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Hakobe Ice

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"I'm ready."

Lucy ran her right hand through his soft, pink hair, while her left hand still positioned his member under her opening. Slowly, she pressed her lips to his. He kissed her back with such gentle passion. His warm hands rubbing up and down from her waist to her hips. She pulled away briefly before sliding her cheek across his own while she made her way to his ear. Natsu stilled, unsure of what he was supposed to do. Suddenly, he felt her capture his earlobe in her plump lips. A delicious rush ran through his veins. Lucy let it go with a 'pop', then met his gaze again. 'Here goes everything...'

Lucy took a deep breath, and sat down hard on his thick cock. "Aaahhh..." They moaned in unison as he penetrated her tight hole. The blonde felt inch after hot delicious inch fill her up. The dragon slayer was grunting as he felt himself being squeezed in the most exotic way. He was wrong before, this is the most amazing thing he's felt before! The way her hooded eyes looked back at him with adoration, as the color red dusted across her cheeks, made him feel like the luckiest man alive.

Lucy was about 3/4th of the way down his member. She felt every bit of it. She had read all the stories, so she knew what to expect. She would be in intense pain, bleed a little bit, then get used to it and start to enjoy it eventually. However, this wasn't one if her stories, so the outcome was much different.

There was almost no pain. Sure, she felt his cock spreading her wide, but it didn't hurt like she read it would. It actually felt euphoric being filled up by the man she loved. Plus, it was a sign that she was no longer an innocent virgin... and neither was he. The stretching of her inner walls was the only thing keeping her from fully enjoying it, although, the slight discomfort was fading fast.

Natsu's hands were still placed on her hips, while her hands hung loosely around his neck. One hand just rested there while the other cupped the back of his neck, playing with the loose strands of pink hair. Once she felt adjusted to his size, she tested it out. Raising herself up, she felt Natsu slip out of her, though not without resistance. Slick lewd sounds filled the cave as she fell back on his member.

"Fuck." Natsu hissed at the pleasure pounding through his body. The hot hands gripped her tightly, and worked with her body to raise and lower the celestial wizard on his starving manhood. Normally lifting her wouldn't be a problem for the strong wizard, but it was a little difficult with his distracted mind. Worried that he would hurt her, he worked slowly so she could experience as much joy as he felt.

"Wow," she panted, her thighs burning from the odd exercise. "You're so... big..." Every time she impaled herself on his shaft, her inner walls expand to accommodate his size. This was quickly becoming her favorite feeling in the world. Well, that and having the pinkette's head in between her legs. Her crude thought only added to the awesome feeling.

Pride swelled up as she stroked his ego. He bucked up to meet her, letting the delightful sound of skin slapping skin echo around them. She cried out, one of her hands dragging down his sweaty chest and tracing over his hard muscles. She bit her lip as she debated if she should say what was on her mind or not. 'Fuck it!' She couldn't care less if he thought she was weird.

"Do you... fuck..." Lucy panted in his ear, "Do you like it when I ride you!?" Her teeth briefly biting his ear as she continued to bounce on his cock fervently.

The fire mage moaned against her neck, letting the white scarf fall between their sweaty chests. "Hell yeah!" His hands grabbed her ass, and held her still as he wildly gyrate into her sweet opening. "Fuck!" Hearing Lucy talk dirty was a huge turn on.

Lucy giggled as she took her pounding with a smile. Her delightful laugh sent chills through his fiery being. "Good," She panted, her speech was broken up from being fucked so fast. "...because I'm... far... from finished." Her voice was low and sultry, making him flinch for a moment. How did such a beautiful woman want such a destructive guy like him? He pushed those thoughts aside. Clearly she wanted this just as much as him, no need to worry.

Lucy used all her weight to force the dragon slayer's hands down, so he couldn't keep her still. She wanted to play too after all. She took his entire length in, and held herself there. Natsu looked frustrated that all his efforts to buck into her wouldn't budge her from her spot. "Luuuucy..." he whined.

Hearing him pout was oddly satisfying. As much as she wanted to continue this form of torture, she knew she had to take mercy on the poor man. She worked her hips in a circular motion, coaxing a low growl from him. Pressed tightly against him, Lucy was able to rub her clit against his skin, relieving the pressure that had painfully built up after that last orgasm. "Mmmm..."

Natsu seemed to notice her motives, and had a stroke of genius. "I have an idea!" Natsu nudged her waist, silently asking her to get up. She reluctantly complied, feeling every inch of his member leave her body. Immediately feeling empty, she mentally cursed the man for leaving her, even for a moment. She watched as the dragon slayer looked around the wrinkled blanket until he found what he was looking for. He walked on his knees over to the side of the makeshift bed, and picked something up. His back was facing her, so she couldn't see what he was doing. She saw his body tense up as she heard the familiar buzz fill the air. "Man, that feels better than I thought."

Lucy ventured over to her dragon slayer who had escaped her once. She had every intentions on capturing him. Her plan was to hold him down and make him pay for interrupting her sweet torture, but that didn't happen.

Before she knew what hit her, she was lying on her back, legs spread around his waist, with his throbbing cock placed against her wanting entrance. No explanation was shared, as he rammed his hips against her, penetrating the blonde once again. He leaned forward to reclaim her mouth. Swallowing every tasty moan she offered, he snapped his pelvis again, shoving his entire length into her wet hole. A sloshing sound could be heard every time he entered her. It was overwhelming.

"Damn," Natsu groaned in sweet agony, "you're so fucking," giving her another powerful thrust, "tight!" Her pussy juices flooded over his throbbing cock, dripping onto his wrinkled blanket.

Flushed breasts bounced with his rhythm every time he pistoned into her core. His hips were snapping, loving the view of her heavy mounds bouncing up and down. Using his left hand to stabilize himself, he was able to run his right hand over her creamy skin. Lucy was panting and digging her fingers into his shoulders. He teased her right nipple by rubbing his warm thumb over it until it perked up from her skin. The action caused her to immediately clench around the cock that was plunged deep inside her.

She dragged her nails into his muscular shoulders, scoring his sweaty skin. He had to turn away from her face to let out a roar at the painful pleasure. Fire erupted out of his mouth and danced across the unbreakable ice wall. The temperature rose 10 degrees for a moment until his fire dissipated.

"Yes," Natsu grunted, filling her up again while gently pulling at the hard, swollen bud on her breast, "that! Do that again, please!"

Despite how flustered she was from the pounding she was receiving, the blonde still managed a smirk. "Begging are we?" Her damp hair was sprawled out in all directions and her chest to cheeks were dusted with a cute blush.

He snorted, then a devilish grin took over his face. He curled a hand behind her back to grip the crook of her neck. He was able to pull the blonde closer to him while also making it so that she couldn't escape. Using a great deal of strength, he slammed his cock hard into her saturated hole. The head of his penis hit the back of her pussy a second later. Crying out from the unexpected harshness, she dug her nails back into his flesh with a vengeance. Swollen red lines appeared where she scratched him. "Luuucy," a straggled wail came from his mouth.

"Natsuuuu," Lucy moaned. "Fuck me faster!"

He started to pump into her dripping pussy faster. With every thrust he saw her full breasts bounce up and down. "Damn you sound so sexy!" Natsu groaned through a clenched jaw. "So... Damn... Hot!" His member warmed up inside of her and made the her inner walls grip him with everything she had. "Is this fast, enough!"

Lucy couldn't answer. Her throat was dried out from all her laborious panting. Instead she nodded. His mouth lowered and covered hers, but with all the movement, they couldn't kiss normally. Instead it turned into them licking and biting each other's lips.

Still deep inside her, he shifted his weight so he was pressed completely against her. That's when she felt it. The vibrating ring Natsu had placed around his cock had finally made contact with her skin, and delighted her clit in the most tantalizing way.

"Natsu!" Her throat was so dry, but she didn't care, "I'm so... close!"

The pink haired man was very intrigued now. Keeping his throbbing member in place, he propped himself up on his left elbow. Since they weren't moving as much, he could kiss her like he wanted to. With his right hand, he guided her chin towards him, and his hot swollen lips burned her chapped ones. Kneading her breast with his right hand, and rubbing slow circles with his pelvis, he hungrily swallowed every moan she made. The dragon slayer couldn't help but think how truly lucky he was to have Lucy in his life.

His endurance was strong, but it wasn't limitless. He could feel the pressure building at the base of his penis, the coiling in his stomach, but worst of all, he could feel the tightening in his balls. He was close, so dangerously close.

His head lowered down to her milky white breast, and licked along the curve, until he came to his destination. He sucked, teased, and gently nipped at her hard pink bud, until he felt the blonde shudder underneath him. "Cum for me baby," Natsu pleaded, words mumbled with his full mouth. "Please Lucy!"

Her body tensed at the overwhelming sexual pressure that had been building up. Getting commanded to cum for him set off a domino effect. Her legs wrapped around him tightly, pressing her heels into his butt cheeks while her toes curled. Her nails scored his sides as she gripped on to him, and her head was thrown back as she let her fourth orgasm take her over. "Ahhh... Nnn-... Fuck, Naaaaat... tsuuu!"

He felt her walls clench around his pulsing member. Her juices started seeping out around his pulsing cock. He knew it was time for his sweet release, but he had to do something first.

The wonderful feeling that spread over Lucy's worn out body soon contorted into a torturous anguish. Her eyes shot open when she felt a white-hot pain from the crook of her neck on her right side. Four sharp canine teeth sunk into her soft flesh. She screamed and struggled against him. The sting was too much to bear. She thrashed about under him, but he refused to let her go. In fact, all she was doing was making his heart race faster as she caused his penis to slip in and out of her like a jack hammer. He knew he was hurting her, but she felt so amazing. He didn't budge, even when she drove her nails into his flesh.

Hot, red liquid trailed down her chest, soaking into the white fabric of his scarf, and covering her left breast where it pooled at her stomach.

The coppery smell was undeniable. She'd been in enough fights to recognize it. Natsu was making her bleed. She was about to yell at him, when a euphoric wave flushed through her system. What had been the worst pain she'd ever felt in her life a second ago, was now a sensual bliss that was much stronger than any orgasm she'd ever had before.

She could feel his thick member throbbing wildly inside her, not knowing that the dragon slayer was releasing his seed into the condom.

Her vision started to blur, as every color imaginable floated around her, taking her away from reality. Brown eyes fluttered closed, and she breathed in the smell of their sinful act. She heard what sounded like people murmuring. Confused as to why she suddenly heard voices, she opened her eyes.

Lucy was now resting by her window in her apartment. A content smile surfaced on her face as she watched the beautiful Rainbow Cherry Blossom tree floating down the canal in a small boat. Its colorful pedals dancing in the wind for everyone to see. There was no doubt, this was her best friend's doing. 'I'm so lucky to have him in my life.' She rested her head on her arms as she watched the sparkling tree pass her by. The faint floral smell drifted into her window and swirled around. She closed her eyes, taking in the fragrance. When she opened her eyes next though, she was no longer in her home. She was laying on a red wrinkled blanket, wearing nothing but a bloody scarf, with a completely nude Natsu still latched onto her neck.

She blinked, trying to clear her thoughts. 'What was that?' She removed her nails that were embedded in his skin, and coiled her arms around her dragon slayer. Her gentle arms hugged the man she desired so much. As she did that, he seemed to have also come out of his own personal high. More blood poured out when he released her skin from his vicious bite. He really didn't mean to bite that hard, but once his teeth touched her skin he couldn't stop himself. He just had to taste all of her.

He licked away the blood from the deep lacerations. His saliva worked to stop the bleeding immediately. Then, as carefully as he could, he pulled out of her sore dripping womanhood. He heard her wince, as she felt his half hard cock slip from her tightness. He lowered his head, and started to lap up her blood that adorned her body. Natsu expected her to protest, or call him gross, but she did neither. Instead, he felt her fingers get tangled in his messy hair, and massage his scalp. It really helped because his head had been tingling ever since he came.

The two of them shared that intimate moment, committing every detail to memory. Only after he cleaned her body did he turn his attention to himself. He pulled off the filled condom, and checked it to make sure it held up its protection throughout the whole session.

Being honest with himself, Natsu was both relieved and disappointed that the rubber did in fact survive unscathed. As much as he knew having a kid right now would be a huge struggle, he couldn't deny his desire to have a baby with Lucy now. He wanted a life with her, by his side, forever. A thought of her belly swollen with his offspring filled his heart with warmth. Someday. For now though, he burned the used condom until it was just a pile of ash in his palm. The evidence of their act was slowly disappearing one action at a time.

The celestial wizard wiped the thin layer of sweat from her forehead, and sat up slowly to accommodate the dizziness she felt. It felt like the world was spinning from the rush of blood running to her head. She blinked rapidly, trying to clear her mind. It slightly did the trick.

The pink haired man crawled over her, and planted a tender kiss on her lips. His body heat had died down some. The 'hot to the touch' skin she felt earlier was now replaced with calm warm flesh. It was a soothing feeling, something she could get used to.

A large hand worked its way into her golden-yellow hair, tangling its fingers into her strands. Lucy cupped his cheeks, and returned the soft kiss. His campfire scent drifting into her nose and calming her racing heart.

His warm lips pulled away, and he gazed longingly into her chocolate eyes. "What did you see?" His voice was barely above a whisper.

Dazed, she tilted her head. "What do you mean?"

A frown worked its way over the young man's face. "You... didn't see... anything?" He sounded utterly crushed. His eyes got wide as his pupils got small. "I thought... never mind, I should have known it was too good to be true." His face fell and he covered his eyes with his pink locks. "I'm such an idiot."

Lucy couldn't understand why the question caused him so much anguish. Then it dawned on her. "Well... Earlier when you, well, for lack of a better term, tore my neck open, I did remember something."

Natsu perked up, but still looked down. "Oh?"

"Yeah. I've never felt a memory so powerful though." She smiled, "It was almost like I was reliving the past. I know that sounds stupid-"

"No! It doesn't!" He grabbed her arms and pulled her into a tight embrace. Her soft bare chest crushing into his hard one. "It's great!" He sniffed, trying to keep his tears of happiness at bay, "so fucking great!"

"Uh, Natsu? Are you okay?" She rubbed circles on his back, trying to comfort the vulnerable man who had her in a warm hug.

He met her eyes, a grin spread from ear to ear, "I'm awesome! Now, tell me what you saw." He eased up on the hug until they were just sitting very closer to each other.

His green orbs bore into her, causing a blush to surface. "Well, I remembered the time you dug up the Rainbow Cherry Blossom tree and sent it down the river past my apartment..."

Natsu just stared at her. His eyes never wavering. Lucy felt self-conscious under his gaze until finally Natsu blinked, "that long huh?" A blush crept over his cheeks.

"What?" Lucy cocked her head to the side. Her messy blonde hair shifting with her movements.

"That's how long your heart's known..." Natsu traced his fingers over her arm, feeling the now dried, soft skin. "...that you love me."

"You're not making any sense." She shook her head, earning a laugh from the pinkette.

"I guess I can explain as best as I can. Igneel told me this when I was a kid though, so I may not get it all right." Natsu sat with his legs crisscrossed as he took her hands in his. "You see, dragons and dragon slayers mark their partners. If nothing happens, then they aren't meant to be together. If one person sees something but the other doesn't, then they know the love is one-sided, and they aren't meant to be, at least not yet. But," he beamed. "If both see something, a memory, then it means they are meant to be mates. That memory was your heart letting you know when you truly fell in love."

"Mates?" She was still stuck on that word. She honestly thought it sounded a little animalistic. Then again, he was very similar to an animal. A dragon to be specific.

"Lucy, you're my mate!" His lips crashed into hers once more, filling her will warmth and passion. His palm cradled her cheek as he ran his other fingers over the sore wound on her neck from earlier. Slowly he pulled away and smiled wide at her. "It worked, cuz I saw something too!"

That certainly intrigued her. "What did you see?"

He took her small hands in his again, and sighed, "I guess I didn't notice, since you were close to dying and all..." He gave her an uneasy grin, "...but I relived the time on Sirius Island. Specifically when, well, that big guy Kain was beating you down."

"How does that make you fall in love with someone?" Lucy questioned incredulously. She shivered slightly as the cold bit at the exposed skin on her back.

He squeezed her hands, all the painful emotions swept over him again. Seeing her battered and bloody body being thrown around like some rag doll by that big diaper-wearing mother fucker. "I told you to run. I told you to leave and don't look back... but you said 'no'. I thought you were stupid..."

"You jerk!"

"Let me finish! Geez..." Natsu snorted with a laugh, "Anyways. At first I thought that, then I realized just how loyal and brave you really were. To stay there with me instead of run off to safety. That's what my heart told me," he planted tiny kisses on each of her knuckles, then met her eyes, "It told me that in that moment, I fell in love with you, Lucy Heartfilia."

Tears threatened to spill out of her watery eyes, "...Natsu..." She remembered that moment in great detail. 'It's always more fun when we're together...' Her words echoed in her mind. It was true. She always felt better being around Natsu. Why hadn't she realized she loved him earlier? Why did it take being stuck in a freaking cave with her crazy hormones for her to finally come to this conclusion?

Who cares really? They were here, in this moment, together. 'Wait, are we actually together?'

"I have to ask..." Lucy started bashfully, eyes flitting around his hair and forehead. Anything to avoid his gaze. "What does being a mate really mean?"

Noticing her shiver again, he stood up. Her hands fell into her lap as she watched him grab and then handed her the discarded clothes around them. "Get dressed first, I really, really can't let you get sick."

She blushed again, happy that he was so caring. Lucy had no problems getting dressed, except for her jeans. Her thighs were so sticky from all her dried up juices and sweat that it became difficult to pull the jeans over them. Eventually she managed with the help of her new 'mate'. Now that they were both fully clothed, and she warmed up a bit, she got straight to the point, "So, what does a mate mean to you?"

Natsu laid down on the wrinkled, and quite frankly, musky blanket. Lucy offered no resistance as he pulled her down, wrapping an arm around her so she could cuddle close to his torso. Serenity filled the two of them. The steady rise and fall of his chest put her at ease, and for the first time since they started their intimate acts, she felt just how tired and worn out she truly was. Muscles she didn't even know she had were in agony, but it was worth it. Yes, truly worth every bit of it.

"What does a mate mean to me..." Natsu asked himself, searching his head for the answer. There was no cookie-cutter description for a mate. Every dragon was different. Each person had their own preferences, and different ideals. "To me," he started. "It means that I want to be with you. It doesn't get more simple than that." He kissed the blonde hair that tickled under his chin. "If you'll let me, I want to stay with you forever, always by your side. And I wouldn't mind getting to sleep in your comfy bed more!" He heard her giggle. He smiled, speaking from the heart was much easier than he thought it would be. "I don't want to rush you, but I'd love to spend more time with you, live together, get married if you want, even have a little kid or two." He heard her stop breathing, focusing completely on his words. He could hear her heartbeat race. "I'm not saying right this second, but eventually. Until that happens though, I just want to be yours, and have you be mine. Mates are for life, so you're kinda stuck with me."

A fit of giggles erupted from the celestial wizard, "I can do that. In fact," She looked up towards him with big, brown, sparkling eyes, "I'd love to spend my life with you, Natsu Dragneel."

His classic toothy grin appeared, "I'm glad." Yawn, "Okay, we really do need to get some sleep though. I'm exhausted!"

"You're exhausted? Try having four orgasms in a row, then you can say that." Lucy closed her heavy eyelids, settling into her fire dragon slayer shaped pillow.

"I didn't hear you complaining earlier when- Wait, I only counted three?" Natsu raised an eyebrow, curiosity flashing in his cocky smile as he raised a pink brow.

A palpable blush formed across her nose, "I... well... sorta had one... right before you woke up."

He squeezed her against him, chuckling. "That's why I smelt you. My mate is such a pervert!"

"Shut up!" The blonde squeaked as she buried her face into his hard chest.

A loud laugh echoed through the cave. "Whatever," he blew out the candle that was now reduced to about an inch of melted wax.

They shifted against each other until they both found a comfortable position. Her body was practically molded around his, with her right leg draped over his legs. Her head was resting on his chest with his arm wrapped around her, keeping her secure and warm. He planted a single kiss on her forehead, or at least it felt like her forehead. It was too dark to tell, and honestly, it didn't matter. A peaceful silence fell upon them as their bodies drifted off to sleep.

Natsu used the last bit of his energy to mutter to his mate. "Good night Lucy."

She wrapped her arm around his waist, and sighed deeply. "Good night Natsu."