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Kiss Me Good Night?

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Castiel is a tiny bit loopy from the pain medication and sleepy from the shot of morphine the doctor gave him. As a new human, the drugs are strange and confusing, but welcomed. They take the pain away. His legs feel a little like Jell-O and he wobbles like a newborn colt as Dean guides him over to the bed, his beautiful hazel eyes dewy as his eyelids droop.

His busted wrist is wrapped in a cast, and the cuts on his cheeks have been disinfected. The ache in his ribs will take some times to heal, but sleep is the best cure of all. Dean walks with him and keeps him from toppling to the floor, wrapped an arm around his waist to help steady him. The medication has made him sleepy; his eyes will not remain open. Yet Dean cares for him, gets him into the soft bed.

Cas sluggishly wiggles around for a second to find a comfortable position on the bed that won’t put pressure on his hurt body; he settles on his back with a pillow under his head. Dean tucks him in snugly warm and cozy comfy and brushes his shaggy bangs out of his eyes.

“Get some sleep, sweetheart.” Dean kisses Castiel’s forehead and starts to leave, intending to let his boyfriend get some much needed rest. However, Castiel’s cute pout stops him. “What’s wrong?”

“Cuddle with me?” The big sad puppy dog eyes come out in full force, and Dean is not a fan of cuddling, but he is not immune to those sweet eyes charm. He walks around the other side of the bed and slides under the covers, and snuggles close to Cas. The fallen angel settles his head on Dean’s chest, hearing his heart beating strong and steady. Dean’s fingers buried in Castiel’s hair, brushing soft and tender, soothing. When Castiel hums a soft little joyful sigh, Dean asks, “Happy, baby boy?”

Cas pouts slightly, “Aren’t you going to kiss me good night?”

Rolling his eyes playfully, Dean pecks a soft kiss to Castiel’s lips, smirking. Cas is happy blissful and smiles, and together, the two lovers’ cuddles under soft, cozy blankets, drifting off into a peaceful sleep.

♥ END ♥