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the whole world belongs to you

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His face is warm. That's the first thing Yukine thinks, when he blinks his eyes open on Saturday morning. The second thing he thinks is that—

"Eurgh," he groans, wincing as he pulls the covers over his ears, even though the thin fabric does little to cover up the racket that's coming from the other side of the room. He closes his eyes, tries to drift back to sleep, but the sun is shining through the window in exactly the wrong way now. The tracery of light through his eyelids reminds him of the things from the Far Shore, somehow that's the thought that goads him into curling up and over to sit in bed, tangled with the sheets.

"What are you doing?" he asks, squinting at the flurry of activity that surrounds the stray god scrambling through piles of things, detritus flying about and rolling along the floor, landing against the wall with clinks and whispers of fabric against wood. Yato pauses, flashes a grin across the room, his teeth shining in the sun with evident gladness.

"Hiyori's taking us to the amusement park," Yato says, barely waiting for the words to leave his mouth, drifting across the room in the lazy golden heat of a summer morning before he's turning back to whatever he's doing with his things.

Yukine feels a rush of energy despite himself, despite the fact that it's too early for a Saturday, not that it really makes much difference for him what day it is, but old habits die hard, somehow, and Hiyori did leave him a certain amount of work that he hasn't quite finished yet. . .he squashes the small guilty feeling and focuses on the prospect of an amusement park adventure—Hiyori devoting time to them without it being a situation—and all of a sudden the gladness filling his heart is asking why he's not scrabbling around doing whatever Yato is doing, because the wonderful feeling in his chest needs to do something

"Breakfast!" Daikoku calls gruffly from below, and Yato's mad rush stops as his stomach rumbles obnoxiously and he tumbles down the steps.

Sometimes, Yukine thinks, following behind at a slightly less slap-dash pace, it's hard to remember that Yato used to be a god of calamity.


Daikoku is frowning when Hiyori comes up the path, but Yukine doesn't pay him any attention, too used to his constant over-preoccupation with everything.

"You be good, Yatty!" Kofuku calls after them, and Yato pretends to huff even though he hardly minds.

"Hi Hiyori!" Yukine says, tempted as always to take the next step and hug her though he settles as usual for a friendly shoulder bump as they head out. Hiyori isn't in a school uniform today, and he's not sure if he's disappointed about that or happy to see her in casual clothes. Her skirt is really pretty, a flower print, and he smiles.

They're already at the train when Yato suddenly stops, almost tripping Yukine up in the process—

"What—?" Yukine begins, Hiyori looking back at them, her expression not quite concerned but ready to be at a moment's notice—why are we always so ready for a situation? Yukine thinks, the thought uncomfortable.

"I forgot my bag!" Yato wails, acting like nothing more than a sulky teenager, and Yukine doesn't quite manage to hide his eye roll, which Yato inevitably notices, the one time when Yukine would rather he didn't.

"I got it all ready for things we might need!" he says, waving his arms dramatically, and Yukine doesn't know whether to tell him to get over it or save sulking time by going back for it, when Hiyori laughs.

The whole world is a little brighter, somehow, and Yukine takes a deep breath.

"You don't need anything," Hiyori says, and pulls three white tickets out of her pocket. "I have the entrance fares here already."

Yato glances at her for a moment, then drops his hand and straightens. "Okay," he says, and starts walking again. Yukine eyes him as they wait for the train, but Yato is glancing around at all the other people on the platform as usual, a grin on his face, and he leaves it.

"Did you finish the work I set for you?" Hiyori asks, turning to look at him, and Yukine can't help the flush that hovers lightly across the arch of his nose.

"Um," he says, regretting the fact that he stayed up last night playing koi koi with Yato and Kofuku instead of studying. Hiyori opens her mouth—

just as the train comes gliding along the tracks, and her train of thought get tangled up in the rush of people getting on and off the train. Yukine sighs, privately, in relief.

And then sighs out loud as Yato starts handing out flyers for his services.


The merry-go-round is kind of fun, even though he pretends it's boring because it's for little kids and Yukine definitely isn't a little kid, but when he looks up at the tall roller-coaster he has to swallow a kind of tingly feeling in his stomach.

"Are you nervous?" Yato smirks, and Yukine is quick to shake his head. They've definitely done much wilder things, dealing with Far Shore spirits, but there's something that's a very little bit terrifying about trusting himself to something made entirely out of metal, plastic and machinery.

"Come on!" Hiyori grins, taking his hand to pull him into the line, and Yukine finds that the prospect of depending on a roller coaster isn't quite as daunting when her hand is wrapped around his.

When they stumble off the ride, legs still a little wobbly and throats slightly hoarse from screaming—"I liked it!"—Yukine is quick to defend himself—Yato spies a food vendor selling fruit drink and makes doe eyes at Hiyori, who only rolls her eyes and marches up to the stand.

"I'll take a strawberry one and a peach one," she asks, handing over the money and accepting the drinks, handing the strawberry one to Yukine who grins back.

"Thanks," he says, taking a sip and letting the sweetness ground him further.

"I'm glad you had fun," Hiyori replies, taking a sip of her own through the straw, and ignoring Yato making dramatic faces in the background.

"But—?" Yato finally splutters.

"Oh, were you thirsty?" Hiyori asks, and Yato gives her his best betrayed look before nodding.

"Can I have a kiwi drink?" Hiyori asks the seller, handing over more money, and Yato beams, crowding up over her shoulder to peer at the food vendor so that when Hiyori turns with the drink, it ends up colliding with his face as she almost stumbles.

Yukine almost doubles up laughing at the expression on Yato's face, full of surprise and green juice, and Hiyori is giggling as she hands him a napkin from the stand.

I'm happy, Yukine thinks, taking another sip of his juice beneath the late afternoon sun.