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Hakobe Ice

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"So what are we looking for again?" Natsu groaned as he stepped onto the train station's cement platform, rubbing his stomach to relieve his ache.

"Idiot, did you not even read the job?" Lucy zipped her coat all the way up, shivering as the cold air bit at her skin. Her breath came out in white puffs as she spoke, "we're getting some special ice called Hakobe Ice. Supposedly it can't be melted by any fire or scratched by ordinary blades. The client needs twenty pounds of it for his ice making company. Apparently Mt. Hakobe is the only place this ice can be found."

"Aye!" Happy exclaimed, landing on Natsu's blanket attached to his backpack to enjoy the natural heat that surrounded the fire dragon slayer.

"If it can't be broken then why are we taking the job?" Natsu whined. His stomach was now returning to normal since he wasn't on the torturous train anymore. Solid ground never felt so good.

Lucy held out what looked to be like a regular blue and pink pen. "This is why you need to pay attention. This pen can cut through the special ice."

Natsu's eyes widened slightly, "Ooh," his hand was slapped away when he reached for it. "What's that for?"

"You break everything you touch, and I had borrow it from the client. I don't want him to take away some of our reward money because you destroyed something... again."

She didn't notice the frown forming on his face. Sure he knew he went overboard sometimes, but to say he breaks everything he touches, hurt. He pushed down the displeasing feelings and carried on like nothing was wrong.

The blonde tucked the pen into her gate key pouch that hung off the belt loosely wrapped around her jeans. Lucy wanted to wear her cute skirt, but remembering the last time she was here, she decided against it. She chose instead to wear a long-sleeved black shirt, with a heavy pink jacket with faux white fur lining, and black jeans that were tucked into her brown boots. Her hair was worn down with her classic ponytail pulled to the side with a pink bow. She smiled at her outfit choice, happy that she still looked cute despite the extra layers she wasn't used to.

Natsu on the other hand, didn't worry about such things like coldness and fashion. He wore his long black jacket with one long sleeve, and one exposed arm revealing his red Fairy Tail symbol. His white shorts stopped below his knee, and his feet were only covered by his sandals. At least he wore his scarf and had enough smarts to bring a backpack full of supplies and a blanket. This should be a simple mission: Collect some ice, then deliver it to the client. The job was so easy that they shouldn't even need to spend the night. They could be back by sundown.

As the trio approached the mountains, the temperature dropped tremendously. Snow was now being stomped on as they marched over multiple snow hills.

"Oh! Happy! Let's have a snowball fight!" Natsu ran to a random pile of snow and started forming his weapons.

"Aye! Don't expect me to hold back!" The blue cat flew to his own pile and started to ball the snow together in clumps.

"Guys! Can we just get this over with?" Lucy huffed out in frustration. "It's freaking cold out here!"

Natsu and Happy groaned in union. The now sad exceed flew back to the comfort of Natsu's backpack. The pink haired man sulked as he dropped his last snow ball. Lucy could faintly hear him mumble, "...never have any fun..."

They walked in uncomfortable silence for about half an hour, when finally she spotted something promising. "There." Lucy announced, pointing her index finger to a cave, confidently adding, "the client said the ice is in a cave."

Natsu looked skeptical. "And how do you know it's that one?"

"Uh?" Her confidence shattered, pulling her hand back to her side, she shrugged, "well, I don't, but we have to find the ice somehow right? The client said it's only found in caves, so let's go searching."

Natsu's eyes lit up at the thought of adventure. "Yeah!" He grabbed Lucy's wrist and pulled her towards the cave's icy opening. Happy held onto the backpack for dear life, surprised by the sudden running of his friend.

The chilly air stopped assaulting Lucy's face when they entered the cave. The trio slowed down as they took in their surroundings. The small opening was a false representation of its true size. The ice-covered walls stretched as far as they could see. Even though it was not very tall, reaching probably twenty feet tops, it was deep. The icy walls reflected every bit of light flickering from Natsu's now fire engulfed hand, illuminating the deep cavern.

Lucy finally stopped panting after a minute, and straightened up. Despite the freezing temperature, she was lightly sweating from the sprint. "I guess we should start checking the ice to see what's regular and what's special. Natsu?" The blonde flashed the pinkette a smile.

"I'm fired up now!" His other hand burst out into flames as he started to attack random parts of the cave. The light was sporadic throughout the area now, almost like a strobe light, giving Lucy a major headache.

Puddles of freezing water was all that remained after the fire mage punched the ice around them. Disappointment took over Lucy. 'This is gonna be harder than I thought.'

"Damn. Everything here is just plain old ice!" He yelled, lighting up his foot and crashing it into the ground with a furious growl.

A crack formed at his feet, splitting wildly across the slippery floor.

"What the-" was all the dragon slayer could muster before the ground gave in and crumbled beneath them.

The three of them fell downwards into darkness, screaming and clawing for something to grab on to. The only thing anyone could see was Natsu's one flaming hand. Fire was licking up his arm as the wind hit him. Lucy felt her hand land in Natsu's regular hand, and grabbed on tightly. The bottom of the cave came into view now, and it was approaching fast. She shut her eyes, anticipating the harsh impact.

However, it never came. She stopped in midair so fast that she lost all the air in her lungs. Lucy opened her eyes to see Happy's wings frantically flapped on either side of her. Natsu was dangling from her grip, about ten feet from the bottom.

"I... can't carry both... of you..." Happy said through struggled breathes.

Natsu let go of her hand, landing gracefully on his feet. One step later he slipped and fell face first on the icy floor. The celestial wizard let out a giggle at his clumsiness.

"So... heavy!" Happy cried.

The blonde's face contorted in aggravation. "It's just me now you stupid cat."

The blue feline lowered down and dropped Lucy on the ground.

Natsu peered all around them after steadying himself upright. His fire on his right hand was burning bright now. "Well now what?"

His question was answered with the sound of rumbling. They looked up just in time to see the hole they fell through closing, new ice was magically forming to seal them in. "Shit! Happy, take Lucy with you and go get help!"

Happy flew to reclaim Lucy, but she waved him off. "Just go, I'll be fine here!"

Happy looked confused, not knowing what he should do. "Uhh..."

Natsu took a hold of the blue feline with his left hand, and threw him to the almost closed ceiling. "Hurry Happy!"

Half way up the cat's wings took control and he soared fast, just barely squeezing through the hole. A second later, it was completely iced over. The two wizards could see Happy look down at them through the ice, then take off.

Natsu let out a relieved breath, then turned angrily to his partner. "What the hell, why didn't you just go with him?"

Lucy's hands flew to her hips, puffing out her cheeks, "he wouldn't have made it in time. Plus he made another comment about my weight" She let the air out of her cheeks as she looked around their ice cage. It was about the size of her living room, in other words, small. She shivered at the coldness surrounding them. At least there wasn't a breeze, that would surely make this more miserable.

She felt a warm hand land on her shoulder, and met gleaming eyes. "Ah come on Lucy, you know we just like to mess with ya!"

She shrugged off his hand. "It's not funny. That really hurts my feelings!"

Natsu's mood shifted into defense mode. He scowled at her, "Really? You sound like a hypocrite right now, acting like you've never hurt anyone's feelings before!" His voice echoed through the confined space.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Lucy shot back at him, crossing her arms over her torso.

He let out a dry laugh, "You break everything you touch. Ring any bells?" His eyes were darker than usual, making Lucy uneasy.

She gulped, "I... I didn't mean it like that..." She lowered her head, allowing her hair to cover her face. "I'm sorry Natsu."

Grumbling, he turned away, "Yeah, it's whatever." Now wasn't the time to be fighting. It was the time to be escaping. He placed his flaming hand to the icy wall, anticipating it to melt from his hot touch. After half a minute of intense heat being applied to the ice, nothing happened. It didn't even sweat. "What the hell?"

Lighting up both hands, he punched the wall several times. The sound attracted Lucy's attention, who made her way to stand beside the fire mage. "What's wrong?" Her voice was still a little shaky from the brief conflict with her best friend.

He dropped his hands in defeat. "I can't melt it..."

Lucy's big brown eyes lit up. "Hakobe Ice!" Natsu looked down at the smiling blonde. "All we need to do is cut it and we can get out of here!" She started searching her person. "Where did I put that... Wait, where's my belt!?" Lucy gasped, looking around her for her missing accessory.

"Is that it?" Natsu asked, pointing a flaming finger above them. Lucy followed his directions, and groaned.

"How the hell did it end up there?" She saw her belt, torn, hanging off an icicle near the top of the icy cage. "And how the hell am I supposed to get it down?"

"Leave it to me!"

Before Lucy could protest, Natsu let out a quick fire dragon's roar in the belt's direction. She cringed when it became engulfed in the fiery magic. That wasn't the worst part though, because only seconds later, her gate keys came falling down towards them, along with the charred remains of the belt, key pouch, and magic pen.

Scurrying to collect all her keys, she apologized to each key that had been dropped. 'Aquarius is going to literally kill me this time. I just know it.' She picked up the burnt pen last, inspecting it in the process. She silently walked over to the wall, and tried to swipe it across the ice. Nothing happened.

"Why isn't it working?" Natsu strolled up to her left side, peering down at the infuriated blonde.

"You idiot!" She lashed out at him, cussing and trying to claw at him. His dragon slayer reflex's didn't allow her a single hit. "How the fuck are we supposed to get out now?"

Natsu let the fire in his hand die as he grabbed both of her wrists. It was so dark now, and his voice was barely above a whisper. "It shouldn't be to long until Happy gets back..." Feeling that she eased up on struggling against his grip, he let go of her wrists, and trailed his hands up her arms and pulled her into a hug. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to break it..."

'You break everything you touch!' Her earlier words played on a loop in his head. He felt a pang in his chest. Is this really how she saw him?

He smelt the salty tears before he heard her sniffle into his chest. "I-I'm sorry Natsu. I'm just pissed... this was." Sniffle. "S-Supposed to be an easy j-job. Now we're stuck and I'm s-so c-cold." Her body shivered in his arms, so he tightened the embrace. Focusing his magic, he warmed up his arms. This was one problem he could solve.

She practically melted in his arms, relishing in the heat. "That feels, so good," she basically purred. Her face nuzzled against his chest as she soaked up the warmth. After a moment of bliss, reality struck her. She snapped her eyes open despite the still pitch black cave. Heat raised to her cheeks, having nothing to do with the man's magic. Did she really just say that? It sounded so... dirty. It was true though, the cave was freezing and he was so warm. To Lucy, it didn't seem that Natsu noticed, because he remained right where he was, not moving. She sighed into his chest in relief. She wasn't aware of Natsu's racing heartbeat banging against his chest.

Lucy felt so soft in his embrace. The darkness intensified all of his senses, especially his sense of smell. Right now, all he smelt was her. The lavender perfume she uses was wearing off, revealing her true scent: Sweet Alyssum on a cool summer morning. Why she would ever try to cover up such a nice aroma was beyond his comprehension. Inhaling deeply, he felt a tightening in his chest. The very same feeling he felt every time he was this close to his partner. The exact reason for the feeling was ambiguous, but he thought it might have to do with why he could never seem to leave her side for to long. This development shouldn't be surprising after all they've been through.

Scared of the feeling and what it may mean, he pulled away. Natsu lit up his hand again with a dim flame to hide his flushed face. Before she could question his departure, he pulled off his backpack and began to rummage through it one-handed.

The low temperature took claim to her as soon as he let her go. Lucy shifted her weight from foot to foot debating what to do. She was starting to get cold again rather quickly, but she knew her only way to fix that was to get closer to Natsu. As much as it embarrassed her, she gave up and sat beside him on the right. She uncharacteristically pressed her cold arm against his still hot arm. The heat that radiated off his body was soothing, even though the icy ground was taking a toll on her as it crept through her jeans and spread through her legs. Light whimpers could be heard from the squirming blonde.

Natsu unrolled the red blanket that was attached to his backpack, then laid in down on the ground. The task looked hard performing with just one hand. "Here, you can sit on this." His voice was still soft and low.

"Thanks." She scooted over and sat down on the blanket. Patting the empty spot next to her, she beckoned him to accompany her.

Before he moved to sit by Lucy, he noticed something odd in his backpack that kept him in place. "Huh?" He pulled out a small brown paper bag. A sticky note was placed on the outside.

Heard you two were heading to the mountains, so romantic! Here's a little gift from Cana and me! -Mirajane.

Curiously, Natsu peeking into the bag. The first thing he noticed was a tall, thick off white candle. He pulled it out, smelling the vanilla scent surrounding it, "Hey Lucy! Mira gave us a present." He flashed her a toothy grin, holding out the candle.

"Oh wow, for once we could actually use her help!" Lucy smiled, thinking of how many times Mira tried to 'help' them out with things. Lucy loved Mira like an older sister she never had, but the busty barmaid was always trying to play matchmaker. It usually irritated the blonde, but maybe she was actually just being helpful instead of meddle in their lives.

Natsu lit the candle and placed it to his left. Now that there was another source of light he let the flame engulfing his hand die out. "I wonder what else she got us!" Natsu gleamed like a kid on Christmas morning, then looked back in the paper bag with curious eyes. Those dark green eyes widened, then he shoved the bag into the backpack quickly. His face turned bright red and he started stuttering. "N-never mind... Th-That was it. Just a c-candle..."

Lucy was not convinced. She reached for the backpack, but Natsu pulled it back. "Please don't..."

"What's in there Natsu. I can tell that you're lying, let me see!" Lucy rose to her knees, and waddled over to the dragon slayer. His jaw was clenched as he debated what to do. It's not like he could run, there was no place to go. He could just burn away the remaining items. Distracted by his internal debate, he didn't notice that she was already the edge of the blanket. That's when her knee caught on her coat, and she fell forward.

Lucy fell face first into his warm hard chest with so much force she sent him falling back too. Natsu felt her hands grab his thighs on her way down, and felt her large breasts pressing against his pants. He just laid there, petrified. How does this sort of thing always seem to happen to them, again and again.

A shriek was emitted from the woman lying on him, and she shifted her hands over his upper thighs and dangerously close to his crotch as she tried to push herself up. The pinkette clenched his jaw and remained laying down while a tingling sensation surged through his veins.

If he didn't move, he couldn't get in trouble, right? Although it didn't make sense that he always got in trouble for this sort of thing, even though it was never his fault... Well, except that one time he grabbed her breasts after the Grand Magic Games. In his defense, he was just trying to cover them up. How was he supposed to know she didn't want that?

As if on cue, Lucy sat up, face as red as his Fairy Tail guild mark, screaming, "Natsu, you perv!"

Why try to defend himself? "You caught me." He smirked in amusement, while still laying on the ground. "I set this whole thing up, this elaborate plan, just so you could fall on me. Yup! I'm a mastermind!" He flailed his arms above his head to make his 'confession' all the more ridiculous. "Why try to refute the undeniable evidence you've gathered!"

Despite his obvious sarcasm, she could see his sly smile. Realizing that it was in fact, not his fault, she huffed. "Whatever. If you would just let me see what was in the bag this never would have happened." Her face was turned to the side, and she looked absolutely adorable with her lower lip sticking out. Well, at least Natsu thought so. Of course he thought most things she did was adorable, not that he'd ever admit that to anyone.

"Here." He sat up and dug out the paper bag. Throwing it to her he warned, "You're not gonna like what you see."

The bag lightly hit her stomach. She picked it up and opened the bag, hearing it crinkle at her movement. When she saw the contents she blushed deeper then she thought possible. The back of her ears burned even in the cold air. Inside the paper bag, that Mira thought they could use for their 'romantic' job, was two condoms and an unopened purple package with black letters that said: Pleasure Ring.

Going against her better judgement, she reached inside the bag. She'd be lying if she said she didn't hear the dragon slayer gulp at her actions. Ignoring the condoms, she pulled out the square purple package. The back and the front said the same thing. She slowly opened the package while avoiding Natsu's piercing eyes. Something fell out of the package and landed on her lap. Upon further inspection, it appeared to be a light purple rubber ring with an odd cylinder attached to it. The cylinder was about an inch long, and the ring was about the same size as when she put the tip of her index finger to the tip of her thumb together. Picking up the strange device she discovered it was stretchy, and had a notch on the side of the cylinder. She gasped, immediately regretting her choice when she pressed the notch.

Natsu swallowed drying when the vibrating noise came from the toy in Lucy's hands. She looked mortified. Quickly shutting it off and tossing it back in the bag, she handed it to him, continuing to avoid his eyes. "Okay, you can put this back now."

Hesitating for a moment, he took it from her and shoved it back in the backpack. An awkward silence fell upon them.


Lucy met his eyes, mimicking him, "So..." He looked as pale as milk.

"Umm..." Natsu shifted uncomfortably on the cold ground. "Are you hungry?"

"Very!" Lucy nodded, "Last time we ate was right before the train ride here."

Natsu's face turned a shade of blue at her comment. Lucy just laughed, "Oh come on, you can't get sick just thinking about the train can you?"

The pinkette directed his attention back to his backpack. Avoiding both her question and the brown paper bag, he grabbed two cups of noodles out of his backpack. Two plastic forks and a bottle of water accompanied the noodles. Finally sitting next to Lucy on the blanket, he opened both cup noodles, pouring an equal amount of water in each. He placed the cups in each hand and focused his magic. Soon steam started to drift out of the cups. He let the water boil for a bit then handed Lucy hers. "Thanks Natsu." She dropped the fork into her noodles and stirred the food around. At least she was stuck in a cave with a fire wizard. None of the other guild mates would be this helpful.

They ate slowly to savoring the food and flavor. Without saying it, they both sort of understood that they needed to conserve their food. There was no telling how long it would take for Happy to get help.

"I wonder who's gonna show up to save us." Lucy broke the silence when she finished her meal.

"I hope it's not Erza." Natsu paled. "We'll probably get punished for letting this happen."

Lucy giggled. "Would you rather Gray save us?"

Natsu set their trash on fire and blew away the ash that remained afterwards. "Hell no! There's already enough ice here!" He crossed his arms in frustration.

She shivered thinking about the ice magic he uses. Lucy swore the temperature dropped ten degrees at the thought. A warm material was dropped on her shoulders which brought her out of her cold thoughts. The white scaly scarf hung around her as hot hands worked the accessory comfortably around her face and neck. Her nose was filled with the smell of a warm campfire on a clear summer's night. In other words, it smelt like Natsu.

"You looked cold." He said, pink tinting his cheeks. His dark green eyes were locked on her brown ones. "Can't let you get sick."

"Th-thanks." She was grateful that the scarf hid half her face. She didn't notice that he did, in fact, see the faint blush peeking out from the material adorning her face.

He wouldn't admit this out loud, especially to the blonde, but seeing her wear his scarf was oddly satisfying. Allowing his scent to mix in with hers, made his chest feel light and heavy at the same time. There was no other was to describe it better than that. It made him feel secure. Plus, it made the sweet girl look so much prettier, and it was just for his eyes to see.

Not wanting to embarrass his teammate, he didn't taunt her about her red face, or about his odd reaction to the scarf wrapped around her. Instead, he started up a conversation to distract themselves. "So, if you were a dragon slayer, which kind would you want to be?"

Lucy cocked her head to the side. "Hmm, I've never thought about it. Maybe something to do with the stars? Is there one like that?"

Natsu leaned back on both arms, looking up at the ceiling, imagining it was the starry night. "Maybe, there used to be a ton of different dragons! I bet you'd make a great slayer!"

Lucy giggled at his childish behavior. The lighthearted topic was much-needed, and led to more talking about nothing in particular.

After what seemed like a few hours of talking, laughing, and of course some bickering, yawns were escaping from the celestial wizard's mouth.

"Guess we'd better call it a night, huh Natsu?" She was leaning against the right side of his torso now, tucked in nicely under his warm strong-arm. His warmed hand was moving along her back and shoulders as he drew circles over her jacket. She wasn't sure when they got in that position, but she wasn't complaining. He felt so nice and warm.

"But I'm not even tir-" He yawned, then snickered, "Okay, yeah, I can do that. I'll sleep down here." He pulled his arm away from the young woman and scooted down towards her feet. He laid down, perpendicular to her body. His legs fell off the blanket and laid on the bare ice. It didn't bother him much though, as long as Lucy was warm. His eyes met that damned icy ceiling once more, and he started twiddling his thumbs. With a frown, he spoke again, "I hate to say this, but I don't think Happy's coming back tonight."

Lucy laid down on the blanket, staring up at the high icy ceiling that was keeping them caged as well. The blanket was now more cold than anything, but it was still better than the direct contact to the ground. She'd be lying if she said she didn't miss Natsu's wonderful heat. "I hope he didn't get lost." She sneezed, sniffling as she raised to a sitting position to rub her pink nose against her sleeve vigorously.

"Here." She looked over to see a shirtless Natsu, holding out his mismatched sleeved jacket to her. His muscles in his torso flexed at the motion, sending a small chill down her back. A chill that had nothing to do with the temperature.

The blonde blinked in confusion. "But you'll get cold."

He pushed the outerwear into her lap, "Nope. My fire keeps me warm." He laid down by her feet, perpendicular to her body. "Like I said earlier, can't have you catching a cold. Who knows what Erza would do to me then?" He shuddered at the thought of the redhead's discipline.

Lucy shrugged and pulled his jacket over herself like a blanket. His scent overwhelmed her nose as she laid back down to get comfortable. "Thanks, who knew you could be so sweet."

He listened for her sarcastic tone, but he couldn't find it. She was being genuine. The fire mage smiled to himself. If he had to be stuck in a cave, he was glad it was with Lucy. After Natsu took off his sandals, he closed his eyes to try to doze off, hoping that Happy was here with help in the morning.

With the candle flickering away, Lucy tried to drift off to sleep. However, her body wouldn't allow her such a comfort. It felt like an hour had passed where she just tossed and turned. The blonde pouted in her frustration. The cold air was making it impossible to fall asleep. She needed warmth, heat... She needed...

"Hey Natsu..." She whispered, fearing she may wake him. He hummed in response. Raising her voice just a bit, she awkwardly beat around the bush. "Are you cold?"

A laugh echoed through the icy cage. "Nah, I never get cold!" A lie, because he was a little chilly from his lack of clothing.

"Well... um... I mean..." Damn, why was this so hard?! "I'm still cold..."

Natsu sat up. He had already giving her his jacket, scarf, and she was already laying on his only blanket. "I don't have anything else to give you, unless you want my pants..."

"Nonono, that's not what I meant..." She felt the heat in her face, flushing down to her chest too. "I was, just gonna see..." She took a deep breath to calm herself, then forced the rest out in a hurry, "if you would lay by me to keep me warm!" She didn't mean to yell, and her echoing voice repeating 'keep me warm' was so embarrassing.

"Sure, why not." Natsu shrugged, and started crawling over towards her.

Surprised it was no big deal for him, she snuggled closer to the man who was now laying by her. He didn't hesitate to drop a lazy hot arm around her waist. They were both on their sides, facing each other. There was less than half a foot between them, and she felt his warm breath tickle her face. His hand absentmindedly rubbed from her waist, up to just below her bra line, then back down to her hip. He repeated the motion as he closed his eyes to try to get some sleep.

"Mmm." She hummed, delighted by the heat. A rush of emotions she was unfamiliar with swept over her fragile body. She shivered, but not from the cold. The warmth spread over her side, where he continued to retrace the same path over and over again. She felt... excited. Her heart was racing, and her palms started sweating. The confusing reactions worried the celestial wizard.

Natsu finally rested his hand on her lower hip, then gripped onto her, making sure his hand wouldn't slip off when he drifted to sleep. A spark flew through her system at his action. Following shortly after that, was the uncomfortable ache between her legs.

Lucy wiggled her thighs, trying to relieve the pressure. It did nothing but make the pressure stronger. Lucy had only felt this way once before. It was after a rather intense training session with the very same dragon slayer laying dangerously close to her. Lucy closed her eyes as she let the memory take over her.

They had been sparing for an hour. The air conditioner in the guild's gym had been out, so by the end of the training, both Natsu and Lucy were glistening from head to toe with sweat. Natsu had stripped down to his white pants that hung low on his waist. She couldn't help but take in the sight of all his defined muscles as he stretched and maneuvered around her. Occasionally she got a glimpse of a few pink curls peeking out from his pants, which intrigued her more than it should have. She was wearing just a black sports bra and short gym shorts, that clung to her body like a second skin from all the dripping sweat. The worse was when they grappled though.

Lucy had been so distracted that she didn't even notice when he put her in a position that was difficult to escape. She was down on her back in an instant with the wind knocked out of her. His legs wrapped around her thighs, and his right arm was around her neck, holding her face securely against his neck. His other hand was on the ground away from their bodies, to hold himself in place. She felt his hips digging into her slim stomach, but that's not all she felt. Resting between his hips, and pressing heavily into her belly, was what she could only assume to be his manhood. Her lips were involuntarily pressed against his sweaty neck, right where his scar was. She went to tell him to 'get off' but all she managed to do was taste his sweat. Despite how grossed out she should have been, something overcame her. A surge passed through her veins. At the same time, a pressure had started to build inside her, mainly right in between her legs. His musky smell from working out didn't help to calm her throbbing heart. Her arms were free, but that didn't help any. She tried pushing him off, but he was too heavy. All she managed to do was run her hands over his sweaty chest, which increased the sensitivity between her thighs and make her thoughts jumbled.

She felt his hot breath fanning her face as he laughed innocently. He leaned in so close that his lips touched her ear. "Give up Lucy, I got you good!" It felt like electricity was shooting through her body from the vibrations his voice caused. No, not electricity. More like fire! If her face wasn't already red from the training she would have blushed at the compromising situation.

Determined to win, she started struggling under him. Bad choice. Her chest rubbed against his chest, legs tried to thrash free, and she bucked her hips to try to throw him off. Nothing worked. Natsu's laughter right in her ear wasn't helping her concentration either. Desperately, she did the unthinkable. She bit him.

Natsu's hold on her tightened by reflex. His legs were forcing her thighs to clinch together and put more pressure on her center. His arm around her neck forced her even closer to his neck, but the most terrifying thing to the blonde was that she felt something grow. Laying on her bare stomach through his white pants was something heavy, and now getting hard. "Damn Lucy!" His voice came out husky, "Biting's against the rules!"

She let go of his sweaty skin and mumbled into his neck, "Then get off me!" She started to freak out at the quickness that it was growing.

He chuckled, "I can't hear you..." He pressed his lips against her ear again. "Come on Lucy..." His words burned her from the inside out. "Give it up."

To stunned to make a move, she tapped the mat three times, immediately getting released by the beaming dragon slayer. He stood and held out a hand, "Good practice, time to shower!" His innocent face showed no signs of embarrassment over what just happened.

"Uhh, sh-shower?" Lucy stammered, shakily taking his hand. He lifted her up with ease.

"Yeah," He said, pointed behind her. Her eyes followed his finger, landing on the door labeled 'Females's Locker Room'. "Go shower, I'll meet you at our usual table for dinner after. Mira's making pot roast tonight." With that, he happily headed in the opposite direction to the male's locker room as if nothing happened. Maybe nothing really did happen? Was she imagining the whole thing, even that thing. Only when he disappeared through the door did she come out of her thoughts.

She awkwardly walked to the locker room. Slipping into an empty stall, the blonde turned on the water and let the warmth flow over her aching body. She lathered up her hands and started to work the soap over her sweaty self. She licked over her lips, then paused half way through. Was this her sweat she was tasting, or... his.

She shivered at the dirty thought. He was her best friend, and they were just training. There's no need in looking more into it. Still, when her hand brushed over her private area, she felt a blissful pleasure jolt through her. The aching she felt early was relieved a bit. Curiously, she brushed it again, feeling the same reaction. Making sure the curtain was securely covering her stall, she turned the heat up, and worked her trembling fingers back over the powerful pulses coming from her core.

Lucy wasn't a pervert, but touching herself in the guild's locker room, was like playing jump rope with the line dividing her from innocent to deviant. Her right hand worked on circling the swelling nub, while the other hand palmed the wall. Hot droplets of water hit her back. The delicious sting was like a drug. Why did she need it to be so hot?

A flash of a toothy grin passed through her thoughts. Her toes curled at the crudeness she was feeling towards her best friend. 'Well, he is pretty fucking hot. I'm not doing this because it's him. I just need a release. Yeah, that it. It doesn't mean anything...'

After rationalizing it in her head she really started to work on herself. Hot water soaked her sensitive body, as her left hand reached up and squeezed her left breast, then her right one. It felt like pure bliss, alternating between them. Feeling mischievous, she rubbed her hardened pink nipple with her index finger. Her fingers pulled and twisted her nipple until she was all fired up! She bit her inner cheek to suppress a moan begging to escape her lips. Then she let her tongue drag over her lips, tasting the sweat that could be hers or his. Either way, the reaction was the same. She almost collapsed from the unbelievable pleasure.

She relived the training session again in her head. His strong arms pinning her down. The way her lips were pressed against his jagged scar. How right his skin felt in between her teeth. How she had wanted to keep going. How she wanted to taste more of him. How his voice sounded so sexy right by her ear as he taunted her to give up. YES! She would give up herself to him!

'Just this once.' She corrected herself. This didn't mean anything, right. This was all simply for the release. That's all...

Lucy's fingers worked at full speed, rubbing the bundle of nerves to the point of no return. She threw her head back at the incredible feeling. "N-Nat... tsu..." She whispered. The delicious naughtiness of it all was too overwhelming. She was so close. One more tweak of the nipple. One more rub of the clit. Just when she was about to reach her peak, she heard a group of girls enter the locker room.

"Why are you wasting your time on him?" She heard Cana ask. "You're a hot babe. You can have anyone you want!"

"But Juvia only wants my darling Gray! Why can't she have him?" Juvia pouted.

Lucy stopped touching herself. Frustration sparked in her since she didn't get the much-needed release. She cut off the water since her soap had been washed off for some time. She started to towel dry, giving up on the idea of achieving that bliss.

"Cuz he's an idiot! Here, let me set you up with someone else. How about Max? He's sweet, plus I heard he has a crush on you!" Lucy recognized Erza's voice now. "Or maybe Warren, or even Natsu?"

A pain surged in Lucy's hand. She looked down to see she had absentmindedly made a tight fist, with her nails digging into her soft skin. She felt anger sweep in, replacing all of her remaining pleasure with a strange emotion. The only thing she knew, was that Juvia couldn't have Natsu. No one could have Natsu, because he was...

'He was what?'

A girl started laughing, "Natsu? Are you kidding me?" Cana asked.

"What?" Erza asked back.

"Lucy would kill Juvia if she tried to go after that guy." Cana explained.

Lucy grinned, then stopped. Why was she grinning?

"Juvia doesn't want Nat-"

"I don't believe so. Those two have known each other for how long and nothing's happened?" Erza reasoned. "Besides, with as many times as Natsu's seen Lucy naked you would think he'd at least ask her out by now if he was truly interested in her. I don't see why Juvia shouldn't go for the guy."

"But Juvia doesn't-"

"I guess you're right about that one. Poor girl." Cana groaned.

Only when it ran down her cheek did she notice. She was crying. 'Why am I so sad now? It's not like I actually like him, or anything... This is just stupid. Who cares if he doesn't seem interested in me! Still... Everything they said is true. We've known each other this long, and he's never even hinted at anything more than friends... Whatever!'

"Juvia does not want anyone else but my darling Gray!" The water mage finally screamed, probably glad to finally have a say. "Oh! I know! Our 400th anniversary is coming up! Juvia will confess to him then!"

"Confess? He already knows you love him, seriously, you should find someone else. Wait, what do you mean 400th anniversary?" Cana asked.

Lucy was already dried off now, wrapping the towel around her curvy body, she emerged from the steamy shower, and all eyes landed on her.

"Lucy!" Erza shouted, "Your skin is red! How hot was your shower?"

Lucy glanced down, noticing just how correct Titania had been. Her skin was radiating red that rivaled the Fairy Queen's hair.

She smirked, "I guess I just like things hot." She dismissed herself towards the lockers to change into her clean clothes. She ignored the whispers coming from the girls, except one.

"Shit, I didn't know she was here. I wish I didn't say that now." Erza failed to whisper.


The rest of that day, Lucy was right by Natsu's side. Giving off evil glares to any female who dared to look at him for more than a second. She wasn't sure what had come over her, but she was tense the whole day.

Natsu was confused my her possessive attitude all day. He was more surprised that she even let him sleep over that night. Of course, she made him sleep on the couch. That didn't stop the pinkette from sneaking in her bed when she fell asleep.

Waking up in the morning must have erased her memories, because she had yelled, cussed, and kicked at the fire mage for being a pervert. Things went back to normal, and she must have let it slip her mind.

In fact, this was the first time Lucy thought about that incident until now. Now she was laying right by the very man who had turned her on so much before. His even breathes let her know he was asleep. Carefully, she peeled his hand from her, and tip toed to the backpack. Quietly, she rummaged through it, until her hands landed on the familiar paper bag. Opening it up, while still watching the sleeping pinkette, she pulled the rubber ring from its paper chambers.

She slid back next to him, still laying on her side. Her heart was pounding so loud and hard that she felt it in her ears. 'This is so wrong. I should just stop now.' Even though the only other person was right next to her, she looked around cautiously. Then, with some apprehension, she clicked the notch on the rubber ring. It vibrated in her hands with a soft humming sound. 'A few minutes won't hurt...'

Her eyes never left Natsu as she slipped the toy inside her pants and underneath her panties. Her body felt a million tiny jolts when she placed the toy gently against her core. She didn't have any toys of her own, so this was a totally new experience.

"Mhmm." She whimpered despite her efforts to remain silent. The gratification came fast. Lucy pulled her hand from her pants, allowing the toy to rest against her center. "" She whispered, hands twisting into the fabric of Natsu's jacket. Speaking of the man, his sleeping body remained in place.

Daringly, she placed a hand on his cheek. A bit of pink stubble had appeared since they started their mission that morning. She had to restrain from moving her hand much, because with the vibrations sending waves of ecstasy through her whole being, all she wanted to do was tug on his fluffy pink hair. Her fingers slowly worked to his spiky locks, gently tangling her digits in his hair.

Brown eyes looked downwards, at his hot body. His abs looked like gods themselves chiseled them. His strong arms laid limply, and his chest rose and fell with his steady breaths. The dragon slayer hadn't adjusted his pants, and they hung low on his waist. She made out the faintest pink curl sticking out from the waist band. She wished she could feel his body, just once. Just to see what it was like.

'No, not once...'

Lucy could no longer deny the facts. Even if he didn't return her feelings, she still had to acknowledge her own feelings. This crazy guy meant more to her then she previously realized. He wasn't just her best friend, he was her everything. She couldn't, no, she refused to think of her life without him right by her side. He was her partner, her best friend, her...

All thoughts disappeared, as Lucy couldn't take it anymore. She felt like she may explode! She felt the fast approaching peak, and this time there was nothing to stop her. She shut her eyes tight and clenched her teeth. With a soft whimper, she let herself go. A powerful surge took over her body. Every nerve, every surface of her skin, felt amazing. It was a combination of numbness and tingling all at the same time. Her toes curled and her fingers twisted on their own. Even on her side, she arched her back, soaking in her euphoria. Her labored breathing took over when she started to come down from her temporary high. The vibrating ring still worked on her clit, not aware that it had already accomplished its job. She felt her own juices sliding out of her, coating her inner thighs and soaking her panties in her cum.

Lucy removed her hand from his pink locks, and went to reach for the small ring, but froze when she saw dark green eyes. Dark green eyes that were staring right at her. She felt mortified. 

Panicking, she stuttered, "I-I th-thought you were a-asleep..."