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Wherever My Heart Takes Me

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After a long day of practice with Hani for the special stage, he finally heads home at 4 am in the morning.

He remembers waking up at 5 am and immediately starting practice at 6, and after that was a long series of new dance moves and lessons and outfit fittings. He was tired, and sleep deprived.

He also kinda misses his members. Maybe he misses Seungjun more.

As he arrives at the dorm, he expects everyone to be in bed as it was 4 am. But what he didn't expect was Seungjun sitting on the floor, with his back against the wall and his head resting on his knees, arms wrapped around his legs. In front of him was a small set-up table with a plate of black bean noodles and a glass of his favorite juice.

Seungjun waited up for him.

Jihun felt butterflies in his stomach and a warmth spreading throughout his whole body at the thought of Seungjun waiting up for him. Jihun smiles.

He drops his bag and jacket on the floor next to him and sat down in front of the table. He began to eat the noodles, glancing at the older boy in adoration.

Just as Jihun finished his last sip of juice, Seungjun slowly started to wake up. Seungjun blinked his eyes to adjust to the bright lights, and smiles softly at the younger boy in front of him. Jihun's chest tingles.

"Sorry I fell asleep, Jihun-ah..." Seungjun started, his words slurred as he just woke up.

"It's alright, its the thought that counts." Jihun smiles at the elder.

Seungjun yawns and its the most adorable thing Jihun has seen.

"Do you want me to scratch your back, Jihun? You must be really tired." Jihun nods. He has been back-scratched-deprived since this morning.

Seungjun yawns again and nods. Jihun puts away the plate and glass and folds the table back. He pulls Seungjun up and into Seungjun's room and they fall back towards the bed, tangled in a mass of long limbs and blankets.

Not long after a chat of how their day has been and a series of back scratches, Jihun falls asleep in Seungjun's arms and Seungjun kisses Jihun's forehead and falls asleep after.


Seungjun wakes up to Jihun's legs around his and Jihun's head tucked in the crook between his neck and shoulder, his hair and soft breaths tickling Seungjun's neck.

With Jihun's arms around him, he didn't really want to move, since Jihun was really warm and the sight of his adorable sleeping face made him want to go back to sleep.

The sound of the sliding door washed the thought away as he saw their manager with a knowing smile looking at him and Jihun.

"Wake Jihun up, we have to go soon."

Seungjun nods and says they'll be ready in a minute, and the manager shuts the door.

"Jihun-ah, wake up," he slowly shakes Jihun awake. "We have to go to work."

Jihun groans and holds Seungjun tighter. Seungjun sighs and reluctantly untangles himself from Jihun's grip, the movement waking up the younger.

"Hyung," Jihun whines, "come back to bed!"

"No. Now wake up we have to go, before manager-hyung comes in sprays you with water."

Jihun pouts and gets out of the small bunk bed, Seungjun pulling him up and Jihun suddenly kisses his cheek. Seungjun could feel his face heating up, so he pushes Jihun out of his room before he sees the blush covering his cheeks.

Outside the room, Seungjun hears Jihun's loud laughter and Seungjun mutters to himself, "That bastard, knows well what he does to me."