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Betrayal to Love

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Chapter Five: Realization

Lucy was still recovering from the orgasm Natsu had just given to her using only his mouth and fingers. It had been so powerful, big enough to make her past ones fade into the back of her mind. Nothing else could even compare to the blissful feeling flowing through her body.

Small tremors were still coursing through her tired self. She was on cloud nine, and never wanted to hop off.

She had half a mind to tell Natsu to quit wasting his time on fighting monsters. He'd make way more money if he became a prostitute.

Of course she'd never suggest something like that, because secretly the thought of Natsu with anyone else upset her... Although upset would be putting it mildly.

It actually infuriated her.

The tugging on her heart was a big indicator that she definitely wasn't over her feelings for the dragon slayer. In fact she had an urge to confess to him right then and there, but a confession during an orgasm seemed a bit odd.

Plus he probably wouldn't believe her, chalking it up to her just saying it from so much pleasure. Then he'd probably call her a weirdo and move on with his life. Plus there was still the issue with Gray and how Natsu would react.

Lucy had no time to feel sadness over the thoughts, because a sudden rush of painful pleasure coursed though her body like a heated jolt.

Lucy let out a dissatisfied whimper as her hands pushed at the head resting at the juncture of her thighs. "No more," Lucy begged, feeling Natsu's hot tongue brushing against her engorged clit.

He reluctantly stopped, taking the hint and hoisting his body towards her face. She let out a small squeak from his swift moves, but before she could comment she was muted by his hot lips on hers.

Their kiss lasted a few minutes. Lucy could clearly taste her own fluid on his tongue, and was secretly excited from the devious taste. He really knew how to turn a girl on.

Natsu's left hand teased her right breast, pulling and rubbing the swollen nipple. It was red and raised from all the attention the dragon slayer had given it earlier. Lucy moaned into his mouth, and he swallowed every bit of her sounds.

He ended the kiss way to soon for her liking, but he made up for it with more adventure. Natsu's left hot, open-mouthed kisses from her lips to her neck. The term all fired up suddenly made so much sense to her, feeling her insides burn in a delicious way.

He started sucking and nipping at the crook of her neck, melting away her resolve. He was treating her like the most important person in his life, like she was something precious that he was cherishing. Savoring.

The thought confused Lucy. She felt it was ridiculous since he'd never shown this type of interest in her before.

"I want you, Lucy," he breathed against her flushed skin.

The blonde only moaned in response. Wanted. It was such a nice feeling. Something she had been missing since she saw her boyfriend cheating on her. 'Wait,' Lucy thought. Was Gray still her boyfriend? Then it dawned on her, they hadn't technically broken up, so right now she was cheating as well.

Guilt struck her as she came to the realization that even though she was cheating, she didn't feel remorseful. Well, maybe she felt bad, but not because she might be hurting Gray. It was more like she was hurting Natsu. It wasn't fair to him. If he was showing her this much attention and devotion then she should do the same, and it was hard to do that when she was technically still with someone else. Someone Natsu didn't get along with most of the time.

Lucy felt something hard resting on her stomach, bringing her away from her troubled thoughts. Her eyes snapped open as she struggled to look down. It wasn't that she was being forced down, it was more like her head felt weighted.

Eventually when she was able to see to her stomach, she gasped. Sometime between her orgasm and now, Natsu had removed his bottoms. His heavy erection laid on her belly, before the dragon slayer took hold of himself, and moved to line up with her wet core.

"St-stop! Natsu stop!" She pushed against his chest, shaking her head frantically.

The dragon slayer reeled back. He had to blink harshly to calm his cloudy mind. "What?" He was just coming out of his lustful daze. He pulled further away, leaving a large gap between the two when he sat on his knees.

"I'm sorry Lucy. I thought..." His voice faltered. He thought she wanted it. Wanted him. He felt embarrassed, hoping he didn't just ruin their friendship by assuming she'd have sex with him. He felt like a jerk, like an asshole, assuming she'd just do it with him. His face flushed with mortification.

"No, I'm sorry Natsu. I got carried away." She sat up too, covering her large breasts with an arm. She could see the hurt and disappointment in his green eyes.

Lucy was a virgin, and guessing from his lack of experience, Natsu was too. She wanted her first time to be special, and heartbroken while doing it with a man who was not her boyfriend was nowhere near special.

Plus, it wasn't fair, to her or Natsu. They both deserved better for their first time. She had to break things off with Gray before she would give her virginity to the fire dragon slayer. If he even wanted her after finding out about the ice-make wizard that is.

"I'm still sorry, Luce," Natsu said with a heavy heart. Looking over at his wall and seeing the long shadows cast on them, he guessed they had maybe two or so hours before the sun set.

In a hurry he grabbed his boxers -decorated in flame print- and pulled them on while staying seated. He didn't want to, but he said it anyways, "it's getting late. You should probably get going.

Lucy blinked in surprise. "It wouldn't be fair to just leave you hanging," she reasoned, even if she truly had an ulterior motive. She'd been wondering what it would feel like to pleasure Natsu, and she wasn't giving up that chance.

"What do you mea-" His voice faltered when he felt the pressure.

Lucy placed a hand on Natsu's erection. Only the thin fabric separated their flesh, and she wanted it off. Her hand slid along his package, causing him to moan.

That was when Lucy's hand began to wonder, brushing against the waistband of his underwear. A simple tug on the material was all she needed in order to convey her message.

The dragon slayer practically ripped his own clothing as he pulled the material off his body. When it was discarded he looked back at the blonde to see her wide brown eyes staring between his legs.

A heated blush covered his face as he debating covering himself up with his hand. The way she was staring made him nervous.

"Wow," Lucy finally said as she scooted closer to his thighs. Lucy admired the rigid manhood Natsu was sporting. It stood proud, sprouting up from a bush of pink curls. Her mouth watered just thinking about it.

"What?" He asked, though he kind of didn't want to know. From the way she was looking at him he was sure something was wrong.

Then Lucy did something that surprised him. She licked her lips.

"You're bigger than I imagined," she confessed, feeling her own blush stain her cheeks. She felt the bulge in his pants earlier, but it was clearly deceptive. She didn't know Natsu was so gifted.

She gave him no time to respond before her hand wrapped around his thick member. A hiss escaped the dragon slayer when she started stroking his manhood. It was throbbing in her hand, and so very hot. This was where most of his body heat was focused, and she'd have to be careful to not get burned.

Already precum was seeping from the tip, and she rubbed it against the palm of her hand before using it as a lubricant for the handjob. Natsu moaned, fighting back the urge to thrust into her hand. He wasn't sure what he was supposed to do right now, so he just sat there, letting the pleasure wash over him as he waited for a command.

Lucy's hand worked at a comfortable pace. She didn't know Natsu's stamina, so she didn't want to make this end to soon. She wanted to have a little fun with him first. He had been so generous to her, she thought it was only fair to repay the debt.

Really it was just an excuse. Lucy had wanted to do this for so long, but she gave up on the idea around the time she gave up on Natsu ever returning her feelings. Boy was she wrong about casting doubt on the dragon slayer.

As Lucy picked up the pace, Natsu started getting louder. "Oh damn," was followed by another hiss, which led into a string of, "fuck, fuck, fuck."

The blonde's eyes narrowed as she wondered just how inexperienced he truly was. She knew he'd never kissed anyone before today, so the chances of someone touching him down there was highly unlikely. Still, she found herself asking, "has anyone ever done this to you before?"

The dragon slayer's eyes were shut tight. He shook his head as he spoke, "n-no."

He was sweating, and she could see the strain in his jaw. He was trying to hold himself back, and they'd only just begun. "Don't you do this to yourself?" She didn't want to be rude by asking, but she found it hard to believe he'd pop so soon. He was already giving the tell-tale signs of an early release.

"I have before," he panted, finally opening his eyes, "but it doesn't feel nearly as good as when you do it."

The duo's faces were bright red when they finally made eye contact. She didn't stop her ministrations on his cock, instead just slowed the pace to give him some relief. Lucy leaned in to start another passionate kiss.

Natsu's tongue was quick to trust into her mouth, and she was surprised once again by the taste. Her arousal was still on his tongue, and she relished in the thought that this is what he'd been tasting for the past several minutes.

They pulled away for air, letting the sound of her wet hand pump up and down on his shaft. "So incredible," the compliment fell from his mouth.

A gentle push to his chest was all he needed to know she wanted him to lay down. It might have been a bad idea, because it temporarily disconnected Natsu from his embarrassment. The strangest things started flying out of his mouth. Everything from cuss words to praising a higher power.

The thing that really shocked Lucy was what he said when she tightened the grip over his cock just a little bit.

"Oh yes!" The back of Natsu's head was firmly pressed against the wooden floor. Lucy's touch effectively grounded him and ensured he was going no where. "I'm so glad, damn, glad you finally g-gave me a, oh fuck, a chance," then he groaned in pleasure.

Lucy's eyes widened as his words sunk in. Finally gave him a chance? The sentence was confusing to say the least. Was he... 'Did he want this before today?' Was it even possible that Natsu Dragneel actually liked her before this?

Lucy didn't bother asking him, instead she just went faster, and a little harder. Natsu was panting as he chanted, "so amazing," over and over again. Everything she was doing felt, well, so amazing. He never wanted it to end, but he knew it would. He couldn't hold out forever.

Pride swelled up in Lucy for reducing the mighty dragon slayer to a moaning mess. She wanted to treat him for his pleasant compliments, so that's exactly what she did.

While still sitting between his knees, the blonde slowly leaned in, keeping his eye contact as she parted her lips. She held back a smirk as she watched Natsu gasp. Her hand moved to the base of his cock, lining it up with her mouth.

She got right down to it, taking his erection deep into her wet mouth. She could smell the natural musk coming from his member, and the velvety skin moving along her tongue. The taste of precum coated him, before her saliva replaced it.

Natsu was definitely enjoying this. She could tell because he got more vocal with the increased pleasure she created.

"Oh wow, that feels, ngh, pretty oh fuck." The dragon slayer threw his head back as Lucy's mouth swallowed his cock. She wanted to smirk, but with her current situation that was impossible. "Feels so good..."

Lucy didn't really have a chance to worry about it, because she was busy giving Natsu the best pleasure he'd ever felt before. Her tongue swirled around his head a few times before plunging his thick member deep into her mouth again and again. "More than good, oh fuck, incredible."

The celestial wizard hated knowing that she was only this good at blowjobs because of Gray. After her first -horribly awkward- blowjob, Gray had given her pointers. He told her how she should breathe, how she should move her tongue and mouth, and how he loved it when she made eye contact a few times during.

Of course the knowledge wasn't completely transferable. While Gray was slightly longer, Natsu was thicker. It was impossible to fit him into her throat like she did with Gray. She still tried though, but his cock's girth made it impossible for her to completely close her mouth around him, let alone deep throat him.

Saliva leaked from the corners of her lips as she took in his member. Her spit traveled down her chin and dripped, landing on his balls before it collected on the wooden floor. Natsu was sensitive, and felt everything. She was driving him wild, and he loved every bit of it. Especially the way her mouth tensed every time she swallowed around his cock.

The dragon slayer made gentle thrusts into her mouth. He was scared he might hurt her if he went fast and hard like his instincts were screaming at him to do.

The more she sucked his cock, the wider his legs spread. It was a strange reaction, but it did allow her easier access to his manhood. Her hand would sometimes caress his sac, but not a lot since it seemed to make him closer to release, and she wasn't ready for that.

The celestial mage stared up to Natsu's face. It was covered in sweat, with pink strands of hair sticking to his skin. His dark green eyes were locked with hers, watching as she made his cock disappear into her hot mouth. He was panting, moaning, and her name was slipping from his parted lips.

"Oh, god Lucy!" He threw his head back again, unable to look at her without blowing his load to fast. "That feels, ahh that feels so good. I, I," Natsu was breathing hard. Words were flying out of his mouth without much control. His throat was dry, but he didn't care. In that moment he decided to just say it. Lucy had to know how amazing she was making him feel.

"I, I love," Natsu swallowed, 'man her mouth feels so good'. The words didn't seem like enough now, but still he had to tell her. She had to know how he felt. "I love you, Luce! Fuck, I love you so much!"

Lucy's eyes were wide. She hadn't expected him to say that at all.

Still, she continued sucking his member. Her heart was fluttering and her cheeks felt like they caught on fire. Her mouth was trying to smile, so she fought the urge. It made the blowjob harder since she couldn't wrap her mouth around him like he liked. He didn't seem to mind though as he kept chanting.

He loved her. Natsu, her dense best friend who'd never even hinted at liking her was suddenly confessing his love for her, while she was sucking him off?

It felt like a dream. A bizarre dream granted, but still a dream.

"I'm gonna, oh damn," the dragon slayer groaned in sweet agony. His body tensed as he shouted, "p-pull up Lucy! Please pull uuuup!"

She ignored his request, keeping her mouth firmly around his cock. His member pulsed, twitching frantically as he tried to hold it in. He failed in the end, eventually letting loose, and released into her hot mouth.

"Nnnggh," his hand shifted through her blonde hair, and he surprised her by pushing her mouth further on his cock despite his earlier protests. "Ooohhhh, Lucy!"

She felt the hot, sticky substance spurt from his tip, painting her throat white as his body went through the best orgasm he'd ever felt. He practically roared through the pleasure, puffs of smoke leaving his open mouth, "yes, ooohhh yes yes yes!"

It was music to her ears. She had pleased Natsu in a way she never thought possible. Regardless of his forcefulness at the end, and the urge she had to gag, this was her favorite blowjob she'd ever given.

Gray had never been this appreciative of oral before, and she doubted the man could cherish her like Natsu just did.

It was the final realization of the day. She wanted this. Not necessarily the bitter cum coating her throat, or the tight hold on her hair, -though she'd be lying if she said it wasn't a turn on.

No, she wanted Natsu, and clearly he wanted her too. His confession was crystal clear. He loved her. And she loved him too.

She finally pulled up, swallowing all the cum in her mouth. It wasn't like she had a choice in the matter, since most of it went directly into her throat. She tried to clear her sticky throat, and wished she hadn't gulped down all the water Natsu offered earlier as she stared at the empty glass by the couch.

Natsu was laying on his wooden floor, trying desperately to regulate his breathing. Lucy laid next to him, curling on her side to face away from him to give him a moment to himself.

She was trying to process everything that happened, but her brain wasn't quite functioning. Her body was tired, and sleep kept tugging on her.

Lucy was surprised when a warm arm snaked around her stomach, pulling her closer until her back was pressed tightly against the firm chest of the dragon slayer. His legs molded to her own, and she realized they were spooning. His nose buried into her hair, breathing in her scent fully.

"I'm sorry Luce," he finally said, his voice husky from panting earlier. He never thought being intimate could be so exhausting, so draining.