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Fair Weather Foes

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25.0000° N, 71.0000° W

Center of the Bermuda Triangle

1000 hours



The first thing she felt was a stabbing pain on the back of her head. Then came the aching stiffness of the rest of her body and the sting of the scrapes from where they were being touched by salt water. Wait, saltwater?

Maka opened her eyes and was blinded by the bright sunshine beating down on her. She attempted to lift her head and was met with the loud protest of her aching muscles. She wiggled her fingers and her toes. Good, they were all still there. Suddenly, there was a shadow above her, blocking the sun from her face.

“You awake Pigtails? You've been out for quite a while. I was starting to get worried.” She knew that voice, and there was only one person who called her Pigtails.

        Cracking open and eye confirmed her suspicions. There standing above her was Blackstar. He held out a hand to help her up. She reached out to take it, ignoring the pain in her everything. He slowly helped her get to her feet and lead her over to where a few of the emergency packs had washed up.

“Where's Tsubaki? And that other flyer? Crona I think their name was? Wait, where's Soul?” Blackstar moved to help her sit down in the sand.

“Slow down, I don't know where anyone is beside the pink haired cupcake you're talking about. They washed up over that way.” He pointed down the beach to the right of where she was sitting.

“And they haven't woken up yet?”

“Nope, haven't even twitched. They're still breathing though, I went and checked. Currently, I'm more worried about the wound on the back of your head. How does it feel?”

    She took her hand and felt for the wound, finding it near the back of her right ear. Feeling around the wound, she accidentally pressed too hard and let out a wince.

“Hurts like a mother if I touch it, but it's more of a throbbing pain if I leave it be.” She started to reach for one of the emergency kits to get stuff to clean her wound but Blackstar pulled it just out of her reach.

“Nope, I am not letting you do that. First, you will hurt yourself more than you will help yourself. Second, I have been bored out of my mind waiting for you to wake up and this will finally give me something to do.” And with that, he opened the box and began to clean her wound.

“So, what happened to you and Tsubaki?” Blackstar paused what he was doing before letting out a deep sigh and setting down the alcohol pad he was using to clean her wound. She turned around to face him and saw the deep sorrow on his face.

“When the lightning hit us, we somehow weren't electrocuted. I don't know if it was something about the plane or something about the lighting, but we weren't. But then we realized we no longer had any control over the plane, and that we were on a head-on collision course with you and Soul. Next thing I know I'm in the ocean and I can't find Tsubaki, then I'm here on the beach with a knocked out you and pink cupcake over there and no mechanics in sight.” Finished cleaning and bandaging her wounds he leaned back to admire his handy work.

“Star, do you have any idea where they might’ve washed up?” she looked at him with desperation on her face, searching for anything that might tell her where their mechanics washed up to.

“I don't, they could be on the other side of this island for all we know. But one thing I do know is that I'm going to find Tsubaki no matter what, and I will help you get Soul back don't you worry.” Suddenly they both heard a noise. Looking over they saw that it was the other pilot, Crona, finally starting to wake up. Maka got up to walk over to them and see if they were ok but Blackstar grabbed her hand. She turned around in irritation.

“Star, what do you think you-” she broke off as he put a finger to his lips.

“Something isn't right, look” he pointed over to the pilot where they were laying there whispering to themselves and giggling. Suddenly they started to pull themselves upright and turned to where Maka and Blackstar were standing. Taking a step toward them, they opened their mouth and with a slightly crazy smile said,

“My blood is black, you know.” and toppled over into the sand.