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Six birds on a wire

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Once there were six birds.

The bird with the ruby red head was the eldest of them all. He was strong and always led the way. Next came the bird with the wide blue wings, who always supported his siblings even if they sometimes took it for granted. The third bird was beautifully tinted with green feathers on his body. He always looked after his brothers by looking for food or a safe spot for them to play. Then to the bird with the messy deep purple feathers on his head. He usually stayed at one dark, safe spot between his siblings and he was never afraid of the felines. The fifth of them was special. He had beaks and legs as bright as the sun, and he flew the highest. Lastly, the baby of the bunch, the sixth bird, has pretty pink lines around his eyes and was loved by other animals.

Their parents had always sheltered them.
The family lived peacefully on a big tree in a forest. One rainy day the couple of old birds flew away to find food and told them to take care of themselves, just in case. Their sons laughed, told each other that their mom and dad would be back soon, and that nothing would ever go wrong.

But the rain was getting heavier since the couple left. The sons waited for days and days in hunger for their parents, only to see that a storm was coming to their way. The storm was so fierce that it shook their large nest to the flooded ground. The forest was heavily damaged. Their neighbors, the chipmunk with huge front teeth, the small whiny raccoon and the gorgeous fish with pink tail were all wiped away. The ruby bird led their way out of the forest, the blue-winged bird sheltered its siblings from any flying objects, the green one used its loud voice and attentive eyes to make sure every one of them were there, and the purple and pink ones clung to the yellow-beaked bird whenever they felt weak. As they left, they turned around one last time to have a look at the forest, and the tree where they grew up. There was nothing left. They waited, and waited if their parents would make it in time, so they could all go together.

However, the old couple never returned.

Bitterly, they flew away together, out of the storm. For days, they flew and flew with the hunger burning inside, and the sleepiness that was always ready to knock them down, but they could not stop. There was water everywhere. The young birds followed each other silently. They knew they could never go back.

One day, with the clearest head, the green-tinted feathers bird spot the dry land. He used his loud voice to wake up the exhausted brothers. They were so glad they sped up and reached the land. There, people were feeding the local birds with plenty of breads and corn. The local birds were friendly and polite. They let the newcomers fed themselves with manners. The young birds were crying as they ate. They had never felt so hungry and desperated before. Morever, their parents and friends were all gone. It was a tragedy they would never forget.

After they finished the food, they were introduced to a free spot by the other birds. It was a wire, hanged way up high.

Once, there were six birds on a wire.

Soon, they learned to adapt the new enviroment. They made new friends, have new interests and visited the town with no worries. All except for one, the ruby red bird. He was always engaged in the past, always dreamt about the beautiful sight of a forest, there laid a big old tree where they were happy with only each other and a small circle of friends. He always stayed on the wire, waiting for his brothers to return from their trip through the day. Once they got back to the wire, they would make chats about the new friends they made, the new places they visited or the new songs they were taught. They always turned to the ruby red bird at the end of the conversation and suggested him go with them and have fun. He said that he would love to, and he would go with them someday.

But he was a liar.

He used to be the leader, his brothers would follow him, but now they seemed to be drifting away from him. He did not like this.

He asked the pink bird, "What do you think about this new life we have?"

His brother answered, "Oh brother. It is such a fresh new start we have. Everything here is something I couldn't have learned if I kept on living inside the small forest. Here, I'll believe it all. There's nothing I won't understand." Then he flew away, getting ready for a meeting of local birds at a beautiful spot.

He asked the green bird, "You all seem so happy with this new life, while I don't. If there is a chance of flying away for good, will you go and leave me behind?"

His brother answered, "Oh, brother. This new life is great and all, and I love new things that I can take part in. I'll believe it all, but I'll never let go of your hand, don't you worry." With that, he flew away to enjoy the sight and the sound of the most beautiful feline in town.

But one day, the green one was called out by his friends for adventure, something a bird live to do. It was tempting, the blue, purple, yellow and pink brothers supported the idea very much, and the red didn't. For he was angry because he was betrayed despite the words his green-tinted feathers brother said that day, he took his anger on the yellow-beaked and pink-eyes baby brothers, and so he was engaged in a fight with the blue-winged one. The third brother sadly left, with no goodbye from the eldest.

With the leaving of the third one, the pink bird also took off. "Come on, let's talk this out." Said the blue brother to stop him. But he turned to fly, and left the last words, "I'm tired. I'm sorry, it pains me to come to this conclusion, that the sky is overcast. One more or one less, nobody's worried. It's best this way."

The blue brother found his words true, and he too spreaded his big wings to fly away, without a word to the ruby red head eldest.

Once there were three birds on the wire.

The fifth brother, without being asked, said to his remained brothers, "There is this girl that I love, and she told me she would like me to come with her. I shall take off soon. Please do not worry, and please do not wait for my return. It's my life now."

The purple brother simply nodded and said nice things to his brother, while the eldest stood there in gloomy silence.

After the sunshine bird left to be with his love, the purple brother remained quietly told his eldest brother, "I shall leave too. I agree with our brothers, that the world is full of new things. I choose to believe it all. From the day I go, there's nothing I won't understand."

Several days later, he found himself leaving without any plans, but he believed that it was a good choice.

The red bird never said a word.

Instead, his mind traveled back to those days, when the green brother said, "I'll never let go of your hand.", then back to when all of them were just baby birds.

Six birds of a feather, they said that they were always gonna stay together. But one never wanted to let go of that wire, of the beautiful memories. They asked him to with them. Though he said that he would...

But he was just a liar.



Once there were six birds on a wire.

Five tried to fly away,

And the other...