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Betrayal to Love

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Lucy Heartfilia couldn't wipe off the cheerful grin on her face even if she tried. The busty blonde was busy chatting away with Erza and Cana, talking about the most recent mission she went on by herself. She was so proud of her accomplishment, because she took out a group of bandits that were terrorizing a village.

It had been challenging, but oh so rewarding. The best part was she was about to keep the gates of both Loke and Virgo open for a lot longer than usual. The bandits consisted of five men. Her spirits took out two each, while Lucy took out the leader. A whip around the neck was hard to fight against.

She had done so well, she even had time to spare to get her nails done. In fact she arrived back a day earlier than planned. It felt so great, and the other female's compliments made her feel all the better. Plus, there was another thing she was excited about.

Today was the third month anniversary of dating Gray Fullbuster.

Lucy was so happy with her relationship with the ice-make wizard. He was cool, calm, and collected. So far they hadn't even fought once. It was a dream come true for the blonde, who always dreamt about her prince charming.

The only problem was she didn't get to gloat about it, since they were still keeping their relationship a secret. The only person outside of them that even knew was Levy, and that was only because the poor solid script mage happened to catch them kissing behind the guild a month back. If the bluenette was here she could talk to her about it, but sadly team shadow gear was out on another mission, this time bringing Gajeel and Pantherlily along with them.

So Lucy was left alone with the celebration. Although that would change soon, because today she was surprising Gray in the best way she knew how. That's right, tonight she was finally giving herself to him.

The blonde wasn't a prude, but she still hadn't gone all the way with Gray yet. She wanted their first time together to be special, and this seemed like a good occasion to do so. She had it all planned out too. She would make them dinner, relax with a little lacrimavision, then treat him in the bedroom.

She was excited, but extremely nervous. Gray was her first boyfriend, so he had enjoyed all of her firsts with her. Her first kiss, her first handjob, her first blowjob, and even her first... Well he went down on her last week and it was amazing! She was hoping they could do that again tonight. Just thinking about it was enough to make her thighs clench. This would be her first time having sex, so she was a little anxious.

She was probably a little more worried about how things would go since Gray was more experienced than her. The blonde hated that conversation, but it was information she needed to know. According to Gray, he had four girlfriends before her, and two of them he'd slept with.

Lucy understood that not all men wait for the right woman, but she still felt a little disappointed that her first time was not going to be with a fellow virgin. Still, she really cared about Gray, and she felt like the time was right.

Tonight would go great. She just knew it.

"Do you want to come over tonight?" Erza asked, breaking through Lucy's thoughts.

The blonde glanced over to the redhead with a silly grin, still halfway daydreaming about her plans. "Huh? For what?"

It was Cana who answered. "The girls are going to get together at Fairy Hills tonight. We're gonna drink, eat, and party until someone calls the royal guards!"

"Uh..." Lucy couldn't figure out why that would be their goal. She ignored it, thinking it was probably just an expression anyways. "Sorry, I'll be busy. Maybe next time?"

"Oh, and what are you doing that is making you miss girl's night?" Cana wiggled her eyebrows before taking a swig of her beer.

"N-nothing." Lucy felt her cheeks heat up. There was no way she was confiding in them. Between Erza and her erotic novels, and Cana and her wild adventures with men, she couldn't trust them to be civil. They'd probably poke and pry into the relationship she had with Gray.

Or worse... Give her advice.

Lucy shuddered, knowing that would be far, far worse. She was ready to lose her virginity, not certainly not ready to dive straight into the karma sutra. Maybe it was unfair to assume they'd try something like that, but Lucy wasn't taking any chances.

"Really?" The brunette teased. "Because it sounds more like something. Do you have a boy you're not telling us about?"

Lucy let out a squeak, followed by a string of words that didn't quite go together. "I, no. You see, and... Well, umm..."

"Interesting," Erza observed the celestial wizard's word vomit with watchful eyes. "Is it safe to assume that Cana is correct?"

"Hell yeah it is," the alcoholic answered for her with a gleaming smile. "Let me guess, is it..."

Lucy's eyes widened. 'Oh no, she's going to know!'

"...Natsu!" Erza finished in a surprised voice.

"What?" Lucy deadpanned.

It was true that for a while she did have a thing for Natsu. It was hard not to after all. He was strong, loyal, and damn did he look good. Sadly the dragon slayer never showed her any signs he was interested in her as more than a friend. Hell, he never showed any signs that he was interested in anyone as more than a friend.

The pink haired man treated her as a best friend, and nothing more. Lucy thought about asking him straight up if he'd ever consider dating her, but she was terrified that it would ruin their friendship.

Plus she could only imagine the relentless teasing the fire dragon slayer would put her through. Not to mention Happy would constantly chant, "you liiiiike him!" over and over again until she was forced to quit the guild and move. No, it was better for push those feelings away.

Natsu was a great friend, but that's all he was ever going to be to her, just a friend.

Although it hurt, it was for the best. Besides, around that time she was looking for a potential boyfriend anyways. Natsu didn't seem like the type who'd even want to be in a relationship, let alone go on a date with someone. It was better to move on to someone who actually took an interest in dating and relationships.

That's what turned her attentions to Gray.

Lucy had a small crush on him from the beginning of their friendship. Not the first time she met him though, because being asked if she could lend him her underwear was just plain creepy. After that she got to know him, and found a lot of traits in the ice-make wizard that she liked. He was nice, loyal to his friends, and pretty handsome.

The only question was did he like her back?

She knew the raven haired man thought she was cute. During the time when they were trying to stop Nirvana, she met Gemini. The celestial spirit was impersonating the ice wizard, and while doing so, he had admitted to thinking she was attractive. He seemed like a safe choice. Turns out he was more than happy to accept a date with the blonde, and it didn't take long after that before the two became a couple.

Of course they kept quite about their relationship for a multitude of reasons. They didn't want to risk ruining the team they'd built with Erza and Natsu, so they never mentioned it. There was also the issue of Juvia. The water mage was obsessed with him, and would surely try to murder Lucy if the news of their dating became public.

However, Lucy kind of wanted to tell more people about them. Especially because of the Juvia issue. The blonde would be lying if she said she wasn't insecure and jealous about the way the bluenette declared her love for him nearly every day. At least if everyone knew then maybe it'd make the water wizard back off.

Lucy finally snapped back into reality with a fit of giggles. "You think there's something going on between Natsu and me?" She let out another string of laughter before wiping a stray tear from the corner of her eye. "I wouldn't go out with him if he was the last guy on Earthland!"

The celestial wizard was relieved they didn't assume it was Gray, but their wide eyes made her feel uneasy. "Why are you two-"

"Hey Luce," a familiar voice cut her off.

Said girl looked up in horror. Natsu Dragneel, Fairy Tail's fire dragon slayer, was standing not two feet away from her. She cringed, hoping he didn't hear the hurtful thing she just said about him, but knowing his sensitive hearing, he probably did.

"When'd you get back?" Natsu asked, taking a seat at the table next to her. The blue exceed that had been accompanying him continued on, flying over to the bar, probably to ask if/when Carla would be in.

Lucy studied his expression for a moment. He didn't look upset. If anything he looked just as cheerful as always. The blonde assured herself that even if he did hear her, he probably didn't take offense. Besides, it's not like Natsu cares about dating or things like that anyways.

"About thirty minutes ago," Lucy couldn't conceal the grin forming on her face as she said her good news. "I finished my solo mission early."

"That's great," the pinkette gave her his toothy grin. It really didn't look like he was upset at all. "Next time you should come on a mission with just me and Happy, like the good old days."

"Hmmm," Lucy hummed, "maybe. As long as it's nothing ridiculous." She enjoyed missions where it was just the three of them. Although without Gray and Erza along, it was hard to keep his magic in check. He always seemed to go overboard and causing damage. Of course the damage was subtracted from their pay, so that usually left the blonde broke and looking for even more jobs.

However, it was always more fun when it was just them. Natsu and Happy could keep her laughing for hours, especially when they started bickering over stupid things like fish or food. Nostalgia washed over her, and she honestly considered taking him up on that offer.

"Awww, but those are always the fun ones." Natsu pouted as he dropped his face on the table. The wood was cool under his cheek, and felt relaxing contrasting against his hot body temperature.

Lucy couldn't help but admire how cute he looked with his feigned sad face. She could tell he was just teasing her, but it was still funny. Suddenly she realized she was thinking of Natsu as cute and had to abort fast to avoid her dreadful feelings from returning again. She had done well to push them down and suffocate them, so there was no point it letting them come back to life.

"Well, I should probably get going. I have some... stuff I have to do." Lucy quickly waved to Cana and Erza, then finally to Natsu. "See you guys around."

The blonde was a few feet away from the door before she felt a warm hand on her wrist. "Wait," she heard Natsu say.

Lucy turned to see an uneasy grin on the pink haired man's face. "Yes?"

"Oh, umm..." His words started to falter as he felt his cheeks warm up. "I was wondering if, maybe you wanted to hang out later? Happy said he's going over to Fairy Hills for the night, and I don't want to be alone."

Lucy blinked in surprise at him. She swore she saw a light shade of pink dusting over his cheeks, but she shook the thought away, knowing she was just imaging it. "Sorry Natsu, I already have plans."

She could see his shoulders go slack as he released her wrist. "Oh..." His green eyes flashed with an emotion she couldn't quite place.

"You're a big boy," Lucy assured, giving him a smile. "You'll be fine on your own for one night."

"I guess you're right," Natsu sighed, avoiding her eyes. He already expected this type of answer, but he still tried anyways. All it did was make his stomach twist.

"That's the spirit," the celestial wizard said as she patted his shoulder twice. "Well, I'll see you later."

With that, she disappeared through the doors. Natsu's heart constricted as he stared at the closed-door for a few more minutes, oblivious to everything around him.

The only thing to snap him out of his daze was the voice of his blue exceed.

"Did you tell her?" Happy asked with a cautious tone. He knew about the situation with Natsu, and he really felt bad for the guy.

The dragon slayer dropped his head in shame. "No."

"I'm sorry buddy," The feline landed on the shoulder of his 'father'. "Why didn't you?"

"Because, I chickened out... again," the pinkette's eyes were covered by his bangs to hide the pathetic tears that lined his eyes. "Besides. There's no way she'd ever feel the same way about me. You heard what she said earlier... Even if I was the last guy on Earthland... she wouldn't want me..."

A few moments passed before Happy hugged the side of Natsu's head, trying desperately to comfort him. "If it helps, I think you're great."

"Thanks Happy," Natsu tried to sound confident, but his voice only became raspy. "I'm not feeling to good. I think I'm gonna go home. You still going to Wendy's tonight?"

"Yeah," the blue cat purred, "she said she's going to try to cook me a fish. I told her I prefer them raw, but it's a good excuse to get near Carla."

A small, pitiful chuckle came from the dragon slayer. "I hope you guys have fun."

"Thanks, I hope you feel better," Happy said, flying back to the bar. He hated to see his best friend so sad, but there was nothing he could really do to cheer him up. He'd been this way for the past few months, and it didn't look like it was ending anytime soon.

"Me too," Natsu sighed, before he made his way through the guild's doors. The outside light was to damn bright. It wasn't even noon yet, and it was already like this.

The dragon slayer took the trail he always does when he goes home. He took his time, knowing that all that awaited him was an empty house and a broken heart.

Actually, no matter where he goes, the damn broken thing comes with him. It felt like it might be less painful to just rip the thing from his chest, but then he'd be dead, and Natsu really didn't want to die. Even if sometimes the pain was unbearable.

When he was deep enough in the forest, he let out a defeated sigh. It seemed like he'd been doing that a lot recently. "Maybe..." He said to no one in particular. Perhaps he was talking to that red bird flying above him, or perhaps it was to the phantom blonde in his mind.

"Maybe one day I'll get the courage to tell you how I feel... Lucy." Natsu shook his head, knowing how foolish he was. He really shouldn't give himself so much false hope. It was slowly killing him.

"Not that it matters anyways... You could never love someone like me..."


Lucy nervously pulled at the sleeve of her jacket. She really hoped she looked nice. Today she had left her hair down, with no ribbons or hair ties. She wore a minimal amount of makeup to give herself a more natural look.

Her solid black shirt adorned a pink Hearts Kreuz logo on her left breast. Her short, pink, pleated skirt matched perfectly. It was a bit cold outside, so she had on black, thigh high stockings to compliment her tall, black boots and dark pink jacket.

In retrospect, she probably shouldn't have worn so much black. It just looked a little to dark for the normally cheerful blonde, but the outfit had looked so sexy on her she couldn't resist. Plus with as many glances she was receiving from men, she could tell she'd been right in choosing it.

Lucy had spent about thirty minutes in the local market buying the necessary ingredients for tonight's dinner. Gray was sure to love it! Her smile was wide as she thought about her boyfriend. He always complimented her cooking, which gave her a huge confidence boast.

Growing up she wasn't really allowed to cook. Her father discouraged it, saying the servants would take care of meals. She asked what she would do when she grew up and had to cook, but her father assured her she'd always have someone else to do it for her.

It upset the blonde that she wasn't allowed to do things for herself, which is why once she ran away, she began learning how to cook. At first it was disastrous. She burned literally everything. It was as if she had the hands of Natsu when it came to preparing meals.

A sigh escaped her at the thought of her pyro friend. He seemed off today. In fact he's been acting strange for a while now. He's been almost nervous around her, or overly friendly. It was confusing to say the least. Natsu was her best friend. If he was having a problem than surely he'd come to her for help. Or ask Happy. The blue exceed hadn't given any clues for the odd behavior, so it must just be her imagination.

Her heart always felt a bit heavier when she thought about him. She used to like him so much. He was the one who brought her to Fairy Tail. He was the one who protected her no matter how badly he was injured. Hell, he would probably give his life in order to save hers. How could she not fall in lo-

The blonde shook the thought from her head while patting her heated cheeks. She thought she had gotten rid of those pesky feelings, but they always seemed to bubble back up when she was anxious. Natsu was her best friend. That was all he was, and all he'd ever be. She was with Gray, and he was the one who mattered.

Lucy finally zoned back into reality when the old lady in front of her cleared her throat. "Huh?" The blonde looked down at the outstretched hand that held her change from her purchase.

"Oh, thank you," Lucy accepted her money and the last item she needed for tonight.

She had just purchased a block of ice. It felt a little silly, buying ice when her boyfriend can just create it in seconds, but she wanted to do this on her own. For dessert she would attempt to make homemade ice cream. She knew that Gray didn't get any power boasts by eating ice, but it was the thought that counts.

Lucy had three bags full of groceries, and a purse full of essentials for tonight. In other words, she had a box of condoms and a bottle of lube. She had read some stories about first time experiences, and she wanted everything to be perfect. You could only lose your virginity once after all.

One thing bugged her as she walked the familiar path to Gray's apartment. They hadn't said 'I love you' to each other yet. Perhaps tonight was the night for that. Then again, she didn't want to rush it. She couldn't say that Gray held her heart, but he was pretty damn close.

He made her feel loved, so wasn't that enough? The words said aloud didn't really matter as long as the feelings were strong enough.

'Do I love Gray?' She could help but think about it. Sure he made her heart race, but there was just something missing. That's one of the other reasons she decided to have sex with him tonight. It must be the missing piece. After that things should fall right into place.

Lucy hummed a song her mother used to sing to her as she rounded a corner, reaching Gray's street. She'd been at his apartment a lot during the last few months. She had never slept over, but maybe tonight that would change too.

"Oh no," Lucy sighed. If she planned on trying to sleep over than she should have packed an overnight bag. "Well I'm already here," she mumbled to herself. Maybe she could just borrow some clothes from him for tomorrow morning.

The idea intrigued her. She always thought it'd be fun to wear her boyfriend's clothes. Maybe she'd finally get her chance to try it out in real life.

Tonight sure was filled with a lot of maybe's.

Lucy entered Gray's apartment building and proceeded to his floor. Once she was outside of his door, she dropped the bags to search for the spare key he had given her. It filled her with joy every time she used it, because it showed how serious they were.

Once she opened the door she was met with the frosty air. She usually begged him to turn the temperature up, but he told her he didn't know what she was talking about. He said this was 'comfy'. She felt like a damn popsicle once she submerged herself completely into his one bedroom apartment. At least she was wearing a jacket.

She happily went to the living room where she was sure he'd be. Her smile didn't falter when she noticed he wasn't in there. Her smile still remained even after checking the kitchen, dining room, and bathroom. There was only one room left in the small apartment, and that was his room. She placed the grocery bags and her purse on the kitchen counter before proceeding to find her boyfriend.

"Silly Gray, sleeping in," Lucy mused to herself as she tiptoed to the back room.

She was inches away from grabbed the knob when a loud crash sounded from the other side of the door. She heard Gray mumble a few cuss words, which worried Lucy. She hoped he hadn't hurt himself, but she was glad to know he was in fact home.

With her smile growing she opened the door. Her lips parted to greet him, but her body lost the ability to talk in that moment. It took several seconds for her to register that something was definitely wrong. All she could do was gaze at the puzzling scene in front of her as her brain slowly registered what was going on.

The first thing Lucy noticed was a broken lamp that usually resided on his nightstand. It was in pieces, scattered across the brown carpet. The second thing she noticed was her boyfriend, completely naked and laying in bed. That wouldn't usually be a problem, and with his stripping habit it was almost excepted, however something was definitely not normal about what Lucy was witnessing.

The blonde's eyes trailed down his pale body until they landed on his crotch. Well, what she could see of his crotch anyways. It was a little difficult with Juvia's head in the way.

Lucy's lips parted. She had to be seeing things... right? That clearly wasn't her boyfriend receiving head from Fairy Tail's water mage. The celestial wizard wanted to blink the image of those lips wrapped tightly around Gray's cock away, but her eyes remained open. It was as if her entire body refused to respond to even the most basic commands.

Juvia Lockster was laying on the bed with him with all of her clothes on. Scratch that, her odd hat was resting on the edge of the bed. That made sense to Lucy. It would probably be very difficult to preform a blowjob with something on her head.

Lucy's body forced her to watch as her boyfriend's hand shifted through that blue hair, in the same manner that he did when Lucy sucked on him. It made her sick. Her gut twisted painfully as reality started crashing around her.

Despite the loud ringing in her ears, the only sounds in the apartment were coming from the ice wizard. He was panting, moaning, and the water mage's name was slipping from his lips as he bucked into her mouth.

He really seemed to be enjoying it.

Gray was committing the ultimate betrayal to their relationship, and here Lucy was... Just standing there and watching it happen. She had to do something. She couldn't just watch this. It wasn't right, and it made her heart constrict in the most painful way she could ever imagine.

Finally Lucy's body reacted, but it wasn't what she wanted it to do. Her lungs were burning from the denied air, and she was forced to take in a sharp breath to fill them. Of course it was just loud enough for the two on the bed to hear.

Gray turned his head in her direction. His dark blue eyes were cloudy as he tried to comprehend what he was seeing. He blinked as his lips parted. "Lucy?"


Well that's the end of chapter one. Thank you for reading so far. If you want to leave a comment it will be greatly appreciated. I accept constructive criticism. I tried to keep them in character, so let me know if I did okay or not? Anyways, thank you again and I'll see you soon for Chapter Two: Comfort.