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Time Heals

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"Clarke, this is no time for sleeping!" Raven shouts, loudly announcing herself by tearing through Clarke's bedroom door and bouncing next to her on the bed.

"Raven, what the actual fuck?" she shouts, her heart racing from the unexpected wake up call. "How did you get into my apartment? I didn't forget to lock the door did I?"

"Relax," Raven says, rolling her eyes. "You didn't forget to lock the door. I used my key."

Upon hearing the words 'my key', Clarke shakes her head and tries to blink away the sleep from her eyes so she can focus on Raven properly.

"What key? I didn't give you a key."

"Octavia has a key. We're both your best friends and I felt it was unfair that I was the only one who didn't have a key to your apartment. So, I borrowed Octavia's and got a key cut for myself," Raven explains, all matter of fact, like it was the obvious thing to do.

"You're unbelievable," she mutters, equal parts annoyed and impressed by her determination.

"Exactly," Raven agrees, excitedly turning towards Clarke, "that's what I came to talk to you about."

"You came to talk to me about you being...unbelievable?" Clarke asks, confused.

"I had my date with Anya last night," Raven explains, her lips pulling into a smirk. "She definitely thinks I'm 'unbelievable'..If you know what I mean."

"Oh, ew!" she groans, grabbing her pillow from under her head and trying to cover her ears. "It's too early to hear about your sex-capades."

"Clarke," Raven laughs, trying to take the pillow away, "come on, I couldn't go to Octavia's to talk about the date because of Lincoln and the whole 'sibling' thing, so you have to let me talk about it!"

They struggle for a few seconds, both trying to get the pillow, before Clarke lets out a big sigh and admits defeat. "Fine, I'll let you talk about your date with Anya, but first, I need a shower and you can make me some coffee."

"Deal, Griff," Raven agrees, jumping out of the bed and making her way towards the kitchen.

Clarke pushes her arms out and stretches, trying in vain to cling to the last bit of warmth and comfort. She sits up and reaches for her phone to check the time and smiles when she sees there are messages from Lexa.

Lexa - My pillows smell like you.
Lexa - I'm meeting Anya for a quick coffee. Apparently her and Raven had quite the date last night.
Lexa - Ps. Good morning. [heart eyes emoji]

She chuckles to herself upon seeing Lexa's use of an emoji and tries (without much success) to wipe the love-struck smile off her face.

Clarke - I wish my pillows smelt like you. Raven is already here [rolls eyes emoji]. She has a key to my apartment?! Anyway, good morning to you as well [love heart emoji]

"Clarke," Raven shouts, "I don't hear you getting out of bed. Stop being mushy with Lexa and get in the damn shower!"

She doesn't have the heart to argue, knowing Raven is correct in her assumption. Waking up to texts from her girlfriend is one of her favorite things. Lexa is always awake before her and most mornings leaves Clarke messages to wake up to.

Clarke finally gets out of bed, having much more enthusiasm to do so after hearing from Lexa, and makes her way towards her en-suite bathroom.

As the warm water cascades down her back, Clarke closes her eyes and lets herself get wrapped up in a daydream of her and Lexa's make-out session from yesterday at the office. She's kissed a lot of people, especially during her college days, but nobody else can compare to Lexa's soft, plump lips. It's a struggle not to let her mind wander too much, knowing that Raven is in the apartment and waiting for her.

Clarke finishes her shower, turning the water temperature to 'cold' for a few seconds before turning it off completely, trying to shake her less than friendly thoughts about Lexa from her mind.

She doesn't put too much thought into her clothing, knowing she's likely to change into something later to go out in and decides on a long sleeved t-shirt and shorts, before going out to see what all the fuss is about in regards to Raven's date.

"Okay, what's so special about this date that you felt the need to break into my apartment and wake me up?" she asks, tying her wet hair into a bun and making her way into the living room.

"Anya is amazing," Raven breathes, clearly smitten.

Clarke is surprised by Raven's eagerness, knowing that the girl is usually more reserved about relationships until at least a few weeks in. She decides to shake off her annoyance at being woken up and pay more attention to her best friend.

"Tell me everything," Clarke encourages, grabbing her coffee and taking a seat next to Raven on the couch.

"Okay," Raven says, barely able to sit still. "The plan was to go out for dinner. So, I offered to pick Anya up and I was on time, everything was going well. Until my car broke down," Raven laughs, eyes wide like she can hardly believe it. "I'm a mechanic and my car broke down. Anya found it hilarious. Anyway, I popped the hood to take a look and fix it, which I did, but my dress ended up covered in oil and black marks. We ended up ditching the restaurant plan and getting a takeaway, which we ate in my car, under the an impromptu picnic. It was perfect," Raven swoons.

"First of all, I'm getting Lincoln to service my car from now on since you can't even take care of your own," she jibes and Raven looks only slightly offended. "Second, that sounds amazing and straight out of a romantic comedy, you know, the ones you usually give me hell for watching."

"Anyway," Raven says, rolling her eyes and changing the subject, "Anya is great. I didn't know what to expect, since we kinda already slept together....I didn't know if we'd have much in common. But, Clarke... She's so easy to talk to. I even told her about my accident," Raven whispers, her hand drifting briefly to her brace-covered knee.

"Wow," Clarke says, her surprise growing. Raven rarely talks about her knee or brace with anyone other than her and Octavia. It's not something that Raven enjoys talking about, so for her to bring it up voluntarily with Anya on their first date? It says a lot about her comfort level and trust in Anya already. "Rae, I'm so proud of you. When's the next date?"

"Today," Raven answers, eyes dancing with mischief. "Anya called Lincoln and ordered him to let me have an extended break so we could have lunch together, since it's her day off. Speaking of work," Raven says, glancing at her watch, "I should probably get going."

"What a shame," Clarke jokes and Raven shoves her shoulder.

"How are you and Lexa going?" Raven asks, standing and picking up her jacket from the back of the sofa to put back on.

"Yeah, we're good," Clarke replies, taking a sip of her coffee to mask the grin threatening to overtake her face as she remembers those racier thoughts from ealier.

"We'll have to organize a double date," Raven says, without a trace of sarcasm.

"Uhh," she freezes, knowing Lexa would hate that, "actually, Lexa's quite busy with work at the moment."

"Well, she can't be busy forever. We'll make it happen," Raven winks, grabbing her car keys and making her way to the front door. "I'll see you on Saturday?"

"Yep," Clarke nods, opening the door for her. "Enjoy your lunch with Anya."

"Thanks, Clarke," Raven says, giving her a quick hug before exiting the apartment.

Clarke closes the door and takes her coffee with her to the bedroom to check if Lexa has replied to her texts.

Lexa - Oh god, please don't tell Anya that Raven has a key to your place. She'll think it's a great idea and ask me for one to MY apartment.

She lets out a mighty groan upon reading Lexa's text, realizing that Raven still has the key to her apartment. She had meant to ask for it back. Clarke wonders briefly if it might be easier to just change her locks.


"It's about time," Anya huffs, as Lexa takes a seat opposite her. "I ordered you a coffee but it's probably cold by now."

"It's the thought that counts," Lexa replies, taking a sip of her cold coffee.

Anya rolls her eyes in response, clearly unimpressed at being kept waiting. "I know you haven't got much time, so let's get straight to it, pun intended," Anya adds with a self-satisfied smirk. "How are you? How's Clarke?"

"She's good," Lexa answers, a coy smile in place. "I'm good. We're all good."

"Yeah, sure," Anya says, disbelief written all over her face. "When I called you yesterday, you were all doom and gloom."

"Ah," she says, taking another sip of her coffee, "that's all sorted now."

"Well, what happened?" Anya asks, clearly not willing to drop the subject.

"Clarke and I had a disagreement," she explains, avoiding eye contact. "Well, Aden and I, too."

"What did you do?"

"What makes you think it was my fault?"

"Was it?"

"Yes," Lexa huffs, "I suppose it was."

"Exactly. Let's hear it, then," Anya says, staring her down.

Lexa lets out a sigh and starts picking at the edge of her coffee cup. "Aden wants to go on some soccer camp thing and I said 'no'. It didn't go down very well."

"No shit," Anya snorts. "So how did you make up with Clarke? Flowers or chocolates? Something sexual that I don't want to know about?"

"Anya," she sighs, "you know we haven't slept together yet."

"If you took my advice about buying Aden some earplugs.." Anya trails off, eyebrow raised.

"No. Anyway, Clarke actually brought me lunch at work and apologized."

Anya is mid-sip and almost spits out her drink. "She apologized?"

"Yes, she did," Lexa answers, a smile forming as she remembers what the apology led to.

"Why don't you want Aden to go?" Anya asks, confused.

"Because Coach Collins is unreliable and can't be trusted," she grumbles. "There's no way I can let Aden go. It's not safe."

"Lexa, it's a soccer camp, how much trouble can he get into?"

"It's a few hours drive," she replies, voice soft.

"So, this is about the drive?"

"Anya, my parents were great drivers and still died in a freak accident. It would be irresponsible of me to let him go on a trip so far away with an unknown driver," she explains, trying to keep her reasons logical and unemotional.

"You're scared," Anya appraises, seeing through Lexa easily.

"Wouldn't you be?" She responds, not bothering to deny it. "He's the only family I have left and it's my responsibility to keep him safe."

"Okay," Anya agrees, "but you can't keep him locked up forever. He's going to get older and start making his own choices. I know it's scary, Lexa, but your parents wouldn't want him, or you, missing out on things because of what happened to them."

"What they would want," she says, temper flaring, "is for Aden to be safe. I can't keep him safe if he's that far away, can I?"

"Lexa, I'm your best friend. You know I've always got your back, but just take some time to think about this. Your parents were some of the most loving and caring people I've ever met," Anya says, her face clouding with sadness. "More than anything, they'd just want you both to do whatever makes you happy."

Lexa doesn't answer straight away, Anya's words filling her with emotion. It hurts Lexa to think about her parents and she avoids doing so, which probably isn't the healthiest way to deal with things. Deep down, she knows Anya is right. Her mother in particular would always encourage them to take risks and follow their heart.

"I'll think about it," she says, voice barely above a whisper.

"Speaking of what makes you happy, when are you quitting you job? You're looking skinnier than usual and not in a healthy way," Anya points out, eyes disapproving.

"I can't just quit, Anya. I have responsibilities."

"So get another job! You were top of your class and you're a kick-ass lawyer. Anyone with half a brain would hire you."

"Not if my boss tells them not to," she says, bitterly. "Nia has connections everywhere. She's told me herself that she can make it so that no other firm would want to hire me."

"That's bullshit," Anya says, fists clenching. "She can't do that!"

"Trust me, she can," Lexa sighs. "Anyway, I only have a few minutes left before I have to get back to the office, fill me in on what happened with your date."

"It was amazing," Anya informs her, smile brighter than Lexa remembers seeing it in a while. "We really connected."

" 'Really connected' better not be a euphemism for sex," she replies, eyes narrowed.

"No!" Anya denies, laughing. "We really did get to know each other. She's easy to talk to."

"When are you getting married?" she teases.

"Shut up," Anya says, throwing her napkin at her. "Actually, I'm taking Raven out for lunch, so I better be going as well."

"A second date already?" Lexa rises from her seat and and throws her coffee into the bin. "It must be love."

Anya shakes her head, but doesn't say anything to dispute Lexa's claim. She doesn't have it in her heart to tease her friend any further, knowing she would be a hypocrite for pointing out how fast she's falling for Raven when it's exactly how she feels about Clarke.


Lexa arrives home after a long day of work, exhausted yet again. The break she had with Anya ended up being the only bit of peace she enjoyed for the entire day.

She decides against calling out to announce her arrival, just in case Clarke or Aden are asleep. Quietly, she takes off her shoes and jacket, before moving to the living area to see where everyone is.

Clarke looks up at her from the couch and flashes her a smile, dropping her sketchpad onto the table. Aden is asleep next to her, curled up on the opposite end of the couch. It looks like it's another night that she's arrived home too late to spend any time with Aden.

"Hey," she whispers, greeting Clarke with a quick kiss. "Has he been asleep long?"

Clarke looks at her phone to check the time before answering. "He fell asleep an hour or so ago."

Lexa's torn between carrying him to bed or waking him up. He looks so peaceful, but her whole body is exhausted and she doesn't want to risk dropping him.

"Aden," she whispers, lightly shaking his shoulder as not to startle him, "time for bed."

The boy in question lets out a light puff of air from his lips but doesn't stir any further. She shares a look with Clarke and rolls her sleeves up in preparation to carry Aden to bed.

Lexa bends down to delicately get Aden into her arms before heading off to the direction of his bedroom. She then gently places him in his bed, trying not to wake him, but his eyes flutter open anyway.

"Go back to sleep," she whispers, placing the bed covers over him lightly.

Aden pulls her down when she reaches his chest with the covers and gives her a quick hug, surprising her with the intensity of it. She knows he must still be upset with her about the soccer camp situation, so the affection is unexpected to say the least.

"Night, Aden," she says, lightly stroking his hair instead of the ruffling she usually favors.

She gets up to leave and Aden closes his eyes again, keen to go back to sleep. Lexa closes his bedroom door with a soft 'click' and heads back to the living room to join Clarke.

"Do you want me to make you something to eat?" Clarke questions, readying herself to get up.

"No, it's okay. I just want to sit with you," she replies, taking a seat close to Clarke and holding up her arm in invitation. "Cuddling with my girlfriend beats food at the moment."

"That's sweet, but you hardly eat as it is," Clarke admonishes, though it doesn't stop her from nestling into Lexa's side.

"I'll eat something in a bit," she acquiesces. "How was your day? Was Aden okay?"

"He was a bit quiet," Clarke says and Lexa laughs. "Not just vocally, obviously. He did his homework in his room and only came out for dinner. I had to coax him to sit and watch some television with me."

"He gave me a hug while I was putting him to bed. I still don't think that means I'm forgiven," she sighs.

"I think he misses you," Clarke replies, gently.

"I miss him too," Lexa adds, unnecessarily. It's obvious she would much rather be at home with Aden than at a job she's beginning to loathe. "Anya thinks I should quit my job."

"I second that," Clarke agrees. "You work so hard. You could probably run your own firm since you already do the job of five people as it is."

"I'd love that," Lexa replies, wistfully. "If I had the money, I'd take my clients and run."

"If my comic does well and I become famous, I'll give you a loan," Clarke jokes.

"I'll hold you to that," she says, squeezing Clarke's side. "Is that what you've been working on?" she asks, pointing to the sketchpad now abandoned on the table.

"I was, but I'm not sure how you'll react," Clarke answers, voice turning shy.

"Can I see?" she asks, gesturing to the sketch. She enjoys looking at Clarke's artwork and seeing what the other girl is able to bring to life on paper.

Clarke doesn't answer, just leans forward out of Lexa's embrace to pick up the book and hand it to her.

Lexa carefully takes the sketchpad from Clarke, eager to see what her girlfriend has been working on. What she doesn't expect to see is her own face staring back at her.

"You're drawing me?" she asks, confused but still in awe.

"Do you remember the discussion we had about the male 'Commander' in my comic?" Clarke asks, staring down at the sketch as Lexa is. "Well, I thought about what a coincidence it is that Anya calls you 'Commander' as a nickname and it went from there. You're the one who made me question my need to keep the male to female ratio in the first place, and, well, who better to be my new 'Commander' than the one who already features in my own reality?"

"Clarke..." Lexa starts, trying to take it all in, "are you sure about this? I'm not sure I could be the leader of a clan, even a fictionary one."

"Lex, you have all the qualities to be a leader," Clarke tells her, cupping her cheek so they can lock eyes. "You'd do anything for Aden and Anya, your people. Even though I don't agree with it, you still make the hard choices in order to keep Aden safe, knowing it won't make you very popular. You're smart, loyal and incredibly caring. That wouldn't change, no matter what universe we're in."

"Is that really how you see me?" Lexa asks, eyes roaming over Clarke's face, looking for any trace of doubt.

"Yes," Clarke replies, voice steady and sure. "So, is it okay if I use you in my comic?"

"How can I argue with that?" she asks, rhetorically. Lexa places the sketchbook back on the coffee table and moves closer to Clarke, the younger girl wrapping an arm around her so that she's now the one being held. "I haven't been very Commander-like lately, though."

"You've had a stressful couple of weeks," Clarke rebutts, stroking soothing patterns up and down Lexa's back.

"Anya thinks I made the wrong decision about letting Aden go away," she admits, feeling safe enough in Clarke's arms to talk about what has been on her mind, eating at her all day. "If my parents were alive, I know they'd let him go."

"Probably," Clarke agrees, trying to be neutral despite her own personal feelings, "but it's your call."

Lexa lets out a big sigh before letting the words she knows have slowly been building throughout the day. "If it makes him happy, he should go."

"It would definitely make him happy, but are you sure you're okay with it?"

"No," she breathes out, truthfully, "but I think it's the right decision for Aden."

She feels Clarke place a kiss on top of her hair and closes her eyes, content that she has voiced her decision out loud and can let it go enough to relax. Lexa forgets all about dinner and falls asleep against Clarke within a matter of minutes.