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Home Alone Tonight

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Warning! This story is rated E for foul language, sexual content, and adult situations. This is a NALU story, so keep that in mind while reading. It will be a short fic, about five chapters. This story is inspired by Luke Bryan's 'Home Alone Tonight'. The first time I listened to the song I immediately thought of Natsu and Lucy and wanted to bring that to life. I hope you enjoy this story, and as always, I do not own Fairy Tail. I do not give anyone permission to repost any parts of this story anywhere. Please be respectful.

I've been writing a rated T fic lately, but to be honest, I miss writing smut, so that's why I'm starting this story too.

Chapter One: Drink it all away

Natsu sighed on his way home from the gym. He had been extra hard on himself, and he was looking forward to kicking his feet up and watching tv. He couldn't remember if he was supposed to hang out with his girlfriend tonight, but it really didn't matter to him either way.

The pink haired man took the elevator to his apartment on the fourth floor. The motion made him slightly sick, but it was better than taking the stairs. His muscles were tense, desperately needing the relaxation that awaited him in his home.

Before he even pulled out his key to unlock his door, he noticed a folded piece of paper taped above the knob. Curious, he snatched it up, reading the message inside.

Natsu, I hate to do this through a note, but I can't stand to be near you anymore. I'm sure you saw this coming, since you've been extremely distant lately. It's not hard to tell that you're either cheating on me, or you're in love with someone else. Either way, it's not my concern anymore. I hope you have a happy life, but it can't have me in it. Thanks for the fun times. -C.

Natsu sighed as he slipped his key in, unlocking the door to enter his one bedroom apartment. He made his way straight to the kitchen's trash can.

A pathetic laugh left his mouth. "Another one bites the dust," he mumbled as he threw away the note. There was no point keeping it, because he wasn't heartbroken over the breakup. It wasn't that he was just trying to pretend like he was okay, because honestly he was fine with it. She was right, he definitely saw this coming.

She was also right about him being in love with someone else.

He was surprised she figured it out so soon though. Usually it took the girls a lot longer to find out the truth. He was usually better at hiding his real feelings. Guess the years of faking were finally wearing down on him.

He walked to his bedroom, opening the door to see the unmade, full-sized bed. Under the bed contained a box. He only allowed himself to look inside when he was single, since it felt like cheating when he peaked during a relationship.

He grabbed the wooden box, pulling it out to place on his bed. Inside contained pictures and notes. The photo on top was the hardest one to look at, because that smile tore his heart up every time he saw it.

He picked it up, bringing it to his face to glance at the blonde girl in the photo. He flipped it over, reading the back. Natsu and Lucy at graduation.

That picture was the last one he had with her, because she left shortly after. The reminder sent him into a downward spiral, teetering close to depression and self-harm. The only remedy he had wasn't healthy, but it was legal.

"Well," Natsu said as he put the picture back in the box. "Might as well get drunk."

It was his normal routine after he got dumped -almost like a tradition. It was no secret to the people who really knew Natsu that he was still in love with his best friend from high school. Lucy Heartfilia had been the light of his life, but sadly, he hadn't seen her in years.

"Fucking asshole," the pink haired man grunted as he went to the bathroom to shower before his nightly adventure of drinking himself into a stupor.

As he washed his body, he thought about the last conversation he had with his dream girl.

"What do you mean you're leaving?" Natsu asked desperately, tears threatening to spill as he watched Lucy pack a bag.

"I don't have a choice. My father's business is counting on this deal to go through." The blonde, already crying, muttered as she emptied out another drawer into her suitcase.

"Why the hell do you need to marry that bastard? I don't understand," the pink haired male balled his hands into fists, imagining himself beating the shit out of that pretentious jerk she was destined to marry.

"I already told you... His father is making the deal with my dad. If I don't go through with this, we'll lose everything. You know we can't pay for my mom's treatment if my father goes broke." Lucy fumbled with the zipper, cursing at herself when she couldn't get the damned thing to work for her.

"Here," Natsu said, gently moving her hands out of the way to help her out. He hated the way things were playing out, but he knew there wasn't much he could do. It wasn't like he had millions of dollars lying around to help pay for Layla's hospital bills. She had a terminal illness, but the doctors were working hard to use experimental treatments to try to cure her. Unfortunately, the treatments weren't covered by their insurance, so they had to pay out of pocket.

"Thanks," the blonde mumbled, her lower lip quivering at the thought of her future. She had to give up so much, but it would be worth it if her mother survived this. The worst part of everything was-

"I'm gonna miss you," Natsu said, his heart cracking at the thought of never seeing her again.

-she had to move away. She had to leave her best friend.

"I'll miss you too."

"When do you leave?" He asked, pain in his voice.

"Now," she said with a broken spirit.

Natsu pulled her in for a hug. "I love you Lucy..." He held onto her tightly, wishing it was all he had to do to keep her with him. Sadly, he knew it wouldn't work.

"I love you too," Lucy said, her own arms wrapping around him.

"I mean it," he promised, hoping she understood.

"I know what you mean," she knew all along about his feelings for her. What hurt the most was she harbored the same feelings for him, but due to this deal, she had to give them up. She had to give him up. "I'll try to write to you."

"I'd like that," the pink haired man clung to the last shred of hope that he could still talk to her again. Even if she moved away, married, possibly had kids, he might still be able to talk to her. It was all he had to hold onto, because he couldn't hold onto her.

"Liar," Natsu groused as he rinsed himself off. It'd been over four years since he last saw Lucy, and not one damn letter made it to him. He couldn't completely blame her. He knew it must have been hard for her to try to write to him.

It didn't help that her forced-husband hated him.

It might have been due to the various names Natsu called the jerk throughout the years, or maybe it was the punch to the face that did it when he found out the news of their engagement. Either way, he doubted that guy would want Lucy to write to him.

The pink haired man dried off before getting changed. He sent out a mass text to all of his friends asking if anyone wanted to hang out tonight. The mass text only contained two names, Gray and Erza.

That was really it. Everyone else he didn't really talk to. Sure he had work friends, people he talked to at the gym, but that was about it. Ever since Lucy left, he felt himself slipping further and further away from reality. It felt like she took his heart with her, because ever since then, he didn't feel the same way about things anymore.

His string of failed relationships was proof in itself that he changed over the years. His longest relationship was about four months, and that was because the girl traveled for work most of the time. All the girls he dated had things in common.

Blonde hair.

That was really his only standard. If he squinted one his eye and didn't look out of the other one, he could imagine he was with Lucy. It was an unhealthy and delusional way to go about life, but he didn't care. He already found the only girl he was going to love, but he couldn't have her.

He honestly tried to give it a shot with the first few girls he dated after Lucy left. He tried to love them, but there was always something missing. They couldn't fill the hole Lucy left in his heart. He sometimes doubted anyone could.

Ultimately it didn't matter, because every girl dumped him in the end. They'd either find his box, or they'd figure out that he just wasn't into the relationship as much as they were. He couldn't blame them for leaving, because they had the right to be happy. Natsu just couldn't provide that to them.

"I feel like you're not really in this relationship."

"Do you even care about me?"

"Why won't you say I love you back?"

"It's like I don't even exist!"

"Who the hell is Lucy? And why do you have tons of pictures and notes from her?"

He knew he should stop trying to replace Lucy. It wasn't fair to all the women he dated. It would be nicer for him to decline offers and just accept that he would die alone. His friends tried to set him up on dates, but that never worked out. Especially since they purposely avoided any girls with blonde hair.

He knew they knew about his love for the Heartfilia heiress, but they didn't outright say it. He preferred it that way, because otherwise he might have to face reality. He wasn't anywhere near ready to face that.

Natsu received two texts by the time he was ready to leave his apartment. One was from Erza, saying she was busy and asking if he was alright. The other was from Gray, saying he was looking after his kids tonight since Juvia was at work.

The pink haired man sighed, already knowing he was going to get responses like that. It's not like people line up to get drunk at a bar on a Thursday night. He debated texting his cousin Gajeel, but he remembered him and his new wife Levy were going out of town this weekend.

Natsu truly was alone.

"That's alright," he said to himself as he closed the door to his apartment. "Fire whiskey can be my friend tonight."

He tried to laugh, but nothing came out. Who was he kidding? There wasn't anything funny about his problems. He was a single, twenty-two year old, borderline alcoholic, who was still in love with a girl he hadn't seen in years.

It was cold out, so he wore a jacket with the hood covering his pink locks. He tucked his beloved scarf into his outerwear, making sure it stayed hidden. He walked through Magnolia, heading towards his favorite bar. It was called Fairy Tail, and it was run by some nice people. They never judged him when he came in. Entering the building, he headed straight for the bar.

"Hey Natsu," a white haired girl said, already grabbing a glass for his order. He always got the same thing, making it his usual.

"Hey Lisanna," he said, though his tone was less than pleasant. He really should have prepared himself to see people before rushing out of his apartment, but he was already here. He cleared his throat before saying, "can I get a-"

"Fire whiskey?" She asked, pouring the drink before he ordered.

"Yeah," he realized maybe he comes in a little too often. As she made his drink, he started up a light conversation. "How's the kids?"

"They're great," she laughed as she set the drink on fire with a lighter. "A handful sometimes, but we're managing."

"That's good," he took the drink in his hands. "Tell your husband I said hi."

"I will," Lisanna smiled as she went to the cash register. "Do you want to open a tab?"

"Yup," he said, popping the 'p'. He had plenty of money to waste since he lived alone in a small apartment. The only people he had to take care of was him and his cat, so it left his wallet pretty full.

Lisanna left him alone for a while, knowing Natsu's routine. He'd drink about five or six before getting tipsy, then she'd call him a cab so he'd make it home safe. It was the same every time he came in, so she didn't expect anything unusual to happen.

But tonight was anything but usual.

Natsu gulped down his drink quickly, letting the harsh flavor burn his throat. He felt the alcohol travel down to his stomach where it created a nice fire in his belly. He set his head on the bar, letting his hood act as a barrier between his cheek and the wooden surface.

He always did this, letting the alcohol flow through him before ordering another. It allowed him to really feel what the liquid did to his body, but it also hindered his awareness.

He vaguely heard the sound of a stool scraping against the floor as it was pulled away from the bar, before he heard the creak of wood from added weight to the stool.

"Can I get a shot of vodka?" A familiar female's voice sounded from behind his head, since he was looking at the wall and away from the other people in the place.

"Sure thing," Natsu heard Lisanna say before the girl gasped. "It's really you!"

"It is," the female answered, though she didn't sound as enthusiastic as Lisanna did.

"What are you doing here? I thought you moved to Crocus?"

"It's a long story," she sighed, "can I tell you later? I'm having a really bad night."

"Sure thing!" The bartender said as she poured a shot of vodka for her old friend.

Natsu still had his head resting on the bar. He recognized that voice, but he blew it off, knowing he must be daydreaming again. He did that a lot, and was always disappointed when he looked for confirmation. At least this way, he could enjoy the daydream for a little longer before facing reality again.

"Thanks," the female said when she received her shot. The girl downed it before sucking in air. "Damn that's strong."

"Only the best for you Lucy!"

Natsu's eyes widened when he heard that. 'Lucy?' He almost lifted his head, but he remained still. 'There's no way. She wouldn't just show up here, of all places, after being gone for years... It's gotta be a different girl.'

"You're way too sweet Lisanna. How much do I owe you?" The familiar voice said again, definitely sounding like the Lucy he knew back then.

"That one's on the house. You have no idea how much everyone's missed you!" Lisanna said, her voice light and filled with mirth.

Natsu gulped. 'If this was really-'

"I missed everyone too. How have you been? I see a wedding ring on your finger, did you get married?"

"I did!" Lisanna cheered. "I met a guy in college and we just clicked. We've been married two years. I also have two sons. My oldest turned one a few months ago, and the other is still three months old."

"That's great!" The female that sounded like Lucy said. "What about the other girls? Levy, Juvia and Erza. How are they doing?"

Natsu slowly lifted his head up, making sure to keep his eyes on the counter. He didn't want to look over at the girl, because he was truly terrified that this was just a really vivid daydream. He didn't think he could take it if he looked over and saw no one there... Or perhaps a different girl who just sounded like the woman he loved.

He continued to stare at the counter while the girls talked, his mind racing with wild possibilities.

"Levy and Gajeel got married a few months ago, Erza and Jellal are finally engaged, and Juvia has been living with Gray for almost four years now. They haven't gotten married or anything, but they already have two kids. One boy and a girl." Lisanna answered, the sound of liquid pouring could be heard through the talking.

"Sounds like everyone's doing great," the girl spoke, though her tone was dry. "How's Na..." The lady gulped. "How's Mirajane?"

"She's great. She finally started dating-"

"Hey Lisanna! Can we get another round over here!" A male called from across the bar.

"Sure thing!" The white haired girl hollered back before lowering her voice. "I'll be right back."

"Take your time," the girl replied with a soft voice.

"Before I go," Lisanna said, sliding a drink until it came into Natsu's view. All he could see was the counter and the drink. He pulled his head back to avoid getting licked by the flames. "Here's another one."

"Th-thanks," Natsu said through a lump in his throat. His shaky fingers grabbed the glass, but he made no effort to bring it to his lips yet. He heard Lisanna walking away, leaving him alone with his daydream.

He felt paranoid, like someone was watching him. Carefully, he blew out the fire, watching the smoke dissipate in the air. Slowly, he lifted the drink up until the rim of the glass hit his chapped lips.

'It's now or never.'

He threw the drink back, letting his hood fall down with the action, revealing his spiky pink hair. The harsh burn he felt in his throat was nothing compared to the pounding in his chest. His heart was pumping on overdrive, trying to regulate his panicked self.

He didn't want to look over. He knew if he did, he'd face the reality that he wasn't ready for. The gasp he heard was enough to cause his eye to twitch as he finished his drink. He set the empty glass on the table, letting the rest of the alcohol enter his system.

"Natsu?" The girl who sounded way too familiar spoke, her voice laced with confusion and surprise.

The pink haired man forced a smile on his face as he slowly turned to look at the girl. He tensed when he saw that blonde hair, just as golden as it was the last day he saw her. He found her eyes, mesmerized by the deep brown color swirling in the orbs. Her plump lips were parted, as if unable to close her mouth after seeing him.

She wasn't a daydream.

She was really there.

Sitting next to him.

In the bar.

He opened his mouth, letting his hoarse voice sound. "Hey Luce, how ya been?"

Let me know what you think so far. Constructive criticism is always welcomed! Also, I have no idea how often I'll be able to update this. I already know what I want for each chapter, I just need to actually write it. :)

PS: I suggest you look up the lyrics for the song, that way you have an idea on what this story is about if you're unsure. :) You don't need to listen to it. If anything just look at the chorus.