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two times

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Walking across paneled floors of oak and up staircases that creaked with each step, you had told yourself only once. Staring down a minimalist hallway of porcelain white walls and seven individual doorways that contained secrets the colour of midnight, you had told yourself only once. But when the handle of the entrance you stood before twisted slowly, drifting open to consume you with endless sunlight and fingers curling around your wrists, ankles, you had a thought.

You were a compulsive liar.

“F-Fuck, you taste so lovely.”

Before you could make any comment, plush lips were sealing your voice. He tasted like salt and heaven, if there were such a combination, the sweat of his exertion seeping into the grooves of the soft pink flesh that slipped hungrily against yours with a delicious tongue that parted your mouth further. You became entirely lost in the sensation of his teeth grazing your bottom lip, almost oblivious to the fact that both your hands were occupied, sliding over warmth as another pair held your thighs in place, a nose nuzzling softly against your sweet spot as curses tainted the humid air. But just as you were about to lose yourself in the kiss that pulled you deeper into oblivion, Jimin pulled back to gaze at you with lustrous eyes, mouth quirked up into a smirk as Taehyung who had been tantalizing your womanhood shifted aside with a grunt, chin dampened with your wet heat. A whimper escaped you at the sight, releasing your hold around Jimin so he could position himself between your quaking thighs while tightening your grip on Yoongi, erupting a groan from his chest that had him slightly doubled over, using the opportunity to place a sweet kiss upon your lips.

“Are you ready, Y/N?” You heard the angelically soft voice quietly drift across your stomach, crawling into your ears with an urgency that had you carving a moan into Yoongi’s mouth. Jimin smoothed his fingertips up your side in response, cupping your breast before taking the rosy bud into a gentle pinch as he positioned himself at your entrance.

“My turn,” The low mumble came from Taehyung, almost a whimper of a request as he nudged Yoongi aside who scowled in protest. But the blonde’s expression relaxed entirely as you worked your thin fingers quicker over his throbbing mess, knees sinking deeper into the mattress as the weight of his body began to give way to the oncoming euphoria.

Taehyung took in your flustered eyes with a quick smile before he leaned in to kiss you. His lips were like velvet; rich and smooth as they devoured the desire that dripped from your tongue, biting into his bottom lip to hold back the cry that came with his index finger finding your sensitive nub once more, running tight circles around the overstimulated circumference. But then his mouth was detaching from yours, instead deciding to roam down your jawline, scattering purple and red crescents down your neck with harsh sucks and bites. It was only when you suddenly felt the head of Jimin’s length push through your entrance, become enveloped by your walls and bubbling a delicious whimper from the back of your throat that you realized why Taehyung had freed your voice.

All three boys made sounds of approval at the volume of your satisfaction. Your entire body was frenzied at the amount of hands that roamed across your skin, pleasantly peaking your nerves into luscious overdrive. Yoongi, with his fingers delicately carding through your hair and dancing up the nape of your neck. Taehyung, with his hand rubbing heaven into your womanhood as he marked his passion onto the column of your throat. Jimin, with his hold on your hip and breast to keep him in line, thrusting with all of his might into your tightening walls. The amount of stimulation was almost unbearable, every crevice, every nook and cranny of your body was burning with white hot bliss; coursing through your veins as the three who tended to you helped you chase your high for the third time that afternoon. Your eyes rolled back into your numbing mind, thoughts becoming hazy with the blinding light of your high as the old thought of only once finally escaped you.

You were better at lying than you were to sticking with promises, anyway.