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The Night Is Young

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The Night Is Young

Dear Journal,
I, Count Vlad Dracula, have come to a decision. I will avenge the death of my beloved Elisabeta, who killed herself because of news that I died in battle (which turned out to be false). Whatever it takes to do so, whatever lengths I will go, it does not matter. Only she matters more to me than anything else in this world. Whatever happens, I will find her. I will bring her back to me. And she will know pleasure at my hands, just as she did before I was called into battle and had to fight against those who opposed me.

For the blood is the life, as it says somewhere in the Bible — in the book of Leviticus, I believe. Very neat phrase there, I think.

My fangs now itch as I write this. But I know I have to write all of this down before I can go out and satiate my thirst for blood. So, through force of my mind, I will my fangs to wait a little longer. After all, patience is very important when writing things down — and especially if it’s a journal entry, even.

I should know. After all, I still remember when Elisabeta would sit at her table and write in her journal as well. I did find her at it while looking all over for her in the castle one day, and smiled when I saw what she was doing. However, I warned myself to take care, keep hidden and look at her from a distance. I didn’t want to alarm her, as that would suddenly cause her to make an error in writing with her pen. And I did not want to be the cause of something like that, either. As a gentleman, I would not forget my manners as such in times like that.

I have checked the time. It is now time for me to go and feed.

After all, the night is young. I still have my blood thirst — and I always will.

And I will get my darling love back with me.

My dearest Elisabeta... you are mine, and always will be... even in death.

~Yours faithfully,
Count Vlad Dracula