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whalebone boy

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The name Kim Seokjin was never unheard of. To say he had a spoon of silver poised between his lips would be an understatement, rather it were the finest whalebone, carved into articulated shape to rest daintily between the rows of pearl-perfected teeth. He grew up with meals served upon diamond platters. A mansion hollow of the exhalations by his mother and father as they were almost always on business vacations. Prim suits and silk ties that held the thick scent of ground tobacco. Dauntingly large mirrors that reflected the thin film of white on the bathroom basin left by his father’s buzzed colleagues. Never requiring to place a tailored shoe against an accelerator and instead being able to relax against the rich charcoal leather seats of a sleek crimson Lamborghini as the driver escorted him to the next big event. All of this dated back to the age of four.

He asked to be simply referred to as Jin, lifting the weight of his last name from his persona, as it never truly defined the personality that was more often than not overlooked by his rich surroundings. Although he grew up in the high-end business spotlight as a result of his parents, expected to take over their bigshot company the minute they threw in the towel, it was beyond the last thing that he wanted. The boy lived the lifestyle that late night office workers strived for, that the young men and women of the wealthy college that he attended desperately tried to grasp through offering acts of kindness; but mostly pleasure.

But Kim Seokjin was blinded by their attempts, for he was already in love.

Every banquet that the business held between the granite pillars that he called home, every frat party that left red wine staining the marble floors; Jin would scan the endless bodies that would flood the mansion foyer. You often made it quite a task, a challenge to be discovered, leading to a reward that would leave Jin sighing your name beneath thin silk sheets. You were always there, never standing out among the crowd, but nonetheless managing to catch his eye without trying.

Your style was modest in colour, long elegant dresses that would cascade down your figure with a touch of pearls or lace. Your hair was never prettied up into a bun, rather loose around your face in the effortless way that Jin entirely adored. His favourite part was that when he would unzip you, letting the fabric roll down your skin to form a circle of chiffon around your ankles, you would be entirely bare underneath; no desirable lingerie hugging at your hips and breasts, simply nothing at all.

When Jin would stand upon the platform at the top of the marble staircase, straining his vision to see throughout the quiet whispers of the elderly or the outrageous screams of the wild and young, he would find you motionless among the chaos; a carved statue of beauty. If the sight of you were not enough to make his heartbeat pick up the pace, it was the way that you would already be staring at nobody else but him when he finally found you. You would hold is gaze carefully, not daring to break it as you would part the sea of bodies, gracefully making your way toward his still figure until your heels were clicking up the steps and coming to their final stop before him. By this point, Jin would be aboard an endless train of thought, incapable of pulling on the brakes, his every nerve screaming to be graced by the feather touch of your fingertips.

But on this particular evening, all Jin could think was a question.

A concoction of aromatic perfumes and colognes mixed in the atmosphere with the sharp scents of champagne and musky cigars. Jin was at the head of the staircase as usual, hands shoved deep into the pockets of his suit pants, black tie loose around his neck with the collar of his now creased white shirt unbuttoned. Alcohol loomed around the edges of his vision, the slow movement of his head as he tilted it to hunt through the crowd for the all-too-familiar curve of your shoulder, the glimmer of your wicked smile, left him feeling lightheaded. Jin looked past a couple of frat boys that were now throwing their bodies to the marble tiles in a drug-fuelled brawl, dismissing it entirely as his eyebrows knitted together out of frustration. He still had not sought you from the swaying figures, and he wondered if you were even here, if maybe you had decided not to come. But that could not be, you always came.

How tragically ironic that would be, Jin mused through his tipsy thoughts, scanning the uproar of the mansion foyer once more, ensuring that he may not have missed you standing beside the golden drapes or leaning against one of the granite columns. Not deciding to show up on the night that I want to hear her answer.

“Looking for somebody?”

Jin stiffened at the sound of the honey-sweet voice that drifted by his ear, turning slowly to find you standing behind him, a teasing smile playing across your lips. Normally, the sight of you relaxed his muscles, made him feel lighter than air. But now, Jin found himself standing stoic, his broad shoulders frigid and his face expressionless. You looked painstakingly beautiful, your physique wrapped in a strapless dress of a baby pink colour, alike to soft cheeks acquiring a pale red tone on a winter morning. The fabric bunched at your waist and then rippled out in beautiful waves, the hem dancing across the floor as you moved, swaying in time with the locks of hair that framed your features and spilled down your spine. You looked entirely ethereal. With your smile slowly fading, you stared back at him with equal measure, curiosity at this new behaviour beginning to swim in your irises.

Jin did not speak a word, rather he took you by the elbow and guided you away from the chaos and down the all-too-familiar hallway that was lined by picturesque art within frames of gold. You did not question him as the sound of the frat party drained from your hearing, conversation was never a common thing between the two of you, as you both preferred to speak with your bodies. Reaching the closed door that you had been pressed against a countless number of times, the grain a familiar pattern that smoothed the skin of your back with his every thrust, you glanced out of the side of your eye to look at Jin. He was clearly intoxicated, though nervousness was clenched in the tight muscle along his jaw, was settling in his wavering pupils. The door clicked open and you walked forward into the darkness without looking back to see if he followed.


The sound of Jin’s voice tickled at your skin, your exhalation deep. You continued to face the window that consumed the entirety of the north-facing wall, allowing the moonlight to spill into the room and turn everything within a ghastly shade of grey. The soft thud of the thick wood coming to close against the doorframe was the last sound that you heard before you felt Jin’s gentle fingers skimming up your arms, jumping a little at the sudden contact, not hearing his approach. Your eyelashes fluttered shut, rolling your shoulders back when his hands rested daintily upon them.

“Yes?” You breathed, only just controlling the jitter in your voice as his fingertips continued to draw down your spine, dancing along the fabric where the low-back of the dress began. He toyed with the zip, slowly beginning to trail it down, the chiffon curling away from your body as it opened up to reveal the skin beneath.

When Jin reached your tailbone, he released the dress, indulging in the beauty of it rolling effortlessly down your hips, past your thighs. An exquisite sight of undressing you that made his pants tighten around his crotch, his teeth sink into his lower lip. His gaze drifted down your frame, connecting the tiny moles and blemishes that dotted your back, the curve of your behind in the light of the moon, your ankles shaking as your body rocked in your heels. You sucked in quickly at the touch of his hand on your waist, helping you remove the shoes carefully before turning you so that you were facing his questionable expression. Jin was never one to hide his emotions, but it was always difficult to figure out which one of the many that crossed his features was the one that he was truly feeling. Anxious. Aroused. Afraid.

He looked directly into your eyes, confidence swelling in his chest as the question from before came to the forefront of his thoughts. He almost did not want to ask, fearful for the answer, but needing to hear it nonetheless.

“Y/N,” Jin began once more, his tongue caressing the shape of your name, rolling it between his lips. “I need to know something.”

“Go on,” You managed to mumble, blinking a little dazedly at the deep tone of his voice. He had never spoken so seriously to you before, and you loved it.

Jin evidently swallowed, your eyes following the movement of his Adam’s apple. “Do you like me for my money, or do you like me for, well, me?”

He watched as your lips parted into a small circle, a little shocked, not expecting that to be what he was so pent up about. Noticing the way that his features changed at your reaction, retreating back into his shell out of embarrassment, you quickly shut your mouth and grabbed onto his wrists. Jin cast his eyes down, trying to shake off the question that he was already regretting asking, but you released your grip and reached up to cup his face between your palms. When he reluctantly settled his gaze onto your own once more, his heart warmed at the sight of your breathtaking smile.

“Kim Seokjin, you mean many things to me,” You murmured, taking a step closer to him so that your bare skin was lightly brushing his shirtfront, a visible shiver travelling down his body at the brief contact. “You mean happiness. You mean kindness. You mean love. But you do not mean wealth. That, I could not care less about.”

Jin didn’t realize he was holding his breath until it came harshly rushing out of his parted lips, right before he gathered you up in his lean arms and kissed you.

He treated you as though you were the most delicate being to exist. His arms around you were caressing and weightless, his so mouth divine and soft as he pushed deeper, tongue curious and wandering as it danced across your bottom lip and made you gasp. It was like a scene from a romance, the rich boy bending the downtown girl backward in a kiss so passionate and full of drunken love that you could hear fireworks exploding in your thoughts. Jin’s hands roamed every inch of your skin, softly pinching the curves and tickling the rough edges, slowing in movement as they found the inside of your thighs. Your shaking body went still with anticipation, the kiss halting as his fingers drew tiny circles just beside your core, his warm breath mingling with your own as you stood together unmoving with your lips brushing lightly against one another. He looked you straight in the eyes when his index finger slipped into your growing stickiness, going straight for the kill and moving the digit to slide into your entrance.

Your satisfied moan was caught by Jin’s mouth, crushing your own as he roughly began to fuck you relentlessly with his hand. Gradually he slipped two, three fingers inside of you; thumb grazing agonizingly at your sweet spot with every little thrust. You became a mewling mess of heat and perspiration in his hands, his arm around your waist practically holding you up, your knees so weak with the pleasure that they were threatening to collapse beneath you. Jin kissed down your chin, along your jawline, across the skin of your neck where he bit you softly, muttering over and over: My princess, my beautiful princess. You could feel that you were close, and he noticed it too in that way that your lips began to quiver, losing all sense as the white hot pleasure crept closer to your core.

“Not yet, darling,” Jin whispered into your hair, hand slipping out from between your thighs and encouraging a sound of dissatisfaction from you. He swiftly lifted your body up into his arms, padding over to the bedside and placing you down on the violet silk sheets, cool and smooth against your tense skin. Undoing his belt, he shifted his suit pants down his hips, revealing his stiffened member from his underwear and crawling on top of you, a lustful darkness consuming his expression entirely and making your womanhood become even wetter.

“This is better suited for my girl.”

The head of his member that was brushing against your folds was suddenly sliding inside of you, the almost unbearable pleasure from moments before immediately returning and making you cry out. Jin did not kiss you, he simply wrapped an arm around your waist once more to give him better leverage, his forearm beside your head; face hovering inches above your own as he gazed into your eyes. His expression was what brought you back to the edge, a little exerted with the rolling of his hips deep into your tightness, but flooded with a hunger that made your skin crawl with excited arousal. It was not long until the nerves around your lower region were frenzied with an unstoppable fervour, Jin’s length pumping inside of you suddenly feeling tighter as you clenched around him, allowing the euphoria to consume you whole as you felt your warmth come between your thighs; his name leaving your lips in a pitched moan.

He slowed down the pace as you rode out your high, taming his movements to be deeper, longer; lengthening out the pleasure that made your body quake beneath him. When he came to a stop after you had finished, he blinked slowly out of exhaustion, a bead of sweat rolling down the side of his forehead. You frowned back up at him, pushing the strands of hair that had tangled with his eyelashes away. You pressed your hands to his chest and he willingly rolled onto his back beside you, watching with widening eyes as you positioned yourself on top of him.

“You don’t have to-“

“Shhh,” You hushed him, lacing your fingers with his and using your free hand to shake your hair over one shoulder. Reaching between your thighs, you grabbed onto his heated cock, directing it to your still throbbing entrance before sliding down.

Jin groaned, the sound guttural and resounding around the room, the noise of the party unheard of, long forgotten. You swivelled your hips, pushing low until he was filling you entirely, which was evidently taking its toll on him in the way that he softly moaned; his hand that held your own clenching with every movement. He looked beautiful beneath you as you rode him, parted mouth a little swollen and his eyes glassy with desire. Jin bit down on his bottom lip, the sparks of pleasure growing in his abdomen and finally building into something more, the incredible satisfaction releasing inside of you as he quickly came.

You waited until his body stopped shivering before you removed yourself from his length, settling down beside him on the silk sheets that cooled your burning skin. Jin looked at you with hooded eyes, his hand coming up to trace the side of your face in snowflake patterns.

“You could be living in a worn down house with hardly any money, and I would still love you senselessly,” You whispered, your chest flooding with warmth at the sight of his divine smile at your words.

Jin kissed you lightly on the lips before tucking you into his broad chest, feeling his heart beat softly against your cheek. His voice cracked a little when he spoke, and you began to rub gentle circles into his back when you felt his shoulders begin to shake.

“I love you too, Y/N.”