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A Sticky Situation

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“Sollux! Holy shit!”

Sollux was curled in a taut ball of misery, gasping for air. His fingers were back inside his nook, plunging desperately in and out; with his other hand he clutched blindly at the floor. “Oh fuck,” he choked out, his voice nearly a sob. “Fuck, I need…I need…KK!”

Karkat was kneeling at his side before he was even aware that he’d moved. He hovered for a moment, helplessly awkward, before tentatively reaching down to grasp one thin shoulder.

It was like grabbing a furnace. Heat radiated off of Sollux’s body in waves, and when Karkat’s finger brushed the bare skin of his neck he arched into the touch. Suddenly Sollux was hauling himself up, his skinny fingers clenched tightly in the fabric of Karkat’s shirt as he struggled to his knees. Karkat held perfectly still as Sollux briefly rested his forehead against his chest, and then they were face to face, staring wide-eyed at each other.

“KK.” Pant, pant. “Karkat.” Sollux was having trouble speaking as he gulped in air. “It’th…it’th getting worthe. Shit, I’m thorry, I’m thorry, I tried but I can’t…and I know you…TZ…but I need…!”

Sollux’s heart hammered wildly against his ribcage like a trapped bird, and for the first time Karkat began to fear that this was something really serious. The thought of losing Sollux left a cold, gaping hole in his bloodpusher, which was immediately filled by an intense wave of pity that washed over him without warning.

“Okay, it’s okay, I’ve got you…” Karkat’s mouth ran on autopilot as his thinkpan tried to process his current situation. None of his romcoms had prepared him for something like this, dammit! Oh sure, best friends suddenly flipping red (or black) for each other was a tried-and-true scenario, and one Karkat particularly enjoyed. But generally the realization of concupiscent feelings came BEFORE buckets got involved. Aphrodisiac Earth Honey was not a Thing That Happened in the movies, and it had thrown a wrench right in the middle of his quadrants.

Karkat felt for Sollux, more than he’d admit even to himself, but he’d never really tried to define their relationship. The bickering and one-upmanship was a comfortable constant in Karkat’s life, something he took for granted, and he was terrified of losing it.

He was jolted out of his reverie by the sudden searing heat of Sollux’s body pressed against his, and an answering throb of his heat from his own bulge as their hips met. His body, at least, was not mired in a turmoil of confusing emotions.

“Alternia to KK, hello! FUCK, I’m thorry if my freakish mutant body dithguthtth you tho fucking much, I thought we…I thought you…nnnggghhhh…god, pleathe!

Right. Sex first, thinking later.

“You’re an idiot,” he growled, interrupting Sollux mid-babble and gently disentangling his fingers from his shirt, holding a slender wrist in each hand. “Okay, first, never say ‘disgusts’ again, you sound ridiculous. Consult a fucking thesaurus or something, just scratch that word from your vocabulary. Second,” Karkat paused to swallow nervously, “you don’t. Disgust me, that is. I’m, uh, definitely willing as long as you’re definitely willing? I wouldn’t be, uh, taking advantage of you? Because…the honey?” Oh my god, I sound like a retarded wriggler. Words, why have you failed me? Where did you ever get the idea that you were a master of romance, past self?

Sollux practically sagged with relief. “Did you theriouthly jutht athk me…no, you’re not taking…you’ll pail me, right? That’th a yeth?”

“Actually that’s a yes, you lispy douche—”

And suddenly there were fingers tugging frantically at the waistband of Karkat’s pants. Karkat let out a very undignified squawk as Sollux flashed him a toothy grin. “Then you are officially wearing way too many clotheth.”