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best friends

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Taehyung and you had been best friends since the beginning of your high school days, managing to maintain that tight bond two years after graduating. You were the kind of friends that called each other awful names without the insult, who spent nights awake until 3AM sharing a bottle of wine as you hung out the bedroom window to see the stars, who knew the nitty gritty things about each other that were tucked beneath fingernails and threaded through eyelashes. Thick as thieves, the best of friends.

But you were not the kind of friends who would openly offer to give the other a blowjob. Until today, that is.

Taehyung stared at you kneeling before his slouched position on the couch with narrowed eyes, scrutinising the motives behind the question he never expected to hear from your lips. But he would be lying if he said he had not imagined it at least once before.

“You want to what?” He said slowly, scrunching up his nose a little, cheeks discreetly flushing.

“Give you a blowjob,” You repeated once more, drawling the words before continuing to tease. “You know, suck your dick, give you head, deepthroat-”

“Jesus okay, I get it!” Taehyung exclaimed, bringing his hands up to cover your giggling mouth, halting anymore filth from pouring out. “W-Well if you really want to, then go ahead I guess? Like hell am I going to pass up an offer for that.”

Your grin was coy and set the boy a little on edge, biting down onto his bottom lip at the sight of you pushing his knees apart, heat building up around his crotch as he settled back into the sofa. Out of precaution, you pushed the loose strands of hair back from around your face to settle behind your shoulders, freezing when Taehyung tucked a stray, bronze wave behind your ear; a small smirk on his expression as he did so. But it was soon slipping, faltering as you skimmed your fingertips teasingly up the denim that covered his thighs, inching towards the zipper of the tight black jeans that he wore and tugging it open smoothly.

Taehyung lifted his hips a little then, shifting his waistband lower so that his grey briefs beneath were on show, revealing the mind-numbing sight of his bulge. He made a soft grunt at the way your lips parted with satisfaction at what he had just displayed to you, hands already lightly dancing over the cotton before you glanced up at him for permission, to which he granted with hooded eyes and the taunting raise of an eyebrow.

The sight of his member lifting out of his underwear had your lips parting in awe, saliva gathering in your mouth purely at the glorious size of him. You knew you would not be able to take him whole, but you were willing to try once you had him flushed and on the edge of his high, your fingers tentatively sliding across his jeans to wrap around the shaft to make up for what your lips could not reach for now; earning you the sound of his sharp intake of oxygen at the contact. At that moment, you curiously darted your eyes up to his expression, feeling the place between your thighs start to soak simply from the way he had his lower lip tucked tightly behind his teeth, lashes drooping so low that they appeared to dust his cheeks. He was consumed by unadulterated lust already and you had barely even started.

“Are you going to cum so soon?” You teased, taking pleasure in the way he squirmed at your breath falling upon the tip of his cock.

“F-Fucking hurry up,” Taehyung muttered, in no mood for your joking as he abruptly wrapped his fingers into your hair and brought you forward, your grinning lips pressing against the soft flesh of the head. “And suck me.”

“I wouldn’t love anything more,” You purred, and if your low words did not have his nerves erratic with desire, then your mouth finally parting and sliding down his length certainly did.

The sound of Taehyung groaning with such satisfaction had you pushing your thighs together, the depth of it unbelievably arousing and distracting you momentarily. After refocusing on the task at hand, you started to work your mouth and fingers in unison, pumping up and down at an agonisingly slow pace, milking as much pleasure as you possibly could through the way that your tongue traced delicately around his length, caressed the vein that throbbed eagerly on the underside, hollowing your cheeks so that you could suck hard. From his lips slipped your name in delicious moans and throaty grunts, hips rolling up into your awaiting heat with a fuck you are so good, or praising when you would venture deeper for him with that’s a good girl drifting into your ears and making you whimper quietly around him; straining to refrain from reaching your free fingers between your thighs to satisfy yourself. Taehyung’s hand that was tangled in the strands of your hair had gone slightly slack with the euphoria that was rushing throughout his limbs, tightening every time you would push down, encouraging you to go deeper, harder. But you were in the mood to make him wait, for him to earn the privilege of feeling his tip brush against the back of your throat.

“Faster,” Taehyung breathed, the word ragged and desperate and God you could have given in so easily to his gorgeous tone, only just holding yourself back as your parted mouth drew up to settle just above the reddened head. Precum was already beading on his slit, the sour taste lathered onto your tongue.

He was close, and you had an idea.

“I will deepthroat you,” You started, noticing the way he perked up at that, shifting his hand to push the stray hairs away from your face to see your sultry expression suddenly melt into something darker. “But only if you can stop yourself from cumming after I swallow around you three times.”
Taehyung went entirely blank at your words, his hand stilling and ardour swirling with displeasure in his eyes. But your suddenly dominating aura had his insides twisting with fiery passion, the almost unbearable warmth flooding to his member that was undoubtedly ready to release himself into your awaiting mouth. Even the thought of seeing his cum running down your chin had him furrowing his eyebrows to stop himself from blowing, regaining his firm grip in your hair as he exhaled the idea loudly and brought your slightly swollen lips to press against him once more.

“Try me,” Taehyung’s voice was laced with venom, the mutter etching into your bones and surging arousal to your frustrated core. “I won’t be letting go until I get to see your pretty mouth taking me whole.”

Your glare was matched with another stab to your quivering bundle of nerves, urgently wanting to be pleasured, having to remind yourself that you were the one who put yourself in this position. Shifting your fingers a little lower on his slick member, you made sure he was staring straight into your eyes as you licked your bottom lip, the muscle brushing lightly against his tip in the motion and making his nose twitch before suddenly he was groaning at the sensation of your mouth lowering swiftly onto him. Precum was lathered onto the roof of your mouth, eyes closing as you breathed through your nose and then swallowed deep, tears forming along your lashes when Taehyung bucked unexpectedly beneath you and released an irate growl of oh fuck me. You slid back up, twirling your tongue softly around the head before smiling.

“One,” You mumbled, giving his cock a gentle pump with your fingers for good measure as he watched you with hooded eyes full of promise to have you as bad as you had him. Then you were swallowing down on him again, humming lightly as Taehyung’s head rolled back against the couch at the sweet vibrations, lips parted and releasing soft moans as his hand guided you as far down as you would allow.

With your fingers moving a little lower to prompt more of his cock to be within your tight, wet mess, you swallowed hard for a second time and melted within the sound of Taehyung’s deep voice breaking the silence. His spread legs were now coming together as he squirmed, trapping you as his ankles locked against your spine and held you closer, urged you further down him and had you choking. You came up quicker, gasping for a sliver of fresh air as his hand against your head was slipping down to cup the side of your face, thumb affectionately brushing away the small tear that had escaped you. But when your blurred vision had cleared enough to stop his expression from wavering behind the salty fluid, your heart dropped at the almost unforgiving look that tugged his lips into a meek smirk.

“Sorry,” He cooed bluntly, despite the pad of his thumb that continued to caress your cheekbone. “You have one more chance.”

You could not take it anymore. Could not handle the way he was staring at you as though he would devour you as soon as you were finished, could not fathom the anticipation that was building in wet desire within your panties, could not stand waiting any longer to feel his warmth slide down your throat and erupt the most blissful moan from his lungs. Without further prompt, you removed your hand completely from his shaft, his erection poised readily on its own, noticing the way Taehyung’s eyes unexpectedly widened as you cursed him before moving your lips so far down his cock that the tip was nestled against the back of your throat. The tight swallow that followed had the man crying out, fisting a bundle of your hair for leverage as his body shook with white hot pleasure, rushing down to his length where it coated the inside of your mouth with sour lust. Your palms were flat against his thighs, sliding your lips slowly up and down to draw out the high that had him rattled from his core, weakly thrusting into you for more, more, more.

When you finally drew up, you coughed lightly as you sucked air back into your body, a little lightheaded when Taehyung clasped your face between his palms and leaned down to you. You shivered with pleasure at the way he ran his tongue from your chin up to your lips, tasting your effort before sealing it with a deep kiss. His mouth opened your own wide, eager to consume every inch of you with his roaming lips and tongue before he pulled back, the two of you practically breathless. You smiled weakly as your fingers danced lightly up his now over-sensitive member, making him bite down onto his bottom lip with a moan of warning.

“Told you I could do it,” Your whisper was teasing, testing, seeing if he would take the bait and tear your clothes from your skin.

Running his thumb across your lips before planting another gentle kiss to them, Taehyung’s smirk had your thoughts dizzied, your core weeping burning desire.

“But you cheated, and bad girls don’t get away with cheating so easily,” His voice was husky, threatening as he pulled you up onto his lap and swiftly shoved your cotton pants down your thighs, fingers coming into instant contact with your quivering, wet womanhood. He held your jaw in position, incapable of looking into nothing but his eyes as two fingers slid in torturously deep and had heavenly moans falling from your lips.

“So get ready.”