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Betrayal to Love

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Chapter Four: Sensation

Lucy gently cupped Natsu's cheek, and he took that as an invitation to plant a soft kiss on her lips. She responded by returning the kiss, slowly letting go of her naked breasts to press her hands against his chest again.

The dragon slayer felt his resolve crumble away with every passing minute. If Lucy really didn't want him to do something than she would tell him, so until then, he decided to act on his urges. They were clawing at his mind, trying desperately to escape and take form through actions.

Natsu's hands grabbed her hips and pulled her onto him until her legs went on both sides of his body. She straddled him again, because Natsu had not gotten enough of that position the first time. Lucy didn't seem to mind, and actually closed the gap between them, her lower region ground onto his crotch, and she felt a hard bulge in his white shorts.

The dragon slayer moaned from the delicious friction Lucy was creating. He was getting lost in the world of lust and ecstasy as Lucy kissed him while continuing to dry hump his lap.

Natsu knew they were already in dangerous territories. The further they slipped, the harder going back to just friends would be.

Any hopes of keeping up a normal friendship after this dwindled away the more they slipped, and he feared for a possible future without Lucy's friendship. However, Natsu didn't stop, because he feared that he'd regret not taking his chance to finally be intimate with Lucy far more.

She felt amazing against his body! All he wanted was more, and a greedy dragon takes what he wants. His hands cupped her firm ass, pulling her closer to him, until his strained erection was rubbing against her panties with no chances of a gap forming.

It was Lucy's turn to whimper as she felt that heat radiating from his crotch. Natsu really didn't know how to control his temperature. That was something they'd have to work on.

'Work on?' Lucy found herself thinking. She assumed this was a one time thing, but maybe it could be the start of something new? Something great? She sure hoped so, but a part of her was still reserved.

She doubted Natsu would like her when he found out she'd been with Gray before. Not only that, but the dragon slayer was her best friend, and if he didn't want to keep whatever they had going on after today, then she'd just have to respect that, even if it would hurt to never be with him again. She was quickly finding out how addicting he could be.

"Natsu," Lucy ended their kiss slowly as she pressed their sweaty foreheads together, "your heat."

"I'm doing it again?" The dragon slayer asked breathlessly, wondering why his temperature kept messing up. His voice was laced with lust and aggravation as he started to think about possible causes.

So far his body only heated up when he fought. That was when his blood was pumping from all the excitement and adrenaline and- "Oh," he realized -a long time after Lucy did- that it was because he was turned on. "I don't know how to fix it."

"Just try," the blonde ground her hips against his body, sending jolts of pleasure through both participants.

Natsu's jaw strained as he forced his temperature to stay in check. It was extremely difficult with Lucy grinding against him, and he knew exactly what she was doing. She was testing him, training him, trying to get him to overcome this new obstacle.

"Okay," the dragon slayer said in a husky voice, "I think I got it."

Lucy nodded, but her grinding did not stop. In fact it only sped up, causing Natsu to grip her ass tighter as his mind went blank for a moment. "Fuck, Luce," he grunted as he tried desperately to remain in control, but she was pushing him past his limits and then some.

"Stop!" Natsu bellowed as he pushed her off him.

She expected a rough impact with the floor, but Natsu caught her. Tense arms gently set her down on her back. "What are you doing Natsu?"

"I can't think when you do that," the dragon slayer said, straddling her waist. He made sure to keep most of his weight on his legs, not wanting to crush the blonde. His eyes were locked on her, a serious expression on his face. "If I do anything you don't want me to do, tell me, please. I'll stop, but you have to tell me."

Lucy nodded, unsure of what he meant by that. 'He wants to keep going?'

She had been consumed by lust. Feeling Natsu's needy hands pull her onto him earlier had spurred something within her, telling her it was okay to let go of control. She knew he would never hurt her, but she was scared of hurting him. All thoughts died when she saw his hands move to his waist.

The pink haired man proceeded to unbuckle the brown belt holding up his gold trimmed, black material he wore around his waist. He discarded the clothes, leaving him in nothing but his white shorts.

Lucy gulped, wondering if he planned on taking off more clothing. Unfortunately for her he didn't, but he did please her when he leaned in to plant an intense kiss on her lips.

His hands went to her breasts, trailing over the soft and tender skin with his rough fingers. He was hesitant, making sure she was okay with his touches before applying more pressure. Without complaints from the blonde, he squeezed them while his tongue invaded her mouth.

They were so large that supple flesh spilled between his fingers. She was exquisite, and let out a delicious sound when he squeezed them again. He swallowed her moans as he continued to knead her breasts.

"You sound amazing," Natsu said when he pulled away from her swollen lips. He looked at her with lust and appreciation laced in his green eyes. He was like a different person when he was in control.

Lucy figured it'd be a good idea to let him explore her for a while, to test how far he actually wanted to go. Plus the thought of being dominated by Natsu excited her, enough to make her press her thighs together tightly in an attempt to relieve the pressure that had been building up since this all began.

In the blink of an eye, Natsu was tasting, touching, and enjoying her body like he never thought possible.

He was all over the place. He'd grope places Lucy didn't even know were erogenous zones. Like the way he caressed the back of her knee, or how he kept running his hands over her forearms. She never thought such touches could create a delicious amount of anticipation that pumped through her veins, spreading to every inch of her body.

Natsu was full of passion. Full of fire!

His touches burned in the best ways when he remained in control of his temperature, and she relished the heat surrounding her flushed body. He devoured her, licking every inch of her skin he could get to. He particularly loved her neck and collarbone, leaving love bites on the pale skin. She could feel himself trying to hold back. The strain in his arms was a dead giveaway.

When he finally licked her breasts Lucy lost it. He noted that the small pink circles of skin around her perky nipples were softer than the rest of her body. When he dragged his hot tongue across her bud she let out a silent cry.

Natsu was taking his time to enjoy every bit of her, loving how responsive the blonde was. He didn't know how long this was going to last, so he savored every moment and committed it to memory.

He felt her newly manicured nails scraping his scalp as she tugged on his pink locks. A low, approving rumble emitted from his throat.

The vibrations traveled through his mouth that was currently wrapped around the nipple he'd been neglecting. Lucy bucked her hips, trying to relieve the intense pressure building at her core. Natsu was teasing her, and she didn't know if he was doing it on purpose or not. Still, Lucy couldn't deny how fantastic everything he did felt.

His hands were warm and heavenly, running over her needy body in a way that made her breathless. She hated comparing the only two men she'd been intimate with, but Natsu's warm hands felt so much better than Gray's icy ones.

That wasn't the only comparison she made though.

Gray was more experienced, and moved with specific goals in mind. He knew what to do to turn a woman on. The ice-make wizard was always cool and collected when it came to being intimate. Even though it felt great, it was always missing a certain spark.

Now Natsu, he was completely different.

He made heat simmer in her belly when he played with her. The way Natsu moved his body was so refreshing. Lucy could feel the desire and need radiating from the dragon slayer. He was acting like Lucy meant the world to him, even if she knew it wasn't true.

He put so much effort into making her feel good, and hadn't once asked her to do something for him. Although, she hoped he would soon, because she would be more than happy to return the pleasure he was giving. Until then, she would enjoy whatever he was willing to give.

And damn, was he a generous dragon.

Her fingernails dug into his back, and Natsu let out a grunt. He had no idea he'd love this type of pain, and wanted her to do more. He sucked on the swollen nipple, trying to coax her into scratching him harder.

She complied, leaving red welts along his toned back.

Natsu was a few seconds away from switching to the other breast when Lucy cried out, "please, just touch me!"

The dragon slayer raised a pink brow. 'What does she mean?' He was beyond confused as he pulled away from her to give an incredulous look. He shifted on his knees to get off of her, sitting by her side. "Aren't I already doing that?"

She shook her head, her cheeks blazing with heat from the embarrassing outburst. She pushed past her anxiety to clarify what she meant. "I want you to touch me down there." She looked down at her skirt as if it were obvious.

The look he gave in return told her he wasn't quite sure what she meant. It was now or never... They were already past the point of no return, why not make the most of it?

Steeling her nerves, she reached for the side of her skirt. Natsu watched carefully as she unzipped it, and the pink material opened, revealing her solid black, lacy panties.

Natsu's breath hitched as he watched her pull her skirt down, slipping it past her legs until it was completely off her curvaceous body. She discarded the clothing to the side and reached for her panties.

"Wait," the pink haired man found himself saying.

Lucy blinked up at him, confused and scared of what he was going to say next.

'I crossed a line, didn't I?' The blonde prepared herself for a rejection that was sure to come.

The dragon slayer took a deep breath, trying to calm his pounding heart. That's when he caught the scent. For a second Natsu's whole world went blank, before he snapped back to reality.

Lucy smelled amazing!

His eyes zeroed in on her panties again. He was about to tell her he didn't think they should do this, because he didn't want her to regret anything and resent him later, but that smell. It was mouth-watering, intoxicating, and delicious.

He needed more!

Natsu slowly ran his fingers over her lovely thighs. Her skin was covered in goosebumps that vanished when he touched her with heated hands. He trailed them up, getting closer to his target.

The dragon slayers fingers rubbed over the lacy material, over her hips and away from her womanhood. Lucy had no idea what had come over him, but she didn't want to say anything. It was like she convinced herself that if she stayed perfectly still he wouldn't stop, because she definitely didn't want him to stop!

Then, Natsu leaned in.

Before Lucy knew what happened, her panties were being ripped from her body and pressed against his sensitive nose.

The celestial wizard didn't even have time to register the slight sting from his actions. She opened her mouth to say something... anything... but nothing came out when she heard him breathing in.

Natsu was actually sniffing her panties, and the idea of it sent shocks through her spine.

She watched in fascination as he kneeled by her, one hand clutching the panties that were smashed against his face, while his other hand reached lower, until it brushed against the clearly large bulge in his shorts. His eyes were glossy as he stared at the bunched up panties in his hand.

Lucy was in a trance, watching the man get so affected by her aroused scent. She knew his nose was sensitive, so it must be a lot stronger to him than a normal human. Even she could smell her body, so Natsu was probably getting an overdose right now.

The idea thrilled her!

Lucy quickly unzipped her boots and tugged them off. She was shy, but seeing Natsu like this was enough to make her overcome it. She could see how much he desired her in that moment, and nothing was going to stop her from seeing where this could go.

She grabbed the top of her stockings, but a warm hand stopped her. "No," Natsu growled, his gaze intense and fully focused on her. The panties in his tight grip went ignored as he added sharply, "leave them on."

"A-are you sure?" The blonde asked, wondering why he requested that. She also wondered why he looked so... feral.

"Yeah," he breathed in deeply, loving the scent of the girl in front of him, "they look good on you."

Lucy flushed from the hungry gaze Natsu gave her. His green eyes seemed darker, more devious. His lips pulled into a smile, revealing the sharp canines that had nipped at her flesh earlier.

"Lay down," the dragon slayer commanded, pleased when she didn't resist.

Lucy's body lowered, until her back was pressed against the wooden floor. She had no idea what he planned on doing, but the anticipation alone threatened to consume her. Her heart hammered in her ears, and her body felt extraordinarily tense. She was nervous to say the least.

Natsu gave her panties that were clutched in his fist one last look before tossing them aside. He loved the aroma that lingered on her underwear, but knew the source would be so much sweeter.

The pink haired man crawled between her legs, warm hands running along her inner thighs before spreading them, revealing her womanhood. Natsu had never seen Lucy's most intimate spot before. Sure he'd seen her naked a few times, but he never really got a good enough look to make out what her core looked like.

Natsu observed the part of Lucy that he probably shouldn't be seeing with a questioning look. 'Is it supposed to be that wet?'

He looked at her, seeing her strain her neck to make eye contact. Her skin was red from her cheeks to her chest. He didn't know if she was nervous, embarrassed, or something else. All he knew was he liked that look on her. Flustered.

He wanted to ravish her, but he knew he had to ask first. "Is it okay if I...?" His green eyes were directed from her face to her womanhood, hoping she'd agree.

The blonde could only nod. Her words couldn't die in her throat because they never had a chance to form. She was in awe as his hands slid closer to the prize.

Natsu's heart was pounding as his fingers finally brushed over the folds of her womanhood. His eyes kept shifting from his fingers to her face, wondering if he was supposed to do something specific.

Now he wished he'd paid attention to when the older man at the guild talked about these sorts of things. All he remembered was there was a spot inside that made a woman feel good, and a spot on the outside that did it too. Unfortunately Natsu had no idea where these supposed spots were, and instead decided to wing it.

She was certainly wet, almost dripping. Her intoxicating aroma was filling his nose and he loved it. He leaned in just a bit to get a better smell.

His head spun from the intensity, and there was still a big gap between his face and her core. His cock throbbed painfully just from touching her juices, coating his fingers with her arousal.

The dragon slayer was now fixated on her slightest movements. He could tell by the strain in her jaw she was trying to be quite, but that's not what Natsu wanted. He liked when she got loud, when she moaned. It was starting to become a goal of his to see how much he could get her to lose control.

He noted her pupils dilating and her teeth caught her bottom lip when his thumb dipped into her opening. It wasn't deep, barely an inch, but her reaction was exciting. Lucy still remained quiet, but that would change.

His thumb sunk in further, now about half way in. Her insides were hot, but not as hot at his own fingers. He was surprised just how wet she really was, since his finger entered with little resistance.

Feeling devilish, he decided to up the ante.

Without warning, he retracted the thumb and shoved two thick fingers all the way into her core.

"Ahhh," Lucy's eyes tightened from the rough intrusion.

Natsu realized a little late that two fingers might have been the wrong way to start. Now he could feel just how tight she was, and even with her juices it was still hard to move his fingers.

"Sorry," he mumbled, recognizing his mistake. Knowing he was not very experienced, he should have taken things slower. He had hurt her, and he vowed to try not to do that again.

"It's fine," Lucy groaned at the sensation. Two fingers would have been manageable, if only he would have introduced them after working her over with just one. She could feel them trying to twist inside her body, rubbing against her inner walls, and it caused her to shudder with pleasure. "V-very fine."

Natsu pulled his fingers out of her body, only to hear her moan in response. Deciding he very much wanted to hear that again, he -slowly- shoved his fingers back in. He succeeded, making her hips buck as she let out a whimper.

The dragon slayer continued to thrust into her, hoping this was making her feel good. That's all he truly wanted, her to be happy. He still wasn't sure how far they were going to go, but he was excited to find out.

However, once he found out, it'd be over soon, and that thought was enough to fill him with trepidation. He didn't want this to end. He was finally with Lucy, finally showing her just how much she meant to him. He never thought he'd get this far with her, and he was so glad he did.

He was so joyful that his heart ached in a way it hadn't in a long time. It was a good pain, and he welcomed it with open arms. He wouldn't take this moment for granted, knowing this would be the memory he looks back on to get him through tough days.

Lucy was his whole world. He promised to protect her, and to make her happy. Natsu knew she wasn't meant to be with him, but for now he could pretend... Right? He could pretend they were together, and that this was a normal thing for them.

A normal family.

Lucy's loud moan tore through his fantasies, and he realized his other hand had dug into her thigh, leaving bruising marks on her pale skin. "Oh shit!"

Natsu released her tender flesh, kissing the spots in an attempt to soothe them.

"No," Lucy panted, "it felt good."

"What?" He looked at her with a questioning gaze. 'How could she think pain felt good?' Natsu didn't bother asking, knowing he felt better when she scratched him earlier. It was a confusing situation, so he rolled with it and squeezed at the abused flesh once again. Her eyes shut tight and her hips lifted. She was quite a sight to see.

She chanted yes over and over again, until her voice turned hoarse. The dragon slayer was pleased with her reactions, loving the way she writhed under him, completely at his mercy.

Then, Natsu felt a powerful urge. The only thing stopping him from fulfilling the urge was the fear of making Lucy disgusted.

Still, he really, really wanted to do it, so he forced himself to ask, knowing he'd regret it far more if he didn't at least try. "Hey Luce?"

"Hmm?" She purred, enjoying the way he pumped his fingers into her dripping core.

"Is it alright if I..." He felt his face heating up, and he wondered if he should beat around the bush or just say it. "I know this may sound strange... but can I lick you, down there?"

Her brown eyes flew open, wondering if he just asked what she thought he just asked. Judging by the embarrassed face the dragon slayer was sporting and the way his eyes kept flitting from her face to her womanhood, she guessed he did.

"That's not strange at all," she answered, her own blush spreading.

"It's not?" He asked, incredulously. It sure felt like a weird thing to do, lick another person's most intimate area.

Lucy shook her head, calming his nerves when she said, "it's actually normal."

The corners of his lips tugged, a grin spreading over his face. Normal. The word soothed him. "So can I?"

Lucy didn't have to think long to come up with an answer. Of course she wanted him to do that, but that was yet another line. How many had they crossed already? Friends certainly shouldn't be this intimate with each other, but it just felt so good to be desired by the dragon slayer.

She couldn't even blame all of this on her hurting anymore, because she had almost completely forgotten about Gray's betrayal. Only Natsu was on her mind.

She didn't know if she'd regret allowing him to cross this particular line, but she felt the reward would be sweet enough to make up for the consequences.

"Yes," she finally agreed, resting her head back on the wooden floor, waiting for him to make his next move.

With permission to satisfy his urge, Natsu lowered down to her core with his fingers still playing with her insides. Now that his face was inches away, he had to muster all his strength not to overheat. His hot breath fanned over her womanhood before he sniffed the air around him.

The effects were instantaneous.

Her arousal made his mouth water, and a loud voice in his head told him to devour her. He resisted though, knowing last time he rushed he ended up hurting her. This time he took his time.

Still keeping them in place, Natsu halted the movements of his fingers. He inched closer, until he could feel the warmth emitting from her body. Still not sure exactly how to proceed, he placed a kiss against her folds.

He pulled back, swiping his tongue over his -now wet- lips, tasting Lucy's essences and letting the unique flavor that only belonged to the celestial wizard take over him. 'God it's so good!'

Natsu swore in that moment that nothing would ever be able to beat that taste. Nothing else could even come close! He had to sample her nectar again.

Flattening his tongue, he licked at the middle of her entrance, his taste buds completely coated in her wetness.

Instantly he lost control.

The fire dragon slayer started lapping up her juices, tongue digging in where his fingers penetrated to get a better taste. Speaking of his fingers, they started pumping into her again, this time at a much faster pace.

Lucy began to struggle against him. Her body shifting from trying to press closer to him, then reeling away to stop the overwhelming sensation. Her legs hooked over his shoulders, giving him better access to her womanhood.

Natsu was sending her to new heights, and he hadn't even discovered her best spot: the clit.

The blonde moaned as she tried to buck her hips so he'd lick her bundle of nerves, but the damn dragon kept moving with her. He was only focusing on her center, and she desperately wanted him to send her over the edge.

"Naatsuu!" She whimpered as his fingers heated up. They weren't hot enough to burn her, but it was enough to make her beg. "More!"

The dragon slayer increased his speed and heat. She had never felt such intensity, and she had to do something to counter the ache she felt between her legs. All Natsu would have to do was reach her clit, but he just wouldn't take the hint. Her hands ran over her generous breasts, thumbs brushing over her hardened nipples, causing her to shudder.

She felt passion and excitement from Natsu. It rolled off him similarly to how his heat rolled off in waves. The dragon slayer was working on pure instincts and the occasional guiding from the woman below him.

She was cautious though, because every time she guided him, it made her wary of pushing his limits. She was afraid he'd change his mind at any minute, and stop the wonderful pleasure he was giving her.

"Higher," she panted, her fingers pinching her nipples.

"Like this?" Natsu asked with a breathy sigh as he lifted his head slightly. He had only moved an inch up, denying Lucy from what she really wanted.

She had no idea if he was just teasing her, or this was honestly what he thought she wanted. Either way it was driving her to the brink of insanity.

"No," her fingers moved to weave into his soft, pink locks, tugging his head upwards until his tongue flickered the target she sought for.

"Ahhh, damn," she nodded, even though he was to preoccupied to notice, "yes, yes! Right there!"

The dragon slayer grinned against her womanhood. Even if this was just a one time thing, he wanted to do whatever it took to please her, and her chanting of approval was encouraging. Just like with her nipple earlier, his lips wrapped around her bundle of nerves to suck at it fervently. Her thighs pressed together, locking him in place.

He was so caught up in her wanton moans and the amazing taste of her juices that he didn't notice his magic flaring up again.

"Ahh-Ouch! Natsu! To hot," Lucy groaned. His tongue had started to burn against her sensitive flesh. Her thighs released him from the death grip on his face.

"Sorry," he mumbled against her sweaty skin. He pulled up for a brief second to show her his sheepish grin. "Got carried away."

"It's okay," Lucy sighed when he licked at her wet folds again. "It h-hasn't happened for a bit, so- nghh," she bucked her hips when he returned his attentions to her engorged nub. "You're g-getting better!"

She let out a long, drawn out moan, loving the way he licked at her womanhood. He was driving her crazy.

"Na... Natsu!" Lucy's back lifted, her dripping core threatening to drown Natsu with how it covered the dragon slayer's mouth and nose.

Everything he was doing felt so amazing, so erotic!

She was so glad they hadn't stopped earlier, because then this fantastic feeling of pure ecstasy wouldn't be washing over her body right now.

Natsu mumbled against her wet flesh. He had probably said it more to himself, but she heard it clearly. "...Never thought I'd get this far..."

A horrifying thought popped in her head when she registered his words.

Lucy's eyes widened in shock. 'How did we already get this far?' It took her two months before she finally let Gray touch her like this, and now she was doing it with Natsu in less than an hour.

'He probably thinks I'm easy... A slut...'

The rational side of her knew that wasn't true. Natsu respected her, and he'd never think of her as something so low. But there was also an irrational side of her, and that thing was a nuisance.

'He doesn't like you, he's just using you... Just like you're just using him... Give up, give up...' Lucy didn't want to believe her inner thoughts. She tried hard to push those thoughts away, but nothing she did helped.

"M-maybe... we shouldn't do this," Lucy finally said, her voice sounding just as unsure as she felt. She didn't want to stop, but she wanted the voice in her head to shut the hell up. It was driving her insane and not in a good way like Natsu's tongue was.

The dragon slayer heard the uncertainty in her tone, and stopped his licking and finger-fucking to give her his attention. "Are you sure you want me to stop?" His deep voice came out as a purr, his lust-filled eyes enticing her as he looked up.

"Well no," Lucy admitted. She closed her eyes and remained silent, and the dragon slayer didn't know if she was thinking or waiting.

He decided to respond by sucking on her most sensitive button again, swirling around her bundle of nerves at an inhuman pace. His devilish tongue worked wonders while his fingers explored her opening. She was already so close to her climax!

Lucy moaned, "y-yes, Natsu yes!" Her legs began to tense up at the impending climax. She was just a few seconds away from finally getting her release...

Only, it never came.

Well, she never came...

Lucy's tightly shut eyes opened and stared down at the man who rested between her legs. His head was pulled away from her needy core, and his two fingers stopped moving inside of her.

His lower face was covered in her arousal, a coy smile playing on his lips. He could see her newfound frustration from not getting off. The furrow in her brows was a dead giveaway.

"Just making sure," Natsu started, a devious gleam in his green eyes. "You want this?"

"Yes!" She exclaimed without hesitation, "please just- ohhh!"

Natsu went back to work, sucking, licking, and occasionally nipping. He added a finger so now three digits pumped into her deliciously tight core, which was currently overflowing with juices. He was merciless, and it only took another minute before she came undone.

She threw her head back, her legs tensed, she arched her back, and enjoyed the fact that he finally allowed her a release. Her juices were immediately lapped up by the hungry dragon slayer, who was more dragon than man in that moment, working on pure instincts to capture every bit of moisture she produced as if his life depended on it.

Lucy rode out her climax like a champ. She was panting, sweating, and so unladylike.

She fucking loved it.

The orgasm taking over her body had been like none she ever felt before. She didn't know if it was because he prolonged it, or if because he was just naturally talented. Either way it was powerful. It felt like ten orgasms all rolled into one explosive release, and she'd be damned if she let her earlier troubled thoughts get her down.

She knew Natsu respected her, and that was all that mattered. There was no chance he'd think of her as a loose woman, even if that's what some might call her if they knew what she just did.

None of that mattered as she rested on the wooden floor staring at the ceiling, her breathing irregular and her heart pounding in her chest.

Natsu was always there for her, no matter what.