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Hide and Seek

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‘Good morning every- hmm?’

Ishimaru had marched into the cafeteria as usual, ready to greet all his fellow students before lessons began. Instead he found only a handful of people, all from his class, staring back at him.

Hagakure raised a friendly hand and invited him to join them. Already in the cafeteria (making Ishimaru feel slightly dejected at not being the first) were Asahina, Sakura, Naegi, Kirigiri, Hagakure and Togami.

‘I….what’s going on? Why are you here, Togami-kun? I’m surprised to see you!’

‘I only came here to confirm what was going on, although I haven’t gotten anywhere with these buffoons.’

‘Hey! We explained it really clearly, ‘right?’ Hagakure protested, wounded. He then turned to Ishimaru and beamed. ‘Turns out, Ishimaru-chi, we’re the only ones left in the school! They decided to start the Christmas holidays today, but Oowada-chi was on duty to read the notices, so we never found out, because he forgot to get them. Everyone’s gone, so the only people left are our class. Pretty exciting, ‘right?’

‘Hagakure-kun, it isn’t exciting!’ Asahina butted in. ‘We’re stranded! What if they locked the doors on us?’

‘Do not be afraid, Asahina, my girl. We all have mobile phones, do we not?’ stated Sakura calmly. Asahina huffed, but seemed slightly more reassured.

‘I see! So that is the predicament…’ Ishimaru crossed his arms in thought. ‘It’s just as Oogami-san says! We will simply call the school!’ As he spoke, Fukawa wandered in, followed by Celes, Yamada and Maizono.

‘Wait, guys! We’ve got this whole building to ourselves! We should have some fun, ‘right?’

Sakura greeted the students who had just entered and set about explaining the current situation.

‘What do you mean by ‘fun’’? Kirigiri asked, a faint smile on her face. Naegi leaned in to hear Hagakure’s answer.

He took a deep breath and put a decisive fist to his chest. ‘We should play hide and seek!’

Everyone turned to look at him, their faces a sea of intrigue and disgust. Togami, belonging to the latter group, scoffed loudly. ‘What a stupid idea…’

‘Look, I know you hate fun Togami-chi,’ Hagakure jabbed a finger at him. ‘But this’ll be really cool! I know it!’

‘Oh? D-did you get a p-p-premonition about it, huh?’ Fukawa glared at him.

‘Hmm…let’s see….ah! It is fun! Wow, you pick a really bad hiding place, Naegi-chi…’

‘You did not seriously just fortune tell how a game of hide and seek is going to turn out.’ Asahina was almost laughing.

By now, the whole class had walked into the dining hall and been filled in by Sakura.

‘…so we’re now the only people in the school. Ah yes, and Hagakure is proposing a game of hide and seek.’ She concluded.

‘Hide and seek, you say?’ Yamada put a finger to his glasses. ‘That is an entertaining idea, Hagakure Yasuhiro-dono.’

‘I really want to!’ said Chihiro, grinning.

‘It’d be a laugh! And Hagakure-kun’s right, we might as well have some fun now we’re here.’ Mondo resolved.

‘And who’s fault is that?’ snapped Togami.

Eventually, it seemed everyone was up for a game of hide and seek, with Togami only agreeing as he felt ‘it would shut you commoners up’.

‘Right, so we’re decided! This’ll be so fun, I promise! Okay, who wants to be the seeker.’

No one volunteered, having already started to consider their ideal hiding spot.

Ishimaru, who had until then been busy berating Mondo for shirking the notices duty, piped up and suggested rock-paper-scissors to decide. All agreed it was the fairest way.

A heated tournament began. Celes and Naegi, true to their talents, were quick to win their respective battles and secure their places as hiders. Hagakure won against Togami, who then beat Yamada. Mukuro beat Enoshima and Asahina, but lost against Sakura. After a while, it was down to Kuwata and Kirigiri. She landed a winning paper and Kuwata was crowned as seeker.

He accepted his defeat rather gracefully. ‘Hah, prepare to get found losers!’

‘Ha ha ha! Right, one rule! You can’t hide anywhere and lock the door, or else it isn’t fair! You have to hide in a place that is actually accessible, ‘right? Okay Kuwata-chi, count to 100!’

‘That’s pretty high, don’t you think?’ asked Celes.

‘It’s a pretty big school!’

Kuwata sighed and put his hands up to his eyes. Fukawa waved to make sure he wasn’t cheating, but everyone elected to spin him around a few times just in case. Feeling thoroughly disorientated, the punk started to count.


The class quickly scampered off in all directions, and the games began.