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"You are my sweetest downfall..."

Jyushimatsu hummed a familar tune while slicing a pear. He had gotten used to doing chores recently. He continued to hum the song as if he had forgotten its words. A wide smile was visible on his tired-looking face.

She was neatly laid on the white bed. Upon hearing that, a faint smile bloomed on her face and she softly shifted her gaze from the little girl sleeping on the guest chair at the corner of the room to him.

"That's a lot of pears don't you think?"

"Mmm, you should eat more." He simply nodded and continued his work. He was a little bit clumsy now that she had set her eyes on him. Would she think that he's still a useless man? Not that she ever told him that, but still...

"You're the one to talk." She noticed the sweat beads steadily rolled along his thinner face, his pupils got bigger and even his smile was stretched wider. Jyushimatsu only had such expression when he's nervous. She giggled dearly to think that even after ten years of living together he never stopped to impress her with what he felt good at doing. Even til this day he had hummed that song for her. Every single day if possible.

Jyushimatsu was there. He had always been there.

Her mind traced back to the moment she first saw him. An unusual young man with inhumane strength. He was loud and energetic, just like a ball of sunshine. Not only until he was swept away by the waves and she rushed by his side to save him, did she realize he was an angel sent to save her instead.

"Jyushimatsu." He was getting clumsier ever since she unknowingly stared at him. She had to stop him before he cut his fingers, "You know something?"

"W...What is it, Homura, sweetheart?" He nearly dropped the pear upon hearing her calling his name.

"That I loved you first."

He slightly blushed and seemed calming down. Putting the pear down on the plate, he cheerfully asked her, "Eeeh...Really?"

"Really really." She smiled at his excited expression. They had done this countless times yet they never gotten enough of each other.

"That's impossible...Homura, I loved you first. Since the first time I saw you." He reached one of his hand to hold hers, while the other one supported his face on her bed. "You were so beautiful at that moment, not that you aren't now, but you looked like a real angel then. Your eyes were so blue and your figure was so small. You looked as if you were gonna break free from everything..." He admitted with such words without holding back.

She truly was gonna do it. She was a mistake. She did a mistake. She wanted to free herself with the most painful death as possible. But he came and replace that darkness with happiness.

She didn't really know if he knew anything, the truths that laid beneath the sheets of papers, why she climbed up there, why she had wounds all over her wrists...She was always too afraid to ask. But...He had always been here still, next to her.

What did she ever do in the past life to deserve him?

"What did I ever do in the past life to deserve you?" He asked.

Must have been bad things...Because she's not worthy at all.

"Must have been wonderful things, like saving the Earth, right! You were an angel sent from Heaven to save me that day!"

Oh no...She thought she was going to cry.

But at the same time, she was getting really sleepy.

"Ah, you're feeling droopy? It must be the medicine getting into effect." He stood up hurriedly to tuck her into the bed, fixed her hair and pull the blanket up.
It's gotten really chilly recently. He planted a kiss on her forehead in the process and she softly giggled. She closed her eyes, only to open them again and smiled when seeing their little Matsuka, who's just woken up by the sound of Jyushimatsu standing up, and pecked her on the nose. The mother-daughter dou shared a warm hug while Jyushimatsu gathered up his daughter's school stuffs and waited by the bed. Homura needed to have a good sleep.

"I have to go now, Homura. You need to rest well, okay?"

"I have to go too, Mommy! See you tomorrow!" Their daughter chirped as she joyfully clung to her Dad. Jyushimatsu let out a small chuckle at that. Homura smiled and let out small words, "I have to go, too. Remember to cook healthy food."

And as she drifted into a long sleep, they tip toed to the door when suddenly Matsuka let go of his hand and rushed to her mother's side, carefully tucked her hair neatly under the woolen head-wear Todomatsu gave the little one as a birthday gift just months ago. With a proud look, she went back to where her father stood waiting.

Homura's hair is so thinner, Jyushimatsu couldn't help but thought, and much, much shorter too.

It was flowing so freely in the breeze, so very long when they first met.