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de vocatu sanguinis lunaeque

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When one of the sunniest days of the year happens to be in the beginning of December, which no one would expect, as the little snow that managed to fall has already melted and the whole nature seems to try to deny the fact that it’s so late in the year, Taehyung can’t help but let concerns invade his thoughts. The boy has heard once that the lack of snow at the beginning of this month means draughts and starvation in the future, when the warmest period comes. Thinking that it’s only a stereotype no one really believes in the young wolf’s words, although Taehyung has no doubt that they’re right. Having heard them from his grandmother, an old wolf, who always knew everything, Taehyung trusts in the honesty of the threat.


But Taehyung knows he should pay the minimal attention to it and after dealing with it for such a long time, Taehyung tries to. Even if there is a problem in his pack, and even if it affects him as well, his pack members do a great job in trying not to burden their youngest omega. Whenever Taehyung wants to worry, other members always try to distract him, as they’re certain that the last thing he needs to think about is any of the dangers. And even if he tried to fight it at the beginning, he soon discovered how pointless it was and he finally gave up.


(“Why should you believe in such things?” his older brother always asks, and Taehyung knows that he never really wanted to treat him as a child; and yet, the young wolf can’t stop thinking that this is all that Seokjin sees him as. “It’s just a myth.”


“But grandma said that!” he tries to argue. “She was never wrong!”


Seokjin only laughs as he hears the whine in his brother’s voice and seeing his pout, he pats the omega’s head. Taehyung hates that; he hates being one of the youngest members and an omega at the same time. Seokjin himself is the oldest here, and a beta in addition; in other words, someone much more useful than Taehyung will ever be. That’s at least how Taehyung sees it.


“Alright. But why are you worrying your little head over something like this?” Seokjin asks the same question every time when Taehyung wants to help his pack in dealing with any burden. And each time Taehyung hears it, his pout grows even bigger, if it’s only possible. “Let your alpha think about it.”


“I don’t even have an alpha~”


And before Seokjin has the chance to respond to that, Taehyung is already gone with a wide grin on his lips as he escapes from hearing any more of Seokjin’s poor ranting.)


This time everything is the same. After he manages to get rid of his older brother, he leaves the big, two storied house and heads towards the wood.


Taehyung doesn’t really know any other life than the one he has with his brothers, but he doesn’t mind it. He doesn’t even regret not remembering his parents, as cruel as it may seem, because he knows what laws they have in their pack, especially when it comes to omegas. Actually, Taehyung is more than happy now that Seokjin and Namjoon decided to take him away. His life is peaceful, filled with constancy and happiness.


Once Taehyung knows that he’s deep enough in the wood, in his favourite spot, and there’s no human to witness what he’s about to do, the boy undresses and then shifts. He’s neither in his heat nor of age, so the process is going to be painful and the omega is fully aware of that. That’s why he lies down on the ground comfortably first, attempting to relax, before he shifts.


He needs to be focused and all of his willpower is necessary if he wants to make it. He closes his eyes, trying to imagine the process, concentrating on the shifting. Taehyung has no idea how long it lasts when he feels the sudden heat spreading in his body, and at first it’s nice, almost comforting. But then it changes, all of a sudden the warmth is replaced by the burning sensation under his skin, as if he was about to burn from the inside. Taehyung clenches his fists and squeezes his eyes when his body changes.


Taehyung thinks he’s going to suffocate. The pain intensifies and although Taehyung doesn’t want to do it, he can’t help but try to scream in agony.


Except he can’t.


His throat is burning now and Taehyung recognizes how far in shifting he is. It will be over soon, as he tries to stay conscious. He waits a little longer, doing his best, and when it finally seems that he won’t be able to last, it’s finished. Taehyung’s in his wolf form; form of a fragile but beautiful wolf with beige fur and blue eyes.


He starts panting once he realizes he can breathe normally again. The omega doesn’t feel any pain anymore, but he’s exhausted with the whole process. But at the same time he knows that it’s okay, he will gain back his strength soon.


He only waits for a few minutes. When he feels that he's alright he stands up on his wobbly legs, still affected by the transformation. After hiding his clothes Taehyung takes a while to look around and figure out what he’s going to do. He had no idea before; the omega just felt like shifting. And when he does, Taehyung can’t help but obey the wish of his inner wolf.


Taehyung doesn’t need to wonder what he should do now for a long while either. Once he remembers the alphas of his pack went on hunting in the morning, and they still haven’t returned, Taehyung immediately runs towards their secret spot where he knows the alphas always shift, hoping that he will meet them there. Or at least that they will soon come there as well so he can see them.


Or, rather, only one of them.


Taehyung can’t help but jump in happiness at the mere thought of the older alpha; a wolf with strong appearance, whose fur is the colour of dark chocolate and brown eyes, one shade darker than the fur. Although Taehyung is still too young to get mated, and he will be able to in less than a month, when his ninth birthday comes, he already knows that he and Min Yoongi are imprinted on each other, whatever it means. Everyone would be surprised if they weren’t, with the strong chemistry between the two wolves.


No one is there. But Taehyung knows that they haven’t finished yet, so he collapses on the ground and makes himself comfortable. He just hopes he’s not going to wait for long.




“What are you doing here?”


Taehyung has no idea that he has fallen asleep and it’s the familiar, deep voice that wakes him up. When Taehyung realizes that it’s his brother who is speaking to him he immediately stands up. He shows his happiness seeing Namjoon in his human form, but the latter doesn’t seem to feel the same as he eyes Taehyung.


Seeing the stern look of the lead alpha of their pack, Taehyung whimpers, lying in his front paws to show his submission. Namjoon sighs; he won’t be able to hear any explanation from the omega if Taehyung stays in this form and he isn’t going to change again, it would strain his body too much. He would use his alpha power to make Taehyung submissive and tell him to shift but Namjoon never liked doing it.


“You know you aren’t supposed to shift before your birthday.”


He doesn’t seem to be angry and Taehyung is happy, about to jump on his brother and demand that Namjoon should pet him but before he does it, two others come in their wolf forms.


A wolf with light brown fur is the first to appear. He doesn’t look surprised seeing Taehyung there and the omega concludes it’s probably because of his scent. He has no idea what he smells like to alphas but he has heard once from Yoongi that his scent is very characteristic. Taehyung is always happy to see his Hoseok hyung, one of the funniest members in the pack that Taehyung loves to tease a lot, but before he can acknowledge him properly, the next one comes.


When Taehyung’s and the brown wolf’s eyes meet, Taehyung feels strangely peaceful.


When he sees the sweet moment between his younger brother and a member of his pack, who’s also an alpha, Namjoon can’t help but groan, not even bothering to hide his annoyance. Everyone knows that Namjoon doesn’t like it whenever someone is too close with his younger brother if it’s neither an omega nor a human. And he knows that Yoongi and Taehyung are definitely too close. But before he can say anything about it he feels a hand on his shoulder and he turns to see Hoseok, already in his human form but still with no piece of cloth covering his body.


“Let them be.” He smiles at the sight of Taehyung and Yoongi interacting when Taehyung bites Yoongi’s ear playfully and the alpha doesn’t even pretend to be annoyed. Everyone knows that Yoongi doesn’t like childish behaviour but Taehyung seems to be special, as he can be as childish as he wants to be and yet, Yoongi will always accept anything. “You know how close they are.”


“It’s my baby brother, Hoseok.” Namjoon growls at the latter. “How do you expect me to just ‘let them be’?”


“Your baby brother won’t be a baby anymore in a few weeks.” Somehow, it feels really strange when Hoseok reprimands his own leader but he doesn’t mind the slight comicality of this. He’s older slightly so he still has a small privilege. “You can’t stop the fact that they’re imprinted and probably will mate when Taehyung is old enough. And remember that Yoongi would never hurt Taehyung.”


“It’s not enough. How can I be sure that he will be alright?” Namjoon was angry and it was visible but Hoseok didn’t even flinch at the cold tone. He was already used to it since usually it’s either him or Seokjin who get this treatment whenever there are problems. “You know that Yoongi isn’t a good option for Taehyungᅳ”


“No?” the other alpha asks with a small smile on his lips. “Then look.”


Namjoon turns his head and he suddenly feels his throat is dry. He doesn’t want to admit it but he feels that Hoseok is right; no matter how Yoongi usually behaves, he will be a good mate for Taehyung. But Namjoon can’t help his overprotectiveness.






When the rays creep its way through the window into Taehyung’s room, falling on Taehyung’s peaceful face the boy stirs. Although he’s waking up he doesn’t want to admit it, keeping his eyes shut and pretending that he’s still in the land of Morpheus, praying that no one will decide to bother him so early in the morning.


But Taehyung doesn’t always get what he wants.


He has no idea what he has done wrong for Jimin to hate him so much when the door to his room opens and his friend stands in the doorframe, yelling his name happily before rushing to the omega laying (‘sleeping’) in his bed. But Taehyung’s plan doesn’t go the way he wants it to because instead of backing off, as he hoped Jimin would do once he realized that Taehyung is still sleeping, the other wolf just jumps on top of him, making Taehyung scream loudly.


He just really doesn’t like it when others jump on him when he’s sleeping. Not even Yoongi.


The only thing that stops Taehyung from throwing Jimin off is the fact that his best friend is pregnant, and no matter how much the omega hates him in this moment he would never do anything to endanger lives of innocent pups. He knows better than to do it. Instead he just puts his head under the pillow, holding it tightly so maybe Jimin won’t bother him this much.


“Wake up!” Jimin singsongs happily, making himself comfortable on Taehyung’s hips. “Wake up, Taehyunggie! Wake up~”


“Let me be,” Taehyung whines almost pathetically trying to get as much precious sleep of his as possible, but Park Jimin isn’t the best person to argue with about it. Especially not a pregnant Park Jimin, who is more demanding than ever in this condition.


“No way,” Jimin laughs as he steals Taehyung’s pillow. Taehyung pouts at the loss, not only did Jimin ruin his precious sleep but also the brat dared to steal his favourite pillow, the one that provides him warmth and comfort. “Come on, Tae. It’s hyung’s birthday today!”


Taehyung grimaces at the a little too loud and a little too happy statement, as he still tries to get his pillow back. “I know. That’s why you should bother him and not me when it’s so early in the morning.”


“It’s afternoon already.” Jimin laughs when he gives Taehyung his pillow back, playfully hitting his friend with it in the face making the younger boy yelp at it. “And Seokjin hyung was the one who asked me to wake you up.”


Taehyung whines miserably.




“Because he knows that of all of us, I am the only one that you wouldn’t dare to hurt in such situation. Okay, maybe also Yoongi hyung, but he’s currently sleeping too and it's impossible to wake him up if you want to still be alive.”


Taehyung pretends that he doesn’t need to know about it although he can’t hide the fact that the mere mention of Yoongi’s name made suddenly the whole day much more better. Seeing Taehyung’s stupid face Jimin already knows what the latter is thinking about, as he smiles at the omega with understanding. Yet, he can’t stop himself but point it out, because why shouldn’t he tease the other a little?


“Don’t need to blush just yet, you still have many hours today that you can spend with your Yoongi hyung,” he says and Taehyung blushes even more. He groans in irritation, hiding his face in the pillow that he hugs tightly to himself, hoping that it will help him with the embarrassment.


“Just go away!”


Jimin fulfils his wish, giggling to himself, while Taehyung wonders how he’s going to survive this day.




Jimin isn’t only a friend to Taehyung, he’s also someone who you would call a ‘brother in law’, as the older omega is mated to Seokjin. They mated 10 months ago, exactly 4 months after Jimin’s birthday when he became of age, and even if it was a short time and Jimin was still very young, they decided they didn’t want to wait any more for their pups. One month ago the whole pack found out that Jimin was pregnant with Seokjin’s pups and as he’s already two months along, he needs to wait for four more before the proud parents finally see the first heirs of the pack. It’s understandable that everyone is excited, but to say that the blessed couple is is surely an understatement. They are impatient to meet their pups.


“Have you decided what the names should be?” Taehyung asks as he’s sitting with Jimin on the couch in the living room, watching the TV with him. The two of them are the only ones home. The alphas left for hunting and Seokjin together with the youngest member of the pack, who is also a beta, Jungkook, went to the city. No one knows why, as the two of them were very secretive about their purpose.


Jimin yawns, getting more comfortable as he uses Taehyung’s tummy as his pillow. Taehyung has never said it but he likes it when others use him in whatever way they want, either hugging him or leaning against him, because he’s a secret admirer of skinship. And although he has never said it Jimin seems to know about it, because the younger omega is the only one, apart from Seokjin, who the pregnant wolf uses as his personal mattress whenever he pleases.


“I don’t know the gender or how many of them will be there yet.” Jimin says, closing his eyes and hoping that he will get some sleep before others come back. “If I choose too many names and of the wrong gender, it will be harder later. I will probably end up naming a boy with three female names because I won’t be able to give up on any of them.”


“I already feel bad for your pups.” Jimin just shrugs, as the smile never leaves his lips. Taehyung frowns seeing his closed eyes. “Hey, don’t sleep! You were the one who woke me up!”


“But you aren’t pregnant at least.” Taehyung hates to admit that when Jimin yawns the caring side of him tells him to let the latter sleep. But he has also the other side, the more evil one, which tells him to bother Jimin a little more. “I should have some credit because of that, shouldn’t I?”


The younger wolf just snorts and Jimin smiles widely, letting himself fall asleep on Taehyung.




When he hears the front door opening Taehyung immediately knows Seokjin and Jungkook have returned. His first reaction is to go to them and greet them but then he remembers about still sleeping Jimin and he decides not to move. He doesn’t want to wake the latter up knowing that if he did, then:

  1. Jimin would whine about it for the rest of the day,
  2. Seokjin would give him this ‘I’m disappointed at you’ look and would let Jimin whine at him,
  3. Taehyung himself would feel slightly guilty for disturbing his sleep.

Actually, Taehyung doesn’t feel like experiencing any of these three so he just remains on his spot on the couch, waiting for the betas to come here instead.


Jungkook immediately escapes to his room once he’s in the house and Seokjin is the only one who goes to greet the omegas. When he sees his mate and his brother like this, cuddling together on the couch, he can’t help but smile gently. After greeting Taehyung he kisses Jimin’s forehead before lifting him bride style, mouthing a small ‘thank you’ towards the younger omega.


‘It’s okay’, Taehyung mouths back before he runs to his room, finally free from Jimin’s hold. Now, he’s free until the alphas come back.


Or so he hopes.




“You idiot!”


Taehyung really doesn’t know what he has done wrong. Ever since Jimin became unpredictable he made sure that his behaviour was perfect, at least most of the times, so he would never become a victim of Jimin’s hateful glare. And yet it didn’t work.


It takes all of Taehyung’s willpower so he won’t yell back at his friend in self defence but he manages to stay calm, knowing that he’d regret it severely if he let himself lose control.


“How could you fucking do this?”


“But Taehyung didn’t do anything, babe,” Seokjin tries to soothe his mate but Jimin doesn’t seem to care. If a glare could kill, Taehyung would die ten times already, as he feels so small and fragile while he’s exposed like this to Jimin’s wrath.


“He did everything!”


“What?” Taehyung asks, hoping that if Jimin realizes he really has no idea what went wrong the older one will calm down.


But what a mistake it was, Taehyung had no idea until he found out.


“What?” Jimin repeats densely and Taehyung can already see it in his expression that he’s neither happy, nor calm. “What? Don’t you fucking pretend you don’t know, youㅡ”


“Baby, that’s enough,” Seokjin says, hugging Jimin from behind and massaging his arms, hoping that the old method will work once again and he will soothe Jimin so he won’t kill the other omega. “I’m sure that whatever Taehyung did he didn’t mean that. Did you?”


Taehyung senses that he shouldn’t argue that he did nothing wrong, so he just nods eagerly.


“See? Please, don’t be mad.”


“But hyung, he, he ruined everything!”


“And what exactly did he ruin?”


Taehyung is taken aback by the accusation but he loves his life a little too much to deny anything. He knows that Jimin with mood swings is a destructive Jimin so he just listens, hoping that the verdict won’t be too cruel.


“He let me fall asleep! But I shouldn’t have because I was planning to prepare that dinner because it’s your birthday today but he stillㅡ”


“Excuse me?” Taehyung interrupts him, completely dumbfounded. Jimin sends him another glare but this time Taehyung ignores it. “I was the one who ruined it? But you were the one who told me to let you sleep and besides, you never said anything about a dinner for hyung, how could I know?”


“You should have figured it out.” The venom in Jimin’s voice makes Taehyung flinch.


“It’s enough.” Seokjin decides to interrupt the pointless fight when he sees that Taehyung has literally no strength to deal with Jimin’s mood swings right now. “Nothing happened, we still can save the day. I will take you out so we will eat the dinner in a nice, quiet place. Is it alright?”


“But it was supposed to be a surprise for you,” Jimin whines and he isn’t mad anymore, just sad and about to cry because his plan failed. “It’s your birthday and I wanted to do something nice for you but I couldn’t andㅡ”


“I know and I’m very happy because of that,” Seokjin says soothingly, making sure that his mate won’t cry. “So let’s celebrate my birthday, just the two of us, without dealing with others tonight. Okay?”


Jimin nods although he still doesn’t seem to be completely convinced, so Seokjin tries once more. This time he whispers something to Jimin’s ear, making the younger one blush madly. When he’s done, Jimin looks at him with hope in his eyes.


“The chocolate one?”


“Of course~”


When Jimin pulls Seokjin roughly to him to kiss him passionately, Taehyung is still with them in the kitchen, already long forgotten, as his whole face is awfully red and he can’t help but wonder what he’s still doing there.




“Who do I see here?” Taehyung hears a voice from behind him as he’s about to go to his room. He immediately turns to look at the person, seeing Yoongi leaning against the wall with a small smirk. “You’re red, something’s wrong?”


“No,” Taehyung shakes his head. Yoongi’s presence doesn’t really help him right now because it makes him even more embarrassed. He has no idea why the older wolf makes him like this but Taehyung just can’t help it; whenever the alpha looks at him or talks to him, no matter what the reason is, he always feels slightly uncomfortable. “Just, Seokjin hyung and Jimin hyung started to make out in front of me. It’s horrifying.”


“Poor baby,” Yoongi says as he approaches the omega and Taehyung really has no idea why hearing these two words that have left Yoongi’s mouth made him feel even worse. But on the other hand, he likes how it sounded. “Don’t think about it too much or it will be worse.”


“What do you mean?” Taehyung asks as he cocks his head to the side and Yoongi just smiles. The younger one is seriously adorable like this.


“Never mind.” Taehyung frowns and wants to ask Yoongi to explain it to him but before he even can say the first word, Yoongi already interrupts him. “Do you want to go out?”


“Go out?” Taehyung repeats. “But, now? Isn’t it too late?”


“It still isn’t dark. And everything will be opened, we can go wherever you want to.”


Taehyung smiles apologetically. He really wants to spend some time with Yoongi, but he doesn’t really feel like going anywhere right now. “I’m sorry hyung, but I don’t think it will be a good idea. Ask someone else, please?”


And before Yoongi can respond, he’s already gone, locking the door to his room. Even if this day was very short for him, Taehyung feels already tired and he collapses on his bed, hoping he will fall asleep soon. Meanwhile Yoongi is still standing in the corridor in front of Taehyung’s door, trying not to think that he not only got rejected, but also Taehyung had no idea what he actually meant.


This idiot.






Taehyung has known that between him and Yoongi there was something special. It’s not only because everyone tells him how different they two behave around each other, and that even if they are so different they still match together perfectly. Taehyung has always felt that something was different about Yoongi than any other wolf he has met before, but he never let himself think about it for long. He never let himself worry what it may mean, as he finally concluded that whatever was between them, it was just a friendship.


Everyone who has ever heard about it wanted to hit the back of the dense omega’s head.


(“You’re not friends!” Taehyung always hears, as almost everyone tells him that but he can’t help but ask why they’re not. If they both feel so good in each other’s company and when it just seems to be right when one is with the other. “Friends don’t feel this!”


“Friends don’t feel good with each other?” Taehyung always asks. And whoever talks to him at this moment feels perfectly done with the omega’s stupidity.


“They do, but not like this! Anyone can see how you both behave when you’re apart from each other, how you miss each other then!”


“Isn’t it normal to miss a friend?”


Yep, Taehyung is totally dense.)


Because telling Taehyung everything about imprinting, how it works, how it affects others is impossible. Taehyung never listens, no matter how much the person he’s talking to tries to make it clear and understandable. Even when Yoongi knows about the imprinting, even when it’s impossible for only one of the couple to be imprinted as it always works for both, Taehyung still doesn’t understand.


But there are also many other things that Taehyung doesn’t understand, especially when it comes to love. Courting. Mating. Something what he can see all the time, even in his own house, he never knows how exactly it works, what exactly it should mean.


Or he doesn’t understand when someone tries to do it to him.


“What was that?”


Taehyung looks in puzzlement at Baekhyun. His friend has this weird expression, the one that says ‘I know what you did and I’m not going to let you go like this’ but Taehyung is lost. He has no idea what he has done wrong.




“Don’t pretend to be stupid. What did he want from you?”


Only now Taehyung understands what Baekhyun actually means as he looks at the notebook he has in his hands. The one that he lent to one of his classmates a few days ago and has got it back just now, when the beta was thanking him really kindly with a warm smile and complimenting Taehyung’s handwriting. Taehyung felt quite weird but it was nice to hear something like this.


“Oh,” Taehyung says, a little too stupidly. “Nothing. Just gave me back my notebook that I have lent him before.”


Taehyung smiles gently at the mention of this situation. The beta was really nice and Taehyung can’t help but remember it, he always appreciates even the slightest gesture of politeness.


Seeing his expression, Baekhyun narrows his eyes. He doesn’t like it.


“I thought you told me you were imprinted on someone?” Baekhyun asks and Taehyung is even more puzzled than before. He has no idea what it has to do with anything but he nods, hoping to get an explanation why his friend behaves so weirdly.


“Yeah. I mean, my pack told me but I don’t know how they know.”


“What? Do they know who he is?”


“Yeah, he’s also the member of the pack.”


Baekhyun is really ready to kill his friend when he hears this. He knows that Taehyung is clueless and knows almost nothing about the life of a wolf, especially when it comes to love, but how one can be this stupid? He really has no idea and how he wishes he had. “Please, don’t tell me that this guy knows you’re clueless about it.”


“Well, I did talk to him about the imprinting, if you mean this,” Taehyung admits and Baekhyun is afraid of what he may hear. “And he knows that I am quite lost about everything that is going on but he was pretty cool with it. I mean, Yoongi hyung is usually like this but before we talked he seemed to be a little restless. But then he didn’t talk this much and because that’s how he usually behaves, it’s nothing wrong.”


Baekhyun is ready to push Taehyung of the stairs. He doesn’t know who this Yoongi is but he’s smart enough to figure that the wolf knows about imprinting and he can’t imagine how painful it must be for him to be supposed to mate with someone who has no idea how all of it works. And is too stubborn to understand.


“Besides, why are you asking me about it now? I told you about him before.”


“I’m asking you because you’re a total moron, do you know that?” He hasn’t mean to go berserk like this but Taehyung is just too much. “Imprinting means you’re going to mate and after that you are supposed to spend the rest of your lives together and yet, you let another wolf court you.”


“I don’t!” Taehyung denies it immediately. He doesn’t know what exactly Baekhyun meant before but the one thing he knows for sure, he would never let anyone court him.


“I saw how he was looking at you!”


“He was just being friendly, Byun Baekhyun!” Taehyung whines in annoyance. “What’s wrong with being nice to someone? He just wanted to borrow my notes and I let him, stop behaving as if it was a crime!”


Baekhyun sighs. He knows he needs to pray for a miracle because it’s impossible for Taehyung to understand this issue in any normal way.




When Taehyung comes home this afternoon he can’t stop thinking about what Baekhyun has told him. He completely ignores the part where Baekhyun stated that his classmate was trying to court him because Taehyung knows that firstly, it is impossible for anyone who isn’t imprinted on him to court him, simply because Taehyung doubts that he is this attractive, and secondly, even if it were real (but isn’t), the omega wouldn’t even think about the beta as a potential mate. Sure, the boy was nice and all, but Taehyung didn’t feel comfortable enough to talk to him about anything else than school, not to mention considering being with someone like him.


Instead, the one thing that can’t leave Taehyung’s mind, is what Baekhyun has told him about imprinting. He never really knew what it meant before, but then Jimin told him a little of it. And when he found out that he and Yoongi were imprinted on each other, Taehyung was shocked. He did feel something else, something more when it came to Yoongi, he always preferred his company and he always wanted to be with him. No matter what the circumstances were, he always wanted Yoongi, but it couldn’t be this. It must have been only friendship.


But there was something in Baekhyun’s words that made him think if he shouldn’t talk to someone else about it, although he isn’t sure who he should ask about it. He can’t ask Yoongi of course. Namjoon isn’t an option as well. Hoseok will probably just brush it off, Jungkook is too young to know anything. Jimin would be perfect but his recent mood swings made a great job in scaring Taehyung off and it leaves the omega only with Seokjin, although Taehyung doubts that he will be able to talk to his brother privately. After all, he has become Jimin’s personal servant recently and Seokjin was more than happy to obey his pregnant mate.


Taehyung feels uneasy. He is completely lost; he has always thought that everything was simple but after that talk with Baekhyun he knows that if he doesn’t even try to understand everything a little better, he’s going to be dead the next time he sees his friend.


When Taehyung enters the house he supposes to hear yelling in every possible part of it, like he always does. The pack just can’t be quiet, that’s why Taehyung feels something is wrong when the silence fills the house. He is about to shout names of each member to make sure that there is at least someone, when suddenly he hears footsteps. Taehyung locks the door before turning to the direction where the steps come from.


The omega can’t say that he’s surprised to see Yoongi, but it’s not really the person he wanted to see the most. But he forgets about it when he sees the alpha smiling widely at him, once he knows that Taehyung has finally come back.


“How was school?” he asks. It’s nothing, just a simple question, yet Yoongi has the urge to ask about something else, to do completely something else when he sees the wide grin on Taehyung’s lips or when he hears his voice and yet, he can’t. He knows he can’t.


There’s still the hesitation in his voice and Yoongi hopes that Taehyung won’t notice it, and Taehyung doesn’t indeed. What can he expect, after all. No matter how good looking Taehyung is, how kind and funny and adorable he is, he’s also dense and Yoongi knows about it the best.


Sometimes, Yoongi hopes that Taehyung will finally realize what is going on and will finish this stupid situation between them. But he knows that he needs to tell Taehyung straightforwardly about it, and he thought he did. He thought that when he would tell Taehyung about the imprinting, Taehyung would finally realize what’s going on. How stupid he was to think like this.


“Good,” Taehyung says cheerfully, as Yoongi follows him to the kitchen. The alpha knows very well about Taehyung’s eating habits, that’s why he hopes that the latter will appreciate his attempts. Or acknowledge them. Or anything. Because he knows that the other is too stupid to recognize what he really tries to do.


“Seokjin said that you were going to be late, I made something to eat for you if you want,” he says. He wants to laugh because he never experienced something like this, he never was this nervous before he met Taehyung. If only Taehyung knew what he is doing with him.


“You did?” Taehyung asks, his eyes wide. “Oh god, hyung, you’re the best!” he states with his rectangle smile and the next thing Yoongi knows, he’s standing in the middle of kitchen dumbfounded, trying to process that Taehyung in his excitement and gratitude has just kissed his cheek, and now the omega is looking for the food in the fridge. “Which one is it? Hyung, you put it here, right?”


Yoongi just smiles gently at the silly boy in front of him before helping him. He reaches for the plate with Taehyung’s dinner before putting it to the microwave. For the whole time Taehyung is excited, having completely forgotten about his previous conversation with Baekhyun.


“By the way,” he asks when he remembers something. “Where are others?”


“Namjoon and Hoseok have some pack issues to deal with. Seokjin wanted to examine Jimin and took Jungkook too so the kid can learn something useful.”


“I thought the pack didn’t want Jungkook to learn all this stuff about babies and all before finishing school,” Taehyung notices as he furrows his eyebrows. He looks cute when he thinks and Yoongi can’t help but look at him for five seconds longer than necessary.


“Right, but you know how it is with betas. They’re supposed to be the smartest so they’re always a great help when it comes to some medical stuff,” Yoongi says and he has the urge to comment that Jungkook still doesn’t seem to be a very smart person. But then he remembers that Taehyung also isn’t this bright, which he has a perfect proof for, so he stops himself. “And apart from him, Seokjin is the only beta. When Jimin goes into labour he won’t be able to deal with it alone, Jungkook will need to help him.”


“That’s so weird,” Taehyung comments. “He’s young himself, soᅳ”


“Remember that you’re only one year older than him,” Yoongi says and Taehyung immediately stops talking. “And talking about this, be prepared. Who knows, maybe they will want you to help as well?”


“What?” Taehyung almost shouts in surprise. “But why? I’m not a beta, I’m not supposed toㅡ”


“I know but if they do need help, you’re the only one who they can ask.” Even if Yoongi stresses ‘only one’ Taehyung still doesn’t feel it’s a compliment. He’s rather petrified at the thought of dealing with labour. “Remember, alphas are not allowed anywhere near an omega in labour.”


“Why not?”


“Have you ever listened at school?” the older one shakes his head. He can’t believe someone like Taehyung has survived so many years in this world. “The scent is too strong, stronger even than the one when omega is in heat. It’s dangerous to let an alpha anywhere near the omega if they aren’t mates.”


Taehyung is surprised, as it’s the first time he hears something like this; or maybe like, the first time as he listens to something like this, probably it did appear one time during Taehyung’s classes but he was too unfocused to pay any attention. Nothing new.


“Don’t worry,” Yoongi needs to stop himself from laughing when he sees Taehyung’s expression. He likes teasing the younger wolf. “You know that Seokjin will be great, he always is. Especially if all of it is about Jimin, so he and Jungkook will be able to deal with it.”


“Very funny,” Taehyung mutters quietly, slightly embarrassed because he has already imagined himself in this situation and was about to freak out, only to find out that Yoongi wanted to joke a little.


“Aww, don’t be mad at me~” Yoongi coos as he sees Taehyung’s expression. He puts his both hands on Taehyung’s cheeks, playing with it, as if the omega was a child. Well, technically, he still is. “You look adorable like this, I swear.”


Taehyung tries to escape from Yoongi’s grip but Yoongi doesn’t want to let go. Fortunately for the omega, soon the food is done and the alpha needs to release him so he can take the plate and give it to the younger wolf.


“Here you are,” he smiles brightly and Taehyung’s eyes sparkle at the sight of food. “Enjoy!”

Chapter Text

“Tae, can I talk to you for a while?”


When Taehyung hears Seokjin’s voice the omega groans. He really likes it when he and Seokjin and Namjoon spend a little time together but he has an awfully long and boring homework to do and no matter how much he would like to just forget about it, he knows that if Namjoon finds out he hasn’t done it, Taehyung will regret being born. Literally.


He just mutters anything that comes to his mind in response hoping that Seokjin won’t disturb him anymore and he doesn’t even bother to look at the beta. He continues, without even noticing that Seokjin is still there and isn’t going to give up on talking to the younger so easily.


“Taehyung,” Seokjin says, gaining his brother’s attention finally. Taehyung looks at Seokjin and is about to tell him that he really can’t talk but there’s something, both in Seokjin’s tone and in his expression, that tells Taehyung his homework can wait.


Taehyung finally closes his books before looking at Seokjin with a frown, waiting for the older wolf to start talking. Seeing his expression Seokjin just sits down on Taehyung’s bed.


“I need to talk to you.”


“About what?” Taehyung asks. He knows that if it wasn’t anything important Seokjin wouldn’t bother him for so long. On the other hand, if it was something serious Seokjin wouldn’t wait and Taehyung can’t help but wonder, with a little bit of nervousness and impatience at the same time.


“Taehyung, you do realize what the situation between you and Yoongi is?”


Taehyung wants to roll his eyes when he hears it. Strangely, suddenly everyone wants to make sure that Taehyung is aware what’s going on between them and Taehyung doesn’t understand why. If it concerns him as well, he probably does know so he doesn’t see the point in talking to him about it, trying to make him realize. He already knows, after all.


“Yes, I know,” he says politely, although he doesn’t manage to hide the irritation in his voice. He’s slightly fed up already with the talks like this one and he doesn’t understand why people can’t just leave him alone. “Why?”


“Don’t talk to me like this,” Seokjin frowns when he hears Taehyung’s tone. He’s not exactly angry, he’s just slightly annoyed already and when he snaps Taehyung’s eyes widen in surprise. He didn’t mean to make the other angry. Seokjin quickly realizes what he has done as he clears his throat. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say it like this. Just the whole situation of the two of you is a little bit unnerving.”


“Why?” Taehyung doesn’t understand and Seokjin knows that he needs a lot of patience to explain everything to his brother. “Shouldn’t the situation between me and Yoongi hyung just stay personal? Why is everyone asking me about it?”


“That’s because everyone is worried about both of you, Tae.”


“But it’s personal.” 


“I know,” Seokjin sighs. He knows that after this discussion he will end up having a headache. “I know it’s personal but remember, Taehyung, both of you are in the same pack. So if something is wrong between the two of you, the whole pack suffers as well, maybe not as much as any of you would but it still has a great effect on it.”


“I don’t understand.” Taehyung furrows his eyebrows and Seokjin knows that if Taehyung doesn’t understand this part, then he surely doesn’t know anything what’s going on. Which is a shame since for a wolf not to realize imprinting is totally ridiculous and Seokjin would never believe that it may happen, if he didn’t see it with his own eyes. “Why would something be wrong between me and Yoongi hyung?” 


Seokjin lets out a sigh, he knows that it’s not going to be easy. “Taehyung, we need to talk seriously.”


Taehyung doesn’t really know what to expect, but Seokjin’s expression makes him feel that he should be concerned. 




Yoongi knows it’s stupid. He should be a proud wolf, an alpha, he shouldn’t be worried about something as stupid as this but here he is, with concerns invading his thoughts as he tries to figure out what to do. He has always known what kind of person Taehyung is and it never bothered him, he has always known that Taehyung may be sometimes a little bit dense but it was alright, it has never made Yoongi like him any less. Actually, Yoongi was not only able to accept it, but also find it adorable. But right now, he can’t find it in himself to coo at Taehyung’s cluelessness. He is cursing it.


Imprinting is something what happens to a couple of wolf, and it only affects the two of them. There is never another person, just two wolves of different genders or different types, sometimes even both. This one is between an alpha and an omega. And Yoongi knows also that imprinting doesn’t happen at different times; the two wolves get imprinted on each other at the same time, that’s why he knows that Taehyung must feel what he feels.


The joy whenever they are together. The urge to see the other if they’re separated. The want to always be with each other, no matter what. Even when one has dreams, the other is always present there as well. And the need to be with the latter in every way, not only to talk, but also to touch, to hold, to mate.


Yoongi lets out an exasperated sigh, it is difficult to control all of this but Yoongi always does. He never lets his inner wolf lose control and claim, then mate the omega, simply because he has never wanted to hurt Taehyung. Mating with a wolf that still isn’t of age is a crime but it’s one of the smallest concerns of Yoongi; the bigger is, he wants Taehyung to be aware of all of it. He doesn’t want Taehyung to think it’s just a phase or just a friendship. Even if it’s real, no matter whether Taehyung knows or not, he wants Taehyung to be aware.


But Yoongi doesn’t know how long he can wait. He will never do anything to hurt Taehyung, but he feels he’s about to go crazy if Taehyung doesn’t realize what’s going on.


“Hyung?” The sudden voice startles the alpha as he has been lost in thoughts, having completely forgotten that others are home as well. He turns to see who’s bothering him and he can’t help but widen his eyes in surprise.


Even since Yoongi has imprinted on Taehyung, Namjoon has never talked to him, at least not in the way that didn’t scream ‘I’m going to kill you’.


“Can I come in?” 


“Sure.” Yoongi is still puzzled, wondering what the leader wants to do with him but he knows that Namjoon will tell him soon so he doesn’t ask. He tries not to notice that the other alpha is staring at him but no matter how much he tries to pretend, he can’t. “What?”


“I need to talk to you about Taehyung.”


“You know that I’m not doing anything with him.” Yoongi rolls his eyes. He knows that Namjoon is very overprotective but sometimes, it can be real pain in ass, especially when it turns out that the alpha doesn’t trust his own packmates. “I’m not going to take advantage of Taehyung when he doesn’t even know what is going on.”


“I know,” Namjoon admits and Yoongi is surprised. It’s really the first time when Namjoon says it. “But still, we should talk.”


“Is it spontaneous?”


“Not really,” Namjoon smiles gently. “Actually, Seokjin hyung is right now with Taehyung, talking to him about the same thing I am going to talk to you. But I think he has slightly harder task, after all Taehyung is impossible when it comes to this.”


Yoongi can’t help but nod. Yes, Taehyung is totally impossible. And yet he wants him, so badly.


Although Yoongi doesn’t know it, his every gesture, his every expression betrays everything, even if he doesn’t want to. It still does; and Namjoon knows that although Yoongi tries to behave as if it was nothing, he actually suffers because of the idiot’s stupidity.




When Seokjin is done with him and leaves Taehyung alone, the omega is completely lost. Subconsciously, he has always known what imprinting is, and he has always felt this way about Yoongi indeed. He just never wanted to admit it. He has been sure that whenever he’s happy to see Yoongi or when he’s sad at the thought of leaving him, it was simply because of their friendship. Yoongi was the first one to join the brothers so it was natural that Taehyung and he were close. Yoongi was actually the first person from the outside world that Taehyung has met, before that his whole world was based only on Seokjin and Namjoon.


He has always felt weird whenever they were together and even more, when they were alone. But Taehyung also has never bothered himself with it. He has always thought it was because of puberty; he has been growing up, getting to know the world and his own body, finding out how everything works, getting his first heat. He has always thought that he was just curious.


Then, someone has told him what imprinting was, and although Taehyung should have known it was his case, it was what he felt when it came to Yoongi, he never bothered himself to think about it. He has never believed.


And how stupid he was.


Taehyung feels awfully ashamed because he should have known, he should have realized, but for such a long time he was clueless. Then, it’s his own brother who finally tells him that whenever he had the urge to kiss Yoongi it wasn’t because he was going through puberty; it was because he really wanted to have the other as his mate. It’s his own brother who makes him realize that whenever he felt the strong urge to find Yoongi, to be with him, it wasn’t because he just missed his friend.


The boy hides his face in his hands, not believing how came he has never realized. He doesn’t want to believe in that, feeling awfully ashamed of himself. And most of all, he feels awful for leading Yoongi on. He remembers all the times when Yoongi was nice, when he did things for him, when he tried to ask him out, when he was there to support Taehyung whenever Taehyung needed it. And Taehyung never thought about it as something else, as something serious.


Again, it’s his own brother who makes Taehyung realize that these things actually have happened.


Taehyung wants to bury himself, just so no one will see such a stupid, stupid person like him. Such a shame.


He tries to figure everything out but he’s afraid once he thinks how Yoongi feels. How he has felt for all these months, or maybe even years. Because Taehyung isn’t even able to tell now how long it has lasted. He thinks about every time when he unintentionally rejected the alpha and Taehyung wants to cry, not believing how stupid he was.


And how is he going to talk to Yoongi now, how is he going to let the alpha see him now?


This evening neither Yoongi nor Taehyung leave their rooms, not wanting to see other members or, even worse, each other. Taehyung, because he’s ashamed of himself. He has not only hurt Yoongi’s feelings, but also let each member of the pack see it and he is afraid of letting anyone see him. Yoongi, because he knows that if Seokjin talked to Taehyung, it may have two different results. First, Taehyung will still be dense. Second, he will finally realize what he has done wrong and it will be uncomfortable for both of them to see each other.


It’s the first time since they started to live together as 7 members of one pack when it’s so quiet in the house.




When the next days pass, a lot changes, although Yoongi isn’t sure if it’s for the better. When Taehyung starts avoiding him for the first time he figures out that Taehyung finally knows what’s going on between the two of them, but it doesn’t seem to make the situation better. He’s afraid, Yoongi knows this. He can smell this every time when Taehyung passes him, trying to spend as little time with Yoongi as possible, and the alpha feels awful because of that. He has never meant to make Taehyung feel guilty; even if he has proved to everyone what a moron he was for not realizing what their bond was, he never wanted Taehyung to blame himself and to be scared that Yoongi may not want to have anything to do with him again.


Actually, Yoongi wanted that more than anything.


With the more time they spent apart, separated from each other, the more Yoongi wanted to have Taehyung for himself. As a human, as a wolf, as a friend, as a mate, as anything that anyone can think of. He needs Taehyung, and he knows it, his whole body screams that.


The dreams have come first.


At the beginning, Yoongi doesn’t know it’s a dream. Usually he was able to say that what was happening was just an illusion, but then all of it was so real. And Yoongi despised these dreams. Because the beginning was so familiar: Taehyung avoiding Yoongi because he was blaming himself, afraid of Yoongi’s sadness or wrath, and finally Yoongi would lose control, craving for the younger too much.


When Yoongi dreamt about throwing himself at Taehyung, completely dominating him without even caring whether the boy wanted this or not, he woke up covered in sweat, too afraid of that. When he finally realized it was the middle of the night and he was in his own room, in his own bed, alone, he calmed down, but only for a while. Soon he got the anxious feeling.


What if it wasn’t just a dream?


What if it’s something that would happen in real life?


What if Yoongi really attacks Taehyung?


He was afraid. He didn’t want to acknowledge these dreams, the thought about hurting Taehyung like this, taking him and mating with him without even knowing if Taehyung really wanted this was terrifying.


From that moment, Yoongi has started to dream about mating with Taehyung every night. Sometimes, the dreams are sweet, with him and Taehyung looking at each other with love and care, holding hands, sometimes Yoongi’s arm is wrapped around Taehyung’s waist, they kiss gently and finally it leads to mating, to a sweet love making.


Sometimes, they are awful. Yoongi loathes these ones. In these dreams he and Taehyung are fighting, ignoring or avoiding each other. Finally, Yoongi’s wrath leads everything to the alpha attacking the younger wolf. Twice Yoongi has dreamt about mating with Taehyung when the latter has been begging him to stop.


And Yoongi always ends up waking up and then crying, because it is his mind that is showing him this. It’s his mind that shows him the possibility of doing something as cruel as this and it’s the last thing he would do. Yoongi would never hurt Taehyung.


Dreams aren’t the worst, though. They’re still something what Yoongi can’t really control but when it comes to stuff that he’s thinking about on daily basis, it’s much worse. Because Yoongi should have control over it. But he doesn’t.


At first, when Taehyung has told the other members that he’s going to take a bath, Yoongi imagined naked Taehyung in the bathtub. Not being able to stop himself, he then thought what would happen if Taehyung asked him to take a bath with him. He ended up imagining mating with Taehyung in the bathtub, hiding his boner from the other pack members, and when he finally realized what he was thinking about, he wanted to punch himself.


There was also this one time when the omega was talking to Jimin about his unborn pups, both excited and waiting for the time to come. Taehyung has always liked babies and everyone knows about it, yet that one time at the mention of it, Yoongi found it strangely attractive. He didn’t even know why. Yoongi needed to remind himself that others, especially Namjoon, were also in the room so he tried to think as little as possible about fucking Taehyung until he would be filled nicely with pups.


Each time Yoongi thinks about it, he’s left in misery. He doesn’t want it. He hates himself for having thoughts like these.


He would never hurt Taehyung.




The first time when Taehyung and Yoongi talk to each other again is on 16th December, exactly two weeks before Taehyung’s 9th birthday and at the same time, two weeks before Taehyung is of age. Yoongi counts that: his wolf side does because it wants to mate with the boy, his human side does because it obeys his inner wolf, although he still doesn’t lose control.


Taehyung is the first one to come to Yoongi, taking the latter by surprise. He has attempted to talk to Taehyung twice but seeing how the boy has distanced himself from the alpha, Yoongi decided finally to give him space. That’s why seeing Taehyung willing to talk to him is not only shocking, but also makes him happy.


And nervous, because of his own dreams.


And scared, because of Taehyung’s insecurity.


“What is it?” he asks, trying to keep his tone gentle and at the same time quite cheerful, just so he won’t overwhelm Taehyung with too heavy atmosphere when it’s only beginning of their struggling.


Taehyung just looks at the floor, trying to hide the red on his cheeks, after such an embarrassment, and at the same time not wanting to see his hyung’s eyes. He isn’t brave enough to, not after being such an idiot.


“I wanted to apologize to you,” he says quietly. Yoongi knows Taehyung’s afraid of what his reaction may be and although he doesn’t blame the boy for it, he still can’t help but wish the boy was a little more confident. “I was so stupid that I hadn’t realized before what had been going on. I’m sorry for causing you so many troubles.”


To say these were troubles is an understatement but Yoongi doesn’t say that. He’s not the only one who suffers, Taehyung does too. And living for a few days in isolation in his own room, being ashamed of himself was more than enough as a punishment for him, Taehyung doesn’t need more.


“I don’t blame you,” Yoongi says smiling at the boy in front of him. In his surprise, Taehyung looks at Yoongi and he freezes when he sees the alpha’s expression. Friendly. Comforting. As always.


But there’s something else. As if he was looking at Taehyung in another way. With care. With love.


Taehyung feels his stomach churning as he realizes it has never been different; Yoongi has always looked at him like this, putting his whole love to him. But Taehyung never noticed. The omega feels tears welling up in his eyes at the thought of it.


“I’m sorry,” his voice cracks and the first tear rolls down his cheek. Yoongi wipes it quickly, biting his bottom lip at the image of Taehyung crying because of him. “I was so, so stupid. I’m sorry, I-I never wanted to hurt you, hyung.”


There is more to it but suddenly a sob leaves Taehyung’s lips. Yoongi’s heart clenches when he hears it, wiping next tears of Taehyung, bringing him closer to himself to hold him, offer him his comfort.


“Forgive me hyung,” Taehyung says, sobbing against Yoongi’s chest, as the alpha rubs his back, trying to bring the omega comfort. “It’s still n-new but, whatever we have… I want us to try, I want to, j-just,” he stops when he lets out another sob.


Yoongi can’t help but kiss Taehyung’s forehead, still trying to soothe the crying boy. He feels happiness spreading in his heart, because of Taehyung’s words, and tears gathering in his own eyes, because of Taehyung’s sobbing.


“I need to get used,” Taehyung finally finishes. He’s a little calmer already, but he’s still panting, tired with the crying. “I’m sorry hyung, just, give me time, before we… weㅡ”


“It’s okay.” Yoongi smiles, still holding the boy close. He can’t believe it’s real, it seems too beautiful because he finally has Taehyung in his arms, Taehyung has finally talked to him, Taehyung is willing to try.


It’s too beautiful and at some point Yoongi is afraid that it’s just another dream.


“We can’t do anything for the next two weeks anyways,” he says, half jokingly and half seriously.


“Does it mean that I, I have two weeks?”


“You have as much time as you need,” Yoongi promises, this time he’s completely serious. “Imprinting is important for wolves but don’t pay attention to it. Make sure you will be ready for me, I don’t want you to rush into something that you’re going to regret. I don’t want you to regret your relationship with me, if we’re going to have it.”


Taehyung is about to say that he will never regret it but he stops himself. They’ve just made up, taking the first and the smallest step they can to make their bond better, stronger. He just smiles back, as tears still leave his eyes.


Yoongi just shakes his head. “And why are you still crying?”


“I’m sorry,” Taehyung apologizes immediately, his smile doesn’t disappear. “I’m happy.”


Yoongi loves the sound of that. “Good. Because I’m happy too,” he says, kissing Taehyung’s forehead.




Yoongi doesn’t dream about mating with Taehyung for the first time in many nights. This dream is innocent and at the same time, filling Yoongi with happiness. He and Taehyung are together on a date, just being with each other, giving Yoongi the peace and comfort he wants to have from his relationship with the omega. When he wakes up, he’s excited, and the feeling of fear, anxiety and disappointment that something may not go well slowly disappears.


Although it doesn’t last for long.


When he enters the living he sees every member already there, doing anything they always do. Hoseok is being loud as always, playing some game with Namjoon as both of them let out weird sounds of excitement. Seokjin and Jimin are on the couch, Seokjin reading a book and Jimin falling asleep on him in spite of the loud behaviour of the two alphas. Taehyung and Jungkook are wandering around, getting ready to leave for school.


Of the whole pack, they are the only ones who still need to go to classes. Taehyung is in his last year and actually, he can leave the school after his birthday, since he will be already grown up, but Namjoon doesn’t want to let him, claiming it’s better for Taehyung’s future if he finishes his education. Yoongi can’t help but agree with that.


Yoongi doesn’t know why but suddenly, when he sees Taehyung in his school uniform, tying his necktie, with messy hair and sleepiness in his eyes, he’s not only adorable but also so strangely sexy. So sexy that Yoongi immediately forgets what’s going on around him.


So sexy that he wants to actually bang him hard.


Yoongi thinks about having Taehyung under himself, pressed against the nearest wall, or maybe being on top of him on the floor; it doesn’t really matter. He thinks about unbuttoning Taehyung’s shirt to see his beautiful skin, as he would trace kisses on his torso. Taehyung would have his hands tied up with that necktie, with no opportunity to escape Yoongi, as the alpha would take off his pants andㅡ


“Yoongi hyung?”


Yoongi blinks. Once he realizes what he has been thinking about, he’s petrified. Has he really just thought about taking Taehyung like this, in this room, maybe even not caring about others watching them? His hands start sweating, he’s afraid of his own thoughts, he’s afraid that one day it may be true.


He loathes it.


“Hyung, are you okay?”


Yoongi finally looks up and he regrets it. Taehyung is there, looking at him with concern, being absolutely cute, beautiful and hot at the same time. If only Taehyung knew what he is doing to Yoongi, would he stop? But Yoongi doesn’t want the omega to find out, he would probably think about him as a pervert then. Yoongi can’t let it happen, he’s not a pervert.


“Yes.” He sends Taehyung one of his warm smiles. He doesn’t realize it but other pack members are watching the two now, almost gagging at the sight of Yoongi smiling warmly.


“You were spacing out, I was worried,” Taehyung explains, cocking his head to the side, observing Yoongi for a while. Soon he smiles widely at his hyung. “I need to go, see you later!”


And before Yoongi can respond to that, Taehyung places a gentle kiss on his cheek and Yoongi is speechless. It’s only a peck and when Taehyung pulls out he smiles with this beautiful, rectangle smile at the alpha and then disappears, while Yoongi is still standing there with stupid expression. It’s the second time that Taehyung has done it, taking Yoongi by surprise. Yoongi feels the weird feeling in his stomach but it’s not only happiness.


It’s also concern.


“Eww, that was gross.” Yoongi realizes that he’s still in the living room with other pack members when he hears Hoseok complaining. He looks at the other alpha, sending him one of his worst death glares.


Everyone is silent then, not daring to say anything more. Yoongi leaves them like this, deciding he should go to his room, because if he stays any longer he’s probably going to make fool of himself.


And he’s not a fool.






Taehyung is taken aback when he hears the words.


It’s the same beta that Taehyung has talked to before. When Baekhyun saw the wolf wanting to talk to the omega, he gave his friend the ‘I’m watching you’ look before letting Taehyung go.


Ever since Taehyung and the wolf talked that time, the beta was always very polite, always wanting to talk to Taehyung and making sure that he was good and even if Taehyung thought it was just ‘nice’ and ‘friendly’ of him, he soon started to think that there may be more to it.


And now he knows why.


He’s completely dumbfounded when the wolf asks him out. Of course, he has told Taehyung clearly what he wants from the omega, because if he hadn’t, Taehyung wouldn’t have been able to figure it out. And now here he is, wondering what he should say.


It’s not that Taehyung hesitates whether he should choose Yoongi or any other wolf, it’s obvious that in the end, it will be always Yoongi. Taehyung just never expected that someone would want to date him and he doesn’t like rejecting people and hurting them at the same time, yet he knows he needs to do that. But he has no idea how.


“I’m sorry,” he says finally. He doesn’t know why he feels this uncomfortable. He’s only rejecting a beta, it’s not a crime. He shouldn’t feel this uneasy about it. “I can’t. I have a boyfriend.”


The last one is a lie. Or maybe half a lie. Actually, Taehyung isn’t even able to say if he was lying or telling truth or what, at least it worked. Once the beta hears it he can’t hide his surprised and hurt expression and Taehyung feels genuinely sorry for doing that, yet the other wolf just smiles knowingly. As if he expected that.


“It’s okay,” he says, trying to fake the cheerfulness in his voice. “I’m sorry, I won’t bother you anymore.”


Taehyung really hates hurting others.




“What did he want?”




“It didn’t look like nothing to me,” Baekhyun says eyeing Taehyung carefully. Taehyung loves Baekhyun as if he was his own brother but right now he can’t help but feel annoyed with his friend nosing a little too much.


“He asked me out, okay?” he gives up finally, making sure that Baekhyun will hear how irritated he feels. But Baekhyun ignores the tone, paying more attention to the words that Taehyung has just said. Being watched like this, Taehyung is more than uncomfortable right now. “What?”


“He asked you out?” Baekhyun asks with the tone that says ‘I told you so’ but Taehyung pretends not to notice this. “And what did you say?"


“That I already had someone.”


Baekhyun sighs in relief, although he isn’t sure if it’s not too early to be happy. After all, no one can predict anything about Taehyung. “Did you mean it when you told him that you had someone?”


“Yeah.” Taehyung doesn’t really feel comfortable to talk about it just yet, he never wanted people to know what an asshole he was, but he figures that if he and Baekhyun are friends and trust each other, then the latter has the right to know. “I have talked to him. We’re going to try to be in relationship.”


“You’re going to what?” Baekhyun can’t help but exclaim. He doesn’t even bother to hide his shock. “You’re both imprinted, for fuck’s sake! You’re going to end up mating, why are you having this circus?”


Taehyung flinches. He feels uncomfortable while talking about it. He’s scared, he was never close to anyone, he only had friends and his brothers. Many wolves date others when they aren’t imprinted on anyone so they can get to know the other person and decide whether they want them or not. It’s slow and natural, while imprinting isn’t at all. Imprinting is fast and it brings changes without even noticing them and even if Taehyung wants to be with Yoongi, he’s afraid of it. Besides, he’s still considered as a pup, he has every right to be scared.


“Hyung told me he didn’t want to rush things. He wants me to be sure.”


“Taehyung, I’m sorry for telling you this, but you’re an idiot. And I really mean it this time.”


It’s the second time this month that Taehyung feels ashamed of himself. He knows that he can’t just lead Yoongi on, he needs to show him he wants him and Taehyung is going to do that, but he wants to be careful. And yet he shouldn’t because he will end up hurting Yoongi. Baekhyun is right.


“I’m too young to mate,” he says finally. He doesn’t care that he hasn’t talked about it to Yoongi yet, but it’s probably the most he can do right now. “In two weeks is my birthday, we will mate then.”


He ignores the anxiety building up inside him at the thought that it’s so soon.




Taehyung worries his bottom lip as he thinks about everything what he wants to tell Yoongi. He feels extremely nervous because he doesn’t want to ruin anything and at the same time, he’s not really convinced. He knows that he and Yoongi will end up mating, but for him it’s still too soon. And yet, he has made up his mind, and Taehyung isn’t going to back off.


He knocks twice. He knows Yoongi is in his room, he can smell the scent of his future mate, and he regrets it. He hopes Yoongi sleeps or doesn’t hear him. Or anything, just so they won’t need to talk about it justㅡ


Taehyung knows he isn’t lucky enough when the door opens and he sees Yoongi staring at him in surprise.


“Something happened?” Yoongi asks, seeing the worried expression of the younger wolf. Taehyung doesn’t say anything, visibly uncomfortable, and Yoongi lets him inside without saying anything else, which Taehyung is grateful for.


Once he comes inside, Taehyung feels dizzy. He can smell Yoongi’s scent literally everywhere here and even if it’s nice and comforting, when it’s this much of it, Taehyung feels intoxicated. Seeing his expression, Yoongi is even more worried, as he grabs Taehyung’s shoulders and sits him down on his bed. Taehyung takes a deep breath, trying to calm down, but the scent is too much and he knows it won’t be this easy to ignore it.


“I wanted to talk to you,” he says once he feels slightly better.


Yoongi isn’t sure if they should talk when something is visibly wrong with Taehyung. The omega sees his concern and he knows what the other is thinking about.


“I’m okay,” he assures the older wolf. “I just didn’t expect that your scent would be this strong.”


“Of course it is,” Yoongi smiles. “It’s my room, after all.”


“No, I mean,” Taehyung shakes his head. “It’s different. The scent of Hoseok hyung or Jungkook isn’t this strong in their rooms, but yours is really overwhelming. I guess it’s the imprinting that makes me feel like this?”


“Probably,” Yoongi nods. “Do you want to go somewhere else?”


“No, I’m good now,” the omega says flashing a small smile to the latter. “Besides, I need to talk about something personal to you and I don’t want to have any witnesses.”


“What is it?” Yoongi asks, furrowing his eyebrows.


Taehyung takes a deep breath, trying to encourage himself to do it. He knows Yoongi won’t be mad or disappointed, but Taehyung can’t help but feel nervous. “I think we should mate soon.”


The alpha isn’t sure what he should think about it. He hopes Taehyung doesn’t mean what he thinks he does. “We will mate once you tell me you’re ready,” he says, praying that Taehyung will confirm it.


“No, I mean, we should mate immediately. That is, on my birthday, or something.”


Although Taehyung tries to show Yoongi that he is sure of this decision, Yoongi can read Taehyung’s emotions. And he knows from the beginning that it isn’t exactly what Taehyung wants.


“We’re not mating because you will be of the right age finally,” he says, furrowing his eyebrows and letting out a quiet growl. Hearing it Taehyung’s eyes widen in fear and his whole body tells him that he should submit to the alpha. Once Yoongi realizes what’s going on he calms down, putting his hand on top of Taehyung’s in a comforting manner. “I don’t want you to think that if you’re an adult then you should be mated. I want you to be sure, that’s why I will wait until you tell me you want us to mate.”


“You know I will end up telling you I want this. So why should we wait?”


“Because you’re still a kid.” Taehyung wants to respond to that, saying that when December comes to the end he won’t be a kid anymore but Yoongi doesn’t let him say anything. “Becoming an adult and gaining new responsibilities is one thing. But mating is something completely different. I don’t want you to experience it in one night, you should get used to it first.”


Taehyung clenches his fists. It’s happening again, Yoongi doesn’t care about himself for sake of Taehyung. He hates it.


“But it’s unfair to you,” he whispers and when Yoongi hears it, he’s taken aback. “You have waited for so long until I finally realized what was going on. Now, you won’t mate the one you want when you want because you’re afraid I may not want it. Why are you like this? Why won’t you just do it?”


“Taehyung,” Yoongi says immediately, taking Taehyung’s hands and entwining their fingers. Taehyung feels shy when he feels the latter’s touch but he lets Yoongi hold his hands like this. “Thank you, but I don’t want you to feel obligated to mate me. I know that you will end up willing to do that but first I want you to know how it is, when you’re free. Not being tied to anyone.”


“I won’t be tied to youㅡ” Taehyung tries to deny but Yoongi shakes his head.


“I just want to wait, I want you to come to me when you’re sure, not frightened like this.”


Taehyung bites his bottom lip, feeling stupid for coming to the alpha with something like this. Yoongi sees it and he places a gentle kiss on Taehyung’s cheek, making him blush.


“I have made you wait long enough,” Taehyung says timidly. “I don’t want to be selfish anymore.”


“You’re not selfish.” Yoongi sighs, he should have known that talking to Taehyung wouldn’t be this easy. “I want you to be sure and happy when we mate, okay? Please, let me have this, let me mate with an omega that is sure he wants me.”


“I’m sureㅡ”


“You’re afraid. But I don’t blame you.” Yoongi smiles gently at Taehyung and the omega knows that no matter what he says, the latter will already know this. “You have no idea how happy I am already because I know that you’ll be mine. It doesn’t matter if it’s tomorrow or in a year, you’re going to be mine. So don’t think about what I want because I already have it, now think whether you’re ready or not.”


“But Iㅡ”


And Yoongi makes sure Taehyung won’t say anything else. He presses his lips against Taehyung’s in a gentle, innocent kiss.


At first, Taehyung is surprised and he doesn’t know how to react, but after a while he relaxes. He can feel Yoongi’s thumbs caressing the backside of his hand, as their lips are still conected together and Taehyung closes his eyes. Once Yoongi knows that Taehyung accepts it, he tries to go a little further, opening his mouth and touching Taehyung’s lips with his tongue, encouraging him to open his lips as well and Taehyung obeys.


Once he feels the lips parting, Yoongi puts his tongue inside, meeting Taehyung’s, teasing it. He feels how unsure and inexperienced Taehyung is but Yoongi doesn’t mind. Actually, he feels happy knowing that he’s Taehyung’s first.


With one hand still holding Taehyung’s, Yoongi puts the other on Taehyung’s cheek. He explores Taehyung’s cavern slowly, making sure that he will remember everything without scaring the omega. He does his best to give him pleasure and at the same time keep it as innocent as possible and when Taehyung responds back, Yoongi feels overjoyed.


Their tongues touch each other, teasing one another and Yoongi wants to deepen the kiss when suddenly he hears someone clearing their throat. Once the kissing couple realizes what’s going on, they immediately pull out. Yoongi feels uncomfortable because it’s his own room and someone has just invaded his privacy when he was with Taehyung, while the omega feels totally embarrassed, blushing madly at the thought that he has been caught.


“So Taehyung isn’t as dense as everyone has been thinking?” Jimin asks, giving them his mischievous look.


“It’s not your business, Jimin,” Yoongi says when he sees Taehyung’s expression and he feels really sorry for the younger wolf. “Leave us alone.”


“Of course.” Jimin can’t help but mock them a little. “Just remember that he’s still a kid, don’t go overboard~”


He chuckles when he leaves the room.


“Aish, this brat,” Yoongi mutters looking still at the door before turning back to Taehyung. The omega looks down at his clenched fists. Even if he doesn’t want to look at Yoongi, the other can see Taehyung’s red cheeks and swollen lips. “Tae, are you okay?”


“Yeah,” Taehyung mumbles. Yoongi furrows his eyebrows, he hates how uneasy Taehyung sounds. “I’m sorry, just Jiminㅡ”


“Don’t apologize. I’m sorry that I kissed you.”


Taehyung looks at him uncertainly. He says something incoherently, which makes Yoongi furrow his eyebrows. “What did you say?”


Taehyung blushes even more as he hides his face in his hands. Yoongi needs to lean on to understand what the omega is saying.


“But I liked the kiss.”


Yoongi just smiles, shaking his head seeing the innocence of his precious omega, as he hugs him, holding him close with Taehyung’s head on his shoulder.


He feels happy.




Even though Taehyung knows that Yoongi doesn’t want to stress him about mating, Taehyung has already made up his mind and he knows he’s not going to just give up. But he knows that Yoongi won’t let him if he thinks that Taehyung is forcing himself, that’s why he’s already planning how to make the alpha believe he really wants it and he’s not lying.


Everyone in the pack notices the change between the two members. They see how they spend more time with each other than ever, they see how Yoongi and Taehyung do almost everything to please the latter and most of the members are just staying silent, observing the feelings growing between the two members. Jimin is the only one person who instead of just watching wants to ‘help’ them a little, but Seokjin knows what he really has in this head of his, so he gives himself the honour of making sure Jimin doesn’t ruin anything. On the other hand, Namjoon is the only one who doesn’t seem to be this happy about Taehyung having a chosen mate so early.


“You must let him go finally, you know?” Hoseok says not even looking at his leader as he is playing on his phone. He knows that Namjoon is glaring at the couple on the other side of the room, whispering to each other. Namjoon is ready to kill Yoongi any moment as he sees his hand placed on Taehyung’s thigh.


Hoseok pities Taehyung.


“Yoongi and Taehyung will mate one day, no matter if you want this or not. Can’t you just accept this?” he asks, hoping that Namjoon will finally realize that he really has no saying in this matter.


“Shut up. I’m the leader, I can disagree with their mating.”


“Not in this case.”


Hoseok doesn’t care that Namjoon is throwing his death glare at him at the moment, ignoring the other alpha’s unsaid threat.


“Are you sure it’s wise to argue with me right now?” he growls. Namjoon almost never shows this side of himself, and if he does, it’s only because he thinks his pack is in danger. And Taehyung, who is his younger brother, an omega, and a member of the pack, is in danger for sure. In danger caused by Min Yoongi.


When Taehyung hears the low growl of his brother he looks in that direction, furrowing his eyebrows seeing that Namjoon is looking at Hoseok furiously while the other doesn’t even seem to care. Knowing what all of it is about, Yoongi places his hand on Taehyung’s shoulder and tries to get his attention, which works. Soon, Taehyung forgets about the other alphas in the room.


When he is sure that Taehyung doesn’t look at them anymore, Namjoon tries to calm down but it’s difficult. “Besides,” he continues, “shouldn’t you be worried about finding a mate for yourself? You’re getting old.”


“The same goes for you.” Hoseok finally gives him a meaningful look. “You’re the leader of the pack. You’re the one who is supposed to have a mate and heirs.”


“It’s not your business.”


“I’m a member of your pack. Of course it is my business.”


Namjoon is about to let out another growl but he decides otherwise. Instead he just looks at Hoseok last one time before getting up and leaving the living room, not being able to deal with it anymore.


Yoongi smiles at Taehyung once he notices Namjoon has left but he sees that instead of smiling back, Taehyung frowns. Yoongi furrows his eyebrows, looking at Taehyung and expecting he will tell him what is wrong, but the boy instead just looks at his hands.


“Tae?” he asks finally. “What’s wrong?”


Taehyung at first hesitates but when he is sure that Namjoon won’t hear him, he finally speaks up. “What’s going on with Namjoon hyung? He has been so weird lately.”


It wasn’t only lately, Yoongi thinks, but what Taehyung doesn’t know won’t hurt him.


“You shouldn’t be worried about him,” the alpha says but he knows that Taehyung isn’t able to just not think. “He still hasn’t got used to the idea of his younger brother mating so soon, especially when you’re an omega. He still doesn’t have a mate, and when Seokjin mated he was much older than you are now. He’s just worried about you.”


“But it’s you who will be my mate,” Taehyung responds confused. “I thought it was good that my mate will be from our pack. Does he want me to mate with a stranger?”


“No,” Yoongi laughs quietly. If Namjoon feels frustrated with the idea of Taehyung mating with a member of his own pack, then he has no idea how bad it would be if Taehyung were to mate someone they don’t know.


Suddenly, the thought isn’t funny anymore, as Yoongi feels his fists clenching at the mention of Taehyung possibly mating with someone else. When Taehyung sees it, he places his hand on Yoongi’s. It’s something that Yoongi does each time when Taehyung feels worried.


“He’s just your older brother,” Yoongi says, squeezing Taehyung’s hand. “Of course he’s worried about you.”


“He shouldn’t be.” Taehyung says, smiling with this infamous rectangle smile. “I’m happy it’s you who will be my mate.”

Chapter Text

Yoongi is worried. He loves Taehyung and he doesn’t want to hurt him, yet with each passing day he knows he can’t trust himself. Once he realizes it’s his inner wolf that demands he and Taehyung should mate even when he's in his human form, he is afraid to think of what may happen when he’s in his wolf form. Will he be a danger for Taehyung?


Yoongi never really liked going to others with his problems but he knows that he really has no other option this time. If it’s about Taehyung, he needs to know.


Seokjin is surprised when Yoongi asks him to talk to him about something important. He’s even more surprised when Yoongi begs him to keep this a secret. The alpha knows there’s no other person he can talk to. Seokjin is Taehyung’s brother, so he and Namjoon know him the best, has better temperament than the leader and isn’t going to kill Yoongi every time when something goes wrong and, most important, he experienced imprinting as well.


“What is it?” Seokjin asks, once they both are sitting comfortably on the couch in their nursing room. With Jungkook at school and Jimin taking a nap they know they won’t be disturbed here.


“Something is wrong with me,” Yoongi says bluntly. He doesn’t wait for Seokjin to respond as he continues. “I have no idea what’s going on. I love Taehyung, I really do and I know it, I would never do anything to harm him. But sometimes I have this weird feeling, as if Iㅡ”


He stops finally, not sure if he should continue but Seokjin just nods, encouraging him to say what is wrong.


“It’s like, my inner wolf doesn’t want to wait. It’s impatient and wants to mate with Taehyung even now. I have this weird dreams and sometimes I can’t even stop my thoughts, I have no idea what is happening.”


He isn't sure what he should expect from Seokjin. Maybe he thought that Seokjin would know about it, would show understanding or anything like this, but when he sees the beta nodding with a sad yet knowing smile, he’s dumbfounded, even after having expected that. Maybe that’s the way Seokjin should react but Yoongi still feels shocked. Because Seokjin doesn’t want to kill him, and maybe that’s what Yoongi has expected even more.


“To be honest, I’m surprised you’ve been able to last for so long.”


Yoongi feels even more stupid.


“You and Taehyung have been imprinted for many months. It would be probably better if you were separated, because your bond would gain strength and your inner wolf would be able to wait then. But because you live together, see each other, smell each other every day, it’s hard to control this. And with Taehyung still being a pup, too young to mate…”


“Wait.” Yoongi frowns when he hears this. “You mean that I was supposed to feel this way?”


Seokjin just nods and Yoongi feels angry out of a sudden.


“Why didn’t you tell me?” he asks angrily and Seokjin sighs, it’s not like he wanted to keep it a secret. “I was afraidㅡ”


“Because if you knew, you would do anything to stop this,” Seokjin says calmly in spite of the wrath of the alpha in front of him. “An imprinted wolf is supposed to feel it, especially an alpha. I couldn’t tell you what imprinting brings, anything that happens is necessary for you.”


“Why me having perverted thoughts about my soon to be mate is so necessary?” Yoongi still isn't any less angry and he doesn't care what he has just admitted.


“Because you can sense that at some point, your thoughts begin to be dangerous,” Seokjin says and Yoongi can’t understand why he’s smiling in this situation. “And when you do, you want to protect him, even from yourself. You’re afraid of hurting him and you realize you would do anything to make sure nothing bad happens.”


Although the words sound strange, having some kind of message, Yoongi still isn’t sure. “What do you mean now?”


“I knew you would come to anyone, asking for help if you thought it was too much. But in reality you don’t need it.”


“Can’t you speak clearer?”


Seokjin just sighs. “Your inner wolf is doing different things, it’s being strange and you feel frustrated with it. In reality, it just feels uncomfortable with the imprinting. For wolves it’s natural to be mated, if they’re not, they can still feel free. But when you’re imprinted, the wolf can’t be calm until it finally has the mate it wants. And when the inner wolf mates with the other, then the bond gains unusual strength.”


“Is it the reason,” Yoongi asks, not quite sure but he has the feeling he finally starts to understand, “why everyone says that mates that were imprinted on each other have stronger bond than these ones who mated because of their choice?”


“Yes.” Seokjin nods, knowing that he doesn’t need to say much more. Yoongi will figure everything out on his own. “But I need to warn you. You can’t think that what you and Taehyung have isn’t love. It is, don’t worry. Many wolves think that when they’re imprinted it’s either fate or whatever you call it, but in reality it’s more like falling in love.”




“Because you can’t be imprinted on a wolf you have never met. When you’re imprinted it means that you’ll love the wolf you’ve chosen more than anyone or anything else. Those who think it’s not love cause only harm for themselves and their mates.”


Yoongi takes a while to think about what he has heard. Now finally he understands everything what he has been experiencing for the last weeks. He smiles at Seokjin, thankful for all the explanation, as he knows that now everything may be much easier for him and Taehyung. “Thank you.”


“You’re welcome.”




With only one week before his birthday, Taehyung already knows what he wants. He knows what Yoongi thinks about it but he doesn’t care; he’s more than willing to convince him and show the alpha that he won’t regret. How could he, if such an amazing person is going to be his?


But Yoongi of course doesn’t want to listen.


(“We still have time, there’s no need to hurry.”


Taehyung doesn’t know when he has started to despise these words. Even if Yoongi is the one who uses the sweet and gentle tone to tell him this, he still doesn’t like them. If only Yoongi agreed to listen to him once at least.


“It’s not hurrying. I want this, please.”


But Yoongi isn’t going to acknowledge that Taehyung may really want this.


“Let’s wait.”)


Yoongi never listens. But Taehyung knows more than anyone would expect; he knows what effect he has on the alpha. He knows that with each passing day Yoongi wants to mate with him more and more and Taehyung would be actually more than happy to give him this. That’s why he decides to make sure it happens on his own.


Sometimes, he is grateful for friends like these.


“Yoongi and I are going to mate on my birthday.”




When Yoongi hears the news, to say that he is angry is an understatement. He is furious, he’s furious at Taehyung for doing this, he’s furious at his pack members for accepting it and helping the omega, and mostly he’s furious at himself because all he wants is to protect the younger wolf and yet, he wasn’t even able to make him reconsider his decision.


This stupid boy.


“Can you tell me what the fuck that was?” is the first thing he asks when he sees Taehyung after hearing what the latter has told his pack members. He doesn’t care he’s standing in the doorframe in the omega’s room and anyone can hear them arguing, he’s too distracted to pay any attention.


Taehyung at first is confused, he didn’t know Yoongi would be this mad. He, as a  human, is slightly scared, as he hates it when others yell at him; his inner wolf on the other hand is petrified. Everything about Yoongi makes him want to submit, show him that Taehyung is his and he won’t disobey anymore, and Taehyung fights with himself so he won’t submit.


Not now, when he needs to talk to Yoongi, not just be submissive to him and let the alpha destroy his plan to fulfil Yoongi’s wish.


“Please, hyungㅡ”


“Mating? In a fucking week? Are you insane, Kim Taehyung?!”


“Hyung, let me explain,” Taehyung says and his voice wavers a little. He never wanted Yoongi to be mad at him and yet, it seems to be impossible for Yoongi to control his emotions. But once the older wolf senses the fear of the latter, he calms down immediately, the instinct to protect Taehyung is stronger than anything else.


One look from Yoongi and Taehyung knows it’s his chance.


“I want to mate,” he says confidently. Before Yoongi can say anything, Taehyung continues. “I’m serious. I have been thinking about it, I really have, and I know that my answer won’t change. I don’t want to wait, I don’t care I’m this young, because I already know what I want.”


It’s the first time when he speaks like this. He’s confident, he knows what he wants, and he is not afraid to show it to anyone, not even Yoongi. The alpha can sense that if he disagreed, instead of giving up Taehyung would fight for it even more.


“Please, hyung. Let us mate when my birthday comes. I swear I won’t regret it, instead I will be happier than ever because you will be finallymine.”


Yoongi sighs, not being able to believe his own ears.


This idiot.


“Okay.” Taehyung looks at Yoongi with shock and happiness at the same time, not sure completely if what Yoongi has said is true. He feels excitement in his heart. “But.” It drops suddenly and Taehyung has the feeling that it’s not going to be as easy as he hoped. “If I decide now, after talking to you, that you’re not ready to mate, we’re not mating. Is it clear?”


“Not ready to mate?” Taehyung repeats, dumbfounded. “Why wouldn’t I be ready?”


“That’s what I want to tell you. Can I come in first, though? I don’t think you want others to hear what I’m about to talk to you about.”




“Do you know what mating is?”


Taehyung is dumbfounded when he hears the question. Yoongi would never even think about asking him this but after he realized that the omega hasn’t even known what imprinting is, he prefers to be sure.


Because he hasn’t expected to be asked about this, Taehyung doesn’t exactly know what to respond immediately, so Yoongi decides to help him.


“Of course, there is the ceremony. Each ceremony is different, it depends on a lot of things: gender, type, whether the mates are imprinted or not, but the main reason of the difference is the pack. Every pack has its own ceremony of mating.”


Taehyung nods, he has known about it already.


“But it’s only a ceremony. The real mating looks totally different. It’s private, intimate,” Taehyung blushes slightly when he hears it but Yoongi tries to ignore it, “so they are left on their own.”


The omega wonders, was his room always so hot?


“First is claiming. It’s biting each other, marking the mate, and it may be either during the ceremony or when the two wolves are about to mate. After then comes the last thing, a very important one in the process.”


Yoongi takes a deep breath. Taehyung doesn’t know why Yoongi seems to be uncomfortable, especially if he rarely even looks like this. Usually he doesn’t give a shit about what’s happening so Taehyung wonders, what’s different now.


The alpha looks at Taehyung calmly with concern before he continues. “Taehyung, I hope that you’re aware that the actual mating means having sexual intercourse?”


No. Taehyung doesn’t know. He has thought it may be something like this, but he has never thought it would be exactly sex.


Yoongi looks troubled, more than ever. “I’m sorry, you do need to know about it before we mate. I didn’t want to be the one to tell you because I am the person who you should do this with, but I knew that no one else would. I’m sorry.”


Taehyung remains silent, as if not even paying attention to what Yoongi has said, making the older wolf sigh quietly. He places his hand on top of Taehyung’s.


“It’s okay if you’re not ready. I fully understand it so please, if you’re not sure about it, let’s justㅡ”


“I am ready.”


Yoongi blinks. Taehyung looks at him, staring straight into his eyes and he really doesn’t seem to be uncertain of anything.


“Taehyung, it’sㅡ”


“I must admit, it’s not exactly what I have known but I have expected something similar to this. I’m not this surprised, to be honest,” Taehyung continues, his eyes never leaving Yoongi's. “But even if I know now, I don’t feel scared or unsure. I want to be yours and I want you to be mine, in every possible way. I want it soon, I want it even now but we both know we can’t.”


“I need to be sure that you want it. I don’t want to force you.”


This time, it’s Taehyung who closes the distance between them, capturing Yoongi’s lips in a gentle kiss. He rests his hands on Yoongi’s shoulders while the alpha’s ones subconsciously find their way to Taehyung’s waist. Yoongi has almost forgotten about the whole deal, as he suddenly can think only about Taehyung’s lips. So tasty. So soft. He wants more.


Yoongi bites Taehyung’s bottom lip gently and the omega opens his mouth, letting out a soft moan. He doesn’t know what’s going on but it’s so nice, even nicer than when they kissed for the first time, and Taehyung loves this.


When they separate, they’re both panting. Even if the kiss wasn’t intensive, it was much longer than they could expect, too lost in each other, as they still cling to each other.


Taehyung smiles at Yoongi once he knows that Yoongi has got his message. “I want this, hyung. I swear.”


And Yoongi knows he can’t push Taehyung away anymore.




“No fucking way!”


Taehyung flinches when Namjoon’s fist makes contact with the wooden surface of the table but Yoongi remains calm, not affected by his leader’s outburst even the slightest. The thought of having Taehyung forever makes him even more certain and nothing, not even the lead alpha’s wrath is able to make him give up.


“You fucking knew about it? All of you?!” Namjoon shouts angrily, looking at all of the members of his pack. “And never have you thought about telling me this?!”


Hoseok stays silent. His expression doesn’t show anything but everyone knows that he doesn’t really care what Namjoon is saying. He, and every other member of the pack, knows that if Taehyung and Yoongi have decided they are going to mate, then they will mate. And nothing will stop them. Not even a leader. Not even Taehyung’s brother.


Seokjin is also silent but he has a gentle smile on his lips because he knows Namjoon. Even if he doesn’t want to accept it, he will. He just needs to yell a little for a while to let his emotions out and then he will give Taehyung his blessing and Yoongi a threat of hell if he fucks up. But still, Taehyung and Yoongi will mate.


The other two, Jimin and Jungkook are startled when they hear their leader’s harsh words. Jimin, who hasn’t been feeling well for the whole day, as he senses anger of such a strong alpha like Namjoon, is afraid and only Seokjin’s arms are able to give him comfort and keep his fear away. Jungkook on the other hand is the youngest and he was never used to his pack members arguing, so it’s understandable that he feels stressed in this situation.


When no one says anything, the situation seems to be even more stressful, until finally Seokjin decides to speak up. “So, we’re going to get ready for the ceremony.”


Namjoon wants nothing more than to kill his brother. He looks at the beta with disbelief in his eyes, as if the oldest member of the pack has just said something ridiculous. “You’re not serious.”


“Of course I am.” Seokjin shrugs, sending a warm smile to his youngest brother. “Yoongi and Taehyung are imprinted. If they want to mate so soon, and they’re sure about it, the best we can do for them is to support their decision. You know we can’t forbid mating when it comes to imprinted wolves.”


“Seokjin,” Namjoon growls, his voice low and his face dark. The fact that he used the latter’s name doesn’t go unnoticed but Seokjin ignores it. “Taehyung is too young. They aren’t mating.”


“Yes, they are.” Hoseok interrupts his leader. “They’re not mating now of course. They are in a week, on Taehyung’s birthday. That’s what they want.”




“There’s no way for us to stop them and everyone knows that.” Namjoon has never felt this betrayed in his whole life. Seokjin continues, still holding Jimin close to him. “Since Jimin and I are already mated and had our ceremony, we will be the ones responsible for arranging it. We will make sure that everyone is ready when the time comes,” he finishes flashing a gentle smile to the young couple.


Taehyung grins widely, feeling extremely grateful to him while Yoongi only smirks. He takes Taehyung’s hand and entwines their fingers, making Taehyung blush slightly as he squeezes Yoongi’s hand. The alpha squeezes back and seeing this, Namjoon is ready to rip his head off. He’s about to part the couple when Seokjin looks at him again.


“And Namjoon will behave. Won’t he?”


Sometimes Namjoon hates Seokjin.


When the meeting is finished and everyone heads wherever they want to, mainly to their own bedrooms, Namjoon suddenly grabs Yoongi’s forearm before the alpha is able to leave with Taehyung.


“You’re dead,” he says so only Yoongi will hear it. When he leaves, Taehyung looks at the other wolf with worried expression.


“What did he say?”


Yoongi chuckles. He knows that even if Namjoon won’t admit it, he’s about to agree with their mating; it’s just his own pride as the leader and Taehyung’s brother that forbids him to be easy with him.


“Nothing,” he says before kissing Taehyung’s nose, which makes the other grimace. “He’ll be okay.”




Later, the same evening, Seokjin comes to Taehyung. The omega is surprised seeing his brother but he doesn’t say anything, letting Seokjin do whatever he wants to. He knows that it’s probably serious if Seokjin doesn’t want to wait till the next day.


“When is your next heat?”


Taehyung’s totally surprised. “In a month or later. Why?”


“Once you mate, you will need to spend your each heat with Yoongi. If you are alone at this time, it’s going to be even worse than it already is, when you’re still unmated,” Seokjin starts explaining and Taehyung nods his head. “But you know that spending heat with a mate without protection leads to pregnancy, right?”


Taehyung pales hearing it. Mating is one thing, and even if it’s already a lot, Taehyung can deal with it, but talking about pregnancy is too much for him.


“Hyung, Iㅡ”


“You don’t want to be pregnant just now because it’s too big of a responsibility and I understand it, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about. I will give you birth control but it will only work if you start taking it a week before your heat or earlier so make sure you won’t miss it. Alright?”


Taehyung nods. Seokjin just smiles at him, patting his head. “That’s all I wanted. Don’t think about it, I will take care of it. Now you can focus only on your mating.”


Somehow, talking to Seokjin about things related to his future mating isn’t this comfortable for Taehyung as he still blushes at the mere thought of it.






With the days passing by and Taehyung’s birthday approaching, everyone in the pack is busy with the preparation for the upcoming mating ceremony. They want it to be perfect. Even Namjoon, who has always been against it, and even now refuses to admit that he’s actually partly afraid, but also partly happy for his brother, is doing his best so everything will be alright and the day will be impossible to forget.


Seokjin is responsible for the general preparing, and also for cooking with Jimin’s help. Hoseok and Jungkook are responsible for the decorations, while Namjoon needs to make sure that he won’t make a fool out of himself as he tries to memorize everything that he needs to during the ceremony as the leader.


(“You remember how he forgot his line and told me, I quote, ‘not to fuck up’?” Seokjin asks when he and the three other wolves are preparing the tables in their living room. The mention of the incident earns laughter of almost every wolf that’s present in the room. Almost, because Namjoon is also there, studying his parts hard.


When the leader hears it, he can’t help but blush in embarrassment. “I was just stressed!” he says, trying to defend himself.


“I know but we will always remember it.”


Sometimes, family is cruel.)


The only two missing wolves, the ones who are the most important in the upcoming event, aren’t allowed to take part in the preparing. Even if they wanted to, the other members told them to just rest before the day comes, and even if Taehyung tried to change their minds using his whining, they still managed to get rid of him.


So here he is, together with Yoongi, sitting on his bed in his room. Yoongi’s arms are wrapped around his waist while Taehyung sits on his lap, almost like a baby, with his head pressed against Yoongi’s shoulder.


Once, the silence filling the room would be unbearable, but now they’re used to it. It’s comforting and both of them love it, because it only shows that only their presence is enough for the latter. They don’t need words.


“Hyung?” Taehyung finally speaks up, breaking the silence for the first time in several minutes and Yoongi only hums in response.


When Taehyung still doesn’t continue, Yoongi looks down at him. “What is it?”


Taehyung seems nervous. “It’s tomorrow.”


He looks at his own hands with a frown on his face and Yoongi furrows his eyebrows. It almost looks as if Taehyung was burdened, or even worse, as if he wasn’t convinced about the whole mating thing. Yoongi tightens his grip on the latter, leaving a small peck on his forehead.


“What is wrong, Tae?”


“Nothing is wrong, I’m justㅡ” he stops, not sure if he should say this, but with Yoongi’s worried look Taehyung knows he can’t keep any secrets from the latter. “I’m afraid.”


“You don’t want to mate?”


Although Yoongi has been telling Taehyung it’s alright if Taehyung wants to wait, the sudden thought that it’s really the case makes Yoongi’s heart clench painfully.


Taehyung looks at Yoongi with surprised expression, as if he knew how Yoongi is feeling. “What? No! No, it’s not that, I do want to mate with you!”


“Then what is wrong?”


Taehyung lets out a sigh. He doesn’t really like using words when he describes emotions but he guesses there’s no other way. “I’m scared that I’m going to fuck this up. That I will do something wrong tomorrow, either during the ceremony or when we are going to mate or I just don’t know, I want it to be perfect. But I’m afraid it won’t be, I don’tㅡ”


“You don’t?” Yoongi asks, hoping that Taehyung will finish.


“I… I don’t want to disappoint you.”


Yoongi just smiles at the latter. He knows that Taehyung wants to be good just too much but he wonders if there will be finally time when Taehyung realizes, he doesn’t need to. He’s already perfect.


“Don’t worry,” he says. “I know everything will be alright.”




“I don’t care if something stupid happens tomorrow.” Yoongi tells him. “Tomorrow, we will finally be together, and remain like this forever. That’s what really counts. So don’t worry that something may not go the way you want it to, because no matter what happens, we’ll be together.”


Taehyung nods, relaxing in Yoongi’s arms. “I think you’re right.”


“Of course I am.”






Finally, the day comes.


30th December 2016


Taehyung’s birthday.


The day when Taehyung and Yoongi finally mate.


No one can really say that they’re actually calm about it. Yoongi is nervous, because he wants Taehyung to be happy. Even if he told him the previous night that whatever happened, it would be alright, he still wants Taehyung to be happy, he wants this day to be memorable for the omega.


His omega.


Taehyung, on the other hand, is a mess. He looks great, Jimin personally made sure he would, but he can’t help bad thoughts invading his mind.


What if he faints?


What if he forgets his line, like Namjoon did the last time?


What if he has diarrhea?


What ifㅡ


“Taehyung, are you okay?”


He looks at Jimin, who’s standing right beside him, making sure that Taehyung won’t freak out. The ceremony starts in fifteen minutes, in ten they need to leave. So if anything happens now, it needs to be fixed in this time.


“Jimin,” he says and the pregnant wolf is worried when he sees Taehyung’s pale face. “I don’t think I can do it.”


“Hey, easy,” Jimin says, helping Taehyung sit down. “It’s okay, nothing wrong will happen. Remember that we’re here for you, Yoongi hyung will help you if you need it, just don’t stress, okay? It’s going to be alright.”


“But what if I fuck up? What if I hiccup and everyone will laugh at me andㅡ”


“You will if you keep thinking about it,” Jimin says exasperated already. He’s done quite great job trying to control his mood swings but he’s fed up already with Taehyung’s panic. “Stop thinking about it and it will be alright. I promise.”


Taehyung bites his lips in worry. “Hyung, I’m scared.”


Jimin’s look softens as he caresses Taehyung’s hair, carefully so he won’t ruin his hard work. “Don’t worry. I’m here for you, everything will be alright.”


The younger omega just nods. Jimin is with him, Seokjin and Namjoon as well. Hoseok and Jungkook will help him if something happens and Yoongi will be there for him, support him. He has nothing to be stressed about.


The door to Taehyung’s room opens and Jungkook comes in with a wide grin on his face. “Come on, everyone’s waiting!”




Firstly, Yoongi and Taehyung are sitting together, while leader speaks, telling about the importance of mating and what it really means for both of them, using formal style and beautiful words. When Taehyung listens to it, he suddenly hears someone saying from the back, probably Hoseok, that it was Seokjin who has actually written everything that Namjoon is saying.


Taehyung and Yoongi share their hopes and expectations, as well as showing their trust to each other when Namjoon is finished, trying to voice their thoughts as best as they can. With that, the first part is finished. The second one is eating and drinking, as if everything was finished already. Except, it’s only beginning.


They spend two hours on it, Taehyung and Yoongi holding hands under the table. They are happy, knowing that they finally get to be together, as they listen to different stories of the pack. At one point, when Seokjin drinks a little too much soju, he starts explaining to the couple everything they need to know about having a mate.


Taehyung looks already petrified and when Seokjin is about to start talking about his sex life, Yoongi is afraid that the younger will faint. That’s why he stops the beta, trying to take Taehyung’s whole attention. And he succeeds.


The third part is claiming. Taehyung and Yoongi decided that they wanted the whole pack to witness it, so they gather in the wood. The five members shift and sit together in a circle that’s big enough for two others, and they will still have space. Yoongi shifts as the sixth one but doesn’t join the others yet, first he waits for Taehyung.


When Taehyung is about to shift, he takes a deep breath. It’s the first time he’s going to shift when he’s of age so it’s going to be different. But he has no idea how it will be. He looks at Yoongi, his expression shows that he’s afraid but Yoongi just looks at him calmly and Taehyung knows he has nothing to be afraid of.


When he’s stripped of his clothes, he lies on the ground and focuses on the process. The beginning is familiar: the warmth spreads through his whole body and Taehyung can’t help but be afraid that it’s also going to be painful. He squeezes his eyes, hoping that it’s going to end soon.


But he doesn’t expect what’s happening next.


It feels as if he’s flying. He doesn’t feel the ground at all but he’s not afraid. The warmth is still there, but it brings comfort and Taehyung feels blissful. There’s the sweet scent filling his nostrils, a warm, gentle breeze teasing his skin, and although his eyes are closed he knows he’s surrounded by light, even if it’s the middle of the night.


When it finishes, definitely too quickly for Taehyung’s liking, the omega opens his eyes in puzzlement. When he stands up he realizes he’s in his wolf form and he isn’t tired, he doesn’t need time to gain his strength back.


He looks at Yoongi, showing him his bewilderment and Yoongi just nods, showing the omega that he understands what he feels.


Let’s go.


Taehyung has shifted too little times to get used to the mind reading but Yoongi’s voice in his head is even more calming now. He nods, before they head towards their pack.


When Taehyung sees them, he can’t help but look at the youngest member. The grey furred wolf seems to be exhausted and the omega feels bad for him; even if Jungkook is a beta and the shifting before being of age has not such a bad effect as it has on omegas, Taehyung knows that it’s also painful. When he sees that the older is looking at him, Jungkook just looks at him brightly, in spite of his exhaustion, reassuring Taehyung that he’s alright.


Taehyung follows Yoongi, who stops only when both of them are in the middle of the circle. He looks at Namjoon, as if asking for permission, and Namjoon nods. When he sees it, he looks at Taehyung’s happy eyes for the last time, before shifting his gaze to the spot on Taehyung’s nape. He nuzzles and licks it, trying to make Taehyung relax, and once he knows the omega is calm and comfortable, he bites.


Taehyung can’t help but let out loud whimpers of pain.


Yoongi hates it when he hears Taehyung’s suffering but he knows it needs to be done. They can’t be mates if they don’t claim each other, so he continues.


Taehyung thinks he’s going to die. His nape feels as if it was in fire, the burning caused by Yoongi’s teeth is almost unbearable. It’s a torture, as he can feel his skin breaking, his tissues, muscles being ripped apart, and he thinks he’s going to have his neck broken. He tries to howl but he can’t, fat tears escaping his eyes, as he forgets that he’s being claimed by Yoongi; it feels more like being killed.


Suddenly, it stops. Only when there’s the numb sensation in his neck does Taehyung realize he’s lying on the ground, exhausted with the pain, and Yoongi is licking the place he bit, stopping the bleeding. He pants heavily, feeling exhausted, but Taehyung is happy because the torture is finished. Once Yoongi is done, he looks at the omega, wanting to apologize but Taehyung only nods. It had to be done.


He stands up on his wobbly legs, with a small support of Yoongi. He prepares himself for a while before doing the same thing that Yoongi has done: nuzzling, licking, biting.


When Taehyung’s teeth sink into Yoongi’s flesh he can hear a quiet growl escaping the alpha’s mouth. It’s normal, it’s an alpha’s reaction to pain, and when Taehyung hears it his submissive wolf tells him to stop hurting an alpha but he doesn’t listen. He bites harder, wanting to claim Yoongi as his.


Yoongi growls again, a little louder, and Taehyung is about to give up. But he bites even harder, trying not to listen. He doesn’t know when he should stop but something tells him, it’s still too early. So he waits.


And finally, there’s something. He has the feeling of something new that he has with Yoongi. A new bond. Once he feels it, Taehyung releases Yoongi’s nape. Although he has never experienced it and he has never asked, he is sure that’s it. He has claimed Yoongi now. Now, he starts licking the blood of his soon to be mate.


When Yoongi calms down, and the pain decreases, he stands up. He looks at Taehyung for a while before shifting his gaze to the moon and letting out a loud, long howl. When Taehyung hears it, he has the feeling that he should follow and he does, joining Yoongi in howling to the moon. Soon, there are no two, but seven howls can be heard in the wood, informing about a newly created bond.




“We have a surprise for you.”


Yoongi has his arm wrapped around Taehyung’s waist, his hand resting on the younger wolf’s hip as he holds the boy (who's now an adult) close, not letting go. Taehyung likes the subtle way in which Yoongi shows that Taehyung is his, as they both follow Seokjin.


The house has three parts. The first one is the living part, where they eat and spend their free time together. The second is where they sleep. The third part is with separate rooms, where unmated omegas could spend their heat or alphas their ruts without disturbing others. Of course, Namjoon made sure that it's save that even if there's an omega or an alpha in the house, they still won't be affected, as he secured it. For the previous year Taehyung was the only one who was using one of the rooms for omegas and now, no one will.


“The scent of mating is very strong, so you will spend the next days here,” Seokjin says, leading the couple to the right room.


“Is there a reason why we're in omegas’ part?” Taehyung asks surprised. He tries to think about anything now but the mating he's going to go through soon.


“Two reasons. The both parts keep their scent still, of omegas’ heats and alphas’ ruts. Although it's uncomfortable for Yoongi right now to be here, it's still better than what you would feel if you were in the other part now.”


When he hears it, Taehyung looks at Yoongi in surprise only to see him biting his bottom lip. He really is uncomfortable and Taehyung places his hand atop of Yoongi’s and squeezes it gently. It seems to work, as Yoongi sighs and relaxes soon.


“Besides,” Seokjin continues, trying not to smile at the couple. “Hoseok will have his rut soon so we don't want him to be anywhere near the place where two other wolves have mated.”


He stops suddenly in front of a door and Yoongi and Taehyung do the same.


“It's here. Don't worry about anything, we have made sure that there would be nothing lacking but if you want something just tell me, I'll come here tomorrow.” Taehyung nods. He feels thankful that his brother is the one who helped them with all of it. “Now, I have my own mate to take care of. Have fun~”


The omega blushes hearing it. Seokjin just laughs while Yoongi kisses Taehyung’s temple.


“Come on. We have as much time as we want now.”


When the omega nods, Yoongi takes his hand and leads him to the room.


Taehyung has never been in this one room, not even during his heats, but something tells him it’s not how it always used to be. The first thing that comes to Taehyung’s mind when he sees it is romantic. He’s sure that Jimin was the one who decided how it would look like, with all the roses and candles in the room. There’s the sweet scent filling the space, the only source of the light are the burning candles. The only part of furniture here is a big bed, surely too big for one omega. There are two doors, a wooden one that Yoongi has the feeling leads to bathroom, and the glass one, leading to the backyard.


When the alpha looks at Taehyung, he sees his bewildered expression. He can’t help but chuckle as he takes Taehyung’s hand in his. “You like it?”


“I love it.”


He has this stupid expression, as if he didn’t know what is going on, too lost in his own world. Yoongi doesn’t dare to interrupt Taehyung’s thinking, as he leads him to the bed and sits him down. But when the omega feels he’s sitting on the soft mattress, he immediately snaps out of it and looks at Yoongi with his wide eyes. For the first time, Yoongi doesn’t know what it means and he looks back at his omega with furrowed eyebrows, hoping he’ll hear explanation soon.


“Hyung, it’s… w-we’re going to do it now, right?”


“Yes.” Yoongi nods, still eyeing Taehyung carefully. The omega doesn’t seem to be happy and he hopes that the younger wolf doesn’t have second thoughts now. “Tae, if you don’t want to we can alwaysㅡ”


“No, it’s okay,” Taehyung shakes his head as he makes sure that Yoongi knows he’s not hesitating. “It’s just new for me and I… I’m sorry, just, I’m not exactly sure what to expect andㅡ”


Yoongi smiles as he hears it, happy that Taehyung still wants to do it. He kisses the latter, not letting him continue, and Taehyung isn’t even mad for interrupting him when he feels the soft lips against his. He responds to the kiss immediately, holding Yoongi’s face in his hands.


At first, it’s like the previous ones. Gentle, loving, caring and slow. Taehyung puts his hand in Yoongi’s hair, holding the strands between his fingers as the alpha deepens the kiss. He’s still gentle with Taehyung, he’s still slow, but the kiss gets more passionate. Yoongi bites Taehyung’s lower lip before sucking it, making Taehyung sigh at it. The omega loves it but there is something telling him to do more, and he doesn’t want to wait.


Yoongi seems to read his thoughts as he slowly gets rid of their clothes, caressing Taehyung’s body all the time, trying to make sure that Taehyung will stay calm and won’t get frightened with any sudden gestures. The omega doesn’t notice it when they’re finally fully naked, all he cares about is Yoongi holding him, kissing him.


When Yoongi finally leaves Taehyung’s lips to look at him with tenderness in his eyes, Taehyung feels suddenly so exposed. He’s shy seeing how the alpha looks at him and only then does he realize that there’s nothing covering his body. He crosses his legs and tries to cover himself with his hands, making Yoongi only shake his head with a chuckle.


“No,” he says, grabbing Taehyung’s wrist gently. It’s not enough to restrain the omega and if Taehyung wanted to break free he easily would, but it’s enough as a question for Taehyung not to cover his body. “Don’t hide, please. I want to see you.”


Taehyung obeys. Although he is still self conscious, he doesn’t want to disappoint Yoongi. When the alpha sees that Taehyung listens to him, he kisses his lips once again, placing his hands on Taehyung’s hips and drawing calm circles on the skin.


“You’re beautiful.”


Taehyung sighs when Yoongi starts kissing his neck and shoulders, going lower, tracing wet kisses on the omega’s chest, moving until he reaches his belly button and then, finally, his private area. He squirms and whimpers silently every time Yoongi finds his another weak spot and Yoongi can’t help but smile. He loves the way Taehyung responds to his touches, he loves how he can learn the younger wolf’s body. It fascinates him.


Once he finally reaches Taehyung’s manhood, he gives it one lick. Taehyung arches his back, ready to cry in excitement, before Yoongi kisses the head of the omega’s penis. He takes it slowly into his mouth, at first only the top of it, and then trying to get more and more. Soon, the whole of it is inside his cavern, and Taehyung is already red on his face with tears falling from his eyes as he feels the overwhelming pleasure.


“H-hyung,” he calls the other wolf weakly and Yoongi sucks on his manhood hard in response. Taehyung covers his mouth with his hand, embarrassed to make any sounds. Seeing it, Yoongi grabs his hand, showing him that he shouldn’t be ashamed of it.


Yoongi pulls his head back, almost letting go of Taehyung’s penis, before taking it again, sucking on it, making sure that Taehyung gets as much pleasure as he’s able to give the omega. Taehyung’s hands find their way on Yoongi’s head, tugging on his hair. He doesn’t notice at first as he moves his hips, trying to shove his member further, but once he realizes he freezes. He takes his hands off before looking down at the alpha in fear.


“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean toㅡ”


Yoongi lets go of Taehyung’s member before kissing his lips. “Don’t worry, it’s okay.”


Both of them are fully hard already and when Yoongi looks at the omega, he knows he won’t be able to last for long. He turns Taehyung gently and the omega is puzzled at first, but decides not to question it, letting Yoongi do whatever he wants to.


The alpha kisses Taehyung’s spine, his shoulders, massages his hips and buttocks, giving the other pleasure. But what Taehyung doesn’t expect is to feel something small and wet on his bottom, making its way inside him.


He bites his lips but it doesn’t stop him from moaning loudly when he feels the intrusion. He looks at the wolf behind him, only to see Yoongi’s face is buried in his butt.


Yoongi makes sure that Taehyung will be satisfied. He licks the walls inside the other, sticking his tongue further inside, and Taehyung wants to cry because it’s so good but at the same time, it’s just too little to make him release. He pants heavily, feeling already tired, but he knows there will be more to come soon. He’s just worried that if Yoongi decides to prolong it, he will pass out before they finish.


“Stop,” he chokes. He hasn’t even noticed that from all this pleasure he started to cry. Neither did Yoongi, who pulls out immediately when he hears in what state the omega is, looking at the latter in fear.


“Taehyung?!” he asks, frightened. He turns Taehyung again so the omega is lying on his back, tears glistening in his eyes as Yoongi places gentle kisses on his face. “I’m sorry, did I do something you didn’t want me to? Are you alright? Iㅡ”


Taehyung pushes Yoongi’s chest slightly, so he can look at the latter’s face. “No, I’m okay, just… If you continue doing this, I won’tㅡ”


He doesn’t finish, suddenly too shy for it and Yoongi frowns. “You won’t what? Tell me, please.”


Sometimes Taehyung regrets that Yoongi doesn’t read his mind because it would be so much easier. When he finishes he can feel his cheeks burning. “I won’t last.”


At first Yoongi looks at him surprised but then he just smiles before kissing Taehyung again. The omega is sure that he’s already addicted to the older one’s lips.


Yoongi hopes the kiss will be a good distraction for Taehyung from what he’s about to do. He massages the younger’s body, making sure to be gentle and to relax him, before his hands move to the omega’s rim. He draws small circles there and he can feel the other’s hole twitching already. He knows Taehyung is excited and wants to be taken, but Yoongi isn’t going to do it absentmindedly without preparing him well first.


Yoongi holds him close when he’s about to prepare the omega. When he puts the first finger inside, he’s slow and tender, yet he can feel Taehyung stiffens, but then he relaxes. Yoongi makes sure he spends a lot of time using only one finger, moving it and bending, until Taehyung lets out sighs of pleasure. He does the same with the second finger and when he shoves the third one inside, careful as always, he hears quiet whimper escaping the omega’s lips.


“Tae?” he asks, worried, seeing that Taehyung squeezes his eyes. “Do you want me to stop?”


Taehyung lets out a shaky breath before responding. “No, just… let me get used to it first.”


Yoongi does. The last thing he wants is to see Taehyung forcing himself. He keeps his three digits inside, not daring to move them even the slightest unless Taehyung gives him a sign. When the omega does, he starts stretching him carefully and doesn’t stop even when Taehyung lets out moans. Only when Taehyung finally asks him to take him, he pulls out.


Taehyung lies on his back, his legs opened, giving Yoongi his permission to take him. Yoongi sits down between the omega’s thighs, positioning himself in front of the latter’s entrance. He puts his hands under Taehyung’s cheeks, lifting his bottom slightly, before entering him. Although he takes his time, Taehyung can’t help but hiss at the slight burn caused by Yoongi’s large manhood, but he doesn’t stop him.


Once Yoongi is fully inside, he leans on, almost lying on Taehyung, as he kisses the younger wolf’s face, trying to make him feel better. When after a minute Taehyung gives him a sign to move, Yoongi does.


They both moan when Yoongi moves for the first time. They’re slow, only getting to know how it works, but almost immediately they feel electrifying pleasure. Each of Taehyung’s moans is more and more encouraging for Yoongi. Even when he’s faster, Taehyung doesn’t feel pain, only pleasure.


The room is filled with their moans. Taehyung has hard time trying to be quiet and he doesn’t manage to stop his sounds when Yoongi thrusts into him fast, hard and deep and yet, he wants more. When the alpha finally hits his prostate, Taehyung can’t help but arch his back, letting out a loud scream of pleasure.


At this point, they stop caring whether someone hears them or not.


Yoongi makes sure that Taehyung will be satisfied, as the younger encourages him to go even harder. The alpha holds Taehyung’s legs, spreading them widely, pounding into his hole and Taehyung thinks he’s going to be insane.


With each next thrust, Yoongi abuses Taehyung’s prostate and the younger one sobs, digging his nails into Yoongi’s back, wanting to come finally. When he does eventually, he’s shaking badly, the muscles in his bottom clench around Yoongi’s manhood as he cries in pleasure, feeling it’s spreading in his whole body, when sperm ejaculates from his penis.


Yoongi doesn’t last much longer. When Taehyung is finished his next thrusts are much more gentle, not wanting to tire his mate more than he needs to. When finally he reaches his climax, he can feel his knot already forming, making Taehyung whimper feeling how big it is.


They stay together, trying to calm down, with Yoongi’s manhood still inside Taehyung as the knot won’t disappear any time soon. The alpha makes sure to be as gentle as it’s possible in this position, turning them so they're lying on their sides and Taehyung's head is resting against Yoongi's chest, both of them panting heavily. Sweat covers Taehyung's forehead and back but Yoongi doesn’t mind it as he kisses his mate’s temple tenderly.


“Are you okay?”


Taehyung is too weak to respond so he just nods, trying to get comfortable. He closes his eyes, trying to rest. Yoongi’s heartbeat and his hand caressing Taehyung’s back is great help.


They’re lying like this for ten minutes, listening only to their breathings, with Yoongi holding Taehyung securely, when the younger wolf finally speaks up. His throat is sore from all the screaming and he’s exhausted, but right now he feels happier than ever.


“It’s so strange.”


“What do you mean?” Yoongi asks, furrowing his eyebrows.


Taehyung sighs feeling his mate’s fingers caressing his body. “If you had told me a month ago that I would be mated before the New Year, I would have never believed you.”


“Really? If I had told you, what would you have thought?”


“That you’re joking.” Taehyung shrugs and Yoongi places another tender kiss on his temple.


“Do you think I’m joking now?”


Yoongi’s question suddenly seems to be so serious but Taehyung looks at him, with grin on his lips, and Yoongi knows what the answer is already. “No way. I would never think what we’ve just done is only a joke for you.”


There’s the sparkle in his eyes that Yoongi absolutely adores as he kisses Taehyung tenderly.



Chapter Text

Hoseok yawns, tired already with his walk in the wood. The moon is shining brightly and it's surely an hour after midnight, or maybe even later. He should have come back long ago but the suffocating atmosphere that Namjoon created made him both tired and irritated. He wanted to ignore it but he figured that a walk would be much better solution and here he is, in his wolf form. Even if he feels sleepy, and he knows he shouldn't fall asleep here if he doesn't want to worry his pack, he can't go home just yet. Something in the forest is strangely comforting and Hoseok wants to be here for a little while longer.


Also, it's a good opportunity to think.


Hoseok hardly ever cares. He only does when he has to, and it's mostly when there's something wrong with any of the members of the pack. But other than that, Hoseok is calm and he doesn't even try to be concerned about anything. He knows there's no point in it so he doesn't even try to force himself to think about things that aren't worth his special attention. But strangely, after recent happenings, Hoseok finds himself spending quite a lot of time on thinking about that one thing.


Even if everyone had known about it before, when Yoongi and Taehyung announced their mating Hoseok was surprised. He should have expected that but still there was this weird feeling in his heart, and to Hoseok's dismay, it wasn't only happiness. He felt kind of disappointed. And Hoseok didn't like it because he loved both of the now newly mated wolves as if they were his real brothers and he wanted them to be happy, that's why he has never understood what it is.


Although Hoseok can't deny the fact that he does feel a little lonely.


He felt the same when Jimin and Seokjin told everyone about their pups, although it wasn't this bad. Ever since Jimin got pregnant Hoseok couldn't help but think how it would be, to have a mate. And to be able to have a family with this mate, but he has been hiding this feeling for a long time. Just tonight, when Yoongi and Taehyung finally mated, it has started to bother him more than usually, and Hoseok doesn't want to feel this way. It makes him feel guilty.


Before Hoseok can think even more about it, he suddenly hears a rustle. Hoseok stops immediately in his tracks, paying his maximal attention to the rustle, listening to any weird sounds that may appear, but there's nothing more. It's probably a hare but Hoseok doesn't let his guard off, just in case. When nothing else happens in the next minutes Hoseok takes the next steps, slowly and carefully, still wary of anything that may happen. Just as he is about to relax, a smell reaches his nostrils and he stiffens.


He knows this smell.


...or not really.


It's weird, the scent is kind of familiar but Hoseok isn't sure who it belongs to. There's another rustle and suddenly the realisation hits him. It's another wolf. And judging by the intensity of the scent, the wolf is not alone.


The alpha curses mentally. The wolves certainly aren't from his pack and the territory belongs to Namjoon, he's sure that the other wolves can sense it's already occupied. It should make no sense that they are wandering around on the occupied ground, but there is one reason that Hoseok can think of as to why they're not even trying to leave.


They want to have this territory as well.


He needs to return, now. Hoseok tries to be as quiet as possible when he hears the rustling once again, much nearer this time and the scent is even stronger. They are coming closer to Hoseok and the alpha realises that there's probably no point in hiding anymore, they've noticed him and realised he's alone so they're coming after him. What idiots do they have to be to want to attack a member of a pack that owns this territory?


Hoseok runs immediately. He has no idea what is going on as it's the first time when anyone has entered their ground but no matter what, even if there are several wolves against him alone, Hoseok still knows this part of the wood better than them. He knows all the spots where he can lead the wolves to and hide himself, so he would stay safe and at the same time, not show the disturbers his home where the rest of his pack is right now.


When he hears that the wolves are chasing him, he isn't surprised, he would be an idiot if he were. But it doesn't mean he likes the situation any better as he quickens his pace. He's so fast that instead of trees he sees only green blurs and he knows it won't be long now until he finally finds that place.


What Hoseok doesn't expect is a sudden collision. Something, a massive body, hits him with great force taking him by surprise, making him fall painfully on the ground. Hoseok is surprised but he's not hurt, as he stands up almost immediately after realising what has happened, only to see two wolves standing in front of him. Even if moon is the only source of light right now, Hoseok can see the white fur of the bigger wolf, standing closer to him. More likely he's the one that has hit Hoseok while he was running. Hoseok can sense that he's an alpha and probably a leader of his pack, what makes the attacked wolf growl at him.


He hears steps and surprised, he looks around, only to realise that three more wolves have come and he's totally outnumbered now, although not all of them are alphas. There is a beta and an omega, to his surprise, but he doesn't pay it any further attention. Baring his fangs he growls again, eyeing the white wolf in front of him dangerously. He knows he's not able to deal with them but the distance is too big between him and his pack so they won't be able to read his mind. Howling also isn't a good idea now.


It's probably the first time in many years that Hoseok regrets going out so late alone.


Probably having already discussed everything, the wolves are about to attack and he knows it. He waits for it, ready to fight back, when finally the first wolf throws himself at him. Soon the next two wolves follow, leaving only the leader and the omega, who's sitting beside him, to observe the fight.


Everything seems to be blurry and Hoseok isn't sure what is actually happening. He feels, hears and sees how they try to injure him, bite him, and he does his best in protecting himself, at the same time making sure to harm them as well. Even if they are three and he's alone, Hoseok knows that he's stronger than them. If the leader doesn't join, he may even win with them and Hoseok tries harder. He tries to bite one wolf, successfully harming another one with his claws, when suddenly he feels a burning sensation as there are teeth sunk deeply in his side.


Hoseok gasps in shock and pain, as the burning worsens and the wolf that is biting him tries to make the injury even more serious but it doesn't last long when he finally snaps out of it. In spite of pain he turns and before the other can do anything else, Hoseok hits him with his paw, making sure to dig his claws in the other's flesh. Even if it's not enough to harm him badly, it's still a good distraction and the wolf releases Hoseok.


There's another bite on his leg and Hoseok lets out a pained whimper, trashing and trying to free himself, while the wolves still don't let him go. He slowly starts to lose, when suddenly all of it stops.


The alpha doesn't understand any of these when suddenly the wolves release him, distracted with their leader. Hoseok has no idea what it means but when they leave him, following the white wolf, he can't help but feel relieved. Even if it's weird he doesn't think of it, standing on his wobbly legs, tired and injured, panting heavily, as he slowly makes his way home.


He needs to warn Namjoon.






When Taehyung wakes up in the morning he refuses to open his eyes, not wanting such a beautiful dream to end so soon. The talk, the stress before mating, the ceremony and finally the night, the first night with Yoongi when they mated, when they gave themselves to each other, he can't believe it was just a dream. It felt so real. And Taehyung doesn't want to wake up, he doesn't want to live in the reality where all of it is only awaiting for him now.


Still in his sleepy state, he tries to move but he can't. Firstly, because there is something stopping him. Secondly, because there is the sudden wave of pain that rushes through his body and Taehyung grimaces in discomfort, still not opening his eyes. He tries to turn but he can't, there's still something that stops him successfully, and Taehyung feels something inside him andㅡ




Taehyung opens his eyes immediately when he hears a low groan behind him and he looks at the person. He regrets the sudden movement as his sore body screams that he should be more careful but the omega forgets about it soon, seeing where he is, with whom he is.


Yoongi and he are in the bed, with the alpha still sleeping. The older wolf has his arms wrapped tightly around Taehyung's waist and the omega guesses that's why he couldn't move the way he wanted. They're both naked and Taehyung is almost one hundred percent sure that the thing still buried deep in his hole is nothing else than Yoongi's member.


Taehyung is kind of lost and kind of surprised and he doesn't know what to do or think but the one thing he can't really deny is, he feels happy. Weird and happy as he closes his eyes again, placing his hand on Yoongi's one resting on his belly, as he caresses it gently. He knows he won't be able to fall asleep but he doesn't mind, feeling peaceful lying like this with his mate.


When he thinks that Yoongi is finally his mate he feels the warm feeling in his abdomen and he grins like an idiot, trying not to chuckle, even if he knows it's too little to disturb Yoongi's sleep.


He stays like this for another hour before he finally hears Yoongi's yawning. The older wolf moves slightly, still connected to the omega. When he opens his eyes and sees the younger's back he can't help but smile. He doesn't think at all before he starts showering Taehyung's back with kisses and the omega can't hold it any longer as his laughter fills the room. Although Yoongi is taken aback by such a reaction, he doesn't stop for the next minutes, Taehyung's laugh sounding like music to his ears.


"Good morning," he whispers against his skin when he stops finally, his hand caressing Taehyung's side. "Did you sleep well?"


"Yeah..." Taehyung tries to turn but Yoongi's member is successfully stopping him from doing that and Taehyung would probably groan in irritation if he weren't embarrassed knowing that Yoongi's penis is still inside him.


Even if he's deflowered, the omega's mind is still innocent.


Yoongi doesn't need to see Taehyung's face to know the omega is blushing and he chuckles, his hand never stopping caressing Taehyung. "I should probably pull out, shouldn't I?"


Taehyung nods, the red on his cheeks is a few shades darker now as he buries his face in the pillow. It doesn't matter what they did a few hours ago, Yoongi's words are still able to make him feel embarrassed. Yoongi only chuckles.


"It's okay, don't be so shy."


Taehyung only mutters something in response but it's muffled by the pillow. The alpha places his hand on Taehyung's hip before pulling out slowly, trying to be as gentle as possible. When he begins he feels Taehyung immediately stiffening and he massages the other's hip, placing a calming kiss on Taehyung's skin as he tries to be even slower.


When he's done he turns Taehyung gently to look at him. The omega bites his bottom lip, his face is flushed and Yoongi can't help but smile at the adorable view as he leans on to place a gentle kiss on his mate's lips. Taehyung immediately reacts, wrapping his arms around Yoongi as he opens his mouth for the alpha, welcoming him. Yoongi cups Taehyung's cheek, pressing a little more until Taehyung lets out quiet whimpers as their tongues meet and when his cock is itching uncomfortably Yoongi knows they should cut it here. Because if they continue he won't be able to stop and it wouldn't be good for Taehyung if they had sex again so soon, the boy is probably sore enough already.


When they part he looks at Taehyung, caressing his cheek lovingly and Taehyung is all shy again, being completely naked under Yoongi after doing not so innocent things with him before. Yoongi can't help but think how adorable the latter is. "Are you alright?"


Taehyung is slightly surprised and his expression shows it clearly to Yoongi. "Yes."


"Are you sore anywhere?"


Taehyung wants to deny but there's still the slight burn that he can feel in his butt and other parts of his body. And Taehyung knows that if he hid it and Yoongi found out that he had lied, the alpha wouldn't be happy at all. "A little."


He's embarrassed again. Yoongi has no idea if he will ever stop being embarrassed but to be honest, he doesn't want it to happen. It keeps Taehyung still innocent and adorable as he's this way and really, it's probably one of many traits of Taehyung that Yoongi adores.


"It's okay, don't worry about it and just rest, alright?" Taehyung nods, happy that instead of making fun of him Yoongi is understanding. Of course he knows that Yoongi wouldn't laugh at him for that but there's some part of him that is afraid that he will disappoint his mate or make something stupid. "I will be with you the whole time."


Although it wasn't suppose to mean anything big, the assurance made Taehyung feel slightly better as he relaxed, flashing Yoongi his rectangle smile. "Good."


"We will need to have a shower," Yoongi notices as he stands up. Taehyung is both too lazy and too tired to follow him and Yoongi understands it, of course. "Do you want me to clean you here orㅡ"


"I want to take a shower," Taehyung says quickly and confidently, not even wanting to imagine what Yoongi meant, as he attempts to get up but the pain in his lower back is really a little too much and Taehyung's expression doesn't fail to tell Yoongi this. The alpha lifts Taehyung making him blush at it. "What are you doing? I can walk, you know."


"Maybe, but I want to spoil you a little." Taehyung doesn't look convinced. "Come on, if you don't agree now I will probably never get the chance ever again."


"Okay." Taehyung really doesn't seem to be too happy with Yoongi's suggestion but once he hears the omega has agreed, the alpha carries his mate happily to the bathroom.




Half an hour after they left the shower, Taehyung finds himself back on the bed, lying on his stomach, letting Yoongi massage him. At first he was reluctant but Yoongi really wanted to do something for him after causing him pain (it turned out that Yoongi would blame himself for anything if it only meant that he would get whatever he wanted from Taehyung and no matter how many times Taehyung told him it was okay, Yoongi was too stubborn to listen) and eventually there was no way for Taehyung to say no. Although he regrets not doing it.


A soft knock in the door cuts the friendly, comforting silence between the mates. Yoongi groans quietly, careful that the person on the other side won't hear him, cursing Seokjin for coming at this time and ruining the lovely moment he had with Taehyung as he gets up and takes his robe. The beta doesn't need to see his nakedness. He feels slightly grumpy when he opens the door but soon it vanishes, replaced with surprise.


"Seokjin hyung told me to give you this." Jungkook is the one who visits them. Yoongi would have expected that if Seokjin couldn't come he would send the youngest one but still, he has expected their oldest member to come. Yoongi takes the tray with food from the beta, thanking him. "Do you need something else?"


"No, we're good." Yoongi can't help but frown. Jungkook behaves almost normally but Yoongi is observant and he knows that there's something bothering Jungkook.


Usually when the youngest member has problems Seokjin is the first to notice, telling Namjoon that there's something wrong and sending him to talk to the beta. But this time instead of doing it he sent him to Taehyung and Yoongi and the alpha has no idea whether he's overthinking everything or not, but there's just something strange about it.


"Kookie, wait," he says when he sees that the boy is about to leave the room.


Jungkook looks at Yoongi with surprised expression. Yoongi quickly puts down the tray and after smiling to a surprised and frowning Taehyung, who has this expression that demands knowing what's going on, he leaves with Jungkook.


"Okay, tell me what is wrong," is the first thing Yoongi says after closing the door to the room. Jungkook just looks at him surprised but soon he attempts to put on a mask, saying that he has no idea what Yoongi is talking about, which earns the alpha's exasperated grown. "Don't lie to me, I know something happened. You behave strange."


"It's really nothing, hyung."


"Jungkook." Yoongi eyes Jungkook carefully and Jungkook knows that he has no other option but to tell Yoongi. The alpha is too observant and he's not going to let others just lie to him. "There's surely something wrong, Seokjin sent you to us and you look as if there is something troubling you. What is it?"


"Hyung, I swearㅡ"


"What is it?"


The demanding tone leaves no place for discussion and Jungkook knows about it as he sighs. Yoongi will find out sooner or later and when he does, he will be mad at Jungkook for hiding it.


"Answer me." Yoongi doesn't care that his tone may be a little too strong. "Why Seokjin isn't here? Is there something wrong with Jimin?"


"No, it's not Jimin..."




"It's Hoseok hyung." Yoongi blinks, surprised. Firstly, he didn't expect there would be something wrong with Hoseok and secondly, Jungkook looks as if it is really serious. Yoongi has this unpleasant feeling in his stomach.


"What happened?"


Jungkook seems to hesitate and although Yoongi is impatient, he doesn't push him to answer this time. The beta seems to have a really hard time and Yoongi doesn't know what to think about it.




"Last night, it was very late, when Seokjin hyung woke us up," Jungkook says, shaken slightly and Yoongi waits, trying to be patient. "He told us that Jimin hyung couldn't sleep and thanks to that he heard it and told hyung andㅡ oh, nevermind, what I mean is, Hoseok hyung was attacked yesterday night."


"What?" Yoongi asks, totally surprised. Just yesterday the other alpha was on his and Taehyung's mating, could it really be that Hoseok was attacked in the short time between when Yoongi saw him on the ceremony and now? "How? What happened?!"


"We have no idea." Jungkook bites his bottom lip in worry. He's extremely concerned about his hyung and Yoongi can see it, he's worried too but he must know what happened. If Jungkook is like this then it was probably serious but hell, he knows Hoseok. He's a really strong wolf. "Hyungs found him in front of our house, he passed out before they saw him."


It makes no sense, really, but Yoongi knows that Hoseok isn’t one to search for troubles so if anything, troubles came to him. But could it really be that someone attacked Hoseok when he was still here?


“Is he awake now?”


“I don’t know. Seokjin hyung has gone to check on him several minutes ago.”


“Should I go there, does Namjoonㅡ”


“To be honest, he told me that I shouldn’t tell you and Taehyung hyung anything about it,” Jungkook says quietly. Now Yoongi knows why Jungkook was so reluctant in telling him about it. “He said that we shouldn’t trouble you.”


“What?” Yoongi can’t help but exclaim, anger rising in him. How can anyone think that they never should trouble him and Taehyung when something’s wrong with one of their pack members?


“It’s okay, Seokjin hyung says that it will be okay.” Jungkook tries to smile but the kid is just too innocent to be good at lying and Yoongi knows just how fake the grimace is. “When something changes, Seokjin hyung will certainly tell you. So don’t think about it, please.”


As much as Yoongi hates it, he nods. He knows that he really can do nothing about it, and even if he can be worried, it will just be no help in anything. So, deciding to listen probably for the first time in his life, he tells Jungkook to go back to his hyungs. Jungkook does as he’s told to, his whole appearance screaming how restless he is even when he wants to hide it and Yoongi can’t help but feel sorry for the boy.




“Yes?” The boy looks at Yoongi with concern in his eyes and Yoongi sighs. Seriously, this kid is too young to be afraid and worried about others, yet he knows what a good heart he has.


“Don’t worry, everything will be alright. After all, Seokjin hyung told you this, didn’t he?”


Jungkook nods, attempting to smile once again, before he leaves.




“What’s wrong?”


Yoongi doesn’t really know what to tell Taehyung as he sees the omega’s furrowed eyebrows. He knows that when he finds out, the younger wolf will be all worried and it’s something that Yoongi doesn’t want to see. Taehyung should be careless, just like he was before, not overwhelmed by problems of others.


Suddenly, Yoongi understands why Namjoon decided not to tell them about that. At least, he understands why he didn’t want Taehyung to know, because he still thinks that no matter what, Yoongi as one of the oldest, and an alpha in addition, should know everything what’s going on. Taehyung is a totally different case.


Taehyung is just like Jungkook. They’re both the babies of the pack and there’s something about them that still keeps their innocence. The problem is, they were both forced to grow up a little faster than others. Both of them had not the best pasts, which ended up with being apart with their original packs. Even if Taehyung got to be with two of his brothers, Jungkook was alone when he joined them.


Jungkook was the only beta apart from Seokjin and everyone immediately started leaning on him a little too much, all because of stereotypes. Beta should be smart and helpful, have medical knowledge and support everyone. Because of who he was, he saw things that even some alphas would cringe at. On the other hand, Taehyung was older. So if Jungkook needed to be more of an adult than a child at such a young age, everyone expected Taehyung to be even better, to be there for Jungkook, to lead him since he was the one that understood him the best. The problem is, there were things that still Jungkook and Taehyung couldn’t understand.


It wasn’t always like this and the pack made sure not to put too much pressure on them. If Taehyung and Jungkook were meant to still be pups, they wanted them to be like this, and even if sometimes it wasn’t this easy because of everyone else, most of the times they managed. The pack was proud of this at least.


The problem of being an adult too fast was what bothered Yoongi and Namjoon probably as well when it came to the mating. Yoongi didn’t want to push Taehyung after knowing how much had already been expected from him. But Taehyung was too stubborn and all Yoongi can do now is just make sure to be a good mate, the one that will make sure Taehyung won’t regret his decision.


“What happened?” Taehyung asks, worried after Yoongi took such a long time to talk to Jungkook. “Hyung?”


“Nothiㅡ” Yoongi wants to lie but he knows he shouldn’t. Taehyung would be disappointed if he found out Yoongi lied to him about something like this, as he sighs, giving up. But he’s still not going to let Taehyung know exactly everything, it’s not like he should know what he knows after all. “Someone attacked Hoseok.”


“What?” Taehyung’s eyes widened in surprise but soon he calms down. It’s Hoseok after all, there’s nothing to worry about. Right? “Is he okay?”


“Of course he is. You know him, besides Seokjin hyung is with him and he says that it will be alright. Hoseok just decided to give us a slight heart attack but that’s because he’s a fucker.”


Taehyung furrows his eyebrows once again when he hears Yoongi’s words. “Language,” he says, not liking how much Yoongi curses at times.


“I’m sorry,” the alpha responds kissing Taehyung’s nose and the omega immediately brightens at it. Yoongi tries not to think that he has possibly lied to Taehyung, hoping that Hoseok is really a fucker that likes to make them panic a little too much.






It turns out that Yoongi has been right. As Seokjin has found out, Hoseok’s injuries weren’t as serious as it seemed and in a few days most of it should heal but it doesn’t mean that the pack can relax. After hearing what Hoseok has told them, the situation is more serious than ever and no one feels at ease.


Namjoon doesn’t know what to do. It is so strange that a random pack decided to attack one of his members, it was even stranger that they let Hoseok go even if it seemed that they could do much worse. Hell, they would probably even kill him, and Namjoon is incredibly grateful it didn’t happen but still, it doesn’t explain anything.


He has made sure to be extra careful and it means two new rules: no leaving any member alone and no leaving house after twilight, and if it was necessary then they should be in groups of three at least. The only ones who know about it are Seokjin, Yoongi and Hoseok though, since Namjoon doesn’t want the youngest ones to know how serious the situation is and at the same time, the rules are easy to follow even if someone isn’t aware of them.


Another thing that has changed is their pack meetings, they happen less often and instead Namjoon talks to the oldest members more, not wanting the others to know what it’s about. At first it was fine but finally, someone could feel curious.


“Is there something wrong?”


Yoongi looks at Taehyung in puzzlement. It has been five days since they mated and at the same time, five days since Hoseok was attacked and Taehyung has already figured that there’s something about that, something what no one wants to talk about and everyone knows. Or at least, majority of the pack.




“There is nothing wrong.” Yoongi is quite impatient but it’s not because he’s annoyed or something like this, no. He just doesn’t want Taehyung to ask him that because he knows that if the omega gets too suspicious, it’s going to be hard to escape his questioning. And he really doesn’t want to worry his mate as he kisses Taehyung’s nose. “I’m just tired, that’s all.”


“Are you sure?” Taehyung asks, eyeing Yoongi carefully. There’s something in the alpha’s eyes and Taehyung isn’t sure what it means but something is telling him that things are probably more serious than the pack wants him to think they are. “Namjoon hyung has been talking a lot with you, what is it? Is he still grumpy because of our mating?”


Although it would be a good explanation, Yoongi knows that it would worry Taehyung as well. Of course the omega would want his brother and mate to get along. Besides, he doesn’t want to lie to Taehyung more than he needs to. “No, don’t worry about it. I swear it’s nothing.”


“No, there must be something.” Taehyung is really confident. “What is it? If it’s not about our mating, then it’s about Hoseok hyung, right?”


“No, Taeㅡ”


“What is it?!” Yoongi didn’t expect the sudden outburst as he looks at his omega, tears appearing in Taehyung’s eyes. “I know you’re lying to me and there’s something bothering the pack but you won’t tell me, as always.”


Yoongi feels guilty, incredibly guilty. He has never meant to make Taehyung cry and he hates seeing his mate in this state. He knows that the omega is stressed and he’s really not surprised but he doesn’t want Taehyung to think that there’s something what he hides from him. Apparently, he still does.


The alpha wraps his arms around Taehyung, holding him close to himself. He has expected Taehyung to be mad at him and try to break the grip but Taehyung just stands there, letting Yoongi embrace him. Taehyung doesn’t cry either in his frustration, there are tears falling freely from his eyes but he doesn’t sob. Yoongi doesn’t know what it may mean.


“You’re always like this,” Taehyung’s whisper breaks the silence between them. “I understand the whole deal about protecting me and Kookie and I’m not even mad because of it. It would be really hard to be mad at you all because everything that you want is just to make sure we’re alright.”


Yoongi tightens his grip on his mate, hoping that Taehyung will stop because to be honest, it frightens him. Taehyung being disappointed, angry and sad but not crying is really terrifying. The alpha knows his mate, Taehyung is always energetic and full of life and emotions but now he doesn’t let himself show any of them. If Yoongi were a stranger he would really have no idea what Taehyung feels.


“But hyung, please, I’m tired of this all. I don’t want to be unaware of anything what’s going on, if I have no idea what’s wrong then I’m even more worried because I’m not sure in what kind of danger the pack may be. In what kind of danger you may be.”


Now Yoongi feels like an asshole for making Taehyung feel that. He shouldn’t be worried and yet, that’s all Taehyung is doing, worrying about the pack and him.


“We have no idea what is going on.” He really doesn't know why he is telling Taehyung this but if he has already started, he will finish. “We’re not sure if they will want to attack any of us again, we don’t even know what they want. Probably our territory.”


“So what are we going to do?” Taehyung asks, his tears still on his cheeks and his brows furrowed as he looks at Yoongi with not only concern but also determination. As if he is determined to be part of the ones who should worry about the pack.


Yoongi flinches at the word ‘we’. He doesn’t like the idea of Taehyung thinking about pushing himself in some kind of danger because honestly, the alpha knows that if the younger had the opportunity, he would do that without the second thought.


“Nothing.” Taehyung’s eyes widen at that and he’s slightly disappointed. “All we can do is trying to be careful. That’s why I’m going to walk you to school tomorrow.”


If Taehyung didn’t look surprised before, he surely looks like this now.




“I told you, we need to be careful. And there is no way that I would let anything happen to you.” Taehyung looks even more taken aback at the thought and Yoongi frowns. “Is something wrong?”


“But we can’t!” Taehyung says almost panicking. “Everyone will see us together, they will come to conclusions and ourㅡ oh God, our scent, they will feel it and they, they will know that we’re mated! We can’t!”


Yoongi really doesn’t know whether he should laugh or not seeing Taehyung like this. “Taehyung, baby, what are you talking about? Of course they will know you’re mated even without seeing me, your scent has really changed. Other wolves will literally feel that you’re mated to someone.”


It hasn’t made Taehyung feel any better and Yoongi is really baffled. Was it wrong that they mated?




“They won’t find it weird, will they?”




“I know that I still haven’t finished school thus I’m really young but I’m imprinted so it wouldn’t be this weird for me to be mated to someone, would it?” Taehyung asks, making Yoongi really uncomfortable. What is he supposed to answer to that?


“Well, you’re of age and imprinted, as you’ve said. If you really want me and love me then of course no one would think it’s weird.”


“I love you.” Taehyung’s answer is almost immediate as he looks at Yoongi, seriousness in his eyes. “And I want you. I’m just worried if it’s okay but I guess it really is, right?”


Yoongi looks at Taehyung puzzled before shaking his head and chuckling. He didn’t need much, Taehyung really didn’t need much to turn from an ‘I’m done with protecting me’ Taehyung to the one who’s worried about his relationship’s reputation. Adorable.


“Of course not,” he promises, kissing Taehyung’s forehead.


(He really hates that he needs to almost stand on his toes to reach it when Taehyung doesn’t want to help him and lean on but if the omega decides not to mention it, he can totally live with this.)


“Hyung,” Taehyung suddenly asks, his voice curious and Yoongi furrows his eyebrows with no idea what he should expect. “How long does it last till our scent of mating disappears finally?”


“Mating? Three or four days.”


“Three or four? But it means that itㅡ”


“That it has already disappeared.” Now it’s Taehyung’s turn to look baffled as Yoongi finishes the sentence for him. “We can’t smell it but for other wolves it has really disappeared.”


“But you said that others will be able to feel we’re mated so howㅡ”


“It’s because wolves can sense when another one is bounded with someone.” Yoongi has no idea when he found out about it, for him it is this kind of knowledge that he has been born with. That’s why seeing that Taehyung doesn’t know about it makes him look silly again but it’s this kind of silly that Yoongi loves in him. “It’s not because of the smell.”


“Are you sure it’s only that?” Taehyung asks sceptically and Yoongi nods. It seems it’s not the end of questions but there’s something stopping the omega from asking another one.


“If you want to ask me something else, you know you can,” Yoongi says hoping it will help Taehyung somehow and it seems it does help.


“Okay, so,” Taehyung starts, hoping that Yoongi won’t judge. He has no idea how he would survive if his mate judged him. “How long does the scent last after having another one… you know…”


He looks uncomfortable and Yoongi frowns, showing Taehyung he doesn’t understand and the omega should speak a little clearer. On the other hand it makes Taehyung even more uneasy and he groans in frustration.


“I meant, when we another time… together…”


“Do you mean sex?”


Taehyung looks so poor and as if he was about to cry with his red face and Yoongi wonders if there will be really time when he stops being so shy about this topic. Still, the omega nods.


“It’s really short, and even if it doesn’t disappear this quickly it’s easy to cover the scent with something else.” He shrugs, trying to look as relaxed as possible so maybe Taehyung won’t be this stiff, when finally Yoongi has this weird thought. “And actually, why did you ask about it?”


Taehyung thinks his face is going to burn.


“I was just wondering,” he starts, stuttering at the beginning in his nervousness. “Since tomorrow I’m going to school for the first time after mating, and if the scent doesn’t last this long…”


He starts stuttering even more, speaking so quietly that Yoongi has problems with understanding him at times but he doesn’t need to hear much to understand, or at least suspect what Taehyung means. He shakes his head, not believing that this person is asking him about that, the same person that isn’t even able to say word ‘sex’.


“You liked our mating?” Yoongi asks, quite innocently as if he was talking about the weather, when he comes even closer to Taehyung, smirk on his lips and his hands finding their way on Taehyung’s hips. Taehyung looks like a tomato hearing his mate’s words but the worst thing is, he can’t even deny. “Do you want to repeat it?”


If Yoongi wasn’t eyeing Taehyung carefully he probably wouldn’t see the subtle nod of the other wolf. Yoongi smirks before he captures Taehyung’s lips without any warning, making the boy gasp in surprise.


When the first shock is gone, Taehyung closes his eyes, wrapping his arms around Yoongi and bringing him closer, wanting more as he parts his lips, welcoming his mate. Even he is surprised with himself but it’s not his fault that Yoongi feels so right, whatever they do, whether they kiss or do something more, the alpha feels always so right to him. As if it was a crime to be apart with him.


Taehyung doesn’t realise when Yoongi pushes him gently on the bed. Once Taehyung is sitting on the soft mattress, Yoongi still doesn’t let their lips apart, as he starts undressing the omega. Feeling the tender touch of familiar hands on himself Taehyung shivers, every spot that Yoongi touches is burning but it’s the positive kind of burning, yet unsatisfying. Taehyung wants more.


Yoongi caresses Taehyung’s body slowly, making sure that no part of his body will feel neglected. The lower his hands go, the lower he kisses, leaving Taehyung’s lips and moving to his neck and shoulders, letting the younger one moan and whimper in pleasure. When his mouth reach the particular spot, the one where he bit Taehyung when he claimed him, he pays more attention to it. After kissing it a few times Yoongi still doesn’t move anywhere else, letting his hot breath tease Taehyung’s skin.


Taehyung shivers when he feels Yoongi kissing that bite but when his mate suddenly stops moving completely, he doesn’t know what to expect. “Hyung?”


When he hears the younger one’s voice, Yoongi pulls out a little so he can see the omega’s face. He places his hands on Taehyung’s cheeks, cupping them, while he looks lovingly in his mate’s eyes. He smiles gently, and Taehyung smiles back.


“I love you,” Yoongi whispers. “And I’m happy you’re here with me. You have no idea how much you mean to me.”


The words have come out serious and it’s good, Yoongi wants Taehyung to know how serious he is about him. Taehyung places his hands on Yoongi’s, squeezing them. “I know, hyung. I love you too.”


They kiss once again, slowly and this time without opening their mouth. It’s just a simple and innocent kiss. Yoongi soon returns to showering Taehyung’s neck with kisses, still removing the omega’s clothes. When finally the last article of clothing is gone, he first caresses gently Taehyung’s hips before touching his penis finally. Taehyung’s member is already fully erected, precum leaking from it and Yoongi can’t help but think how cute it is that the whole sex thing is so new to him that his body gets excited so easily.


At first he starts stroking the manhood slowly and gently, earning Taehyung’s moans, as he moves lower with his kisses. He kisses all the way down, getting down on his knees, until finally he pecks the base of Taehyung’s cock. When the omega feels it he’s ready to cry. Now, that he knows what’s going to happen, he feels even more excited than he was during his first time, when Yoongi took his virginity.


Yoongi takes a while in kissing the penis before putting it in his mouth, making sure he won’t be rough so he wouldn’t accidentally hurt his mate. Taehyung lets out a loud moan, breathing heavily when Yoongi starts blowing him.


“Yoongi,” he pants, his hand touching Yoongi’s cheek as the alpha looks at him in the eyes. Once again, the omega feels so exposed to him, and the intensity of the glare makes him shiver in both fear and excitement. Once he sees that Taehyung still is hesitant, Yoongi sucks harder playing with Taehyung’s balls, helping him relax. “Yoongi, you don’t have… to…”


His words die in his throat when Yoongi sucks hard again, the pleasure is just too much for him. When Yoongi sees Taehyung’s finally relaxed he starts moving his head, doing his best to pleasure his mate. Taehyung isn’t able to keep his whimpers to himself as the whole room, if not the whole house, is filled with the sounds he’s making.


He feels the weird sensation in his stomach and he knows it, he has felt it the night he mated with Yoongi, right before he came and Taehyung can’t help but grip Yoongi’s hair with his shaking hands. His tears and even his droll are falling as he’s about to come.


“Yoongi,” he half moans, half screams. “I’m g-going toㅡ”


He doesn’t get to finish the sentence when the white substance ejaculates from his cock, all of it going straight to Yoongi’s mouth. The alpha waits till his mate is finished before swallowing everything, much to Taehyung’s surprise. When Yoongi sees his expression, he smiles caressing Taehyung’s cheek.


“Hyung,” Taehyung says, he’s red from embarrassment and even more, from excitement. Only now he realizes he hasn’t called him hyung while the alpha was blowing him. “You didn’t have toㅡ”


Before he is able to finish, Yoongi places his hand on Taehyung’s nape and pulls him to himself to kiss him gently. Taehyung stops talking, surprised, but as soon as the kiss came, so soon it finishes.


“I wanted to.” Yoongi smiles again. “Now, we need to have a shower and go to sleep.”


“What?” Taehyung asks, his eyes big as he’s taken aback. “But hyung, you also need to finish!” he says, looking at the visible bulge in Yoongi’s pants. Yoongi just laughs, shaking his head.


“It’s okay. It’s late and you have school tomorrow, you should go to sleep.”


“But hyungㅡ”


“Sleep.” Yoongi repeats, this time with the voice that doesn’t accept ‘no’ as an answer. “I wanted to do something for you tonight so I did and now, to make your mate happy, you can prepare yourself to sleep.”


“But I want to please you as well,” Taehyung mutters quietly. He doesn’t like the fact that it was only him who received the pleasure but he knows he can’t do anything if Yoongi doesn’t let him. “Hyung, pleaseㅡ”


“Taehyung. I told you something, don’t make me repeat it again.”


With that Taehyung knows that he won’t be able to pay back for that so he just leaves in disappointment, doing as he has been told to.








“I told you it would happen.”




“Don’t even pretend to be surprised!”




Taehyung sighs, completely defeated. He has no idea how to make the whole school not to look at him because not only can everyone feel the mating, but also his self-proclaimed best friend screams the same word all the time, looking directly at him.


“Long story short,” Taehyung sighs as he starts telling the story. “We were imprinted but I was stupid and didn’t know, but he knew and tried to make me realize, but he failed, like, million times, but my brother finally told me, and we were awkward, but then started talking again, and then we were hanging out, and I knew I wanted to mate with him, and I told the pack, but he didn’t know, and when he found out he was mad and yelled, but then he agreed and then we told the pack, and almost everyone was happy, and then there was the mating and here I am telling you the same story for the seventh time and can you please close your mouth Byun Baekhyun?”


Baekhyun still looks at his friend, completely not knowing what to say, not even knowing what to believe and Taehyung feels kind of lost. He has never known Baekhyun would have such a reaction.


“Come on, Baekhyun,” Taehyung says, hoping that the latter will finally act normal. And Taehyung doesn’t believe he’s the one wanting it. “I told you about it before! Why are you like this now?”


“I was sure you joked,” Baekhyun says, still shocked. “Or lied, or anything. How can you be mated?”


“I’m mated because I was imprinted and I love him and he loves me?” Taehyung says, raising his brow, hoping it will make the situation a little bit clearer for his friend. “Do you understand now?”


“But mated? Holy shit, Taehyung, you’re young andㅡ”


“Well, happy to know that the one person who was done with my stupidity for not wanting to mate is being a dick now. Thanks Baek,” Taehyung says, totally exasperated, as he turns and goes through the school corridor, totally ignoring his friend and not caring he has just cursed. “Screw you.”


Taehyung doesn’t regret mating with Yoongi. Right now he only regrets not being smarter when it comes to choosing his friends.