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Hakobe Ice

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"I-I th-thought you were a-asleep..."

She flashed an uneasy grin. Mainly because she felt awkward, being caught masturbating right next to the innocent Natsu, but also because she was trying not to moan as the ring worked feverishly on her sensitive nub. It was a very difficult task.

Natsu blinked away his sleep. "I thought I heard you talking." His voice was deeper than usual, probably due to him just waking up. Given his lack of a freak out, she deduced that he must not know what she's really up to. "I guess I was imagining things-" He stopped, then sniffed the air with a confused look. "Do you smell that?"

Lucy winced. Curse his dragon nose. "N-no, what does it smell like?" She clenched her teeth as she waited for his reply. 'Damn it, I'm so dead!'

He inhaled deeply, a wicked grin taking over his features. "I don't know, but it smells... amazing." Natsu closed his eyes, allowing his extra sensitive nose to fill with the delightful scent. His mouth began to water at the unknown fragrance.

Lucy's mouth opened wide, "Amazing?" She couldn't believe it. Heat crept over her chest and up her neck. Her heart pounded erratically.

"Yeah. I don't think I've smelt anything so... intoxicating..." His grin was so wide, his head looked like it may split in half. He felt a stirring in his loins as his blood rushed south. The sensation was foreign, but not bad. He welcomed the feelings with open arms. He blinked a few times, but it did nothing to stop the flow of energy that seemed to be drawn to his groin. Confused, he looked towards Lucy to ask her if she knew what was happening. The next time he looked at the young woman in front of him though, he saw her differently. It was like she was glowing. He noticed every feature of her face. He never truly appreciated how beautiful she was. Sure he knew she was attractive, but now it was like she was on a whole other level. He saw her shiver, probably from the chilly ground. The blanket had lost most of its effectiveness as the night went on. A need to comfort her rose high on his priority list. "Are you still cold? I can warm you up."

He didn't give her time to respond. Natsu grabbed her cold leg, then rubbed his warm hand up and down the outsides of her thigh, raising the temperature of her skin. The heavenly aroma grew thicker in the air. Gruffly, he groaned, "I can't believe you can't smell that..." He inhaled deeply, as if he couldn't get enough of the scent. Then he locked eyes with the woman he was caressing. His green orbs were glossy, and his cheeks were dusted with a reddened blush.

Lucy pressed her thighs tighter together to ease the needy ache growing between her legs. However, that just pressed the small vibrating toy against her small bundle of nerves. She bit her bottom lip to sniffle a moan. Her efforts were unsuccessful as a small whimper came out.

"You shouldn't bit your lips." He started to apply more pressure to his hand on her thigh. Occasionally grabbing at her skin, but not for very long before he was rubbing again. He leaned in, now only inches away from her face. She didn't release her lip though, which frustrated the dragon slayer. "Here, let me help." With not much control over his actions, he instinctively opened his mouth and hovered half an inch over hers. Lucy's breathing hitched immediately.

Natsu was surprised himself when his tongue escaped his mouth, and dragged slowly against her bottom lip. He attempted to stop his traitorous tongue from touching his best friend in such a lewd way, but the urges he felt overpowered his willpower. If he was honest with himself, he didn't really know if he wanted to really stop or not.

Lucy released her lip, much to Natsu's satisfaction. However, then she brushed her newly freed lip against his tongue. Natsu felt warmth pooling in his stomach. His eyes went wide at her action and the demanding urges got the better of him. His hand gripped her thigh forcefully, and moved her leg over his body. Doing so caused the amazing smell to increase at a dangerous speed. 'It's Lucy! She's what smells so good. Why have I never smelt this before though?' A low growl escaped his throat as he felt the need to be closer to her.

Without thinking, he pulled her, rolling on his back so that she straddled him. His jacket slipped off her in the process. Her face was still right next to his. Her brown eyes bore into his soul. It felt like millions of thoughts were shooting through his brain at once. Nothing could silence the loud demands and ideas bouncing around his head. Nothing at all, until he saw her lips. Pink and plump, and so sweet looking. Warm hands still gripped at her thighs, moving their way to the back of her legs to pull her closer. At the same time, he lifted his head off the blanket, slowly, but surely making its way to his target.

Lucy's eyes softened, and then they fluttered closed. Natsu wasn't sure if he was imagining it or not, but he could have sworn she was leaning in. 'To hell with it!' He captured her lips with his, filling both of them with a burning desire. Lucy didn't hesitate to kiss him back. He was the man she loved, and she wasn't going to overthink this. Lucy felt his lips part, hot and humid breath escaping his mouth. His tongue darted out, licking between her lips, begging her permission to enter. Lucy parted her mouth, which was instantly filled with his hungry tongue.

He swirled his tongue in her mouth, relishing her sweet taste. Feeling bold, he explored, and tickled the roof of her mouth. Lucy squirmed at his actions, not meaning to alarm the man. He pulled away and panted, "I'm sorry. I... don't know what came over me..." Fear and sadness flashed in his eyes as he watched the blonde intently.

Lucy looked down into his green eyes. If only he knew how much she truly wanted this... wanted him. Without a word, she leaned down and forced her lips on his. Throwing away rational thoughts, Natsu kissed her back. The remorse that had barely begun to form had now vanished. She wanted this just as badly as he did!

Hands resting on his chest, she tilted her head slightly, letting him deepen the kiss. Caught up in the moment, she lowered her burning core onto his crotch. Her sensitive area was met with what felt like a hard rod in his pants. Cautiously, she ground her needy center against his rock hard member.

"Lucy..." he moaned, taking control of her mouth. His tongue danced with hers as he savored her flavor. His member throbbed painfully, only getting relief when she slowly slid along its covered length. The dragon slayer didn't know why she felt so fucking good against him, but she did! She felt amazing, hell, she was amazing! His hand slipped down and grabbed a handful of her ass and squeezed. The blonde let out a delightful squeal. He grinned against her lips, but didn't dare to break their connection. They both learned pretty quickly to breath through their noses to avoid separating from one another.

The combination of rubbing against his hardness, and the buzzing of the pleasure ring were too much. She cried out into Natsu's mouth as she rolled her hips, allowing her softness to rub against his hardness. The built up pressure released in the form of her second orgasm, that now left her skin extra sensitive and coated with a thin layer of sweat despite the chilly air.

Natsu swallowed her moans as he took in the second blast of that incredible smell. What kind of magic could she be using on him to make him lose this kind of control? She had to have cast a spell on him, because there's no way the mighty fire dragon slayer had been reduced to this under normal circumstances. She had him dominated, and for once, he didn't mind being controlled. If it felt this great, she could just keep him under her spell forever. The rapturous moment was proof that this was meant to be enjoyed, not questioned.

"N-Naaat...tsuu..." Hearing his name being moaned by the beauty on top of him snapped something loose. Strong urges started to form, as he felt like he had been reborn with new energy. He shouldn't be so submissive, he was Natsu Dragneel after all! He should be dominating!

Using a grappling technique, he rolled them over, so that he was pressed in between her legs and pinning her arms to the ground. "Say it again." His voice was sharp and demanding, but his eyes had a certain softness to them.

Lucy complied, this time not holding back as he rubbed his hips against hers, exciting her hot center. He groaned while she gasped, "Natsu!"

"I love hearing you say my name," he confessed. That earned a blush from the blonde girl underneath him.

The pleasure was intense. Never has the fire mage felt this amazing sensation. It felt hotter than any flame he could ever produce. That and the smell was sending him over the edge. 'More!' He wanted more of her. He needed more of her! He licked up her jawline to her ear slowly. Her salty skin tasted amazing. Then took her earlobe in his teeth and nibbled. The blonde squirmed under his touch, and just enticed him more.

Releasing her arms, his hands moved to her pants while he supported himself on his shins. He gripped on the belt loops and tugged. Licking the shell of her ear, he whispered hotly, "Can I...?"

He looked at her, to see her sultry brown eyes were locked on his, and a devilish smile spread on her flushed face. He took that as a yes, and unbuttoned the jeans, then slowly unzipped them. With every movement he made, the delectable smell increased. His stomach quietly growled at the thought of how she might taste. He wanted to just rip off her clothes, but that wouldn't be wise in this cold cave.

He carefully tugged at the fabric. To his surprise, she raised her hips to allow easier removal. He pulled the jeans down to her knees, where her boots started. One at a time, he gently tugged the boots off. Then she let him slip her jeans off her long legs. Just for the hell of it he took her socks off too. Now the seductive woman was almost naked from the waist down.

Goosebumps coated her legs as the cold air bit at her exposed skin. Natsu heated up his hands and smoothed them over her silky skin. It was like he was an artist and she was the canvas. His fingers drew a work of art over her flesh. The flushed blonde moaned approvingly.

Natsu crept up to the source of the smell, noticing the wet spots on her light blue panties, and the glistening liquid on her inner thighs. Curiously, he pressed a finger to the soaked material.

"Mmmmm." Lucy relaxed at his heated touch.

Feeling more brave, he ducked his head down towards her core, and inhaled. The smell overpowered him for a moment as he let a guttural moan pass his lips. Pupils dilated, the dragon slayer acted on pure instincts. Hooking a finger inside the panties, slipping along her wetness, he pulled the fabric until it ripped. He was met with no complaints, and her exposed sex was on display for his hungry gaze. Tearing off the remaining fabric and throwing it to the side exposed one more thing he had failed to notice before. Now laying in between her spread legs, was that pleasure ring from earlier. Natsu picked up it, to discover it had been buzzing against her this whole time.

An odd jealousy spread over him. He thought it was unfair that this little device got to be so close to her and not him.

He clicked it off and set it down by her waist. The blonde was eagerly waiting for what was next to come, and she was not disappointed. Heat crept up her face and the back of her ears as she felt him trace a hot finger from the top of her slit to the bottom. Her hips lifted again, giving him permission to explore more. No, not permission. She was begging him to explore.

With two uncertain fingers, he spread apart her nether lips, revealing her pale pink core. His fingers slipped against the wet skin, and slowly, pushed a finger towards the small hole. Lucy didn't stop him, so he pressed inwards. The further his finger sunk into her, the tighter she got. Not sure what to do from here, he started to pull it out.

The blonde let out a soft whimper, enticing him to continue. He thrust the digit back inside of her, and withdrew it again at a slightly faster speed. "Yes..." She breathlessly moaned. Natsu felt a bit more confident at her reaction. After doing this repetitive motion for a while, he daringly added a second finger. Her slippery folds coated both fingers with her thick juices.

"That... feels good..." Lucy's hips raised slightly to deepen the penetration. Her face was flushed, and beads of sweat rolled down her face. The dragon slayer was burning her up from the inside out. Everything felt hot! Against better judgement, she sat up, causing Natsu's fingers to withdraw completely.

The pinkette looked frustrated at her for disturbing his actions, until he saw she was undressing. His eyes widened at the show in front of him. The big pink coat fell to her side, and next was the long-sleeved black shirt. Natsu almost lost his mind when he saw the sexy vixen in front of him. Big brown eyes, pink swollen lips, blushing cheeks, and messy blonde hair was the first thing he noticed. Eyes trailing down, he felt an odd pride at seeing her still wearing his white scarf. The fabric contrasted with her flushed chest. A pale blue bra covered her massive breasts. Her breasts looked absolutely delicious to the raging beast inside him.

Natsu pushed her back down as he felt a strong urge to dominate her again. He crawled over her body to cage her in. His warmth engulfed the celestial wizard, melting away the cold. Right as he was leaning in for another decadent kiss, a flicker of reality hit him. Once he does this, there's no going back. There's no way the two of them can be just friends after this. She was so important to him. He felt he should stop, before they ruin their friendship.

He felt a pang in his chest as a voice in the back of his head protested. 'Take her, claim her, mark her!' He couldn't deny the unearthly desire he had to be with her, but it was more than just wanting to be with her for right now. She meant so much to him. He'd never felt so attached to a person before. No one could rival the brightness of her smile, or the sweetness she emitted. She was such a beautiful creature, and he was nothing compared to her grace. He didn't deserve her, but still, he wanted her. No. He needed her, not just now, no. He was a selfish bastard, and he wanted her completely...

"Lucy..." His humid breath fanning her skin. Natsu rested on his elbows. He was so close to her that their noses were touching, and his green eyes were being absorbed by her brown ones. The smell of Lucy's arousal and their sweat mixing was teasing the dragon slayer, threatening to push him over the edge. Still, he had to do this.

"Yes?" She purred, wrapping her arms around his torso and pressed her fingers into his muscular shoulders.

"Be mine."

It didn't sound like a question, and Natsu had no intentions for it to.

The blonde blinked, clearly coming out of her daze, "wh-what?" Her fingers loosened on his skin as she tried to comprehend what he just said.

"Be mine." He repeated, more firm this time, determination blazing deep in his eyes. His large, warm right hand cupped her cheek softly.


"Not for just now. I want you to be mine, forever." Natsu spoke from the heart, feeling certain that this is what he wanted. His words held more truth then he thought possible.

The celestial wizard couldn't believe what she was hearing. Natsu wanted her to be his? Forever? She must be dreaming. It's the only logical explanation.

However, she couldn't refute the evidence. He was in fact asking just that. She felt a tickle come from the corner of her eyes, and she knew she was on the verge of tears. She had no ambivalence now. She knew what she wanted.

"Natsu, I-" Lucy took a deep breath, the cold air hitting her throat. Knowing what she truly felt, she confessed, "I love you Natsu. Yes, I'll be yours."

Hot lips burned her cold chapped ones a second later. Her whole world was spinning in that moment. The fiery passion he showed her made her chest swell up with a happiness she didn't know she was missing until now. Light moans escaped their connected mouths as they slipped away from reality.

Sucking on her bottom lip for a second, he pulled up, gazing into her chocolate eyes. "Lucy, I love you too." He ardently confessed. "Honestly, I think I always have, I just, didn't really know what the feeling was." He recounted all the times he'd been protective of her... all the times he'd just wanted to be by her... all the times he caught himself just daydreaming about her. She was his everything.

A giggle escaped the blonde. "Well, you are kinda dense sometimes."

He kissed her wide grin from corner to corner. He pulled up slightly so they could make eye contact again. There was a seriousness in his eyes and voice that startled the blonde. "Lucy... Can I make you mine? Tonight?"

She raised an eyebrow, "But I just said I'll be yours." To say she was confused was an understatement.

"No, I mean..." His pupils dilated, and an entrancing smile took over, "I want to mark you as mine."

Lucy shuddered, "that sounds like it'll hurt." She took her lower lip in her teeth and bit lightly.

He took a long look down her seductive body, mesmerized by every curve, before answering. "It will, but it'll bind my soul to yours. I have to do this, otherwise you won't truly be mine, and I won't truly be yours." He brushed his hot lips against her ear, and whispered hotly, "Don't you want me to be all yours?"

His words sent chills down her spine. Still, Lucy was skeptical about the whole idea. It sounded like some kind of kinky fetish he may have. Then again, he is the innocent Natsu after all, so maybe he really did need to do this. Plus, she really wanted him to be all hers as well. Bottom line though, she trusted him. That was all that mattered. Swallowing thickly, she gave in, "yes, you can... mark me..."

His lips burned with a fiery passion that could match the heat of a Phoenix. Open mouthed kisses were placed from her jawline, slowly leading down to the crook of her neck. The white scaly scarf blocked his path, and he had to summon every ounce of will power he had to restrain himself from burning his beloved heirloom. This was how much the blonde turned him on. This was the power of whatever magic she seemed to be wielding over him. His hand gently pulled the material loose from her neck, he planted a hot wet kiss by her shoulder. Teeth nipped on her flushed skin, as if testing out how fragile she really was.

Her small hands roamed around his back and shoulders, clutching his skin in her fingers as if he was her lifeline. Her hand drifted down, and palmed his firm ass. Smirking a little, the little vixen gave it a nice squeeze. Natsu seemed far to distracted by his kissing to notice. What she didn't know was that he was lost in thought. The dragon slayer was digging deep to try and find answers.

How long had he been pining for this girl, only to confuse the feelings with just friendship? She was amazing, and the fire wizard couldn't comprehend why it took so long for him to realize his feelings for her. He fervently kissed her collar-bone, earning a much-needed moan from the woman he loved. His tongue dragged along her skin. She tasted wonderful, even covered in a thin sheet of sweat.

A sense of duty was bestowed upon him. A duty to make her feel as whole and loved as she made him feel. This might pose as a challenge. The pinkette took in her natural scent that had mixed with a musky scent of their sweat as he kissed the space between her caged breasts. He felt a powerful urge he didn't want to resist.

"Ouch!" The blonde dug her nails into her shoulder and ass, trying to make him feel the pain she felt. She looked down to see the dragon slayer latched onto the fleshy part of her left breast that was spilling out from the bra's cup. "Are you marking me?"

Natsu, who was in another world right now, looked up at the woman. Detaching his teeth from her soft skin, he raised his head. "Uh... no, actually... I just really wanted to taste you..." A pink blush dusted his cheeks.

"Well," the blonde clenched her teeth, "it did sorta feel good too..."

Natsu perked up, "really?!"

Her face warmed, "I said sorta..."

He lowered back down to the reddened skin from the bite. Small teeth indents were visible on her soft skin. Even though he didn't break the skin, he still licked it tenderly, as if to ease the pain. Lucy smiled at the intimate notion, that was, until he bit her again on the right breast.

"Mmmm..." She purred after the initial pain subsided. Her hips bucked up, grazing against that covered hard cock that Natsu had hovering over her. He got the message, and started to grind against her needy womanhood while still sucking at her flesh. A deep red bruise adorned her breast, and he couldn't help but fill up with pride at the sight.

Still propped up on his elbows, he used his hands to slip her bra straps off her shoulders. Not sure how to get off the weird contraption, he used his teeth to pull the middle of the clothing down. The supportive bra resisted his tugging at first, but eventually fell down, revealing her massive breasts.

A new hunger struck the dragon slayer as he raised his internal temperature to match his fiery desire. Without any testing or prodding, he dove right in, capturing her right nipple in his mouth and swirling his tongue around the delicious bud. His fingers teased and pulled at the other breast, so it didn't feel neglected.

"Oh god Natsu!" The blonde cried out. Her hips bucked against his clothed bulge that was now saturated with her juices. She couldn't get enough of his hot body against her. Her fingers twisted in his pink hair and pulled him closer.

Briefly pulling up against her hold, he whispered seductively, "I love it when you say my name." Then he took the other nipple in his hot mouth and sucked. As he pulled it lightly with his teeth, she moaned his name again. He savored her taste, as his tongue swathed over the pink, swollen bud. "Why do you taste so good Lucy?" She simply moans in response.

His tongue dragged across her skin, leading down her stomach. That's when he noticed a clasp at the front of her bra. With a simple click, it fell apart and off her body. Proud that he had defeated the odd contraption, he continued on his quest of satisfying Lucy. Tickling her a bit, he licked at her belly button, then he felt her blonde curls on his chin as he continued south. Her heavenly aroma was so strong that it almost sent Natsu into a frenzy. A hunger unlike anything he had felt before started to manifest in the pit of his stomach and his mouth began to water. Gradually, he lowered, until he was facing her wet opening.

Natsu kissed her smooth thighs. She wiggled a little under his touch and the hot breath he was casting on her. Her thighs were nearly dry now, but they still carried the strong smell of Lucy's wetness. He licked along her left thigh, relishing the taste. He took her skin in his teeth and nipped it. "Fuck! I want you so badly!"

The fire wizard was struggling, trying to hold back his desire to ravage her. Not ravish, no, he wanted to attack her core with everything he had. All he wanted to do was take it fast and hard, but this was Lucy, the woman he loved. He needed to make her feel good, because she deserved the very best. Natsu panted just a bit to regain control of himself.

Taking in her sweet scent, he finally turned his attention on her slippery center. He spread her nether lips open with two fingers, and dove in. Gently and slowly, he nearly lost all self-control as he licked up her wet folds. Lucy let out a silent cry, keeping her mouth partly open while he continued his exploration. The juices that coated her entire pelvic region were incredible. They were more than incredible, her flavor was to die for. Natsu felt like this would be the best way to go, dying with a mouth full of Lucy. It was like fireworks were going off in his head.

He glanced up at her, mesmerized at her heavy breathing that caused her massive breasts to rise and fall in a seductive manner. He caught sight of her hand reaching down towards him, but before he could question it, her fingers intertwined in his pink locks and shoved his face further into her burning core. She had an ache and he was the only one who could soothe it.

His nose and mouth were covered in juices as he moved his tongue around her wetness. He moaned into her opening. Never before had he felt this alive. Noticing that the tantalizing smell was coming from her tiny hole, he ventured in. Slowly at first, he stuck his tongue into her entrance. Her taste was explosive.

"Yes!" She cried out. Her voice was a blissful reminder that he was with the woman he loved, and doing something so incredibly intimate with her. He thrust his tongue in further, seeing how far he could go. His nose was pressed against an odd-looking bulb of pink flesh. Whatever he was doing, she seemed to be enjoying it. "Fuck, oh god yes!" Her panting echoed through the cave.

Chuckling, Natsu withdrew his tongue. She still had a tight grip on his pink locks, forcing him against her, so his voice was muffled, "I don't know why you're calling out god's name, I'm the one doing all the hard work." Natsu wasn't sure if she heard him or not, and really he didn't care. He was in heaven so that was good enough for him. He licked up her slit, and just for the hell of it, he swirled his tongue around that weird bulb.

"Ah! Naaatsuuu... yes! Keep doing that!" Lucy squirmed underneath his mouth. 'For a girl who wants this, she sure does make it hard to stay on point.' "Mmmm, Oh yeah! Please, please suck on my clit!"

Her begging turned him on, but he became confused. Natsu raised an eyebrow. "What's a clit?" It sounded like a made up word to him.

"You were... you were just playing with it. Do it again, please Natsu!" Sweat dripped down over her body. She no longer felt any bit of cold in the cave. She was surrounded by the fiery passion of her dragon slayer, who was working hard to keep the fire burning.

Taking what she said in mind, he covered the 'clit' with his mouth, and lightly sucked on it.

"Fuck!" Lucy's profanities were a strange turn on. She was raised to be such a proper lady, and swearing was frowned upon for a woman of her stature. Fairy Tail must be getting to her. Natsu smirked into her pussy as he teased her a bit. He darted out his tongue and circled it slowly around her clit. "Faster!" Lucy panted, gripping his locks of hair.

The dragon slayer laughed, "Aye Sir!" His tongue lapped up her bundle of nerves for a minute before he started sucking again. She threw her head back and squeezed her luscious thighs around his head. Natsu could hear his racing heartbeat so clearly now that his ears were smothered.

He sucked harder, adding a finger to the mix by inserting it into her warm, tight hole. Instead of thrusting it in and out like he had before, he hooked it inside of her, exploring the rigged walls. "Mmmmm..." Her moans echoed all around them, urging him on to keep up the good work. He used the tip of his tongue to lap over her clit in a fast manner, while adding a second finger to play with her insides.

The blonde couldn't take it anymore! The overwhelming pleasure sent her straight over the edge. Eyes shut tight, while letting out a silent cry, her legs shook as her body released another round of the clear fluid. Natsu got a first hand experience of her cumming. His face and nose were now dripping with her liquid. He felt like he may explode from the wonderful sensation.

After her body stopped trembling from her third orgasm of the night, she collapsed on the ground. If she could melt, she would have. Everything was sensitive, including her clit which Natsu felt the need to continue to lick.

"Stop, stop!" Lucy pulled his hair, trying to get his devilish tongue away from her pulsing core.

The dragon slayer looked up at her dumbfounded. "But you loved it just a second ago?" Still, he retracted his tongue and raised to a sitting position. Hands in his lap, he waited patiently for her reasons. Now that he wasn't so distracted, he felt the full effects of his raging hard on that was uncomfortably throbbing in his pants.

Lucy wobbled as she sat up herself, her head was still spinning. "Yeah, but that was before I came again." She clenched her jaw when she noticed her juices dripping off his chin. Her hands flew to hide her face, "Oh god, this is just embarrassing!"

All he could do was laugh as he peeled her hands away. "If it makes you feel better, I loved every bit of it." His eyes were glazed over with lust as he smiled at the busty blonde.


"Absolutely! It was cool making you feel good." Natsu grinned.

'Oh Natsu, such a way with words.' Still, it did make her feel better. A smile surfaced. Feeling cocky, she placed a hand on his firm chest, and pushed him back. "My turn." That's all she said, as she ran both hands down his torso, tracing every ab muscle along the way to her real target.

Small hands gripped his waistband and pulled at the fabric hiding his bulge. Natsu just laid there, watching Lucy take charge of the situation. Carefully, she freed his arousal from its clothed cage, letting it spring to life in front of her. She let go of the white pants half way down his thighs. She was to entranced by the sight, and couldn't finish the task. Tilting her head from side to side, she examined the large fleshy pole that stuck out proudly from the bush of pink curls. The man remained quiet while she cautiously grabbed it. It felt so hot in her hand. It was as if his magic was being drawn there. Natsu let out a hiss as she stroked it once, followed by it twitching in her hand. "Did I do it wrong?" She dropped his member, and it bounced back to its former position.

Blinking away the cloudiness in his head, he parted his lips, "Quite the opposite." His eyes were glazed over and he couldn't make coherent thoughts.

Lucy breathed in relief. She reclaimed the hard cock and began to pump it in her hallowed fist. She smiled as she saw the strong, power dragon slayer, get reduced to nothing but soft moans as he threw his head back. His hands were tangled in the blankets, trying to compensate for the waves of ecstasy flowing through his fiery veins.

Lucy bent down, her face was an inch from his member. Slowly, she licked the head of his penis. Natsu shut his eyes tightly. He felt her hot tongue lick up and down his length. Instinctively he coiled his hand around the back of her head and tangled his fingers in her soft, blonde hair. He felt her tongue leave him for a moment before he felt his cock being submerged into something hot and wet. His eyes shot open as he nearly got whip-lash from looking down so fast. To his surprise, he saw the celestial wizard taking his dick deep in her mouth. Saliva was spilling out of her mouth as she choked on his erection. Her fingers dug into his thighs as she steadied herself. The view alone was enough to almost send him off the edge. "Damn, Lucy!" He grunted through clenched teeth. "That feels... so... fucking good!" He pushed her head down on his cock more, causing her to deep throat him. The gagging noise she made was enough to make him let up on his grip.

Lucy hummed her response, sending tiny jolts through his arousal. She opened her brown eyes as she swirled her tongue around the head of his penis. She couldn't help but feel happy that he was enjoying this. Lucy pulled him out of her mouth completely, then ran her flat tongue against his pulsing vein that ran underneath his appendage.

Natsu couldn't let this pleasurable torture go on for much longer. This had to stop! He couldn't take it, and he was already feeling a pressure building at the base of his penis. He pushed her amazing mouth away from his crotch, instantly regretting the decision, as now it ached furiously.

She pouted, but he simply caressed her cheek as he sat up. "That felt incredible, a little too incredible. I don't want to... well, you know..." He blushed as he looked down at his twitching member. "...before we get to the..." The reddening of his skin spread to his neck and ears.

"Oh, about that..." Lucy blushed herself. He couldn't figure out why such a daring woman was now so bashful. "I, um... I've never actually, had... well, you know..."

Now her shyness made sense. With a toothy grin, Natsu locked eyes with her, "That's awesome!"

"What?" She blinked, as if it would make her confusion disappear.

"I've never had..." Why couldn't he say the simple word? He'd heard it a million times at the guild's hall. He knew basically what it was, but he was still scared to say it. Instead, he went with a different approach. "I'm a virgin too."

Lucy shouldn't have been surprised, but she was. "You are? You've never, not even with-" Her voice gave out. She couldn't force out the question. She didn't want to know the answer.

"Nope! I've never thought of anyone like that... well, until now." His hand massaged the back of his neck. The dragon slayer was nervous confessing this all to his best friend. Then again, what are friends for.

She gave him a cute giggle. It was hard to believe that this cute, innocent looking woman was sucking on his cock just a few minutes ago. She rose to her knees and waddled to his forgotten backpack. He was transfixed by the sight of her curvy ass. He almost forgot anything else existed. He snapped back to reality just in time to see her pull out a red square wrapper. She gulped loudly as she waddled back over to him. "Okay, put this on."

Natsu just looked at the package she was holding out. "How?"

"Huh? What do you mean how? Didn't you learn how to do this in school?" Lucy paled. She remembered vividly when her class was forced to take a sex ed lecture. The teachers had pulled out diagrams, charts, and even a banana. The worst was when they tried to scare them into being abstinent because of the threats of diseases. Truthfully, this was why Lucy never got that far with a guy. The most she'd ever done before this was kissing, and that was from playing spin the bottle at a middle school party she had snuck out to attend.

"No," He raised an eyebrow. "No one showed me how to put that thing on." Natsu shook his head.

Mortified, she answered, "Okay, I guess... I guess I'll have to show you..."

The fire wizard watched with fascination, as the blonde unwrapped the condom, to reveal a rubber circle. She rubbed his dick in her hands, to make sure he was still rock hard... he definitely was! Ignoring the soft moans he made, she placed the condom on his head, and slowly unrolled it down his length.

"That feels pretty good." Natsu closed his eyes, feeling her hands smooth out the air bubble at the top. The condom smelt like strawberries, which he didn't mind so much.

Before he knew what was happening, he felt her pull down the rest of his pants, discarding them onto the growing pile of their clothes. She crawl up his body to straddle his waist. Her sweet pussy was resting on his hardened cock, as she started to kiss him with a force he didn't know she possessed. With her tongue deep in his mouth, she rubbed her huge breasts against the fire wizards hard chest. Her perky nipples traced random patterns on him, succeeding in exciting her more. The air was thick around them, hot and slightly humid. Natsu's internal fire was burning brightly. The scent of strawberries, flowers, campfires, musk and what Natsu now knew was Lucy's cum filled the air, and delighted his nose.

"Lucy..." He moaned into her mouth as he felt her slide against his manhood. Her juices coated his condom-covered penis, allowing her to glide effortlessly around his crotch. He so desperately wanted to just fuck her! What he wouldn't do, who he wouldn't kill for the chance to be inside his best friend now. He felt her trail her hand down his chest and towards the prize. She firmly grab his throbbing member. He let out a small moan at her actions. She guided it towards her entrance, and Natsu froze. This was it, this is what he'd been wanting for much longer then he realized. Not just sex with Lucy, but to infuse his life with hers in the most intimate of ways. He wanted her, in every sense of the word.

She pumped his cock once to entice another moan from the man. She couldn't hear that tantalizing sound enough! The head of his penis was saturated with her wetness, and now pressed against her entrance. She broke away from the kiss and whispered, "Are you ready?"

He chuckled nervously, "I think that's my line weirdo." He rested his hands on her hips.

Instead of teasing him back, she smiled. Her face lit up and the dragon slayer felt his nerves calm down a bit. He nodded. "I'm ready."