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Betrayal to Love

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Chapter Eleven: Love

"I want you Natsu," the look in her eyes told him she was absolute, "I'm ready."

The dragon slayer was rendered speechless. For a moment he thought he was dreaming, until she slid against his cock once more, tearing a heady moan from his throat. He definitely wasn't dreaming.

The confidence Lucy showed made him feel more at ease. "You're ready for...?" The pink haired man placed his hands on her thighs, ""

The blonde, despite her confidence, blushed madly. "Y-yes," she nodded her head, hoping her suddenly nervous voice didn't give him any doubts. She steeled herself, placing a hand on his chest. "I'm ready. I wouldn't have said it if I didn't mean it."

"This doesn't have to do with earlier, right?" He was referring to her catching him masturbating. He hoped she wasn't trying to make up for the accusation she threw his way.

"It's not. I've wanted this for a while now, and thought today would be a good day," the blonde replied, calming him down a bit.

"What's today?" He asked as his brain started thinking about what today might be. It was a Tuesday... But other than that he didn't know of any other meaning behind it.

The celestial wizard giggled, "we've been together for two months today."

"Oh," Natsu said, feeling embarrassed that he forgot. "I'm sorry I didn't remember."

She shook her head to assure him, "it's alright. I didn't expect you to know... Just remember the year anniversaries."

"Years?" The dragon slayer asked in a hopeful tone.

"Years," she confirmed. "I plan on sticking with you for a loooong time, if that's okay with you." She smiled, and he swore the room lit up at her action.

He nodded eagerly, "absolutely!"

"So," Lucy said, squeezing his cock, "are you ready?"

"Hell yeah!" Natsu gripped her thighs, excitement bubbling up in his chest.

"Okay then," Lucy's head dropped as she pumped his cock a few times, making sure it was rock hard. She wasn't surprised that it was.

The velvety skin shined from her juices, letting her know he was well lubricated. She was glad she started taking birth control weeks ago, so they could enjoy this fully without worry.

Once she lined his erection up with her opening, she slipped the tip between her folds. After making sure it would be a clean landing, she looked up at Natsu. Their eyes were locked as she slowly lowered herself onto him.

The pace she set turned out to be beneficial for both of them. It allowed Lucy to adjust to his thick size at a comfortable rate, while it allowed Natsu to get used to the overwhelming heat swallowing his cock. He was a fire dragon slayer, and was shocked that something actually felt hot to him. It would surely drive him insane.

Natsu was almost halfway in before they ran into trouble. The dragon slayer gritted his teeth as he felt her inner walls resist his thickness. He had to summon every ounce of willpower not to buck up into her heat that encompassed himself.

Lucy started to feel some discomfort from the intrusion, but it was tolerable. Three fingers had nothing on his member, because she felt the delicious burn of being stretched wider than ever before.

She let out a soft grunt as her body took in a few more inches. She hurt, but the determination to conquer her dragon spurred her on. She could handle anything Natsu threw her way.

The blonde finally took everything he had in her body, trapping him there until she saw fit to move. The dragon slayer had resisted the urge to shut his eyes, opting to keep Lucy in his sight. This was unlike any pleasure he'd felt before, and he'd be damned if he missed out on any of it.

He could feel her walls subtly moving with every heavy breath she took, carefully massaging his cock that was tightly secured in her womanhood.

"H-how ya feelin'?" Natsu hadn't realized how effected he was by all this. His own breath was heavy and shaky, so he tried to regulate it. However, once Lucy started talking, he forgot how to breathe all together.

"It feels weird, but a good weird," she noticed the odd look on Natsu's face. "Are you okay?"

He nodded, not wanting her to hear his voice again. He wanted to appear confident and strong, but being this deep inside her was making him feel weak, but in a good way.

"I'm going to try to move," the blonde didn't wait for a response. Instead she rolled her hips, eliciting a shutter from her body.

Natsu had a strong reaction too, gripping her thighs harshly as he felt himself move inside her. He expected her to stop, but she kept going. "Nggh," the dragon slayer moaned through clenched teeth. He desperately wanted to close his eyes and throw his head back, but he forced himself to look at her.

'God she's beautiful,' Natsu thought as he watched her bounce up and down on his cock. She was going at a decent pace, slowly picking up speed with every thrust.

Lucy's skin glistened from sweat, his hands gliding over her thighs easily when he wasn't gripping them. Her large breasts jiggled every time she lowered herself on his cock. The curves of her waist and hips made his mouth water, and his lips parted wider each time he saw himself disappear in her heat.

It was so unreal, yet he knew it was actually happening. He was making Lucy his!

Tan hands came up to caress the pliant skin of her breasts, massaging them until they turned a nice pink color before he focused on her perky nipples. The buds felt different from the rest of her body, but he loved them just the same. He brushed them with the pads of his fingers before tugging slightly.

Every little extra touch he did caused her to clench down on him just a bit. It wasn't enough to make him come, but it was enough to send a fire straight to his belly.

Lucy continued to dominate his body for a while before her legs tensed up.

"Do you want to take over?" The celestial wizard asked breathlessly, "my legs hurt." Hurt was an understatement, because currently they burned, and not from his body heat.

He nodded, excited for the chance to take the lead.

Lucy pulled up, letting his cock slip out of her and slap against his toned stomach. He wasted no time, deciding to get up and push her to rest on her back. The blonde fell without resistance, her body already weakened from their past activities.

He caged her in once again, his mouth inches away from hers. "I love you, Luce," he said it so unexpectedly that she thought she might have imagined it. The look in his eyes told her she wasn't making it up.

A smile graced her lips before she gave him a soft kiss. "I love you too, Natsu," her hands slid through his sweaty pink hair. Some of it was matted, while others clung to his forehead. He looked drop dead sexy, especially with his swollen lips that looked edible.

The two began to kiss again, tongues roaming around while his hand reached between their bodies.

He wasn't exactly sure where her entrance was from this angle, so he rubbed the tip against her folds until he found his way. His cock invaded her womanhood a lot easier than it did the first time, letting him know she was used to his size.

That didn't mean he didn't still stretch her though, because she let out prolonged moan when he eased himself in.

Lucy's legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him closer. His body heat flared up for a split second, but he was able to stop himself from getting to hot. He didn't want to burn her while they had sex for the first time. That definitely wouldn't be a good memory.

He rocked into her at a slow pace, trying to convey how much he loved her with every snap of his hips.

The blonde enjoyed the way he filled her, but she was craving the wild, fiery dragon slayer she adored. Her fingers went to his toned back, nails digging into the firm back.

The pink haired man broke the kiss as he let out a grunt. "I like that," he said, not breaking eye contact.

Lucy's swollen lips were parted, panting before she said, "I'll keep it up if you go faster."

"Deal," Natsu's pace instantly increased, pounding into her sweet warmth like never before.

She began to writhe under him as his hips hammered into hers. "Ahaa," she let out a cry when she felt his hot lips sucking at her nipple, not even aware he had moved.

He only suckled her breast for a few thrusts before he lifted his body up, one hand supporting him while the other grabbed her hip to keep her still.

Natsu grit his teeth as his hips rammed into hers. She was so deliciously tight that his head spun. Every time he slammed his cock into her core, a burning flush spread on his body.

His cheeks were stained red from the heat they created. His breath came out in white smoke, as if the air around him was freezing. His bruising grip on her hip kept her from squirming, because otherwise she'd be writhing in pure pleasure.

"Y-yeaah N-Nat...suu... ohhh, faa-fuck! Harder!" She wailed with ever thrust, her body jerking from the overwhelming sensations coursing through her veins. "Oh yes! Just like that!" Her head tipped back when he increased the roughness of his thrusts, hitting her sweet spot every single time.

Sweat dripped down his face as the pleasure welled up inside. She was quivering, the tell-tale sign that Lucy was close, except now, he was experiencing it in a whole new way.

A throaty cry tore from her just as she toppled over the edge. Her inner walls clenched tightly around his arousal, squeezing him and easing up in a rhythm that had him seeing white spots.

He tried playing through the pleasure, but it was too much, she was too much!

He roared as he felt himself fly over the edge with her, spurting his hot cum deep into her needy body. It came in three, powerful bursts, that left him panting and shaking as every nerve on his body began to pulsate.

Natsu felt the strength leave him in an instant. The dragon slayer's body slumped over hers, worn out from the strenuous activities they partook in.

His breathing was ragged, sounding like he coughed up gravel. His limbs protested any movement, but he had to get off Lucy. He could hear her irregular breathing, knowing his weight was only adding to her strain.

Natsu forced himself up my his arms, peering down at the woman he just claimed as his own. She looked gorgeous, with her hair a mess and her slick skin glistening. He had half a mind to call her a goddess right then and there, but his words fell short when he noticed something wrong.

"Fuck!" The dragon slayer grunted as he pulled out of Lucy. His swollen cock slipped out of her body slowly, earning a soft gasp from the blonde.

"What's wrong?" Lucy asked, but his mind was temporarily drawing a blank as he watched his liquid seep out of her womanhood. It was a milky color, with a thick consistency.

Natsu's fingers dipped into her folds, mixing his seed with her arousal, watching as it blended together in perfect harmony.


The pink haired man's eyes snapped over to Lucy. She looked concerned, but he didn't know why. "What?"

She blinked, as if confused by his question. "You... you said 'fuck'. It sounded bad."

"Huh?" The dragon slayer looked down at his finger, that was pushing their combined liquids back into her body before he remembered what was troubling him. "Damn it, yeah it's bad," he said as he pulled his finger back to his lap.

"What is it?" Lucy sat up, feeling empty now that there wasn't a large cock inside her.

"I forgot to mark you as mine," he sulked, sitting on his ass with his legs spread. "I can't believe I let myself forget."

"It's okay," Lucy assured, "you can mark me next time."

"Next time?" Even though Lucy clearly said she wanted to spend years with him, he -for some reason- didn't think about this happening again. He was relieved when she nodded her head. "Well that's good for next time, but I really wanted to do it now."

"If it makes you feel better," the blonde said, crawling forward. Her breasts swayed as her knees moved to bring her closer to the dragon slayer. "I think next time will be sooner than you think."

"What makes you say that?" Natsu asked, but his question was answered immediately when he felt Lucy's slim fingers wrap around his cock, giving it a pump.

"You look ready to go," her voice came out smooth and deep. It was a sultry tone he craved.

Her hand rubbed him a bit more, but he was already rigid. "What do you say?"

"You want to do it again?" Natsu asked, surprised and aroused by her voice and actions. Hell, just by her in general!

"I think I have one more round in me," Lucy said as she let go of his cock. "How would you like me?"

"What do you mean?" The dragon slayer asked as he admired Lucy's naked body, knowing he was a lucky man.

"What position do you want me in? I'm sure you have some fantasies," the blonde winked, sending a chill down his spine.

Fantasies. Sure he had them, a ton of them, but to have permission to do one... There was one that'd been on his mind for a long time. "You sure?" Natsu asked, getting up to kneel.

"Yes, anything you want," Lucy said, but as soon as it slipped through her mouth she felt some doubt. Maybe she should have given him some ground rules first, otherwise she might be fucked in the wrong hole today...

Not that she wouldn't be willing to do that... Just not now...

"Awesome!" Natsu beckoned her with a hand, "come here and turn around."

"No!" Lucy shouted, scared to death that she'd been right to doubt all along. "You can't stick it in there yet!"

"Huh? Why not? You said anything I wanted." The dragon slayer let his head tilt to the right. "It was just in there a minute ago..."

"Where are you trying to put it?" She asked warily.

"In your pussy," Natsu said the words so casually it made her shiver. "Where else would I..." His thoughts barely trailed off before he realized what she was implying. "Oh! I wasn't even thinking of doing that..."

"Okay, good," the celestial wizard breathed easy knowing that hole would stay a virgin for now.

"Wait, you said yet," he formed a devilish smile as he asked, "does that mean you'd be willing to let me fuck your ass later?" His cock twitched as the words left his mouth.

"Oh my gosh!" Lucy covered her beat red face with both hands. "I'm going to die from embarrassment!"

The blonde let out a nervous laughter until her boyfriend wrapped his arms around her. "There's nothing to be embarrassed about. It's just us here, and I won't make fun of you."

"You won't?" She asked, moving one of the hands covering her face.

"Well... maybe just a little bit," he grinned at her, earning a light slap on the chest.

"I promise I wasn't going to do that to you Luce," the dragon slayer nuzzled his face against her sweaty shoulder. "Besides, I dunno if the dragon's mating ritual even works in the butt," he started laughing, causing the flustered woman to push him away.

"You're not going to let that go are you?" Lucy asked scooting away from him to rest on her knees.

"Probably not," he shook his head, "you're just so much fun to mess with."

"Whatever," she said, but her tone suggested some amusement of her own.

"Were you really serious? About anything I want?" The dragon slayer's eyes gleamed with eagerness.

Lucy gave him a stern look. "As long as it's not that, then I'm fine," she ended it with a gentle kiss to his lips.

When she began to pull away, he pushed forward, keeping their lips connected. He could taste a hint of salt from the sweat, but didn't mind as he licked the seam of her mouth hungrily.

The blonde opened up, letting him explore the moist cavern to his heart's content. The man's hands started to roam around her body again, until his fingers brushed both nipples. A soft mewl came from her, and he found he liked the dainty sounds she made, but what he really wanted was her to lose control.

His hands roughly massaged the pliant skin, kneading the flesh between his tan fingers until she climbed in his lap.

Natsu pulled back, letting the kiss end. A trail of saliva ran down the corner of her mouth, and he couldn't resist the urge to lick it up. His dark green eyes met her brown orbs, "turn around and get on all fours." He left no room for negotiations, and that thrilled her.

She loved when he commanded her in the bedroom.

Lucy slowly climbed off him, moving around the bed until she faced the headboard. She was beyond embarrassed to be in a position like that, with her ass fully in his view, but she knew deep down Natsu wouldn't really make fun of her. He liked to poke fun sometimes, but he'd never intentionally hurt her feelings.

She could trust him.

Natsu shuffled behind her, not thinking twice when he grabbed her soft but firm butt cheeks. The skin twitched at his touch, and he was tempted to explore some deviant fantasies floating around his mind. He shook his head violently, reminding himself that's not what Lucy gave him permission to do.

His eyes trailed south. He had to bite back a whimper when he saw her womanhood. It was completely drenched, with his cum leaking from her heat. Gulping hard, the dragon slayer guided his cock to her opening.

Since they just had sex, she should be good to go, so instead of taking his time, he shoved his entire length into her in one quick snap.

"Aaahh, fuck!" Lucy's arms gave out, forcing her to settle with leaning on her elbows. She hadn't expected him to be so rough right away, but she'd be lying if she claimed it wasn't a turn on.

"Oh shit, did I hurt ya?" Natsu asked, his vision blurry from the tightness and heat surrounding his cock.

She couldn't shake her head fast enough, "perfect. It was...perfect."

He grinned, then started to rock into her body at a decent pace. He quickly noticed the difference between the three positions they'd tried today, and he couldn't decide which one he liked most. Probably missionary, because it gave him a chance to dominate her, and see her pretty face at the same time.

Although, this was amazing too.

He leaned over her body, one hand supporting him while the other found her swinging breasts. He took turns pinching her nipples while he pounded into her tightness.

"Oooh, y-yes!" She raised her ass in the air, giving him a better angle for penetration.

The dragon slayer's tongue flicked over her back, trying to decide where he wanted to mark her. He knew the classic place was the neck, but he also knew it would leave a scar. He really didn't want Lucy mad at him if it was visible to the public.

Natsu glided in and out of her with ease. Turns out his cum made the best lubricant, and she was filled with it. So much so, that she was gushing with the fluid. Some of it even landed on his bed sheets, but he didn't give a fuck.

His mind was flooded with ecstasy from the feeling of being inside Lucy. He loved her so much, and to be this close to her filled him with hope and trust that their relationship was growing stronger.

He filled her up nicely, stretching her walls with every fervid buck of his hips. She seemed to enjoy it too, because she moaned and whimpered incessantly.

She felt amazing wrapped tightly around his cock, but the greedy dragon slayer wanted more. He wanted to go deeper! The dragon slayer grabbed both creamy cheeks, spreading them so he could do just that.

One sharp thrust caused Lucy to let out the most unladylike grunt either of them had ever heard.

The blonde's face immediately flushed a bright red from the mortification streaming through her mind. Natsu on the other hand, had a very different reaction.

He gripped her hips hard, only to ram into her with everything he had. He was trying to get her to do it again, loving the way she sounded. He knew the only way she made that grunt was because she was in so much pleasure she stopped caring about what she sounded like. He wanted to get her there again.

The thought of getting her to grunt again spurred him on despite the burn he felt in his thighs. She made similar noises as he increased his speed. His hair was sweaty from the intense heat surrounding them, but he vaguely registered it as he finally got Lucy to make another one of those sounds he loved.

"St...stop it," the blonde whined, yet her hips were coming back to meet his impact.

The dragon slayer slowed down just a hair, "you really want me to stop?"

"No!" Lucy groaned, her head coming down until her cheek rested on the sheets. They felt so cold compared to her body. She whimpered in a broken voice, "ma-ke it... hot-ter!"

"Are you sure?" He asked as his cock pulled out, just to slam back in.

"Yes!" She screamed, thankful for the fact that Natsu's house was in the middle of the forest where no one could hear them.

The dragon slayer complied, heating up his member inside her. She felt it immediately, and she swore for a second she saw stars.

"Uhhghn," Lucy's back arched just as another toe-curling orgasm racked her body. Tremors forced her to shake, her inner walls clamping down on the thick cock deep inside her.

Copious amounts of her clear fluid mixed with Natsu's earlier cum, dripped from her opening, running down her legs and sticking to the dragon slayer's thighs when he pounded into her.

He was so close, feeling his gut twist as he tried to hold it off. He leaned over, his hot breath fanning her shoulder. "I'm not gonna last any longer. You ready?"

"Y-yes! Do it!" She cried desperately as her spent body had no time to recover since he never stopped fucking her. She was in so much pleasure she could hardly stand it.

The dragon slayer opened his mouth, his sharp teeth scraping her skin as he pumped into her body two more times. Simultaneously his canines sunk into her shoulder just as his cock released his seed into her heat.

He controlled the urge to bite down with all of his strength, not wanting to harm her. The taste of blood hit his tongue, hoping his saliva would soothe her soon.

Lucy screamed from the agonizing pain for a few seconds before a euphoric sensation washed the sting away. Her eyes closed as she saw a memory flash before her eyes. It wasn't one she was expecting, but she fully understood why she saw it now.

When she opened her eyes again, Natsu was already off her, pulling out of her body and letting their combined fluids pour from her opening. The only thing on her mind right now was the need for a shower.

Lucy collapsed on the bed, her body feeling like jelly and her mind turning into goo. She barely registered when Natsu laid by her side, pulling her into his warm arms to show how much he appreciated his mate.

Her head fell to the crook of his neck, her lips resting over his large vein. She could feel his heart beating frantically through the strong pulse in his neck. She didn't know why, but the feeling was comforting.

Maybe because it let her know Natsu gave it his all, and that meant something to her.

They were on their sides facing each other, panting as their bodies tried to regulate themselves. The languid atmosphere definitely helped, but they both knew it'd be a while before they were up and moving.

"So," he breathed, feeling the strain on his lungs. "Do I even want to know?"

"Know what?" She gave him a coy smile, before cracking, "it's really embarrassing."

"Oh! I have to hear it now!" Natsu cheered, leaning in with suspense.

"Alright," the blonde sighed, knowing he wouldn't stop asking until she just told him. "It was at the grand magic games, when I lost to Flare."

"You mean when Raven Tail cheated and you lost by a technicality?"

"Yeah," she nodded, "it was when everyone was booing me... Despite all that you came out onto the field to get me. You told me to save my tears for when we win. Then you said I was amazing."

She blushed, smiling at the dragon who just conquered her. "I guess I really took it to heart. I just felt so safe with you there, because I knew you'd always be there for me when I needed you."

"Damn," Natsu said, astonished by her vision. "Well yours is a lot better than mine," he confessed.

"So what did you see?" Lucy asked, eager to know when his heart knew he loved her.

"I dunno if I should tell you. It's kinda depressing," the dragon slayer grumbled as he laid on his back.

The celestial wizard joined him, staring at the ceiling above their heads. "More depressing than embarrassing myself in front of thousands of people?" She let out a small giggle, but it ended once Natsu spoke again.

"Yes," he muttered. His tone lacked the enthusiastic beat she was used to. His voice sounded bland and defeated.

"What was it?" Lucy asked, hand grabbing his own to comfort him. Her brown eyes reflected concern for her best friend, wondering what could possibly get him so upset.

"It was your death," the dragon slayer finally said, his hand gripping hers in return. When he had relived the memory, it brought back all the pain and anguish he felt when he wasn't able to save her.

He knew it was her future self, but that didn't matter to him. He watched his friend die, only to find out that was the moment his heart realized he loved her. It was like a cruel twist of fate, and luckily the present Lucy survived. He still had someone to hold on to, to protect, and love.

Lucy didn't have to ask him what he meant by her death. She knew he constantly beat himself up over it, even if there was nothing he could have done to prevent it. She just hoped her future self was doing well now that everything went back to normal.

"It doesn't really matter when we fell in love, does it?" Lucy asked, causing Natsu to shift his body to face her.

"What do you mean?"

"All that really matters is that we love each other now," she placed a kiss on his nose.

"I guess you're right," Natsu said, a smile finally forming on his lips.

The dragon slayer yawned, feeling the drain sex had on his body. "I think I'm gonna take a little nap," he yawned again. "If that's okay with you...?" Despite his question, he already closed his eyes to prepare for rest.

"It's still light outside," Lucy giggled, but she felt sleep pull at her too, her eyelids growing heavy.

"That's okay," he snuggled closer to her, filling his nose with her scent -as well as all the other smells in the room. He'd have to clean up later, because there was no way he'd be able to do it now.

"Hey Luce."

"Yeah Natsu."

"Wanna go on a mission later?" He asked, his voice drowsy, "just me, you, and Happy?"

"I'd love to," the blonde replied, her own voice fading into a soft whisper.

"That's good..." Natsu murmured. "G'night Luce."

"Sleep well Natsu," she sighed, seconds away from dozing off. With the last of her strength, she added, "I love you."

Natsu gave the softest kiss to her shoulder before finally letting go of consciousness, "I love you too..."