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de vocatu sanguinis lunaeque

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When one of the sunniest days of the year happens to be in the beginning of December, which no one would expect, as the little snow that managed to fall has already melted and the whole nature seems to try to deny the fact that it’s so late in the year, Taehyung can’t help but let concerns invade his thoughts. The boy has heard once that the lack of snow at the beginning of this month means draughts and starvation in the future, when the warmest period comes. Thinking that it’s only a stereotype no one really believes in the young wolf’s words, although Taehyung has no doubt that they’re right. Having heard them from his grandmother, an old wolf, who always knew everything, Taehyung trusts in the honesty of the threat.


But Taehyung knows he should pay the minimal attention to it and after dealing with it for such a long time, Taehyung tries to. Even if there is a problem in his pack, and even if it affects him as well, his pack members do a great job in trying not to burden their youngest omega. Whenever Taehyung wants to worry, other members always try to distract him, as they’re certain that the last thing he needs to think about is any of the dangers. And even if he tried to fight it at the beginning, he soon discovered how pointless it was and he finally gave up.


(“Why should you believe in such things?” his older brother always asks, and Taehyung knows that he never really wanted to treat him as a child; and yet, the young wolf can’t stop thinking that this is all that Seokjin sees him as. “It’s just a myth.”


“But grandma said that!” he tries to argue. “She was never wrong!”


Seokjin only laughs as he hears the whine in his brother’s voice and seeing his pout, he pats the omega’s head. Taehyung hates that; he hates being one of the youngest members and an omega at the same time. Seokjin himself is the oldest here, and a beta in addition; in other words, someone much more useful than Taehyung will ever be. That’s at least how Taehyung sees it.


“Alright. But why are you worrying your little head over something like this?” Seokjin asks the same question every time when Taehyung wants to help his pack in dealing with any burden. And each time Taehyung hears it, his pout grows even bigger, if it’s only possible. “Let your alpha think about it.”


“I don’t even have an alpha~”


And before Seokjin has the chance to respond to that, Taehyung is already gone with a wide grin on his lips as he escapes from hearing any more of Seokjin’s poor ranting.)


This time everything is the same. After he manages to get rid of his older brother, he leaves the big, two storied house and heads towards the wood.


Taehyung doesn’t really know any other life than the one he has with his brothers, but he doesn’t mind it. He doesn’t even regret not remembering his parents, as cruel as it may seem, because he knows what laws they have in their pack, especially when it comes to omegas. Actually, Taehyung is more than happy now that Seokjin and Namjoon decided to take him away. His life is peaceful, filled with constancy and happiness.


Once Taehyung knows that he’s deep enough in the wood, in his favourite spot, and there’s no human to witness what he’s about to do, the boy undresses and then shifts. He’s neither in his heat nor of age, so the process is going to be painful and the omega is fully aware of that. That’s why he lies down on the ground comfortably first, attempting to relax, before he shifts.


He needs to be focused and all of his willpower is necessary if he wants to make it. He closes his eyes, trying to imagine the process, concentrating on the shifting. Taehyung has no idea how long it lasts when he feels the sudden heat spreading in his body, and at first it’s nice, almost comforting. But then it changes, all of a sudden the warmth is replaced by the burning sensation under his skin, as if he was about to burn from the inside. Taehyung clenches his fists and squeezes his eyes when his body changes.


Taehyung thinks he’s going to suffocate. The pain intensifies and although Taehyung doesn’t want to do it, he can’t help but try to scream in agony.


Except he can’t.


His throat is burning now and Taehyung recognizes how far in shifting he is. It will be over soon, as he tries to stay conscious. He waits a little longer, doing his best, and when it finally seems that he won’t be able to last, it’s finished. Taehyung’s in his wolf form; form of a fragile but beautiful wolf with beige fur and blue eyes.


He starts panting once he realizes he can breathe normally again. The omega doesn’t feel any pain anymore, but he’s exhausted with the whole process. But at the same time he knows that it’s okay, he will gain back his strength soon.


He only waits for a few minutes. When he feels that he's alright he stands up on his wobbly legs, still affected by the transformation. After hiding his clothes Taehyung takes a while to look around and figure out what he’s going to do. He had no idea before; the omega just felt like shifting. And when he does, Taehyung can’t help but obey the wish of his inner wolf.


Taehyung doesn’t need to wonder what he should do now for a long while either. Once he remembers the alphas of his pack went on hunting in the morning, and they still haven’t returned, Taehyung immediately runs towards their secret spot where he knows the alphas always shift, hoping that he will meet them there. Or at least that they will soon come there as well so he can see them.


Or, rather, only one of them.


Taehyung can’t help but jump in happiness at the mere thought of the older alpha; a wolf with strong appearance, whose fur is the colour of dark chocolate and brown eyes, one shade darker than the fur. Although Taehyung is still too young to get mated, and he will be able to in less than a month, when his ninth birthday comes, he already knows that he and Min Yoongi are imprinted on each other, whatever it means. Everyone would be surprised if they weren’t, with the strong chemistry between the two wolves.


No one is there. But Taehyung knows that they haven’t finished yet, so he collapses on the ground and makes himself comfortable. He just hopes he’s not going to wait for long.




“What are you doing here?”


Taehyung has no idea that he has fallen asleep and it’s the familiar, deep voice that wakes him up. When Taehyung realizes that it’s his brother who is speaking to him he immediately stands up. He shows his happiness seeing Namjoon in his human form, but the latter doesn’t seem to feel the same as he eyes Taehyung.


Seeing the stern look of the lead alpha of their pack, Taehyung whimpers, lying in his front paws to show his submission. Namjoon sighs; he won’t be able to hear any explanation from the omega if Taehyung stays in this form and he isn’t going to change again, it would strain his body too much. He would use his alpha power to make Taehyung submissive and tell him to shift but Namjoon never liked doing it.


“You know you aren’t supposed to shift before your birthday.”


He doesn’t seem to be angry and Taehyung is happy, about to jump on his brother and demand that Namjoon should pet him but before he does it, two others come in their wolf forms.


A wolf with light brown fur is the first to appear. He doesn’t look surprised seeing Taehyung there and the omega concludes it’s probably because of his scent. He has no idea what he smells like to alphas but he has heard once from Yoongi that his scent is very characteristic. Taehyung is always happy to see his Hoseok hyung, one of the funniest members in the pack that Taehyung loves to tease a lot, but before he can acknowledge him properly, the next one comes.


When Taehyung’s and the brown wolf’s eyes meet, Taehyung feels strangely peaceful.


When he sees the sweet moment between his younger brother and a member of his pack, who’s also an alpha, Namjoon can’t help but groan, not even bothering to hide his annoyance. Everyone knows that Namjoon doesn’t like it whenever someone is too close with his younger brother if it’s neither an omega nor a human. And he knows that Yoongi and Taehyung are definitely too close. But before he can say anything about it he feels a hand on his shoulder and he turns to see Hoseok, already in his human form but still with no piece of cloth covering his body.


“Let them be.” He smiles at the sight of Taehyung and Yoongi interacting when Taehyung bites Yoongi’s ear playfully and the alpha doesn’t even pretend to be annoyed. Everyone knows that Yoongi doesn’t like childish behaviour but Taehyung seems to be special, as he can be as childish as he wants to be and yet, Yoongi will always accept anything. “You know how close they are.”


“It’s my baby brother, Hoseok.” Namjoon growls at the latter. “How do you expect me to just ‘let them be’?”


“Your baby brother won’t be a baby anymore in a few weeks.” Somehow, it feels really strange when Hoseok reprimands his own leader but he doesn’t mind the slight comicality of this. He’s older slightly so he still has a small privilege. “You can’t stop the fact that they’re imprinted and probably will mate when Taehyung is old enough. And remember that Yoongi would never hurt Taehyung.”


“It’s not enough. How can I be sure that he will be alright?” Namjoon was angry and it was visible but Hoseok didn’t even flinch at the cold tone. He was already used to it since usually it’s either him or Seokjin who get this treatment whenever there are problems. “You know that Yoongi isn’t a good option for Taehyungᅳ”


“No?” the other alpha asks with a small smile on his lips. “Then look.”


Namjoon turns his head and he suddenly feels his throat is dry. He doesn’t want to admit it but he feels that Hoseok is right; no matter how Yoongi usually behaves, he will be a good mate for Taehyung. But Namjoon can’t help his overprotectiveness.






When the rays creep its way through the window into Taehyung’s room, falling on Taehyung’s peaceful face the boy stirs. Although he’s waking up he doesn’t want to admit it, keeping his eyes shut and pretending that he’s still in the land of Morpheus, praying that no one will decide to bother him so early in the morning.


But Taehyung doesn’t always get what he wants.


He has no idea what he has done wrong for Jimin to hate him so much when the door to his room opens and his friend stands in the doorframe, yelling his name happily before rushing to the omega laying (‘sleeping’) in his bed. But Taehyung’s plan doesn’t go the way he wants it to because instead of backing off, as he hoped Jimin would do once he realized that Taehyung is still sleeping, the other wolf just jumps on top of him, making Taehyung scream loudly.


He just really doesn’t like it when others jump on him when he’s sleeping. Not even Yoongi.


The only thing that stops Taehyung from throwing Jimin off is the fact that his best friend is pregnant, and no matter how much the omega hates him in this moment he would never do anything to endanger lives of innocent pups. He knows better than to do it. Instead he just puts his head under the pillow, holding it tightly so maybe Jimin won’t bother him this much.


“Wake up!” Jimin singsongs happily, making himself comfortable on Taehyung’s hips. “Wake up, Taehyunggie! Wake up~”


“Let me be,” Taehyung whines almost pathetically trying to get as much precious sleep of his as possible, but Park Jimin isn’t the best person to argue with about it. Especially not a pregnant Park Jimin, who is more demanding than ever in this condition.


“No way,” Jimin laughs as he steals Taehyung’s pillow. Taehyung pouts at the loss, not only did Jimin ruin his precious sleep but also the brat dared to steal his favourite pillow, the one that provides him warmth and comfort. “Come on, Tae. It’s hyung’s birthday today!”


Taehyung grimaces at the a little too loud and a little too happy statement, as he still tries to get his pillow back. “I know. That’s why you should bother him and not me when it’s so early in the morning.”


“It’s afternoon already.” Jimin laughs when he gives Taehyung his pillow back, playfully hitting his friend with it in the face making the younger boy yelp at it. “And Seokjin hyung was the one who asked me to wake you up.”


Taehyung whines miserably.




“Because he knows that of all of us, I am the only one that you wouldn’t dare to hurt in such situation. Okay, maybe also Yoongi hyung, but he’s currently sleeping too and it's impossible to wake him up if you want to still be alive.”


Taehyung pretends that he doesn’t need to know about it although he can’t hide the fact that the mere mention of Yoongi’s name made suddenly the whole day much more better. Seeing Taehyung’s stupid face Jimin already knows what the latter is thinking about, as he smiles at the omega with understanding. Yet, he can’t stop himself but point it out, because why shouldn’t he tease the other a little?


“Don’t need to blush just yet, you still have many hours today that you can spend with your Yoongi hyung,” he says and Taehyung blushes even more. He groans in irritation, hiding his face in the pillow that he hugs tightly to himself, hoping that it will help him with the embarrassment.


“Just go away!”


Jimin fulfils his wish, giggling to himself, while Taehyung wonders how he’s going to survive this day.




Jimin isn’t only a friend to Taehyung, he’s also someone who you would call a ‘brother in law’, as the older omega is mated to Seokjin. They mated 10 months ago, exactly 4 months after Jimin’s birthday when he became of age, and even if it was a short time and Jimin was still very young, they decided they didn’t want to wait any more for their pups. One month ago the whole pack found out that Jimin was pregnant with Seokjin’s pups and as he’s already two months along, he needs to wait for four more before the proud parents finally see the first heirs of the pack. It’s understandable that everyone is excited, but to say that the blessed couple is is surely an understatement. They are impatient to meet their pups.


“Have you decided what the names should be?” Taehyung asks as he’s sitting with Jimin on the couch in the living room, watching the TV with him. The two of them are the only ones home. The alphas left for hunting and Seokjin together with the youngest member of the pack, who is also a beta, Jungkook, went to the city. No one knows why, as the two of them were very secretive about their purpose.


Jimin yawns, getting more comfortable as he uses Taehyung’s tummy as his pillow. Taehyung has never said it but he likes it when others use him in whatever way they want, either hugging him or leaning against him, because he’s a secret admirer of skinship. And although he has never said it Jimin seems to know about it, because the younger omega is the only one, apart from Seokjin, who the pregnant wolf uses as his personal mattress whenever he pleases.


“I don’t know the gender or how many of them will be there yet.” Jimin says, closing his eyes and hoping that he will get some sleep before others come back. “If I choose too many names and of the wrong gender, it will be harder later. I will probably end up naming a boy with three female names because I won’t be able to give up on any of them.”


“I already feel bad for your pups.” Jimin just shrugs, as the smile never leaves his lips. Taehyung frowns seeing his closed eyes. “Hey, don’t sleep! You were the one who woke me up!”


“But you aren’t pregnant at least.” Taehyung hates to admit that when Jimin yawns the caring side of him tells him to let the latter sleep. But he has also the other side, the more evil one, which tells him to bother Jimin a little more. “I should have some credit because of that, shouldn’t I?”


The younger wolf just snorts and Jimin smiles widely, letting himself fall asleep on Taehyung.




When he hears the front door opening Taehyung immediately knows Seokjin and Jungkook have returned. His first reaction is to go to them and greet them but then he remembers about still sleeping Jimin and he decides not to move. He doesn’t want to wake the latter up knowing that if he did, then:

  1. Jimin would whine about it for the rest of the day,
  2. Seokjin would give him this ‘I’m disappointed at you’ look and would let Jimin whine at him,
  3. Taehyung himself would feel slightly guilty for disturbing his sleep.

Actually, Taehyung doesn’t feel like experiencing any of these three so he just remains on his spot on the couch, waiting for the betas to come here instead.


Jungkook immediately escapes to his room once he’s in the house and Seokjin is the only one who goes to greet the omegas. When he sees his mate and his brother like this, cuddling together on the couch, he can’t help but smile gently. After greeting Taehyung he kisses Jimin’s forehead before lifting him bride style, mouthing a small ‘thank you’ towards the younger omega.


‘It’s okay’, Taehyung mouths back before he runs to his room, finally free from Jimin’s hold. Now, he’s free until the alphas come back.


Or so he hopes.




“You idiot!”


Taehyung really doesn’t know what he has done wrong. Ever since Jimin became unpredictable he made sure that his behaviour was perfect, at least most of the times, so he would never become a victim of Jimin’s hateful glare. And yet it didn’t work.


It takes all of Taehyung’s willpower so he won’t yell back at his friend in self defence but he manages to stay calm, knowing that he’d regret it severely if he let himself lose control.


“How could you fucking do this?”


“But Taehyung didn’t do anything, babe,” Seokjin tries to soothe his mate but Jimin doesn’t seem to care. If a glare could kill, Taehyung would die ten times already, as he feels so small and fragile while he’s exposed like this to Jimin’s wrath.


“He did everything!”


“What?” Taehyung asks, hoping that if Jimin realizes he really has no idea what went wrong the older one will calm down.


But what a mistake it was, Taehyung had no idea until he found out.


“What?” Jimin repeats densely and Taehyung can already see it in his expression that he’s neither happy, nor calm. “What? Don’t you fucking pretend you don’t know, youㅡ”


“Baby, that’s enough,” Seokjin says, hugging Jimin from behind and massaging his arms, hoping that the old method will work once again and he will soothe Jimin so he won’t kill the other omega. “I’m sure that whatever Taehyung did he didn’t mean that. Did you?”


Taehyung senses that he shouldn’t argue that he did nothing wrong, so he just nods eagerly.


“See? Please, don’t be mad.”


“But hyung, he, he ruined everything!”


“And what exactly did he ruin?”


Taehyung is taken aback by the accusation but he loves his life a little too much to deny anything. He knows that Jimin with mood swings is a destructive Jimin so he just listens, hoping that the verdict won’t be too cruel.


“He let me fall asleep! But I shouldn’t have because I was planning to prepare that dinner because it’s your birthday today but he stillㅡ”


“Excuse me?” Taehyung interrupts him, completely dumbfounded. Jimin sends him another glare but this time Taehyung ignores it. “I was the one who ruined it? But you were the one who told me to let you sleep and besides, you never said anything about a dinner for hyung, how could I know?”


“You should have figured it out.” The venom in Jimin’s voice makes Taehyung flinch.


“It’s enough.” Seokjin decides to interrupt the pointless fight when he sees that Taehyung has literally no strength to deal with Jimin’s mood swings right now. “Nothing happened, we still can save the day. I will take you out so we will eat the dinner in a nice, quiet place. Is it alright?”


“But it was supposed to be a surprise for you,” Jimin whines and he isn’t mad anymore, just sad and about to cry because his plan failed. “It’s your birthday and I wanted to do something nice for you but I couldn’t andㅡ”


“I know and I’m very happy because of that,” Seokjin says soothingly, making sure that his mate won’t cry. “So let’s celebrate my birthday, just the two of us, without dealing with others tonight. Okay?”


Jimin nods although he still doesn’t seem to be completely convinced, so Seokjin tries once more. This time he whispers something to Jimin’s ear, making the younger one blush madly. When he’s done, Jimin looks at him with hope in his eyes.


“The chocolate one?”


“Of course~”


When Jimin pulls Seokjin roughly to him to kiss him passionately, Taehyung is still with them in the kitchen, already long forgotten, as his whole face is awfully red and he can’t help but wonder what he’s still doing there.




“Who do I see here?” Taehyung hears a voice from behind him as he’s about to go to his room. He immediately turns to look at the person, seeing Yoongi leaning against the wall with a small smirk. “You’re red, something’s wrong?”


“No,” Taehyung shakes his head. Yoongi’s presence doesn’t really help him right now because it makes him even more embarrassed. He has no idea why the older wolf makes him like this but Taehyung just can’t help it; whenever the alpha looks at him or talks to him, no matter what the reason is, he always feels slightly uncomfortable. “Just, Seokjin hyung and Jimin hyung started to make out in front of me. It’s horrifying.”


“Poor baby,” Yoongi says as he approaches the omega and Taehyung really has no idea why hearing these two words that have left Yoongi’s mouth made him feel even worse. But on the other hand, he likes how it sounded. “Don’t think about it too much or it will be worse.”


“What do you mean?” Taehyung asks as he cocks his head to the side and Yoongi just smiles. The younger one is seriously adorable like this.


“Never mind.” Taehyung frowns and wants to ask Yoongi to explain it to him but before he even can say the first word, Yoongi already interrupts him. “Do you want to go out?”


“Go out?” Taehyung repeats. “But, now? Isn’t it too late?”


“It still isn’t dark. And everything will be opened, we can go wherever you want to.”


Taehyung smiles apologetically. He really wants to spend some time with Yoongi, but he doesn’t really feel like going anywhere right now. “I’m sorry hyung, but I don’t think it will be a good idea. Ask someone else, please?”


And before Yoongi can respond, he’s already gone, locking the door to his room. Even if this day was very short for him, Taehyung feels already tired and he collapses on his bed, hoping he will fall asleep soon. Meanwhile Yoongi is still standing in the corridor in front of Taehyung’s door, trying not to think that he not only got rejected, but also Taehyung had no idea what he actually meant.


This idiot.






Taehyung has known that between him and Yoongi there was something special. It’s not only because everyone tells him how different they two behave around each other, and that even if they are so different they still match together perfectly. Taehyung has always felt that something was different about Yoongi than any other wolf he has met before, but he never let himself think about it for long. He never let himself worry what it may mean, as he finally concluded that whatever was between them, it was just a friendship.


Everyone who has ever heard about it wanted to hit the back of the dense omega’s head.


(“You’re not friends!” Taehyung always hears, as almost everyone tells him that but he can’t help but ask why they’re not. If they both feel so good in each other’s company and when it just seems to be right when one is with the other. “Friends don’t feel this!”


“Friends don’t feel good with each other?” Taehyung always asks. And whoever talks to him at this moment feels perfectly done with the omega’s stupidity.


“They do, but not like this! Anyone can see how you both behave when you’re apart from each other, how you miss each other then!”


“Isn’t it normal to miss a friend?”


Yep, Taehyung is totally dense.)


Because telling Taehyung everything about imprinting, how it works, how it affects others is impossible. Taehyung never listens, no matter how much the person he’s talking to tries to make it clear and understandable. Even when Yoongi knows about the imprinting, even when it’s impossible for only one of the couple to be imprinted as it always works for both, Taehyung still doesn’t understand.


But there are also many other things that Taehyung doesn’t understand, especially when it comes to love. Courting. Mating. Something what he can see all the time, even in his own house, he never knows how exactly it works, what exactly it should mean.


Or he doesn’t understand when someone tries to do it to him.


“What was that?”


Taehyung looks in puzzlement at Baekhyun. His friend has this weird expression, the one that says ‘I know what you did and I’m not going to let you go like this’ but Taehyung is lost. He has no idea what he has done wrong.




“Don’t pretend to be stupid. What did he want from you?”


Only now Taehyung understands what Baekhyun actually means as he looks at the notebook he has in his hands. The one that he lent to one of his classmates a few days ago and has got it back just now, when the beta was thanking him really kindly with a warm smile and complimenting Taehyung’s handwriting. Taehyung felt quite weird but it was nice to hear something like this.


“Oh,” Taehyung says, a little too stupidly. “Nothing. Just gave me back my notebook that I have lent him before.”


Taehyung smiles gently at the mention of this situation. The beta was really nice and Taehyung can’t help but remember it, he always appreciates even the slightest gesture of politeness.


Seeing his expression, Baekhyun narrows his eyes. He doesn’t like it.


“I thought you told me you were imprinted on someone?” Baekhyun asks and Taehyung is even more puzzled than before. He has no idea what it has to do with anything but he nods, hoping to get an explanation why his friend behaves so weirdly.


“Yeah. I mean, my pack told me but I don’t know how they know.”


“What? Do they know who he is?”


“Yeah, he’s also the member of the pack.”


Baekhyun is really ready to kill his friend when he hears this. He knows that Taehyung is clueless and knows almost nothing about the life of a wolf, especially when it comes to love, but how one can be this stupid? He really has no idea and how he wishes he had. “Please, don’t tell me that this guy knows you’re clueless about it.”


“Well, I did talk to him about the imprinting, if you mean this,” Taehyung admits and Baekhyun is afraid of what he may hear. “And he knows that I am quite lost about everything that is going on but he was pretty cool with it. I mean, Yoongi hyung is usually like this but before we talked he seemed to be a little restless. But then he didn’t talk this much and because that’s how he usually behaves, it’s nothing wrong.”


Baekhyun is ready to push Taehyung of the stairs. He doesn’t know who this Yoongi is but he’s smart enough to figure that the wolf knows about imprinting and he can’t imagine how painful it must be for him to be supposed to mate with someone who has no idea how all of it works. And is too stubborn to understand.


“Besides, why are you asking me about it now? I told you about him before.”


“I’m asking you because you’re a total moron, do you know that?” He hasn’t mean to go berserk like this but Taehyung is just too much. “Imprinting means you’re going to mate and after that you are supposed to spend the rest of your lives together and yet, you let another wolf court you.”


“I don’t!” Taehyung denies it immediately. He doesn’t know what exactly Baekhyun meant before but the one thing he knows for sure, he would never let anyone court him.


“I saw how he was looking at you!”


“He was just being friendly, Byun Baekhyun!” Taehyung whines in annoyance. “What’s wrong with being nice to someone? He just wanted to borrow my notes and I let him, stop behaving as if it was a crime!”


Baekhyun sighs. He knows he needs to pray for a miracle because it’s impossible for Taehyung to understand this issue in any normal way.




When Taehyung comes home this afternoon he can’t stop thinking about what Baekhyun has told him. He completely ignores the part where Baekhyun stated that his classmate was trying to court him because Taehyung knows that firstly, it is impossible for anyone who isn’t imprinted on him to court him, simply because Taehyung doubts that he is this attractive, and secondly, even if it were real (but isn’t), the omega wouldn’t even think about the beta as a potential mate. Sure, the boy was nice and all, but Taehyung didn’t feel comfortable enough to talk to him about anything else than school, not to mention considering being with someone like him.


Instead, the one thing that can’t leave Taehyung’s mind, is what Baekhyun has told him about imprinting. He never really knew what it meant before, but then Jimin told him a little of it. And when he found out that he and Yoongi were imprinted on each other, Taehyung was shocked. He did feel something else, something more when it came to Yoongi, he always preferred his company and he always wanted to be with him. No matter what the circumstances were, he always wanted Yoongi, but it couldn’t be this. It must have been only friendship.


But there was something in Baekhyun’s words that made him think if he shouldn’t talk to someone else about it, although he isn’t sure who he should ask about it. He can’t ask Yoongi of course. Namjoon isn’t an option as well. Hoseok will probably just brush it off, Jungkook is too young to know anything. Jimin would be perfect but his recent mood swings made a great job in scaring Taehyung off and it leaves the omega only with Seokjin, although Taehyung doubts that he will be able to talk to his brother privately. After all, he has become Jimin’s personal servant recently and Seokjin was more than happy to obey his pregnant mate.


Taehyung feels uneasy. He is completely lost; he has always thought that everything was simple but after that talk with Baekhyun he knows that if he doesn’t even try to understand everything a little better, he’s going to be dead the next time he sees his friend.


When Taehyung enters the house he supposes to hear yelling in every possible part of it, like he always does. The pack just can’t be quiet, that’s why Taehyung feels something is wrong when the silence fills the house. He is about to shout names of each member to make sure that there is at least someone, when suddenly he hears footsteps. Taehyung locks the door before turning to the direction where the steps come from.


The omega can’t say that he’s surprised to see Yoongi, but it’s not really the person he wanted to see the most. But he forgets about it when he sees the alpha smiling widely at him, once he knows that Taehyung has finally come back.


“How was school?” he asks. It’s nothing, just a simple question, yet Yoongi has the urge to ask about something else, to do completely something else when he sees the wide grin on Taehyung’s lips or when he hears his voice and yet, he can’t. He knows he can’t.


There’s still the hesitation in his voice and Yoongi hopes that Taehyung won’t notice it, and Taehyung doesn’t indeed. What can he expect, after all. No matter how good looking Taehyung is, how kind and funny and adorable he is, he’s also dense and Yoongi knows about it the best.


Sometimes, Yoongi hopes that Taehyung will finally realize what is going on and will finish this stupid situation between them. But he knows that he needs to tell Taehyung straightforwardly about it, and he thought he did. He thought that when he would tell Taehyung about the imprinting, Taehyung would finally realize what’s going on. How stupid he was to think like this.


“Good,” Taehyung says cheerfully, as Yoongi follows him to the kitchen. The alpha knows very well about Taehyung’s eating habits, that’s why he hopes that the latter will appreciate his attempts. Or acknowledge them. Or anything. Because he knows that the other is too stupid to recognize what he really tries to do.


“Seokjin said that you were going to be late, I made something to eat for you if you want,” he says. He wants to laugh because he never experienced something like this, he never was this nervous before he met Taehyung. If only Taehyung knew what he is doing with him.


“You did?” Taehyung asks, his eyes wide. “Oh god, hyung, you’re the best!” he states with his rectangle smile and the next thing Yoongi knows, he’s standing in the middle of kitchen dumbfounded, trying to process that Taehyung in his excitement and gratitude has just kissed his cheek, and now the omega is looking for the food in the fridge. “Which one is it? Hyung, you put it here, right?”


Yoongi just smiles gently at the silly boy in front of him before helping him. He reaches for the plate with Taehyung’s dinner before putting it to the microwave. For the whole time Taehyung is excited, having completely forgotten about his previous conversation with Baekhyun.


“By the way,” he asks when he remembers something. “Where are others?”


“Namjoon and Hoseok have some pack issues to deal with. Seokjin wanted to examine Jimin and took Jungkook too so the kid can learn something useful.”


“I thought the pack didn’t want Jungkook to learn all this stuff about babies and all before finishing school,” Taehyung notices as he furrows his eyebrows. He looks cute when he thinks and Yoongi can’t help but look at him for five seconds longer than necessary.


“Right, but you know how it is with betas. They’re supposed to be the smartest so they’re always a great help when it comes to some medical stuff,” Yoongi says and he has the urge to comment that Jungkook still doesn’t seem to be a very smart person. But then he remembers that Taehyung also isn’t this bright, which he has a perfect proof for, so he stops himself. “And apart from him, Seokjin is the only beta. When Jimin goes into labour he won’t be able to deal with it alone, Jungkook will need to help him.”


“That’s so weird,” Taehyung comments. “He’s young himself, soᅳ”


“Remember that you’re only one year older than him,” Yoongi says and Taehyung immediately stops talking. “And talking about this, be prepared. Who knows, maybe they will want you to help as well?”


“What?” Taehyung almost shouts in surprise. “But why? I’m not a beta, I’m not supposed toㅡ”


“I know but if they do need help, you’re the only one who they can ask.” Even if Yoongi stresses ‘only one’ Taehyung still doesn’t feel it’s a compliment. He’s rather petrified at the thought of dealing with labour. “Remember, alphas are not allowed anywhere near an omega in labour.”


“Why not?”


“Have you ever listened at school?” the older one shakes his head. He can’t believe someone like Taehyung has survived so many years in this world. “The scent is too strong, stronger even than the one when omega is in heat. It’s dangerous to let an alpha anywhere near the omega if they aren’t mates.”


Taehyung is surprised, as it’s the first time he hears something like this; or maybe like, the first time as he listens to something like this, probably it did appear one time during Taehyung’s classes but he was too unfocused to pay any attention. Nothing new.


“Don’t worry,” Yoongi needs to stop himself from laughing when he sees Taehyung’s expression. He likes teasing the younger wolf. “You know that Seokjin will be great, he always is. Especially if all of it is about Jimin, so he and Jungkook will be able to deal with it.”


“Very funny,” Taehyung mutters quietly, slightly embarrassed because he has already imagined himself in this situation and was about to freak out, only to find out that Yoongi wanted to joke a little.


“Aww, don’t be mad at me~” Yoongi coos as he sees Taehyung’s expression. He puts his both hands on Taehyung’s cheeks, playing with it, as if the omega was a child. Well, technically, he still is. “You look adorable like this, I swear.”


Taehyung tries to escape from Yoongi’s grip but Yoongi doesn’t want to let go. Fortunately for the omega, soon the food is done and the alpha needs to release him so he can take the plate and give it to the younger wolf.


“Here you are,” he smiles brightly and Taehyung’s eyes sparkle at the sight of food. “Enjoy!”