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Betrayal to Love

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Chapter Ten: Deception

"Natsu Dragneel! What the fuck are you doing!"

She didn't give him a chance to answer before she threw the paper bag and her purse down on the floor and shut the forcefully door.

"Or should I say who the fuck are you doing?!" Lucy's scowl caused Natsu to freeze in his spot, the movement under the red blanket ceased.

The dragon slayer gaped at her, before his eyes glanced down at the blanket, then back up to her, "it's not what it looks like."

"Oh yeah?" Lucy asked with a heated tone, her feet carrying her to the couch. She towered over Natsu, and she could see fear flash through his eyes. He definitely looked like a person who just got caught doing something bad.

"Who is she?" The blonde yelled as she ripped the blanket away from the dragon slayer's body.

Her eyes narrowed as her brain started to make sense of what she was seeing. It didn't take long before her own face started heating up, her blush crawling from her chest to her cheeks.

She was speechless, so she just stared in awe.

There was in fact, no she. And Natsu was telling the truth, it really wasn't what it looked like.

Without the blanket to cover him, he was left fully exposed. Natsu was completely naked, with his hand wrapped tightly around his thick manhood. It was shiny, and she only now noticed the small bottle of lube on the floor by the couch. His legs were bent, which is what gave the impression that someone might have been under there with him.

Her mind had created the ultimate deception.

The sight of catching Natsu masturbating filled her with relief, but it was short-lived as embarrassment crashed over her like a tidal wave, "Ahhhh! Cover yourself up!"

"Huh?" The dragon slayer asked, taking his hand off his erection. It fell against his stomach, glistening from per-cum and lubricant. "I was covered. You're the one who took my blanket."

"Well, here," Lucy handed the red blanket back to him, but he made no attempt to take it. "Well?"

"Well what?" Natsu asked, feeling slightly amused at how flustered his girlfriend was becoming. "It's not like you haven't seen it before."

"That's not the point," Lucy opted to cover her eyes instead since he was making no effort to shield his erection. "I don't want to see you touching yourself."

The pink haired man looked thoroughly confused, "but I thought you said you like watching when I-"

"Ah! Shut up shut up shut up! I only like that when we're already doing stuff. This is just weird and an invasion of your privacy," Lucy stole a peek through her fingers, seeing he still hadn't covered up. "Why are you doing that anyways?" She shield her eyes from his manhood while still keeping his eye contact.

The hand he wasn't using for masturbation came up to scratch the back on his head. "Well, after training I was feeling... well I was horny... I sent Happy away so I could... take care of things, but my cold shower didn't help. So, I figured it would help calm me down, but now all I've done is upset you."

"You didn't upset me." Lucy shook her head, "you just surprised me."

"Well to be fair, you walked in on me," the dragon slayer smiled, loving how her blush spread.

Lucy couldn't deny the truth in his words. She let out a giggle as she said, "fair enough."

"Did you really think I'd cheat on you?" He finally asked, hurt and discomfort in his green eyes. He thought he proved to her how dedicated he was to this relationship. He devoted his heart to her, and to hear her make that kind of accusation hurt. It hurt a lot.

The celestial wizard sighed before admitting, "not until I heard you making those kinds of noises."

"I always make noise," he reasoned.

"Yes, but you said 'Don't stop' and 'right there'. What was I supposed to think? It sounded like you were giving instructions," Lucy hated putting him on the spot, but he did make it sound like he was talking to someone else.

Natsu considered her words, knowing that she was already insecure from being cheated on before. Plus he could understand how she could have misunderstood the situation. He flushed as he let out an awkward laugh, "nah... I just like that kinda thing."

"Dirty talk," Lucy asked, already knowing the answer.


She raised a blonde brow incredulously, "even by yourself?"

"We all have kinks Luce..." He said it dryly, letting her know he was ready for a subject change.

"I guess you're right..." Lucy thought about all the kinks they'd discovered in the past two months. Biting, dirty talk, dominating her, and of course his fetish for her wearing stockings when they get intimate. "You seem to have more than your fair share though," she pointed out, knowing her main kink was wanting Natsu to lose control, because that's when he was the hottest... Literally.

"Why are you here?" he asked, bringing her out of her thoughts. "I thought you'd still be hanging out with the girls?"

"I wanted to see you," Lucy dropped her hand, knowing he wasn't going to cover up anytime soon. "Happy said you weren't feeling well, so I brought soup." She turned to look at the paper bag. "Are you hungry?"

"Yes, but I can wait until after," Natsu smirked, sending a chill down her spine.

"After what?"

A large toothy grin surfaced on his flushed face. "Come here," he outstretched his hands, asking her to join him.

A sigh escaped her as she padded over to the couch. He wasted no time snatching her wrists and pulling her into his embrace. His body was usually warm, but right now he felt hot. It was always like this when he was either fighting or being intimate. She just didn't know it worked when he was masturbating as well.

"You couldn't wait for me?" Lucy giggled when his hands traveled over her body. Her back was pressed against his firm chest, allowing her to feel his irregular breathing.

"Well I knew you were having lunch with the girls today, so I didn't want to bother you," Natsu's warm breath fanned over her neck, his lips brushing against her skin.

The dragon slayer smiled as he saw the multiple bite marks adorning her flesh. They were satisfying for now, but what he really wanted to do was mark her as his mate. Unfortunately he couldn't do that until they had sex, and there was no way in hell he was asking her for that.

Just the memory of her rejecting him last time was horrific, and he didn't want to go through that again. He would just wait until she decided she was ready. Until then, he'd take pleasure in biting her for fun.

Besides, she didn't mind when he bit her.

"I guess that's sweet of you..." Lucy felt his stiff erection pressing against her lower back. "Are you ever going to get dressed?" She asked, but she really didn't mind as long as he was comfortable.

"Don't wanna. This is more comfortable," he said, and she could hear the pout in his voice.

"Suit yourself," the blonde snuggled closer to him, causing Natsu to hiss when her body rubbed against his member.

The celestial wizard hummed in appreciation when Natsu's hot lips touched her neck for a moment. "I was thinking about you when I was touchin' myself," his words caused goosebumps to rise over her skin. Lucy let out a soft whimper before his lips reattached to her flesh.

The man chuckled before he started leaving a trail of kisses from her jaw to her shoulder. It was only when his tongue started licking over her soft skin did she have to tighten her thighs.

She could already feel herself getting wet as his hand grabbed her hip, pulling her lower body closer to him. Lucy rubbed her thighs together now, trying to relieve the growing pressure.

"You know," Natsu started, making his way back up to her jaw, "I can smell you right?"

Lucy gasped as his hand moved to cup her womanhood, pressing the material of her silk panties against her wetness. "You smell intoxicating, Luce," he breathed into her ear, sending a shiver down her spine.

His hand slipped under her blue skirt, past her panties, and rubbed straight over her burning core. She felt him take a deep breath when he finally reached his target, and she heard the soft rumble in his throat when his fingers played with her dripping folds.

"My my, you certainly are wet," Natsu teased before dipping a finger into her opening.

Lucy arched her back, ass grinding backwards on his member. "Aaahhh," she whimpered when another finger joined the first. He angled his hand so he could sink his fingers halfway in.

She heard his breathing pick up, just like his fingers did. He fingered her as his tongue licked over her neck again, wishing desperately that she was naked like him right now.

"Lucy," he moaned, biting the lobe of her ear and loving the way her body shook against him.

The blonde couldn't take it anymore.

Without saying anything, Lucy started struggling against him. He opened his eyes wide, terrified that he somehow crossed a line, even though they'd done this countless times before. He was relieved when he found out she was just shifting, until the blonde was now face to face with her dragon.

Her hand ran along the side of his shaft before she took a hold of him. Natsu bit his lip as his hand returned to her quivering core. He didn't even bother returning to the same actions, deciding instead that his fingertips would focus on her bundle of nerves.

Turns out Natsu made the right call, because it made Lucy moan his name as she pumped his cock faster. She was glad he was well lubricated, because she had no problems sliding her hollowed fist up and down his manhood.

"Oh yes," Natsu rested his forehead against her shoulder, unable to think coherently. "Yes yes, don't stop, p-please," his begging was something that Lucy loved. It made her feel empowered, strong, because for a minute, she had control of the mighty dragon slayer.

"Your h-hand feels awesome, Luce," his hot breath made her shoulder dampen from the humidity he put off.

"Better than yours?" Lucy was flushed, her body heating up from the intense warmth her boyfriend emitted. He had gotten a lot better about controlling his body temperature, but it was still hot!

"Yes!" The dragon slayer groaned as her grip on his cock tightened, "so much better!" He was panting, but Lucy's breathing was just as ragged. He could feel the way her legs tensed and loosened, her body shook, and she started moaning his name over and over again.

Natsu knew she was close. Hell, he was already close, but that just wouldn't be fun to end things there. He quickly withdrew his hand from her body, causing the blonde to groan against his skin.

"Bed," the pink haired man commanded, "now!"

That was the newest addition to Natsu's house. She had forced him to buy a bed, because she refused to sleep on a hammock when she spent the night -which was most nights now. They had been sleeping together for the past month, but it had not resulted in sex, yet. He ended up getting a full-sized bed, knowing anything bigger would take up too much space in his house.

Natsu jumped on the bed with an eager smile on his face as he waited for Lucy to remove her clothes. He had to have her, now.

"Do you want me to leave these on?" Lucy asked as her finger tugged on the stocking of her left leg.

A wicked grin darkened his features as he nodded, "absolutely." His dark green eyes were filled with lust and appreciation for the sight before him.

She barely had a second after her she removed the rest of her clothing before Natsu grabbed her wrist, pulling her onto the bed with him. He caged her in, letting her know he did not intend on letting her go anytime soon.

"Lucy," he groaned in pleasure as his hand rubbed her already wet core, "please, can you sit on my face?"

A fierce blush spread over Lucy's cheeks. He'd been asking her to do that a lot ever since he discovered the position.

"Yeah," she moaned, loving the way Natsu's fingers slid along her opening. She craved more though, she craved his tongue.

The dragon slayer smiled, releasing her from his hold as he laid down on his back. He watched, lazily stroking his cock as he waited for her to climb on top. She did so with slow movements, enjoying the way he whined for her to hurry so he could eat her.

Oh, it send a shiver down her spine.

Lucy's full thighs straddled his head. Her hands rested on the headboard, waiting and bracing herself for his attack. She didn't wait long before his tongue darted out and ran along her wet folds.

Two warm hands cupped her ass, pulling her so she was practically suffocating him. He didn't mind. It only served to bring her delicious taste and mouth-watering smell closer to his senses.

His hungry tongue lapped at her, licking every inch of her outside before he dived in. His wet muscle sunk into her opening, tasting the flavor of pure Lucy. She was delicious, and the non-stop moans from above him let him know she was enjoying this too.

His tongue went as far in as he could go, before he started to thrust in earnest.

Lucy let her head tilt back, she was in heaven. Natsu's heated muscle warmed her up from the inside, spreading the pleasure throughout her flushed body. Her grip on the headboard caused her knuckles to go white, but she felt no pain, only wonderful bliss as he tried to go in deeper.

One of his hands coiled around her leg, the fingers brushing against her bundle of nerves before rubbing the nub fervently.

"Ahha, Na-nghh," Lucy's thighs instinctively closed up, pressing her womanhood closer to his open mouth.

Natsu pulled away just enough to mutter, "I love tongue fucking your sweet pussy!" Then he went back to assaulting her dripping core with a hungry need.

Lucy flushed with embarrassment at the way he talked. It was something they discovered on accident, but she was so glad they did. Natsu had a kink for dirty talk, and Lucy didn't mind in the slightest.

She wasn't as comfortable with speaking that dirty with him yet, but she was getting there. Baby steps.

"D-do you like it when I ride your face?" She was surprised she was actually able to say it with how breathless she felt, her heart was thrumming out of control, and she could feel her climax approaching quickly.

Natsu nodded against her wet flesh, delighted that she was taking part in his kinks. He knew it was difficult for her to express herself like that, so he appreciated the effort all the more. And to show his appreciation-

"Oh god!" Lucy shouted when his mouth captured her engorged bundle of nerves, his tongue flicking it with an intensity that only he could muster.

She wanted to remain still for him, but she couldn't help the way her hips moved on their own, grounding her body against his face to ease the tension building in her lower region.

The unique flavor of Lucy was enough to make Natsu's head spin, but he had to have more. There was a certain taste she made, but only after he brought her over the edge.

"Pinch your nipples," Natsu instructed before returning to her aching core.

Lucy did as commanded, her hands palming her voluptuous breasts before her fingers tightened around the pink tips. All of her external sweet spots were being hit, and her body felt like it had caught on fire.

Being with Natsu, she had to be careful she really wasn't on fire.

"Fuck!" The blonde cried out, much to Natsu's satisfaction. He could feel her legs shake, her core quivering, he knew she was close. "Yes, yes, yes!"

Lucy's body arched when she finally hit her climax, "uuuungh!" She shut her eyes as surges of pleasure crashed through her body. Her thighs clamped together, smothering the poor dragon slayer between her legs, threatening to crush him as the tantalizing feeling reached every nerve in her body.

Natsu growled when he tasted the sweet flavor that only came when Lucy did gushing in his opened mouth. The vibrations from his growl reverberated through her body, causing a second mini spasm to take over.

She was exhausted, and they'd only just begun. Beads of sweat formed on her forehead and the nape of her neck, causing her hair to cling to her skin. She didn't bother trying to fix her appearance, knowing Natsu loved it when she looked disheveled.

"Suck me too," Natsu grunted as he tried to lick up all her remaining juices. He was unsuccessful, as some slid down his cheeks and soaked his pink hair. He couldn't care even if he put every bit of effort in the task.

"Can't..." Lucy rasps as she tried to catch her breath, "move..." Her body was two seconds away from collapsing from the pleasure coursing through her veins.

Natsu was more than willing to help her out.

Lucy wasn't sure how he summoned the strength to grip her hips and pull her off him. She mustered her last bit of leg power to make the switch easier on her eager boyfriend as he turned her around.

The blonde was still in her post-orgasm trance. When her mind finally cleared, she was resting on Natsu's face again, except this time she was facing his twitching erection.

Already knowing what to do, she leaned in grabbed the fleshy pole. Her hands pumped at his arousal, noticing it was already leaking pre-cum. She parted her lips wide to take in his thick member, wanting to fully satisfy his needy body.

She immediately recognized the taste of his own fluids mixed in with the strong flavor of strawberries. Right now she was thanking herself for buying them that special lubricant, as it made his cock taste amazing.

Don't get her wrong, she loved the meaty taste of his flesh, but this was a nice treat for the blonde.

Natsu moaned at her ministrations before assaulting her sweet pussy again with his tongue. Slipping in two fingers, he began to pump in and out of her delicious core to ensure his victory. The dragon slayer liked to make things a challenge, and for this battle, it was to see who could make the other come first.

The pink haired man had no idea that Lucy intended on giving up her virginity today, so in his mind, this is where he was going to finish. He preferred releasing in her mouth, because it made the animalistic side of him very satisfied.

Lucy on the other hand knew completely about her plan, so she was careful to bring Natsu close to the edge, but not allow him to topple over. However that was easier said than done.

The dragon slayer was determined to win, and it forced the blonde to fight with herself between giving pleasure, and receiving it. The closer she became to her own orgasm, the harder it was for her to control herself while sucking on his thick cock.

She tried to stay focused, even when Natsu's tongue swirled around her clit before he attached his lips to it. The pink haired man used the tip of his wet muscle to tease her, until she was begging for more of the wonderful sensation.

"Please," Lucy moaned as she licked at the side of his shaft, "please, make me cum!"

'With pleasure,' Natsu thought as he added a third finger, stretching her inner walls as wide as they'd ever been. He knew it was her weakness, being spread and having her sensitive nub sucked, so he didn't hold back as he mercilessly ate her out.

The overwhelming burst of pleasure forced Lucy to deep throat her boyfriend as she hummed in satisfaction. Natsu's hips bucked, allowing him to fuck her throat. In the last two months she'd learned how to relax her mouth and throat to allow him to fully enter her, which Natsu couldn't get enough of.

The fire-user's head spun from the amazing feeling of her throat massaging his cock. His erection twitched in her mouth, and she felt the way it pulsed against her tongue. He was dangerously close, and the way he moaned, "fuck, ohhh, Lucy!" she knew he was about to pop.

That caused her to do the most evil thing she could have done.

She got off him.

Natsu felt her mouth pull away from his needy arousal. His hips bucked, but they only met air as she was no longer there.

"Luuuuuucy..." He whined as he blinked through glossy eyes. He finally found her, sitting between his spread legs with a devilish smile on her face. "Why'd you stop?" The dragon slayer was panting, his cock throbbing against his body, needing a release.

"I thought we could try something different today," the gorgeous blonde said as she started crawling over his body.

"D-different?" He swallowed despite his dry throat. "How?"

Her thick eyelashes batted, a lustful glint danced in her deep, brown eyes. She straddled his hips, rubbing her drenched core against his manhood.

The dragon slayer threw his head back as he let out a gasp. "That feels pretty good," he said as she started sliding against him, creating a delicious friction.

Natsu tried to blink the cloudiness in his head away, but something about her using his cock to pleasure herself was too much to take. "I think I like different!" He bucked his hips, causing her to whimper.

"Me too," Lucy admitted before leaning in to capture his lips. She kissed him softly while her juices saturated his cock, getting him prepped.

Her swollen lips pulled away from his, her tongue licking his bottom lips before retreating back into her sweet mouth. Natsu was mesmerized by every little thing she did, and he gulped when she parted her lips to speak.

"I want you Natsu," the look in her eyes told him she was absolute, "I'm ready."