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Faith Fluff Days

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It had been some time since they'd had a letter from Jamie in France so when Jenny saw the seal she left Maggie and young Jamie with Mrs. Crook and hurried off in search of Ian. She met him leading the draft horses back to the barn and followed after him eventually perching on a bale of hay as Ian guided them into their stalls and returned the harnesses to their hooks.

“Well go on and read it aloud if ye’re so anxious o’er it,” he urged her with a grin.

Jenny rolled her eyes but was too nervous about the news it might carry after so long a silence.

“I’m hoping this letter finds Auntie Jenny and Uncle Ian—Claire’s had the bairn then!” Jenny exclaimed excitedly breathing a sigh of relief. “I’m hoping this letter finds ye with less incident than yer niece did as she made her entrance to the world though at least some of that incident arises from her own over-eagerness—it was hard to tell from Jamie’s earlier letters but I didna think Claire should have borne the babe so soon as this,” Jenny remarked, glancing up from the letter to spot Ian leaning over the wall of one of the stalls. The smile on his face sent a flush up into hers as she turned her attention back to the letter.

“There’s much to tell on those accounts as well as others but I’d rather acquit ye of the details in person than set my hand to cramping with trying to make it all fit the pages here, so fer now I’ll be brief and tell ye Jared’s wine business will survive my having had the charge of it and fer all the gossip and intrigue of Paris can be bothersome, it has yielded some much desired fruit in the form of a pardon—they’re coming home!” She jumped to her feet at that and ran the stall leaning her back against the wood planks so that Ian could read the rest of the letter over her shoulder along with her.

“They’re making their arrangements while Claire and the bairn recover their strength and then they’ll make their way here once and for all,” Ian happily summarized. “That’ll be some relief.”

“Faith,” Jenny murmured. “That’s the lass’ name.” She scrunched up her face a bit at it. “I’d have expected him to name her Ellen for our mam but he promises there’s a story there as well.” She folded the letter and pressed her thumb and forefinger along the seams to reinforce the creases. “Always full of tales, my brother. Sense on the other hand…”

“All Frasers are full of tales,” Ian teased her lightly.

“We should have word again soon telling when to expect them.”

Ian went back to watering the horses and mixing their supper.

“I’ll have another look through my mother’s things for Claire,” Jenny planned aloud. “And there’s that bit of blue silk I’ve been saving—might make a nice pillow for wee Faith.”