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“Sorry honey, unfortunately your usual is sick today.”

The girl with the hair like tendrils of flame had her nude pink lipstick twisted into a pout, her pale hand supporting her chin upon the white desk she was perched behind. You drummed your fingertips on the smooth surface of the risen counter, scowling slightly as you darted your eyes towards the digital clock positioned beside the seven buzzers, wondering how else you could possibly spend your next two hours of free time. Certainly, it would not be wrapped around the slender blonde boy with smooth skin the shade of milk and resolute black eyes that calculated every movement.

The sigh that escaped your lips huffed a few stray hairs from your cheek. “That’s okay Marl, I will just-“

“I’m free.”

You did not need to even tilt your chin to the side to know who had interrupted your sentence with their velvet voice, a baritone saxophone drifting into your ears from the top of the oak staircase. Marlene had twisted in her swivel chair, interestedly glancing between you and the tall boy who was leaning against the banister with a smile so wicked, mischievous like a fox as he maintained his dark chocolate gaze on you. After a moment of contemplation, you decidedly faced him, cocking an eyebrow. He only grinned wider.

“Yoongi doesn’t like to share,” You said knowingly, although you both knew that it was a blatant lie.

“Who said he needs to know?” Taehyung, responded as he began to descend the stairs until he was right beside you, looping an arm around your waist and squeezing your hip with those fingers that you know precisely how they feel ghosting over your skin, encouraging a slight shiver from you that he took as an agreement. Marlene was staring at you both as though she was engrossed within the crucial moments of a drama series, and you noted to tell her later on about the details of your recent expansion among the other boys.

Pinching his thumb and forefinger together, Taehyung made a zipping movement across his lips before blowing a kiss to the receptionist and guiding you up the steps. His voice was cute, singsong over his shoulder. “Our little secret, Marlie.”

She had waved her hand in dismissal, turning her attention back to the papers on top of her keyboard with a small smile and making sure that the light for Room Five was buzzed red. Occupied.

Once Taehyung had you down the long hall and away from her gleaming eyes, he swooped you up into his arms and dusted a chaste kiss to your lips, the grin of a fox returning. “I have a surprise for you, love.”

“Do you now?” You mused, eyes trailing over the beautiful features of his face, index finger drawing along his jaw. “And what may that be?”

Taehyung kissed you again, deeper this time, lips parting and the tip of his tongue tentatively touching your own as he stopped still before a door. His teeth sunk lightly into your lower lip, a cautious moan slipping from your throat and his gravelly mutter sending your nerves shivering. “It won’t be a surprise if I tell you. But you need to close your eyes, okay?”

With one last curious look, you obeyed to his words; tightly sealing your vision, lashes crossing. He smiled to himself at how sweet you looked wrapped up in his arms, the picturesque view of a sleeping china doll, and then he was carefully nudging the already ajar door open and entering the room adorned with black velvet and sheepskin. But it was not the fifth down the hall.

No peeking was whispered roughly into your ear as your feet came in contact with the ground, his slender fingers curling around your wrists to keep your centre of balance. The floorboards were covered in a material so soft that your toes curled inward while Taehyung tended to your clothing, unbuttoning your blouse with his lips following in suit, sliding you out of your pencil skirt with his hands covering every curve that the material passed. You wondered what the surprise may be, trying to catch onto the little details of how sweetly he was treating you when you knew that the boy was nothing but the fox behind is smile, a wolf even in his snarling, teethbaring ways of treating you pleasantly rough. A paling comparison to Yoongi entirely, the sun and the moon.

But then he was moving onto your underwear, and you could sense the inner mischief beginning to reveal its face by the way that his fingertips danced along the edge of your panties, the lace cup of your bra. Taehyung left butterfly touches up your hips, abdomen, collarbones, until he was cradling your face between his palms and you felt the luscious sensation of his damp lips separating your own in a kiss that had him pressing his lower body against you. The hardness that lay just above your panty line had you squirming against him, wet heat pooling into the cotton between your thighs.

“Patience, love,” Taehyung murmured into your mouth, tongue flicking at your lower lip as he drew back and then slipped his fingers beneath your bra straps. “All in good time.”

When the lace was slipping from your shoulders and torso, the feeling of the material against your skin was replaced with his lips parting over your nipple. A blissful moan dripped from the tip of your tongue, screwing your eyes shut even tighter as his teeth grazed at the rosy bud, teething the plush flesh as the hand that was not balancing on the small of your back was instead guiding south, skimming over the thin cotton and rubbing cutely over your core in a teasing way that had you lowering your head to whimper into strands of bronze. Taehyung smirked around your breast, sucking hard before trailing over to the other in order to pay it equal attention while his fingers toyed with your lower region over fabric that was just not damn diaphanous enough.

“Taehyung,” You mumbled weakly, already exhausted from so much tension, too much standing and not enough direct pleasure. “Please…”

He chuckled, the deepness shuddering from his lips against your skin and into the grooves of your bones. You thought he may ignore you, which would not be unusual of him, but then he was slipping his other hand around your waist in order to hook his thumbs into your panties and drag them down your thighs. An unexpected sigh of satisfaction escaped your lungs, followed by a shy smile on your part for being so openly pleased. Taehyung let the flimsy material drop to your ankles, standing back for a moment to admire your entirely naked figure with a grin that was aimed over your shoulder, and then he was encircling an arm around your waist and holding you close.

“Because you asked me so nicely,” Taehyung murmured and pressed his fore and middle finger to your lips, to which you parted them and allowed him to run them over your tongue, down to the second row of knuckles. He watched you with growing arousal, reciprocated in the sudden pulse of hard heat you felt against your abdomen. Once they were nicely slickened with saliva, he returned them to your core.

There was no teasing, no build of anticipation in feather touches or pinching, just straight to the point insertion. You involuntarily pressed your body closer to his chest, moan melting against his torso while his two fingers stretched your entrance before pushing deeper, thumb seeking your sweet spot as he pulled them out. The way your own hands curled into the fabric of his shirt had him catching his bottom lip between his teeth, biting harder when he started up a methodical pace and noticed how you were even lowering yourself into his palm, trying to gain the perfect amount of friction on the bud of nerves that the pad of his thumb rolled over. Taehyung was mesmerised by your reactions, wondrous about how Yoongi kept you as a secret for so long, for he were usually one to boast about the amazing fucks that he had in that room of white and sunlight. He effortlessly slipped in a third finger within no time, earning a lustrous whimper from you that had him nudging your head so that you were looking up at him, practically supporting all of your limp weight with his arm hooked around your waist and the other thrusting heaven into your core while he reached down and kissed you with delicious fervency.

And then he was suddenly slowing, peppering lips across your cheeks and withdrawing his fingers from between your thighs, leaving a peculiar ache that was simply itching to be filled. Taehyung braced his hands just beneath the curve of your ass, lifting you up so that your ankles could lock at the base of his spine while he steadily walked you towards what you assumed was the bed.

Until another set of hands were settling on your hips and helping to lower you down.

“Open your eyes.”

The voice did not belong to Taehyung, but it was delightfully familiar as it brushed by your ear, just as your entrance was positioned directly onto the head of his cock. As your eyes fluttered open, adjusting to the soft lighting of the room that was alike to Yoongi’s, but draped with rugs of black velvet and sheepskin, he grunted into the back of your neck and thrusted up into you. The sensation of being filled to the hilt had your vision blinded once again.
“J-Jimin,” You managed to whimper, half-lidded eyes drifting down to Taehyung who was settling himself between both of your thighs, his member now rock hard in his palm. “You bastards.”

You could feel Jimin breathing against your spine, the rise and fall of his chest, a grin plastered to his expression as he nibbled delicately at your ear and relished in the sensation of having you consuming him whole. “Surprise, baby.”

The boy with the sunset hair guided his hands up your sides, lifting your arms up into the air and holding them in a locked positon above your head, all the while Taehyung stroked himself and you remained buried on Jimin. The mischievous fox between your legs leaned forward and dragged a tentative lick over your swollen sweet spot, making you clench with writhing pleasure, encouraging a soft moan from the boy behind you. Taehyung grinned deeper, flicking his tongue out again and you recoiled from it once more, tightening around Jimin and leaning harder into him, his exhalations were ragged against the edge of your jaw.
“Come on,” Jimin murmured, nipping the skin softly as Taehyung drew another agonising lick up your bud, taking his time to swirl the tip of his tongue around you. A cry passed your lips. “Don’t you wanna come for us?”

“Y-Yes,” You managed, wriggling deeper around Jimin and making his breath catch in his throat. Taehyung was staring slightly agape at your fucked out expression, moving his hand faster over himself before the smile was returning and he was latching his lips entirely around your sweet spot. Sucking hard.

The white that had begun to spot your vision was entirely consuming now, sending streaks of light across your vision as you writhed with absolute euphoria. You were so close, so damn close as Jimin rested his mouth against your ear, whispering come for us baby and god you’re so tight with the occasional whining fuck me as he swivelled his hips gently, ensuring that you were filled with every single inch while Taehyung tormented your sweet spot and then all of a sudden you were there.

Delicious heaven coursed through your veins from head to toe. The sensation had your bones shaking, arms becoming loose in Jimin’s tight grip as you lost all rational feeling, replaced by white hot pleasure. The pair watched you, amazed at the way your face so beautifully contorted as your orgasm ebbed, leaving you collapsed against Jimin with Taehyung dusting tentative kisses over your dripping, oversensitive heat, licking up the mess you had created of yourself. The boy behind you kissed up your neck, allowing your limbs to drop weakly back to your side so that he could settle his hands on your hips.

“Good girl,” Jimin cooed as strength started to creep through your body, allowing you to sit up properly, his palms soothing circles into your skin before he was helping guide you back up. He firmed his grip once your entrance was only holding the head of his member. “But your not done yet.”

His hold on you relaxed, allowing you to do nothing except slam back down on him. The unison moan had Taehyung running his tongue between his lips, watching as Jimin sunk his teeth into your shoulder and growled, his hands now pushing you down as much as you could possibly muster before your hips were rising again. With shaking hands, you reached behind your back and gripped onto Jimin’s sides, beginning a slow and steady pace of fucking onto his thighs as he grunted delicious sounds beneath you, ignoring the burn of overstimulation that was coursing through your core as you slid up and down, up and down. You could not help but grin exhaustedly at the look on Taehyung’s expression, the way his eyes were darkened with a torturous lust as he watched the two of you move apart, reconnect.

Jimin suddenly snarled into your neck, hooking his hands beneath your thighs to spread you wider and instead lift you with his sheer strength. You relaxed into him, rolling your head back over his shoulder with a whimpered shit as he started thrusting perfectly into you, skin smacking against skin combining with the heavy exhalations that were being breathed into your hair.

“Fuck, fuck,” Jimin groaned, his pace scattering, shifting between brisk and swift to slow and deep. He was so close, and you could feel in the way his cock pulsed, twitched inside of you. “S-So tight.

And then he was spitting a combination of a moan and your name, spilling into your neck as he came into your core. His hands slipped from your thighs entirely, letting you settle on his member as his fingers sought your breasts, pinching at your nipples and making you whimper as the glorious sensation that made his bones quiver gradually faded into a lovely buzz. Jimin pressed sweet kisses up your throat, reaching your jaw with a smile.

“There we go, baby,” He said in that same honey voice, drizzling down your skin as he helped you off his lap and twisted you to face him full on. You faintly felt Taehyung drift his hands over your hips, but you were too busy smiling at the way Jimin watched you with so much affection, puckering his lips cutely. “Can I have a kiss for that last streak of effort?”

“Of course,” You mumbled quietly, hardly able to find your voice after giving it up to the endless moans. Jimin fell back against the mattress and you crawled on top, knees by his hips and your still quivering hands shaping his face. You dusted a chaste peck against each corner of his lips before shaping them fully against his own.

And then Taehyung was entering you, the fronts of his thighs slamming into the backs of your own, and you were whimpering into Jimin all over again.

“Almost there, love,” Taehyung mumbled behind you, his torso hunching over your spine, his foxish grin glancing across his expression. “Fuck, Jimin was right. Still so tight.”

Your lips were parted over Jimin’s, gasping and panting heavily at the sudden presence within you. He was a little bigger than the sunset boy, stretching you that tad wider and making tiny bumps prickle across your skin like wildfire. A whimper was carved into Jimin’s lips, which made him smile beneath you.

“Well,” You breathed, a small smirk forming. “That’s why Yoongi likes me best.”

The room was silent for a moment before Taehyung decidedly thrust hard into you, rocking you forward onto Jimin with a cry of pleasure. The boy beneath you locked his arms tight around your waist, Taehyung using his leverage on your hips to maintain a breathtaking pace of driving into you, the angle enabling the head of his cock to brush perfectly against your g-spot and encouraging your nails to drag down Jimin’s neck in order to find some form of release from the exhilarating pleasure. Taehyung was rougher than both Yoongi and Jimin combined, mercilessly slamming into you as vicious snarls ripped from his chest, sliding in and out of you vigorously. You could hardly kiss Jimin with the way Taehyung pounded you, just helplessly letting your lips slip over his, occasionally catching his tongue as it would flick out, only barely hearing his moans from your nails cutting half moons into his collarbones over the sound of skin coming into contact with skin.

The bronze haired boy had a hard look in his dark chocolate eyes, roaming up the bare skin of your spine with hooded lashes. “Admit it. I’m better than Yoongi. Aren’t I, love?”

Your pupils were rolling back behind tightly closed lids, the familiar burning sensation beginning to bundle once again around your core. “N-No-“

“Don’t lie to me,” Taehyung growled from behind you, managing to push deeper into you and erupting another heavenly moan from your lungs.

“I’m not-“

“Admit it!” He suddenly yelled with his palm coming firm onto your ass, and Jimin gauged your reaction with widened eyes, noticing the way your expression changed and so easily accepted defeat.

Yes Taehyung! You are better, oh god, just the best okay? F-Fuck,” Your scream softened to a whimper as the words tumbled from your tongue, feeling yourself slowly collapse, tightening hard around his cock and there.

Oxygen was suddenly difficult to obtain, light piercing the backs of your eyelids once again as you orgasmed for the second time that session. It felt more intense than the first, brighter, hotter as it travelled through your limbs and leaked from your core. Taehyung was doubled over your back, one hand holding up your abdomen, his forehead pressed to your spine as he came into you, lips nestled into the dip of your skin and tasting the salt of exertion, quivering as colours of pleasure flashed before his vision. Once you had both calmed, he slipped out of you and the empty ache returned as you dropped entirely onto Jimin, relishing in the sweetness of his arms looping around you and bringing you down onto the mattress to cuddle in beside him. Taehyung settled in behind you, embracing you from behind with a soft smile, his fore and middle finger stroking a gentle strip up your centre and making you shudder, elbow him weakly away. He obeyed, chuckling into your hair and winking at Jimin over your shoulder, who grinned after planting a kiss on your forehead.

“Tired, baby?” Jimin murmured, running a thumb across your jaw, to which you meekly nodded.

“But I have to go…” You mumbled back, stretching your practically numb legs and wincing at how raw your lower region felt. Though you would repeat all of that again in a heartbeat.

“No no,” Taehyung snuggled you closer and you sighed. “You can stay with us.”

“She’s not fucking staying with either of you.”

The two boys stilled and a string of hope suddenly tugged at your heart, lifting your head towards the harsh, throaty voice that had sounded from the doorway. He looked different, bundled in a coat with his beautiful blonde hair dishevelled, nose tinged pink with the cold, scowling in disbelief and slowly forming anger at the sight before him.


In four easy strides, he was standing at the end of the bed and the two boys were quick to untangle from you, both grinning foolishly as they rolled to the far end of the mattress. The look on Yoongi’s face softened at the sight of you, quickly turning to pick up your clothes before he was gathering you into the cradle of his arms, lifting you and taking you to the doorway, not without growling you are both fucking dead over his shoulder to the two giggling boys as he swiftly transferred you across the hallway and into Room Three. Sunlight instantly poured onto your bare skin, gracing you in warmth as Yoongi propped you up on the soft white sheets of his own bed and got to wordlessly putting your clothes on.

Once he was done, he cupped your flushed cheeks between his palms. His voice was more gravelly than usual, a little thick with sickness, his face contorted into concern.

“You okay, princess?” He murmured, brushing his thumbs over your cheekbones. When you nodded quietly, he leaned forward and kissed you lightly.

“S-Sorry,” You managed, lacing your fingers together on your lap like a scolded child. “It’s just that you weren’t here and-“

“Hush, it’s fine,” Yoongi sighed, kissing you again and he tasted like medicine and cinnamon. “They’re like that though. Get you when you’re weak, wear you out. Bastards.”

This time, you leaned forward and pressed your lips to his, curling your hands around his neck and drawing him close. Yoongi slipped his hands from your face to your waist, parting his mouth open and licking along the tip of your tongue.

“You’ll get sick,” He whispered into the grooves of your lips, groaning a little as you encouraged him closer. “You don’t want this sore throat, come on.”

A smile formed on your expression, nudging your nose against his. “You’re right, I just want you.”

Yoongi leaned back enough so that he could stare into your eyes, and you watched the way his pupils darted over your features so attentively. After a moment of silence, he raised an eyebrow.

“Do you want to come home with me?”

It was against all the rules. No outside relationships to be had whilst within the workplace, you were told that as soon as you began visiting the escort business. It was a risk to you since Yoongi had other visitors, and it was a risk to Yoongi because he could potentially lose his job. But with the way he was gazing at you with such affection, massaging sweet circles into your sides as a meek smile drew at his lips, you found yourself helplessly caving into him.

“I wouldn’t love anything more.”