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It was something that was only meant to be a onetime thing. A venture down a path you had once never before considered to take, a dead end road that you would eventually make a U-turn at, driving back out into the open and never daring to make your way back into that darkness again. But you let your compulsive desire get the better of you, as you always did, and you soon knew that shadowy path like the grooves that embedded your palm, the deep blue of the veins branching from the insides of your wrists, the soft lilt of your voice wrapping around your words.

Only once.

You had told yourself this when the woman with hair the colour of flickering orange flames pressed one of the seven buzzers located on her desk. You had told yourself this when she motioned you to go up the freshly lacquered oak staircase and knock on the fourth white door on the left. You had told yourself this as the silver handle rattled to unlock before twisting ninety degrees.

But you had forgotten everything once you saw his face for the first time. Peeping through the crack of the open door, he had soon fully swung it open to reveal himself barefoot in a casual black shirt and jeans, blonde hair mussed as though he had only just awoken to match his sleep-heavy eyes that swept over your figure with appreciation. The walls he stood within were swallowed by sunlight, pouring through an open window with the breeze that danced stray hairs around your face, the almost ethereal boy before you gazing silently at the golden movement. But before you could even part your lips to speak, to introduce yourself, he was delicately taking your hand and pulling you gently into the room, his own cupid’s bow pressing soft and reassuring to your own.

When it came to Min Yoongi, nothing was ever a onetime thing.

The brothel was a rather professional scene that not many women or men knew about. Seven boys worked within the glass, white and wooden building, and rather than the customer selecting their preference, the fiery haired receptionist which you eventually came to know as Marlene was the one who deciphered which man would suit them best. She once studied as a behaviour analysist, after all. She would match the desires of the customer to the personalities of the seven that waited within their rooms, whether they were lust driven, or just looking for a taste of fun; pressing the buzzer that rung a small bell in its respective room to notify each man of their arriving guest. But in the three months that you had been visiting the building that appeared too full of natural light for the amount of shadowy secrets it contained, Marlene had only ever paired you with Yoongi, which you were beginning to get the hint that he had specifically requested this.

He never liked to share what he deemed was his. But this meant that you had no clue of what the other six faces, bodies, looked like – except for one of them.

Crossovers were something the business was swift about. If the vibrant receptionist knew a guest was exiting a room while another was waiting at the front desk, she would politely guide the person before her into a dainty parlour to entertain themselves with tea and snacks while the customer tapped down the stairs and creaked open the glass front door. This was a well-executed method to maintain the privacy of a guest’s identity.

But on your fifth visit, poor Marlene had been too distracted by a phone call to notice the flashing light above the buzzer from Door Five that signified a departure, which was situated directly across from Yoongi’s own room. The redhead had smiled sweetly with a wave of her hand, pressing the buzzer for Door Four absentmindedly as she spoke quietly and you began to make your way up the staircase. Though once you were in the hallway of doors, you had been frozen still by the sight of the fifth door’s resident leaning against the wooden frame with a playful grin upon his features, wiggling his fingers at the girl who had turned on her heel and was making her way toward you. When she had noticed your presence, she gaped before dropping her head, rushing past silently as your eyes dropped to the floor apologetically and your feet robotically began to shuffle towards Yoongi’s door.

“My word, please tell me you are visiting me.”

Your eyes had darted up at the sound of a beautifully deep voice, words threaded with rich velvet. Man Five was staring back at you with his lips slightly parted in awe, and at this proximity, you were able to observe that his gorgeous vocals had matched his appearance. Where Yoongi was more of an elf in a visual sense, small and light, the boy before you was a fox, all long limbs and endlessly dark eyes and a smirk that held a warning. Mischief.

“Unfortunately for you, I am not,” You had managed as you stood between his looming presence and Yoongi’s doorway, watching him with curious eyes that he had not failed to miss.

The boy had grinned at your confident teasing, crossing his arms and cocking an eyebrow as his gaze roamed over your figure. God, you were practically able to see the trouble that would ensue for those that dared to enter his room, simply from the way he had looked at you. “That certainly is unfortunate, for you look absolutely divine. Who is the lucky man to have you?”

Blushing, the response had begun to slip from your tongue, but your frenzied thoughts were disturbed by the rattling of a lock behind you. When you had turned to face the light that flooded into the hallway with Yoongi standing at the centre, already reaching for your wrist wearing a smile that had your heart melting, you had chanced a glance back to the resident of the fifth room.

But the door was sealed tightly shut. He was already gone, and that was the final time you ever witnessed the face of another within those hallways.

Until today, of course.

“Good morning, Marl,” You said in an exhale as you entered the building, running your fingers through your hair to loosen the strands. Today was your day off, and you would not have preferred to spend your first few waking hours anywhere else but here in the comfort of Yoongi.

“Morning, Y/N,” Marlene smiled sweetly; she had dimples when she did so. Her manicured finger was already poised over the fourth buzzer, pressing down as she raised an eyebrow at you. “I know I am not supposed to spill any confidential information, but I like you. So I thought I would tell you that you are practically the only person he sees nowadays, he declines anyone else.”

Pink dusted your cheeks at her quiet confession. But the heat rising to your face was not because of the fact that Yoongi was denying other guests when in most cases that is strictly forbidden, it was because you always forget that he normally has other people within his quarters. With a small smile and nod of thanks, you drifted up the staircase and pushed the thought to the back of your mind, making your way to the fourth door; but not without casting a wistful eye at the fifth.

Although Yoongi was expecting you, his door swung open quicker than usual. Normally, he took a moment or two before he would begin to fiddle with the lock. But there he was, surrounded with the golden light of the morning and a glint of determination colouring his corneas into dark chocolate, reeling you in with an arm around your waist before he was effortlessly lifting you up and kicking the door shut. His lips were feverish as they came into contact with your own, instantly dampening the soft pink flesh with his tongue and demanding entrance. You smiled curiously against him at his peculiar attitude, nonetheless opening your mouth a little wider to deepen the kiss and feel the tip of his muscle run over the back of your teeth, your ankles locking behind his back which vocalized a soft groan from the depths of his lungs. The two of you tasted like peppermint, being carried through the rays of sunlight that stretched into the room until you were being placed carefully onto the delightfully plush white sheets.

“Good morning princess,” Yoongi smiled above you, casually removing his plain white shirt before tending to yours with caring hands, the warmth of his fingertips instantly skimming over your ribs and the soft material of your bra to trail up your neck, running a thumb affectionately along your jawline. His smile deepened at the way you became breathless beneath his touch. “It has almost been two weeks. I thought you might have moved on, forgotten all about me.”

You caught his roaming hand with your own, lacing your joints together against the side of your face with a smile just as brilliant. “How could I ever leave you, Min Yoongi?”

The blonde nudged his thighs against your knees, encouraging you to spread them apart so he could fit his hips in between. With his palms coming to rest on either side of your face, the extent of his lean had his developing hardness pressing perfectly to your core through layers of denim, encouraging warmth to radiate throughout your body at the thought of what was to come. Yoongi’s eyes scanned your features, noses lightly brushing as his deep, gravelly words traced the curve of your ear with skin-shivering lust.

“You have a point; I would not let you go that easily. Not without a solid day of fucking you senseless beforehand, at the very least.”

Yoongi sealed the heated passion of his words with his lips finding yours once more, instantly parted, wet and warm. He groaned into your mouth, softly grinding into you as your tongue dipped to meet his before teasing the growingly swollen flesh that always seemed to fit so nicely against your own. Placing a knee upon the mattress to balance his weight, you suddenly felt impressions of hands falling upon your hips, waist, creeping up beneath your torso where he lifted you and effortlessly unhooked your bra. Once the flimsy material was slipping off of your arms, thrown across the room, his mouth began to make its way down your neck in a series of kisses that ignited flames beneath your skin, marking your throat with the curve of his pearly white teeth, sinking deeper to advance the sweet moans from your lungs that had him absolutely craving you.

The boy was impossibly maddening, as always, a temptation that was granted, not given so easily. You had to earn him, move and make sounds as he pleased, deserve his permission to be touched by his slender fingers that were now trailing down to cup the soft flesh of your breasts, his mouth following in their wake. He chanced a peek up at your expression through his hooded eyelashes, relishing in the way you gnawed on your bottom lip in an effort to contain the dark lust that was swirling in the pit of your abdomen, swiping the pink of his tongue over his own before he lowered them to your chest. A heavenly moan arched your back, opened his mouth further over the sensitive, supple flesh as he teased your erect nipple with the graze of his teeth; groaning in response to your gasp as his fingertips toyed with the one that was not succumbed to the warmth of his parted lips. The sound of his name cracking your voice in desperate, quiet pleas had him driven to the brink, incapable of torturing you and himself any further from the real objective and thus releasing your breasts to venture further down, but not without another bite that would be sure to mark your chest purple and blue later this afternoon.

“Do you want me to taste you that badly, love?” Yoongi purred as he pushed himself up onto his elbow, inserting two fingers into his mouth, soaking them with saliva before they pried at the button and zip of your jeans. He had done this process so many times with that many people, where removing the tight denim came as easily as taking off a shirt, standing at the end of the bed so he could discard the fabric from your legs along with your cotton panties.

The blonde looked down at your glistening lower region with a newfound hunger before darting his eyes back up to your own. He watched the way your expression twisted with anticipation as his two damp fingers skimmed along your inner thigh, tracing around your core so agonizingly that you had to bite your tongue to hold back your scream of frustration.

“Tell me,” Yoongi’s voice was the sound of bass, humming throughout the room and drilling the question into your bones. “Do you want to feel my tongue on you?”

Your lower lip quivered, trying to relax the scowl upon your expression. But before you could respond, your sentence was cut off by another mewl of pleasure at the sensation of his fingers sliding directly into your entrance, tightening around him out of surprise. Yoongi smirked wickedly at that, repeating his question once more as his thumb began to draw firm little circles around your sweet spot, your body melting beneath his fingertips as your answer whined desperately from your lips.

“Please, please Yoongi – oh god, just do it already.”

With a satisfied nod, Yoongi continued to twist his digits inside of you at an increasingly fast pace, lowering himself down so that he was positioned on his knees at the edge of the bed. He tantalizingly blew warm air onto your sopping heat, growing harder at the way you squirmed so helplessly beneath him before he licked a long, wet strip up your slick folds. You stopped moving at that, falling completely slack against the mattress, fingers curling into the white sheets as you braced yourself for the blinding pleasure that you were about to endure. Smirking into your heat, Yoongi continued to lap at the arousal that was pooling between your thighs, thrusting deeper into your opening, curling his joints within your walls to reach the divine spot that had your mouth gaping open in an airless cry of euphoria. The kitten licks over your clit did you no favours either along with the addition of a third finger the stretched you wider, and the blonde with his face buried into your womanhood seemed to be enjoying himself by the way that soft cusses and purrs of so wet my dear and lovely as always for me fell upon your sex, only to be gathered by his hot tongue once more.

Knock, knock.

You almost did not notice it at first, simply because you had never heard such a sound while you were with Yoongi before, alongside the fact that you were on the cusp of a high that was threatening to shoot through your veins. Yet when the soft tapping of a knuckle against the grain of the wooden door sounded once again, even Yoongi was momentarily distracted from his fixation on you, his guttural groan sending small vibrations across your sweet spot as he continued to deepen his three fingers within your heat; having to bite onto your lower lip in an attempt to grip onto your final shred of sanity.

“Busy,” Yoongi called out gruffly, his aggravated tone having you even more distressed, releasing your lip with a soft moan that had the blonde between your legs raising an eyebrow with interest. He noted to speak like that around you more often.

Although Yoongi’s message of stay away – the door was clicking open just as your orgasm took hold of your muscles, spasms ricocheting throughout your limbs as a heavenly moan had you going boneless against the bed. The blonde continued to ever so slowly slide his fingers into you as you writhed with pleasure, tongue gathering your white hot arousal in tentative licks around your clit. You were too occupied with gazing at the stars that burst like fireworks on the backs of your eyelids to pay attention to the intruder, whose presence was only reminded by the familiar, throaty fuck that dripped from his voice.

“Just as beautiful as I imagined.”

The scrunched cotton threads between your fingers loosened with your relaxing bones, your peak settling to nothing more than warmth pooling within your stomach. You could tell that you looked like an absolute mess in the way that you peeled your tightly shut eyes open to reveal the scene before you, propping up against the bed on weak, shaking elbows as the faint pants erupting from your chest reminded you of the divine pleasure that was only just the beginning of what was to come. As your eyes adjusted to the waking light of the early morning, dulling from blinding white to soft gold, it highlighted the features of the new presence; the face you had not seen in what must have been months.

But before you could open your mouth to speak with what little voice you had after such exertion, Yoongi was distracting you with his teeth sinking gently into the plush flesh of your inner thigh. His arms that were hooked around your legs and hips were suddenly drawing you closer to his body, almost protectively.

“What the hell do you want, Taehyung?” Yoongi muttered as he glanced up at the taller, but seemingly younger boy who was gazing at the scene with the fox-like smirk that you remembered within the frame of the fifth door. “When I say I am busy, I mean I am busy, you idiot.”

Taehyung, you mused, head tilting to the side with interest as you watched him. Even though Yoongi was clearly irritated, the boy who looked like trouble with the set of his angular jawline and the arch of his raised eyebrow only had his endlessly dark eyes for you.

“Of course I knew that. If it was just you in here, I would have no reason to intrude,” Taehyung cracked his knuckles, drifting towards the bedside until he could delicately run his fingers from your hairline down to the ends of your strands. The action had Yoongi absolutely seething, especially when he noticed the way a shiver crept through your bones. “Though I knew she was here, so of course I had to take a peek. But I never would have expected to witness a sight as graceful as the way her face just twisted with pleasure.”

The pink was rising to your cheeks and Yoongi was staring at you wordlessly, though his nails were pressing half-moons into the soft skin of your stomach, even more so when Taehyung tucked your hair neatly behind your ear. He leaned down so he could send his rich voice directly into your hearing, the warmth of his breath raising the fine hairs on the back of your neck, core becoming consumed by a newfound ache.

“If we are being honest, I can make that pretty face of yours writhe as you cum ten times better.”

Get out,” Yoongi suddenly growled, the harsh words settling onto your already wetting heat and making you squirm a little, though his hands suddenly gripped onto your waist to prevent any further movement. The way he glared at the smirking boy, holding you possessively, undoubtedly had you aroused.

Barely noticing, almost subconsciously, your own voice was cutting into the tense atmosphere and all eyes were turning to gaze at you.

“H-He should join us.”

Their reactions were polar opposites. Where Taehyung’s lips split into a grin so wide and victorious that it suddenly seemed as though the sun itself were in the room, Yoongi became cast into the shadows, scowling at your sudden request although the gentle way in which is fingertips massaged your sides. After what felt to be an agonizing long moment of thought, the blonde’s exhalation escaped him in a frustrated hiss, noting the dark that swam in his narrowed eyes as he got up from his knees and whipped his belt off with a crack that made your body jolt with shock at the vicious sound slicing through the otherwise quiet atmosphere. If the boy with the copper hair could grin any further, then he did, dropping the locks of your hair that he was toying with to unbutton his jeans. It was only then that you realized that this was really happening, that you were about to be tirelessly fucked by two men who could not be any more different – the sun and the moon.

Only once.

“But I am the only one who is going to fuck her,” Yoongi growled, not taking his eyes off of you as he kicked his pants off his ankles. Your mouth could not help but water at the sight of his bulge straining against his underwear, which was quick to follow in suit of the denim and had a quiet groan escaping you.

When you glanced at Taehyung, he was already completely naked, his thousand watt grin diminished to nothing more than a mischievous smirk. His deliciously long fingers stroked at his, also admittedly, thick length as he crawled onto the mattress and balanced on his knees by your side. Your body was being sent into overdrive at the amount of hands that handled you – Yoongi, lifting your thighs with care as he drew you closer to the edge of the bed, and Taehyung with his free hand skimming from your stomach up to your breast, running a thumb lightly over your nipple as he leaned down to press his lips to your own.

Kissing Yoongi was beautifully calculated, a gentle caress of your lips as your tongues melded to become one. But kissing Taehyung was a completely different story; it was like kissing the embodiment of sex itself. He moved with lust-driven passion, firm and hot as his tongue pried at the delicate pink flesh, enforcing entrance but surprisingly not dipping his muscle in immediately, rather tormenting you with the idea by slightly drawing back from your parted lips and nipping his teeth at the lower. Though the boy obliged when you whimpered into his mouth, soothing the tip of his tongue over your bottom lip before tentatively tracing the wet pink over your tastebuds, drawing in a meticulous pattern that had you lightheaded. Almost so airless and consumed by the hunger that crawled through every inch of your being that you nearly forgot Yoongi was there, until the head of his slick length was brushing a long trail up your undeniably wet folds.

Your gasp at the sensation had Taehyung shifting back, whatever light that was upon his expression beforehand now completely succumbed to the darkness of lust. He dusted an oddly affectionate kiss to your forehead, leaning into his folded legs to allow you the view of Yoongi who was staring at you with unreadable eyes, fingers on your hips with his length poised at your entrance. The blonde raised an eyebrow at you as you screwed your own together, watching, waiting until – there.

Yoongi slid into you with practiced ease, the pace languid in the way that he knew absolutely tormented you. All air escaped your lungs in a whimper that had the two men cringing with satisfaction, already feeling the chase of your high return as the blonde between your legs buried himself as deep as his throbbing cock would allow, making sure to firmly pound the last inch into you. Although his initially slow start, the anticipation of your pleasure was too much for him and he soon found himself rocking his hips quicker, firming his leverage on your hips to angle you just right, the position that has moans pouring from your lips in an almost constant stream.

“You sound so sweet,” A voice distracted you from your heavenly daze. Taehyung, who was watching you with parted lips and his member held firmly in his fist, quickening his pace over the length until pre-cum began to ooze from his slit.

He shifted back over to you then, your heart racing with the pleasure that was being concocted between your thighs and the nervous excitement of what was to come. Taehyung dipped his head down to give you another passionate kiss, drinking up your delicious moans until he was satisfied and your mouth was raw and bright red.

“Nice and swollen, beautiful,” Taehyung murmured, mostly to himself as he straddled his knees on either side of your torso, bringing your hands up to rest upon his thighs as his own fingers supported your head. The tip of his cock fell upon your mouth, the salty taste of him sticking to the back of your throat as you licked your lips and swallowed.

“Now let’s see those pretty lips work.”

And you obeyed.

The sound of Taehyung’s groan was almost as glorious as the sensations being driven into your quaking body. You immediately began to draw your lips back and forth from his length, tongue flattening against the vein that protruded eagerly from the underside before swirling around its entirety. He bucked slightly into you, trying to keep pace with Yoongi who was now relentlessly pounding harder into your saturated core with god baby falling from his lips in desperate pants, hollowing your cheeks with a quiet whimper the moment you felt the blonde’s thumb come into contact with your sweet spot. All three of you were already so close, running eagerly towards the peak that was so agonizingly near that your body was quite literally shivering with the anticipation.

“S-So good,” Taehyung’s voice cracked above you, his head lolled back to face the ceiling with his eyes tightly shut, noticing the way the muscles along his upper arms constricted with every dip of your hot lips over his cock. But then he was entirely shuddering, sinking his teeth into his bottom lip as his hips unexpectedly bucked harder into you. “Fuck, I’m going-

The warmth splayed down your throat as it did throughout your body, within your constricting walls. Glorious light filled your every nerve, travelling from your shaking hips to the ends of your fingers and toes. Your expression was screwed up into pure delight, embracing your orgasm wholeheartedly as the boys above and within you cussed and groaned their way through their own highs, Yoongi still slowly pulsing into you to milk every last inch whereas Taehyung had gone completely frigid. Then all movement stopped, all openings suddenly vacant as the two bodies collapsed beside you, the room nothing but the sound of air being sucked desperately into lungs.

Taehyung cutely pressed his lips to your temple before Yoongi tilted your chin to catch you in a gentle kiss, alike to how he did after every session the two of you shared. A meek smile was stretching at his mouth when he pulled back, the admittance to the enjoyment he just experienced with sharing you – but it was quickly wiped away by the sound that had this entire tangle of bodies limp to begin with.

The door was wide open when you shifted up onto your elbows, a boy leaning against the frame with hair the same colour as Marlene’s to match his fiery expression. Taehyung perked up at the sight of the shorter man with a grin, and you gazed wondrously at the sultry shape of his eyes that were settled directly upon you as he strolled leisurely into the room to ponder over the mess of skin upon skin. The way he looked at you was so intoxicating that you barely noticed how Yoongi slipped his arms around your waist and drew you closer.

The redheaded boy’s voice was high, angelic, yet had an underlying threat that had your muscles stiffening with excitement all over again. “Am I too late to the party? Or are you already prepared for the next round?”

Only once.