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A Sticky Situation

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They stayed like that for a while, holding each other up as they caught their breaths. Karkat kept his hand curled loosely around the back of Sollux’s neck, absently playing with a few strands of hair. He was…strangely content.

Eventually, however, the unpleasant sensation of kneeling in puddle of slowly cooling genetic material was enough to compel him into action. Reluctantly he dropped his hand and leaned back slightly. “So. Feeling better now?”

Sollux snickered against his shoulder and wiggled his hips slightly, and Karkat abruptly realized that his bulge was still buried inside of him. Dammit, he should not be blushing after everything they’d just done, but he still felt his face heat up as he carefully pulled out. The tiny noise Sollux made as Karkat’s bulge slid along the over-sensitized walls of his nook—no. Bad Karkat. Down, boy.

Then they were climbing gingerly to their feet, grimacing at their general overall stickiness and awkwardly not looking at each other. Sollux made a few half-hearted swipes along his legs before giving up. “Ugh, I am making a beeline for the nearetht ablution chamber ath thoon ath we get out of here.”

Karkat scowled as he gathered his clothes. He was NOT looking forward to putting them on. “Whenever the hell that is. Hopefully one of the other idiots derping around on this rock will wander by sometime in the next perigee.”

He could hear fabric rustling behind him as Sollux replied. “Nah, itth no big deal, my thionicth are charging back up. I can blatht uth out of here in a few minuteth.”

An uneasy silence fell, and Karkat felt his stomach clench. Fuck. Now what? He’d be lying if he said he regretted what they’d done—hell, it had been amazing—and he’d also be lying if he said he didn’t want to do it again. But…

The sound of noisy throat clearing broke through his thoughts. “KK.”


A brief pause. “I jutht, uh…thankth. For. Uh. I know it wath a weird thituation, like, Earth honey turnth Tholluxth into a thex-crathed pail-thlut, what the fuck ith even up with that, but, uh. Yeah. Fuck, I am bad at thith feelingth crap.” There was another pause, and then a deep breath. “Anyway. I…I’m glad you were here.”

That was enough to make Karkat turn and stare. Sollux had a slightly wobbly grin on his face, but as Karkat watched, it widened into a smirk. “Altho? I am tho topping next time.”

“Haha, that’s hilariouth, Captor, but we both know…” Karkat trailed off as Sollux’s words finally sunk in. Next time? Slowly his stomach unclenched, and he felt an answering grin stretch across his face. Best friends, matesprits, it didn’t matter. Sollux was still Sollux, and they were gonna be okay.

And like hell he was topping.