” Kurt began pulling things out of the cabinets, tossing a grin over his shoulder at both of them.

Nate looked at Jess and shrugged.  “Okay I won’t argue with that.”

Kurt laughed.  ”Good,” he said.  He washed his hands and got the water boiling for the brown rice.  Then he set about chopping the vegetables for ratatouille.  It was fairly simple and people usually enjoyed it.  ”How was the rest of the day?” he asked.

“No different than yesterday,” Nate said chewing his lip and taking a deep breath in, “in fact I think he’s slept more today than yesterday if that’s even possible.”  He stood up and went to get a bottle of water, “how’re you holding up?”

“No different than yesterday,” he said softly.  He looked up at Nate from his chopping and smiled sadly.  ”Or the day before that, or the day before that.”  Then he chopped a little more forcefully.  ”I’m sorry, I don’t know where that came from.  I’m alright, you know, it’s hard.”

“Kurt,” Nate spoke softly.  “It’s okay to not like me, but you need to know that Blaine is fighting for you.  Personally I doubt he would be so optimistic if you weren’t around.”

Kurt set his knife down and turned around, leaning back against the counter.  ”I didn’t mean that, I didn’t even think you would take it that way.  I meant… I’m just as scared and bitter as I was yesterday and the day before, and I know I’m not supposed to give in and just say it.  I’m supposed to say, Oh, I’m hanging in there.  But I you asked, and I know you get it too, so it just slipped out.  I know he’s fighting for me, though.  Blaine’s courage is the only thing keeping me going at this point.”  Kurt crossed his arms over his chest.  ”It means a lot to me that you’ve been here, and I should have said that sooner.” he said softly.

“I get it”, Nate looked at Kurt and sighed, “and he has more courage than anyone else I’ve ever met, that’s probably why I wanted to desperately for a relationship with him to work out.”  Nate turned and took a sip of water, “but I always knew I would never live up to you in his eyes and now I know why.  You two make love look easy, and frankly as much as I still love my ex, he doesn’t complete me like you complete Blaine.  Don’t thank me, I’m just doing what friends should do,” Nate smiled and looked back at Kurt, ratatouille or beef bourguignonne?”

Kurt squeezed his arms around himself a little tighter.  It set off a tight little twang inside him when Nate spoke about a relationship with Blaine, but the fact of the matter was that he’d never once tried anything since the day Kurt arrived back in Blaine’s life.  He’d just been an amazing friend and steady support system.  There was no one like that in Kurt’s life.  Blaine was amazing and inspired love and loyalty and Kurt could accept that.  He’d been slowly accepting Nate into his own life and hadn’t even realized it.  He was a good man and a good friend and really that was all that mattered.  In fact both of them needed as many good people around them right now as possible.

”Probably both,” he admitted.  “I have to use these vegetables I had in the fridge before they go bad, and I may or may not have recently promised a delicious beef bourguignonne to Sebastian.  So I picked some things up on my way home for that.  It’s been a while and I may need some practice.  Which,” he said, picking the knife back up, “is between you and me.”  Kurt playfully waggled the knife in Nate’s direction before turning back to his vegetables.

“Deal,” Nate laughed and smiled at Kurt, “Do you need any help?”

“Could you find the dutch oven for me, I need to get the bacon going,” Kurt smiled back at him and scooped the veggies for the ratatouille over into a mixing bowl.  The he reached for the plastic wrap and covered them and placed them back into the fridge and pulled out the bacon.  They were going to have to send food home with people, but Kurt didn’t care.  He wasn’t about to embarrass himself in front of Sebastian by not having the perfect meal.

“Sure,” Nate smiled and turned around to go through the cabinets.

“I guess I missed the party again,” Blaine said as he walked into the kitchen and went searching for water and ice chips, “did I sleep straight through from last night until now?”

Kurt turned around and hugged Blaine, gently.  ”Pretty much,” Kurt said.  ”But this party’s just getting going, so you haven’t missed much.  How do you feel?”

“Honestly, still like crap,” Blaine said as he wrapped an arm around Kurt and sighed, “I’m really cold too.  Probably from all the ice I’ve been eating.  How late did you and Sebastian stay up talking?”

“Pretty late,” Kurt admitted.  ”It’s still a little surreal thinking of him as a friend.” Kurt shot Nate a grin.  ”But I guess there’s a lot of that going around lately.

Nate smiled back at Kurt.  “There really is.”  

Blaine caught a moment of the glance between them and smiled before brushing his lips against Kurt’s neck, “So I need opinions.  How do my lips look today since Santana brought me that stuff last night to swish around?”

Kurt stepped back to get a better look.  ”A little better,” Kurt nodded.  ”Still red, but not as swollen.”

“They feel a little better, but it’s hard to tell,” he shrugged and yawned, “what are you cooking?”

“The whole kitchen?” Kurt smiled crookedly and started working on chopping the bacon.  He asked Nate to pull out the beef chuck, and then he turned back to Blaine.  ”Ratatouille and beef bourguignon actually.  Can I make you anything?” he offered.

Blaine chuckled lightly, “Actually I think I’m going to make me a chocolate protein shake and then lay back down on the couch, and try and watch the game before sleeping some more.  I’m just so worn out.  I hope I’m not getting sick on top of this.”

“Okay,” Kurt said.  Then he added, “I hope you’re not either.” His eyebrows drew together but he focused on cooking the bacon pieces.

“Doubtful,” Blaine said as he poured some milk in a shaker with some protein powder, “I think it’s mainly the meds for my mouth causing all the tired. That and recovery time.”  He shook the drink quickly before taking a sip and heading to the couch and switching on the TV.

“Yeah,” Kurt said.  Hopefully that was all.  He let Blaine go without saying anything else though.  Kurt moved on to cutting the beef while setting Nate to chopping more veggies.  ”It really was my plan to do this for you and not make you work,” he told Nate.

“Well I offered, and this is a lot to chop up,” Nate said looking into the living room where Jess was busy tapping away on her tablet at passing notes between herself and Blaine, “besides it’s really the least  I can do besides dishes later.”  He moved the carrots from the cutting board to a bowl before cutting into a fresh washed onion, “so have you gotten anything done for the wedding?”

“Well I really appreciate the help,” he smiled and began browning the meat.  ”Not a thing,” Kurt sighed.  ”There isn’t any time right now.  Besides, Blaine feels terrible.  I can’t imagine trying to move forward with any plans right now.  It’s just going to have to wait a few more months.

Nate sighed and continued to chop through the onion, “well I’m sure once it happens it will be an amazing day for both of you, and if you need any help feel free to ask.”  He dumped the rest of the chopped onion in a bowl with the carrot and smiled, “anything else?”

“I will, thanks.”  Kurt worked on stirring in the onion and carrot.  ”I think I have this for now.  I just have to put on the other veggies and then everything has to sort of cook down for a while.”

“Sounds good, I’m going to go catch the game,” Nate smiled and grabbed another container of banana shave ice from the freezer, “I’m also going to make sure he eats some of this in place of the otter pops he snuck out of here too.”  Nate winked and headed out to the couch.

Kurt just laughed at Nate and then worked quietly for the next few minutes, getting everything set to simmer.  Once it was all done and his rice was cooking, Kurt grabbed a snapple from the fridge and sat down with the others in front of the game.

Blaine pulled the blanket he was wrapped in around Kurt and leaned in and whispered against his ear, “thanks.”

Kurt kissed his cheek lightly.  ”You don’t have to thank me.  I didn’t do anything different today.  I always look this good,” Kurt teased in his ear.

“Ass,” Blaine teased back, “but really thank you for cooking and getting out and everything.  I like to know you aren’t losing yourself because of me.”

Kurt grinned at Blaine and then leaned back into him.  ”I think this whole, talking to others thing must be working,” Kurt admitted.  

“Good because all of these people are family,” Blaine smiled and kissed him gently, “love you.”

Kurt glanced over at Jessica, and then at Nate.  Blaine was right.  Somewhere along the way, Kurt had just accepted that.  These people were family.  It made him smile.  ”Love you,” Kurt said.