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Walking Towards Light: Ami Redux

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6 years ago

The twisted form of Dr. Mizuno raised her claws. Sailor Moon was trapped - unconscious and alone with the avatar of Queen Metaria. A barrier of blood and Dark Energy surrounded the two. Sailor Jupiter lay crumpled on the ground, thrown back like a ragdoll when she tried to charge through the barrier. Blast after blast of Mars' Burning Mandela bounced off the dome to no avail. Venus's Love-me Chain fared no better.

The Senshi were desperate. Caught outside an impenetrable barrier while the one they lived to protect was inside with the Queen of the Dark Kingdom. They could only watch in horror - hopelessly flinging their powers and bodies against the barrier in a futile attempt to bring it down.

All except one.

Sailor Mercury.

Her visor hid her face well. Her eyes hid her emotions better.

She was Sailor Mercury. Senshi of intelligence. She always knew the answers. She always found a way. She saw weakness, and exploited it. That was her duty.

The barrier had a weakness. Blood.

It was formed from the blood of Saeko Mizuno. Just like she was.

Sailor Moon's light was dimming. There was no time to hesitate.

The girl inside her was crying. Screaming for her to find a better way.

The solider marched forward instead. Cool as ice. Mist formed at her hand. She felt it gain mass, become corporeal. Sharpened into a frozen sword.

She executed her duty.

Mercury walked through the barrier that wouldn't stop her, and drove her sword into her mother's heart.

Metaria had to be banished at all costs.

The barrier rebounded in on itself as the dying Queen lashed out. The blue Senshi was numbly caught in the centre of the storm. Lightning dark energy coursed through her body. The darkness reached out to her as everything faded to black.

To Mercury embraced it gladly. She heard the screaming long before she realized it was her own.

Present day

Screaming. The screams brought Ami back to the present.

She woke up from her nightmare in a cold sweat, reliving the events of 6 years ago yet again. It was a nearly perfect mirror to the events of 3 weeks ago, except the second time around, it was Ami herself who bore the shadow of Metaria in her body.

Ami groaned. She struggled to sit up in the hospital bed so she could see the time. 2 am. Another 8 hours before she was officially released from the hospital. She was wide awake now, and everything hurt. Painkillers tempted her once again, but she needed to stop feeling numb. She almost welcomed the pain. It was a reminder that she was still alive, and Queen Metaria was not. The mostly healed stab wound in her chest throbbed in testament to that fact.

Giving up on sleep, she pulled out the Mercury computer. Maybe, somewhere in all the data and scans she'd done about the Dark Kingdom, she could find a clue as to why her life had gone so far to hell. Those who failed to learn from history were doomed to repeat it after all. No more waiting around to be attacked. This time, she would be ready. She would go on the offensive. Every trace of Metaria, her minions, anything the Dark Kingdom ever touched needed to be wiped from the face of the earth.

She would destroy the Dark Kingdom, or die trying.

Meanwhile in London

A faint stench of death hung in the air. 6 men sat around a conference table inside the derelict warehouse that served as their boardroom. An unexpected meeting place for the board of directors of a high powered investment banking company, but secrecy was a top priority. No one could know they were connected to such unsavoury business.

The new chairman of the board stood up. She had several items on her agenda to clear.

"Good evening gentlemen. I am afraid I have some sad news to share with you all today. Mercury-sama has been temporarily indisposed due to recent events in Tokyo. Yes, I know that is upsetting to you all and we do so hope that she will be back with us shortly. Unfortunately, the Sailor Senshi still live, and, not to worry, we will dispose of them in proper order. Looking ahead, I shall take charge of our operations. We are undergoing an organizational shift at the moment. As such, resources will need to be allocated accordingly. I will be taking the youma prototypes Where, Who, How and When back with me back to Tokyo. Dr. Smith, please send along 'What' as soon as our business here in London is concluded. Please relinquish their control to me at the conclusion of this meeting. We all have lots to do! Any questions?"

She beamed at the other board members. There were no objections in their blank faces. Excellent.

"That brings me neatly to the next item on the agenda. Mr Aristotle Wyman...I see in last month's report that you have lost the youma that was assigned to you? Standing in for you at a party while you were off on a personal affair. For shame...such flagrant misuse of company assets. I'm afraid that we cannot tolerate that sort of behaviour in our organization. You can consider yourself terminated as of this moment."

"Lady Pandora! I..."

His words of protest died in the throat he no longer fully controlled.

The other board members shifted in their chairs uncomfortably, waiting for the bloody conclusion.

Pandora waved her hand idly.

Wyman felt himself reaching into his jacket. Shakily, he pulled out his gun and raised it to his head. His eyes bulged in terror staring at the weapon he held up to his face.



The smell of brains and gunsmoke hung in the air.

Pandora smiled through her hypocrisy. Flagrant misuse of company assets aside, she only had one goal. Mizuno Ami deserved to die.

One last statement to these deluded fools, and then it was time initiate her new plan.

"Excellent. That concludes our business for the day. I trust that we are all on the same page now yes? Wonderful. Thank you gentlemen. I appreciate your patience. It has been a long process and you have all been loyal soldiers. We will conquer the planet and you will be the new kings on Earth! The Dark Kingdom will rise again!"