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The Task Force141 holidays started a few days ago and Roach felt yet how boredom overcomes bis mind, without meat and the others he doesn't have lot to do Or to talk, the only persons there were soap, ghost and himself. Neither of them you see often, soap dose all the paper work that he hadn't done the last Weeks and ghost helps him or is most time missing, when you're lucky you will see him once a week. (Wow bis name describes his whole personality)

Like his daily routine Roach makes his way to the shooting range in the afternoon. About surprisingly enough, an other Person was shooting, too at range. The shooting person wears a black balaclava with a skull imprint and shades.
Lieutenant Ghost.

"Good afternoon, Sir"

5 shots. All in black.

"Oi mate, we're not in duty, you can keep the formalities off, Roach"

"Oh yeah, of course... Ghost" , a bit of heat rises in his cheeks, "Watcha doing here?"

"Obviously, shooting" , maybe he grins, but Gary can't read it exactly. Damn this balaclava.

"O-of course, sorry man, was a dump question..."
Now he heard a hearty laugh from bis superior, shit had Ghost ever laughed? Nop, not that he could remember, but he can gets used to it.

"And you kid, wanna shoot, too?"

"Oh, yeah of course", Garry snapped out of thoughts of his unusual talk active lieutenant.

" Come here, let's play game,when one of US shoots 27 times in black, he'll have a wish"

"Ohhh a wish, how romantic", the younger laughs sarcastically.

Ghost faces hm again and grins now very obvious : " Oh yes, kid. Exactly when I'll wish that you help me with the shitty paper work, fromm soap, for the next Weeks."

Shit. He wished to have more time with his mysterious superior, but not to do fucking paper work for the next weeks. Damn you Soap. But a 0,09 % Chance tha he could win exists.

"Agreed and when I win, you will answer every question that I ask.".

Plus a chance to get knowing ghost better is privilege, he doesn't even knowe the real name of his superior.