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'Til Death Do Us Part

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It was a cool, sunny day as Allen and Kanda sat in the garden drinking their tea. They had sailed from Japan as soon as possible after their last fight, crossed the Pacific Ocean and landed in California. After wandering around San Francisco they'd stopped at what was called a Japanese Village and were enjoying the quiet of the tea garden.

Kanda was content and Allen was feeling less restless, but he really wished he could have some more of the sweets that had been served with their tea. He'd been eyeing Kanda's cookies that were still sitting on his plate, having barely been touched.

Kanda was looking out of the corner of his eye, fully aware of Allen's obvious desire and this was giving him a perverse sort of pleasure, not about to offer anything.

Allen finally broke down and asked, "Are you going to eat those?" pointing at the sweets.

"Help yourself," and Allen snatched them up. "Too sweet for my liking anyway. They must have altered the recipe to appeal to Western tastes."

"Speaking of the West, this America is so vast from what I can gather that the possibilities seem endless as far as where we can go without having to cross any more oceans."

"Well, I for one would be more than happy not to have to spend months on another ship any time soon," and Kanda scowled at the thought of being stuck on a boat with nothing else to do.

"We can go so many places from here. To the east coast, or north to Canada, south to Mexico or all the way down through South America. So, Kanda, are we sticking this out together? You think we can put up with each other for however long this'll take?"

Kanda started to laugh, then it died down to a mild chuckle. "You finally admit you're a pain in the ass, huh?" Allen glared at him but Kanda calmly went on. "Like you were saying back in Japan, we have no idea of their numbers so us staying together is our only option to guarantee our survival. I have no intention of giving up my life that easily, Moyashi."

"Me either, BaKanda, so I guess I'll just have to deal with your sorry ass, too." This brought another scowl to Kanda's face, much to Allen's delight.

When they finished with their tea they began to walk through the park and ended up down by the water, standing still, side by side, just gazing out over the expanse of ocean before them.

"How long do you think we'll have before they get here?" Allen asked in a hushed voice.

"Hopefully long enough that we can lose ourselves in this new country so they'll have one hell of a time finding us again," Kanda quietly replied.

Allen sighed. "Well, we'd better get started then, but I must say from what I've seen so far this country is looking quite beautiful," and there was a suggestive glint and excitement in his eyes as he looked at Kanda, whose long black hair was blowing in the wind.

The sea breeze was ruffling Allen's hair, also, and the sunlight was playing off the white color making it seem even brighter than before. Kanda had to agree, from what he could see as he was looking at Allen, that it was indeed looking quite beautiful and he started to feel the lure of adventure stirring in him, too.

"Heh…let's go see what kind of trouble we can get into here."

So Kanda and Allen turned their backs to the impending danger behind them, facing the eternal unknown before them, neither of them alone anymore, which had somehow become a curiously comforting thought.